On June 25, 1950 North Korea engaged in an overt act of war with a USA ally, and put America in a position wherein it was necessary to make a stand against all that is wrong with communism.  On this date, transiting Neptune was in nearly an exact conjunction to USA’s natal Saturn, forcing President Truman to take action based upon American ideals.  At that same time, in the USA’s house of open warfare, transiting Uranus was conjunct USA’s Jupiter (a violent release of tensions) and transiting Sun was conjunct USA’s Venus – while transiting Mars was squaring USA’s Jupiter and Venus, demonstrating a failure in (or the irrelevance of) diplomacy.  Transiting Saturn was in the USA’s Ninth house, and quindecile USA’s natal Saturn, again, subordinating President Truman to the arena of foreign affairs.  The Korean War reached crisis proportions for the USA during Saturn’s transit of the USA’s Tenth house, and during the USA’s Saturn return. (Interestingly, the Korean War concluded with the two benefics – Venus and Jupiter – in the USA’s Seventh house of open warfare.)

Now, sixty years and two Saturn returns later, this ongoing issue with North Korea has become a major political issue again.  And as it has done before, this matter will eventually test the backbone of US leadership.  I am now watching the matter a bit more closely, as the negotiations that took place in Beijing, China and involving South Korea’s President Lee took place on Wednesday, when transiting Venus was at twenty-one degrees Scorpio – in alignment with the USA’s Twelfth house cusp (which I interpret as demonstrating a point in time with the conditions providing the potential for conspiracies against the USA to be hatched).

At this particular time I am not seeing in the stars the sort of figure that would indicate that the US is in any immediate danger from conflict with North Korea.  However, the USA needs to be wary of its relationships with all the parties in this matter – even those who have traditionally been allies.





Regarding currencies, equities, real estate, et al, my November positions hold throughout mid-January, 2011.  Therefore, I’m going to use this space to present my astrological analysis of the nativities of the past two, and present, chairmen of the Federal Reserve (Volcker, Greenspan, and Bernanke, respectively) and their relationship to the nativity of the USA.

Paul Volcker (1927 – )  Appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1979 by President Carter, serving through 1987.

In the analysis of Volcker’s chart to that of the USA, there is an immediate red flag raised by the position of Volcker’s Saturn in the Twelfth house of the USA, indicating that he is in no way a friend of America.  (By itself, this stellar influence should have served as sufficient warning against allowing this man to hold any position of influence within the USA.)  Volcker’s Pluto is in the same degree as the cusp of the USA’s Eighth house (and thus in opposition to the cusp of the Second) which I interpret as placing him in the middle of conspiracies and power-plays involving the USA’s assets, resources, debts and currency.

Alan Greenspan (1926 – )  Appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1987 by President Reagan, serving through 2006.  

In the analysis of Greenspan’s chart in relation to that of the USA, I find the same startling red flag raised as in Volcker’s chart, with Greenspan’s Saturn positioned in USA’s Twelfth house. These two men were born about 18-months apart, so Saturn’s being in near proximity in the two men’s charts is not surprising.  What is surprising is the unmistakably similar blemish left upon the USA’s economy by both Volcker and Greenspan.  Thus, I stand by my interpretation of the officeholder’s Saturn in the Twelfth house of the USA as identifying the individual as someone who will, at some point, prove themselves to have been anything but a friend to the USA.  Additionally, Greenspans’ Mars is positioned within the USA’s Second house (separating from the cusp by two-degrees, fifteen-minutes) and is thus, in opposition to the cusp of the Eighth.  I have often associated this mundane placement of Mars with, “the thief”.  This I interpret similarly to the matter of Volcker’s Pluto in relation to the USA’s Second and Eighth house cusps, but in the case of Greenspan, the latter taking a more proactive role in the manipulation and confiscation of America’s assets and resources, as well as subjecting the USA to the damage of usury.  (The stellar influence suggests that he was running his own self-serving agenda and using the USA’s resources to do so.)  Lastly, by Greenspans’ Pluto in conjunction to the USA’s Sun, I am convinced that, while the US President may have some honorary role in the nomination of the chairmen of the Federal Reserve, that in the case of Greenspan, he was most likely bullying any president he may have served under on matters of monetary policy.  Astrologically, the USA would have been much better off if Alan Greenspan had never been allowed to hold public or private office within the country.

Ben Bernanke (1953 – )  Appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2006 by President G.W. Bush, serving at present. 

