Monday, November 29, 2010

In my November 2010 newsletter (titled, The Great Betrayal) I addressed the issue of Saturn’s presence in the USA’s Tenth house, and its negative influence on the presidency. I wrote on page 13, “… the President himself may experience health problems, an accident, or a severe downfall in reputation.”

Small confirmation on the matter comes by way of President Obama’s injury sustained while playing basketball on November 26, as reported by Associated Press, November 27, 2010. The President required 12 stitches after being elbowed during the game.

What makes this event significant is that it coincides with the relationship between the President and the USA’s own ‘Saturn return’. As a planet transits closer to an angular relationship being exact, the influence becomes stronger, thus reaching its pinnacle at zero-degrees (and zero-minutes). The President’s injury occurred with transiting Saturn conjunct USA’s Saturn at an orb of approximately zero degrees, thirty-eight-minutes – very close to a perfect angle! Using an orb of just one degree, the Saturn-return will be in effect until December 17, 2010. Saturn will then go retrograde on January 26, 2011, and apply to the return again on March 8, 2011, which will be within one-degree until April 5, 2011. Saturn will be retrograde until June 13, 2011, and will then make another conjunction to the USA’s natal Saturn (id est: another return) on August 17, 2011, which will be in effect until  September 7, 2011.

Astrologically, this is NOT a good time to be the President of the United States of America.

Saturn will continue to occupy the USA’s Tenth house until the early morning hours of October 4, 2012. During this time the USA’s office of the presidency, as well as the President, will continue to receive scrutiny, and great pressure from all directions.


Transiting Neptune ingress Pisces (Feb. 3, 2012 – Jan. 26, 2026):

Making a conjunction to USA’s Moon prior to leaving this sign, I believe that this marks the end of a nearly fourteen-year period of unrealistic ideals, dot-com dreams, and mass-deception via the mass-media. From the strange set of circumstances under which the September 11, 2001 attacks took place, to the USA-led war on Iraq, Neptune’s meddling is apparent. As this transit of Neptune has been through the USA’s Second house, the USA has witnessed mass frauds and deceptions such as Enron and Global Crossing, as well as the rise and fall of scam artists like Bernie Madoff.  The idea that the US could thrive on a ‘service based economy’, and the idea that practically anyone could get rich quick by day-trading stocks over the internet, are also products of Neptune’s presence in the sign of Aquarius (and in the USA’s Second house). I also believe that the mass use of foods like high fructose corn syrup, as well as the deception, cheating and poisoning of human and pet consumables from China, are related to this same stellar influence. Hopefully, when Neptune passes out of Aquarius, it will take with it the self-indulgent obsession with social networking, the ‘new messiah’ status of Barack Obama, and the overuse of the phrases ‘soul mate’ and, ‘finding myself’.

So what can we expect when Neptune enters into the sign of Pisces? On one hand, I think this could bring about any number of spiritual revolutions and/or revivals, some of which may be legitimate, but most of which will be malefic. We may see a dramatic rise in cults. The world will not likely be in want for Jim Jones-type Charlatans nor throngs of Koolaid drinkers to follow them. I believe that, during the time Neptune is in Pisces, tobacco will come back into style, and social consumption of alcohol will greatly increase. I’m certain that, to some degree, marijuana will be legalized in some number of states. I also believe that, due to ongoing economic concerns there may be a great deal of pessimism. So if one is looking for insight on lucrative business opportunities down the road a bit, I would assume that, there will be a demand for alcohol, tobacco and, if it is legalized, marijuana.


Election Day, Nov. 2, 2010 – The stars in relation to USA 

Transiting Saturn in the USA’s Tenth house (Nov. 8, 2009 – Oct. 4, 2012) specifically pertains to the office of the president, the President and his cabinet. In both domestic and foreign matters, the credit worthiness of the USA will be put to the test; the office of the presidency will undergo severe stresses and strains, and these may include an internal power struggle; periodic shifts of power within parties themselves (particularly the party in power at the time of the transit) – and between parties – are likely; the reputation of the presidency may be challenged; the President himself may experience health problems, an accident, or a severe downfall in reputation.

The bottom line is that, this results of this election (and the events yet to come in the following twenty-three months) will end in a dramatic shift of power within America.

(On March 30, 1981 when Saturn was in USA’s Tenth house, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. At this time, transiting Saturn was approximately six degrees Libra, retrograde, and squared Jupiter. Transiting Jupiter also occupied the Tenth, was also retrograde, and was squared Jupiter, and trine Uranus. Transiting Pluto was also occupying the Tenth, retrograde, and squared USA’s radix Pluto. Transiting Mars was in Aries, squaring Sun and Jupiter, and opposing Saturn. Transiting Sun was also in Aries, squared natal Sun and Jupiter, and opposing Saturn. Transiting Uranus was twenty-nine degrees, fifty minutes Scorpio, retrograde, in the Twelfth house, and sesqui-quadrate Sun, and semi-square Saturn. Under this combination of stellar influences it is no wonder that USA experienced an assassination attempt against its chief executive. At present, and aside from the aforementioned matter of Saturn in the Tenth, my work, which extends two years from this point, reveals no similar threat.)


