If the stars permit, I will answer a question for you. Not every question is answerable, and some questions simply do not have an answer at the time in which they are asked. If, however, the stars do indicate that I may confidently judge the matter which you have propounded, then I advise you in advance that I will tell you exactly what I see in the chart.


In the analysis of an individual's birth-chart, it has been reported to me that I have a talent for delineating vocation. In this work I aim to determine a choice which is most comfortable to the native, as well as that which could be regarded as the path of least resistance. Of equal importance, I will also look for the career choice which brings the native their greatest honors, as well as that which will be most financially rewarding.


I will work with private individuals and officers of the courts in the investigation of crime. Matters concerning US national security are one of my specialities. Confidentiality and discretion are assured.


The assessment of the influence on the USA by a candidate or officeholder, and vice versa, is a matter to which I will give consultation. Confidentiality and discretion are assured.

If you have a specific question or questions for which you would like for me to consult the stars, desire a vocational analysis done (either for your self or another) or have another matter which you would like me to address, you may contact me via email, and we will set a date and time for a consultation by phone.