Bernanke’s nativity in analysis to that of the USA instantly reveals a relationship centered on secrets, intrigue and undisclosed meetings, agreements and deals.  With both his Mercury and Venus in the USA’s Twelfth house, there is the added toxicity of Bernanke’s Pluto in square to USA’s Twelfth house cusp, as well as his Mars and Neptune in square to USA’s Pluto (which is posited in the Second house).  Lastly, with Bernanke’s Uranus posited in the USA’s Eighth house (and in trine to the USA’s Twelfth house cusp)  it is my opinion that before his term as Fed-chair is through, the USA’s national debt will explode to the upside in heretofore unimaginable numbers, and combined with the aforementioned Mars/Neptune square to USA’s Pluto, end in an equally unimaginable devaluation of the US Dollar.  (Happy New Year.)


In elementary school we are taught that the gravitational forces of the rising and setting of the Moon control the tides of Earth’s oceans. And just as the power of that gravitational energy is sufficient to move those unimaginably large bodies of water, so does the motion of the planets have physical and psychological affects on organic life.  (The term ’lunacy’ came from centuries of observations of people with a weakened mental state experiencing periods of madness during a full Moon.)  One should not need to be an astrologer, or have much astrological knowledge, if any at all, to understand this basic concept.

The zodiac, that is, the ring of ‘signs’ mapped into the heavens through which we measure the movement (or apparent movement) of the planets – has within it certain points that the Ancients observed as being correlative, when crossed by a planet, to significant human events.  In this present day, we have to our advantage the knowledge of the motions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to use in the analysis of stellar influences and their effects upon organic life, with each of the aforementioned planets bearing its own unique influence.  Whether Pluto is a planet, a planetoid, a satellite of another planet knocked out of orbit, or whatever, is irrelevant, because the analysis of the daily motion of Pluto, either in its angular aspects to other planets, or in its crossing over critical points in the zodiac, has demonstrated a relationship to major events – critical points in time during which major events occur that dramatically change the socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions – or directions – upon Earth.

In astrology, both Saturn and Pluto have a relationship to the matter of Fate, and this dual rulership over the matter would lead one to assume that there exists a contradiction, but this is not at all the case.  I interpret Saturn as the primary significator for Fate in the chart of a person, id est, the individual’s own ultimate path, or destiny.  Pluto’s relevance pertains to those events that are either experienced by a large group, or which we all eventually experience, collectively.  Viz, if by the mundane placement of Pluto, the Fate of a particular generation in a particular location is to experience abject poverty and want, yet Saturn’s position in the chart of an individual born within that same time and place suggests a life of comfort and wealth, then I would say that, within those generational circumstances of lack, the individual will be fortunate by those standards of the day.

My work has revealed that there is an astrologically-identifiable point of inchoate inception of many of the momentous events in mankind’s destiny.  I relate this stellar influence to the first stage of the three first stages of life: conception (followed by gestation, and then birth).  It was under one of these astrologically-identifiable points of inchoate inception that the conditions imposed upon the American colonists by the British monarchy, would ultimately lead to a collective psychological condition that would motivate them to the Declaration of Independence, and then the Revolutionary War.  This stellar influence I have identified as Pluto crossing zero-degrees Capricorn – the Galactic Center.

“Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind.” –Emerson, Essays: History

The impetus for the American Revolution of 1776 was not born in that same year.  The revolution came as the result of years of intolerable tyranny under England’s monarchy.  In March of the year 1760 Uranus entered the sign of Aries (signifying a time of dramatic change, and violent, militaristic acts) and Jupiter transited fifteen-degree Aquarius – the Angel Point. By October of that year, crazy King George of England had taken his throne, as well as assumed the burden of collecting sufficient revenues to pay the compounding interest on England’s war debts – owed to British and Dutch bankers.  When the English Parliament passed into law the Revenue Act of 1762,  it created a a system of absentee customs officials whose deputies were often corrupt, and abusive of the colonists in their tax collection.  In this same year the British navy began an overt abuse of searches and seizures of property,  and the colonial economy was subjected to increasing manipulation.  By 1763 increased manipulation of the colonial economy had left colonists deeply in debt to British creditors, and the new and more aggressive policy regarding taxation was building increased resentment towards England.  Also, it was during this time that a plan to restrict the use in trade of Colonial paper currency was put into the works (but not passed by Parliament until 1764).

To summarize: under the Pluto zero-degrees Capricorn influence, the years 1762-63 set the stage for a series of events that would ultimately and dramatically change the whole world, id est: the circumstances created such pain, anger and resentment that ultimately, for the American Colonists, there was no place else to go except for revolution.