Collectively, the Republicans and the Democrats have proven themselves to be the right and the left buttocks, respectively, of the same dirty ass that has been defecating all over America for at least one-hundred years. And year after year each ‘buttock’ continues to blame the other buttock for being responsible for the mess.

“The great betrayal,” as it was referred to by poet, Ezra Pound was a central banking scheme, originally launched by the Republicans in 1910, under the name of The Aldrich Plan. The Plan, the namesake of Republican Senator, Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich was designed to relinquish control of American monetary policy and credit, to a self-serving, privately operated cabal of foreign interests in the form of a central bank. Ironically, the plan was being marketed to the American public as a solution to economic problems that had been created by the skullduggery of the very same men who had drafted the Aldrich Plan! But because the nature of the proposed Aldrich Plan was both un-American, and unConstitutional, it met with considerable resistance from the public, and its passage was delayed. When the Republicans lost control of Congress and the White House to the Democrats in 1912, what was fundamentally the same plan was renamed The Federal Reserve Act, and pushed through by the Democrat-controlled House and Senate in late December, 1913, and ultimately, signed into law on December 23, 1913 by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson. Now, nearly one-hundred years later, this central bank, which operates under the misnomer, The Federal Reserve (for it is neither federal nor a reserve) has continuously manipulated interest rates – thus creating boom and bust cycles to its own profit – and influenced monetary policy (again, to its own profit) the end results destroying the value of the U.S. Dollar, and destroying the value of the savings and earnings of millions of Americans. During these years that the Federal Reserve has been in control of monetary policy, it has usurped the authority of Congress, and the Presidency, in terms of internal, and foreign, policy.

The stock market crash of 1929, and the subsequent Great Depression, as well as the economic burdens of World Wars One and Two can be attributed to the monetary policies instituted by those behind the Federal Reserve. In more recent American economic history, the stock market disaster of the past decade – a speculative mania – as well as the foundation for the boom and bust cycle in single-family housing – another speculative mania – can also be directly attributed to the Federal Reserve’s manipulative monetary policies. Against the best interests of America, it is this same apparatus which has influenced policy regarding tariffs and tax code, thus coercing American industrials to move abroad, and take advantage of China’s slave labor wages. And at the same time, it has been the Federal Reserve that has manipulated policy regarding the enforcement (or lack thereof) of illegal immigration, so as to flood the market with what is essentially slave labor and thus lowering the prevailing wages for American labor. (This stratagem has effectively served the Federal Reserve as a means by which to mask real inflation figures.) Now as America sinks into what is sure to be recognized in history as the second great American depression, and so many hardworking Americans lose jobs, homes and businesses, it is once again the self-serving monetary policies of the Federal Reserve that are found as cause.

Upon whom is the blame for this continuation of the “great betrayal” of America? Both the Republicans, and the Democrats – equally!

America can now look back upon an one-hundred-year-long Machiavellian-charade wherein the Republicans and Democrats have feigned opposition, but fundamentally, and effectively, conspired to deceive and cheat the American public. And in their maintaining the charade we have recently witnessed the pattern of joint betrayal by Democrats and Republicans repeat itself. In 2008, as a number of lending institutions teetered on the edge of insolvency, Republican President George Walker Bush began the process of handing out what was, then to-date, the largest corporate welfare package in the history of the world (TARP). The American automobile industry was also the beneficiary of this welfare, if only in the form of low-interest loans. Not only did the Republican President act so generously on the behalf of the American public without Constitutional authority, but he allowed those corporate welfare recipients to bypass the lawful means by which such issues are to be handled: through the bankruptcy courts. Then, early in the first (and hopefully, only) term of the panjandrum President himself – Democrat Barack Hussein Obama – and under a Democrat-dominated House and Senate, phase two of the same corporate welfare package instituted by the Republicans was signed into law, again bypassing the lawful means for corporate reorganization and discharge of debt. And similar to promises made by Republicans about the proposed Aldrich Plan of 1910 – as well as those made by Bush in 2008 – the Obama ‘stimulus plan’ was supposed to stabilize lending institutions and recycle cash back into the economy. So far the ‘stimulus plan’ has failed to stimulate anything, save, perhaps, those whom received checks directly from the Treasury. However, what has been accomplished by both the Republicans and Democrats is that sufficient debt has been added to the books so that when combined with annualized interest upon that debt, it ensures the eternal debt slavery of every present generation – as well as every future generation – of Americans.

The basis for the power that this fraudulent “two-party system” holds over America lies in the appeal to the emotions and egos of those who sympathize with one or the other of the two prevailing ideologies associated with the parties (conservatism versus liberalism). It is because of this emotional and egotistical relationship to one or the other of the two prevailing, and self-injurious, ideologies that so many Americans cannot rise above the charade, and thus the politico gangsters continue to be elected, and re-elected, and maintain their base of power. Democrat and Republican political strategists are well aware of this situation, and have become expert in the continued manipulation of the hearts and minds of America.