In providing the reader with greater insight on this matter, I offer as reference a look further back in history: In the year of 1210, and under Pluto’s transit to fifteen-degrees Leo – the Lion point – the ambitions of England’s King John, and his crushing the rights of his Barons, pushed them to the point of a rebellion resulting in the writing, and establishment into law five years later, the Magna Carta (which served, centuries later, as the inspiration for the Constitution of America) – shifting mankind’s destiny (remember, in the grand scheme of things the world moves rather slowly).  In the year 1456 Pluto completed its 246-year transit around the Sun and returned to fifteen-degrees Leo, under which the critical battle known as the Siege of Belgrade took place, providing a 70-year halt to the advancement of the Islamic Ottoman Empire into Western Europe – again changing mankind’s destiny.  (The potential Islamic military advancement would have placed all of Western Europe under Islamic rule.)

Jumping back to more recent history, and starting in the summer of the year 1786, and throughout the year 1787, as Pluto applied, separated, and applied again to fifteen-degrees Aquarius – the Angel Point – momentous events were again occurring in the USA.  Broadly speaking, the psychological affects of this stellar influence can be seen as having incited anger over issues of basic human rights (and no, not everyone everywhere was included in that yet – but it was beginning). Thus, the events that occurred during this time can best be described as the pressing of one’s individual rights, the rights of the collective, and the fight against economic manipulation, usury and the evils of debtors prisons.  Even in France, and under this same stellar influence, the groundwork for the French Revolution was being laid, as preceding the French Revolution, the Anglo-French commercial treaty caused unrest in France due to the economic hardship it brought through the imbalance in trade favoring England.  But more pertinent to this work, we can observe how during the Pluto at fifteen-degrees Aquarius point, returning veterans of the American Revolution – whom had not been paid for their service – and farmers whose livelihood was injured by the war, were being forced by the courts into bankruptcy and/or prison for debts owed to returning British loyalists.  Organized under veteran Daniel Shay, and in what became known as Shay’s Rebellion, the veterans made attempts to block the courts from taking action against those who served in, or whose farms were damaged during, the Revolutionary War.  In February, 1787 the Shaysites launched an unsuccessful attack on Massachusetts’ Springfield Armory, and by the Founders’ own letters on the matter as proof, reports of Shay’s Rebellion would later have an imposing affect on the Constitutional Convention (the Resolution of Congress came less than three weeks afterwards).  It was during this same month that Thomas Jefferson published for the public his Notes on the State of Virginia – a work wherein he stresses the importance of the yeoman farmer in the long-term preservation of American ideals.  Still under the fated Pluto-at-Angel-Point influence, on September 17, 1787 the Constitution of the United States of America is ratified.  The following month, the timeless and magnificent Federalist Papers are first published in New York, and by December, Thomas Jefferson was writing to James Madison stating his concerns for the potential of abuse-of-power by the presidency.  Globally, and under the same stellar influence, the Russian-Turkish war begins (1787-1792) thus providing another halt to Islamic encroachment in Western Europe, and, paradoxically, while the human cargo of eleven ships leaving Portsmouth, England established Australia’s first penal colony, back in England, the Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade is formed.

But for America it is Pluto’s transit of zero-degrees Capricorn – the Galactic Center – that is of supreme importance.  As I stated earlier, it is my belief that it was under the Pluto-Galactic-Center transit that the conditions imposed upon the American Colonists gave conception to the American Revolution (the actual birthing would come some time later).  Further, I interpret this same transit by Pluto as affecting the Fate of the whole world, because it is without question that the birth and growth of America changed, to one degree or another, the conditions of the whole world.  And 246 years after its influence first kindled the brushfires of liberty, this transit occurred again, most recently, on January 25, 2008.  Thus, under this same fated point of inchoate inception which occurred in 1762-63, again in 2008 the same issues had returned. During the 2008 election, Americans had to take action based upon issues of foreign policy, governmental encroachment upon the rights of the individual, basic human rights and dignities (including liberty and the right to be left alone) property rights, monetary policy, taxation, usury, and an aristocracy’s vision of global conquest and empire.  Uncannily, 246 years later, with the return of Pluto to the zero-degrees Capricorn point of 2008 the very same sentiments of resentment and outrage were embodied in the modern Tea Party and the growing popularity of Libertarianism.  (Unfortunately, those brave few who have been ahead of their peers in their desire for the rekindling of the brushfires of liberty have often appeared as crackpots in the broad public perception, and this thanks to considerable negative editorial from the American media.)  Under this stellar influence, those in the Western World – the New World, in particular – will once again be faced with the challenge of defending the whole world from a life of eternal debt-slavery under a parasitic global-empire.  Without question, the year 2008 was that point of inchoate inception (again, akin to the point of conception)  a time during which, when in America we saw the  “two wrongs” (Republicans and Democrats) in vain attempt to “make a right,” the end result an election between the spokesmen for opposing sophisms, and the public’s indeterminate preference for one of two equally terrible choices making him the victor.  Now two years later, a large portion of America realizes that Obama was a mistake – but realizes also that, the alternative, McCain, would have been a mistake of equal proportion.  This is encouraging because it means that, if only on a rudimentary level, some portion of America is opening up to the idea of electing office holders who are part of either the Republican or the Democrat parties can be dangerous.  Through the lens of astrology I have interpreted this present time as that of “gestation,” and stress that the 2012 election will likely be the most important election for the next 246 years by virtue of the fact that it will set the stage for the direction America will go for the next two-and-a-half centuries.  Critical for the cause of liberty, both here in America and, for that of the whole world, is the American public’s return to the principals, perspectives and original intentions of America’s Founders.

Next month, in Part Two of Pluto, Fate and Galactic Center I will review the events relative to the 2008 transit of Pluto at zero-degrees Capricorn, with the intention of giving readers the ability to see beyond the facade of the two prevailing political parties, and their fallacious ideologies.


In the horoscope of a country, the Sun, along with the planet associated with the sign on the cusp of the Tenth house (and any planet within the Tenth house) represents the king, emperor, dictator, or as in the case of the USA – the presiding executive administrator – id est: the president.  Thus, in the birth chart of the USA, with Libra on the cusp of the Tenth house, and Saturn being positioned in the Tenth house, the president is represented by the Sun, and the planets Venus and Saturn.

Whether it is birth charts of individuals or any other type of event, the planets, by their placement in differing degrees, signs and houses, will vary in their relative strength to one another.  Within the tools of the astrologer is a means to determine this relative strength, and likewise, determine the planet which becomes the most dominant factor in the chart.

Astrologically speaking, in the USA’s birth chart there is a rational explanation for the irrational  phenomenon of the American publics’ hero-worship of the presidency.  To begin, the Sun is found in the sign of Cancer, and in the Seventh house, and this is cause for the president to be seen as the nation’s chief diplomat and negotiator, and by its placement in Cancer, lays the foundation for the perceived parental nature of the presidency.  But the Sun is considerably debilitated in the USA’s nativity, and yields to Venus, which also resides in Cancer and in the Seventh. Venus reinforces those aforementioned Sun-influenced characteristics, but bears an additional influence causing the American public to romanticize over both the president (whomever it may be at the time) as well as the office of the presidency (as in what it is perceived that the office itself stands for).  Obviously, this romanticism results in unrealistic expectations of the presidency, and a subsequent disappointment with the performance of the officeholder.  The last of the planets representing the presidency in the USA’s nativity is Saturn, and being exalted in the sign of Libra, its relative strength is double that of Venus, thereby making it the most influential planet regarding the presidency.  With this Saturn-in-Libra influence being so strong, the image most Americans will hold in their minds of the president is that of a male figure, and to that, one who is tall, preferably lean, and austere.  By this stellar influence, the president is expected to be fair and even handed, and above all – a strong authority figure – like that of a father.

“Hero-worship is strongest where there is least regard for human freedom.”

–Herbert Spencer, Social Statistics, IV

By themselves, these stellar influences affecting the presidency are not a problem, but do become a problem when combined with the fact that – and with a failing number of exceptions – we as a nation, are becoming very weak-willed.  With freedom and liberty comes responsibility and accountability, and our culture now weakens exponentially with hedonistic selfishness.  In the minds of lazy, weak men and women, life is seen as being better lived under the authority of something akin to a benevolent dictator and, provided it is the weaklings’ preferred party at the helm, the legal constraints of presidential power can be seen as archaic, irrelevant, or perhaps even obstructive.

Astrologically, the USA can survive with a Saturnal figure as president, provided that figure operates within his Constitutional boundaries.  But clearly, the USA cannot continue to survive with this sort of a figure taking it upon his or her self to “lead” the American public in his or her own ideological agenda, especially when being backed by the self/special-interests of either the Democrats or the Republicans, and the lawlessness for which they both are enablers.

In the year 2012 We the People need to elect to the office of the presidency a man or woman whose loyalties are first to the American people – and the cause of liberty – with these loyalties placed long before that man or woman’s allegiance to any party.  The ideal man or woman for the presidency will demonstrate a character that is a model for us all, and not just a model for one particular party.  This candidate will be free of family-financial empires which will gain by having a family member in the presidency (and this applies to their friendships, too) and their aspirations will be modest.  This candidate will also exhibit a love for America which is elevated above any ideology, desire for global empire, Malthusian fears, or religious beliefs. But above all, this candidate must demonstrate that they recognize that their role as president will be to execute the will of We the People!