Amid the continued overwhelming support for the two prevailing parties, there is, however, a small, but growing, percentage of Americans who have chosen not to buy the lies being sold by either the Democrats or the Republicans. I would not be writing this newsletter if I did not believe that there was a way to stop the injuries being done to America by the two prevailing parties. But I also recognize that, with their being so deeply entrenched in the American political system, it will not be easy to wrest control from either.

So here we arrive at the purpose behind this part of my work, which is intended to serve as a sort of ‘intelligence brief’ and thus, bring insight to the fight for the survival of America, which is mostly an internal battle against anti-American forces which have, ironically, become American institutions. I believe that America’s greatest weapon in this battle is still the vote – even if presidential elections continue to be wholly corrupted by the electoral-college. (Even a totally corrupt President could not ride roughshod over a House and Senate if both were dominated by officeholders with a sincere love for America.) Essential to the effectiveness of this strategy is the aforementioned insight, and it is my hope that these reports will deliver something akin to an omniscient overview.

As an astrologer, I believe that the study of the stars gives valuable insight as to the motivations, intentions, temperaments and predispositions, as well as the limitations, of the men and women who hold office, as well as those whom seek to hold office, in the United States government. Moreover, I am confident that the stars yield equally valuable information pertaining to the Democrat and Republican parties themselves, though the information pertaining to the parties will be in somewhat broader terms than that pertaining to individuals. I will now set out to present a case for the relevance, and efficacy, of astrological interpretation of political matters. In my presentation to the reader I will offer as evidence numerous charts of individuals, as well as events, composed in relation to the chart of the nativity of the United States of America (henceforth referred to as USA) and demonstrate that, certain stellar combinations will reveal a temperament and disposition towards corruption, collusion, conspiracy and, even espionage, treason and, plots of assassination.

The prime caveat in the interpretive phase of this work pertains to the issue of context. Viz, in the nativities of several of America’s Founders, I do find stellar combinations similar to those found in the nativities of various nefarious individuals known to have been hostile to the United States. This matter is reasonably explained through the issue of context. Both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin have personal planets making aspects to the Twelfth house cusp in the nativity of the Unites States. In astrology, the Twelfth house pertains to limitations, secret enemies, plots, spies and conspiracies – assassins, too. Almost immediately after the end of the Revolutionary War, both Jefferson and Franklin spent the remaining years of their lives defending what they had built from traitors, as well as the spies and agents of the monarchy from which they had seceded. By all worthy accounts, Jefferson and Franklin were men of great character, and neither had anything to gain by betraying that for which they had personally sacrificed so much for in its building. Ergo, the charts of Jefferson and Franklin reveal an active effort in detection and exposure of – as well as the combating of – foreign stratagems, acts of treason and espionage against the United States.

Serving as evidence of the converse are the nativities of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss. In the case of Chambers, we find the Dragon’s Head (a.k.a. Moon’s North Node) in the Twelfth house of the United States. The Dragon’s Head signifies ‘links’ among people – contacts and meetings – associations (the exact form of which is dependent upon the planet/s in aspect, or by its mundane placement). Chambers was in fact a traitor, having conspired with the Communist Party of USA. His role in the party’s activities was that of a ‘bag man’ – a messenger – as revealed through the mundane placement of his Dragon’s Head in the Twelfth house of the USA. Hiss, on the other hand, was directly involved in the gathering of information, and his position in the Department of State allowed him access to classified information – some of which he allegedly photographed. Hiss’s active espionage – the gathering of information – combined with what must have been a firm ideological adherence to Communism, is revealed by Mercury in his chart (representing intellect, communications, writings – even photography) composed in the Twelfth house of the USA. As Hiss’s nativity reveals a temperament and disposition that suggests a tendency towards a compromised character, when given opportunity, he became an effective and enthusiastic ‘secret enemy’ of the United States.

There is a second caveat pertaining to this work. Millions of Americans will have their natal Mercury composed in the Twelfth house of the USA, and this does not mean that they are ready and waiting to engage in treason, as was Alger Hiss. As the old astrological saying goes, “The stars incline, they do not compel.”

While one’s temperament and disposition are revealed in the nativity in what are pretty much concrete terms, the issue of character still belongs to the dominion of free will. Ergo, while all men and women are subject to corruption, some, when faced with temptation, will succumb, and others will resist. At the core of this part of my work is the ongoing analysis of the nativities of those men and women whom have been proven to have succumbed to temptation and betrayed the USA in one way or another. This data is then used as a reference point for the analysis of the nativities of those running for office, or whom currently hold office, in the United States government. The product of this analysis will be reported monthly, and hopefully used by voters to identify those candidates, or present officeholders, whom, under certain conditions, are likely to lack the temperament and disposition to resist the temptation towards corruption, or in the worst case, those whom may engage in the betrayal of America. It is my opinion that, using this esoteric insight, American citizens can cast their votes with greater confidence and, effectiveness.