Lastly, in our search for an appropriate officeholder, I believe that we must make use of the amazing insight given to mankind through the stars.  It is my belief that much can be learned about the temperament and disposition of a potential officeholder (as well as those past and present officeholders) through analysis of that individual’s nativity in relation to the nativity of the USA,  and we may obtain insight as to what sort of effect that person’s holding office will have on the country.  It would be foolish not to make use of this information!  (And we should apply this same criteria to any man or woman seeking office in the US government.)

For We the People, the critical first step we must take is to abandon all political-party loyalties that cause us to put the respective party’s interests above those of the United States of America, as a whole.  Second to that, America must reign in its collective romanticism of the presidency, and remember that we are electing an administrator, and not a monarch or a parent.



With his Jupiter in the USA’s First house, the American public would never forget that George Herbert Walker Bush had come from a very privileged background.  Saturn retrograde in his own chart would compose into the Tenth house of the USA, yielding Bush some measure of power, but always revealing his darkest secrets for public scrutiny.  With Bush’s Mars in square to USA’s Twelfth house cusp, he was given the opportunity to act like a ‘broker’ of the USA’s secrets (coinciding with his tenure as Director of CIA) but as this aspect is malefic, I question if this was done for the benefit of USA, or for the benefit of his own self-interests.

The relationship of GHW Bush’s nativity to that of the USA reveals a number of very disturbing influences.  Beginning with Bush’s Pluto, which is conjunct to the USA’s Sun, and casts a square to USA’s Saturn,  I would say that, at one time or another, it is likely that he had, at the very least, worked to undermine, or manipulate, those presidents before him.  Worse still, Bush’s Saturn is squaring USA’s Pluto, essentially doubling the power of this influence. (The Saturn-Pluto square can even suggest acts of violence.)  Next, Bush’s Sun in conjunction to USA’s Mars, and combined with Bush’s Uranus in square to USA’s Mars, served as a clear indicator that, under this President, the USA would certainly find itself at war.  Added to that the aforementioned Saturn-Pluto influence, that war would result in widespread violence, death and destruction.  If there is an astrologically-identifiable legacy for the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, it is one of increased debt for America, his having placed his own interests above those of the USA, and a costly and destructive war.


William Jefferson Clinton loved being President, and as seen by the large number of his planets in the USA’s Tenth house (a stellium) a good portion of the American public loved having him as President.  But as Clinton’s Sun was semi-square to the USA’s Sun, his ability to impose his own agenda on the USA was limited.  Clinton’s Uranus in conjunction to USA’s Mars (and in the Seventh house) reveals the almost inescapable destiny with some sort of warfare (the military action against Yugoslavia).  Sadly, Clinton’s Sun squares the USA’s Twelfth house cusp, and his Uranus is quindecile the same point – influences which have placed him in the center of conspiracy and intrigue such as death of Vincent Foster, the espionage of Wen Ho Lee, and a long list of mysterious deaths surrounding his personal and professional sphere of acquaintance.


On its own, the nativity of George Walker Bush serves as a lesson as to who not to elect to public office (the figure is a classic example of that of a demagogue).  When combined with the nativity of the USA, the resulting figure is utterly disturbing.  Beginning with Bush’s natal Sun in nearly an exact conjunction to the USA’s own Sun, and supported by his Jupiter in the USA’s Tenth house (and in conjunction to USA’s Saturn) we can observe how Bush held such undeniable control over country.  But as Bush’s Sun is in square to USA’s Saturn, that undeniable control would ultimately lead to public recognition of an abuse of power.

Like Clinton before him, Bush’s Uranus is conjunct to USA’s Mars – a clear sign that under this President the USA would go to war.  But in Bush’s case, the influence is doubled due to his own Mars being in square to USA’s Uranus.  Worse still, Bush’s Saturn in nearly exact opposition forewarned of the incredible destruction and loss of life that would occur during military action under his command.  Moreover, this same Saturn-Pluto influence was a harbinger of the unimaginable dollar-cost of military operations under his command, as well as the long-term damaging effects of the war-debt (remember the compounding interest) on the USA.

Sadly, this chart reveals nothing good to have come from a George Walker Bush presidency, but indicates a legacy of violence, waste, and a yoke of eternal debt-slavery placed upon the American people.


With so much controversy about the correct birth place of Barrack Hussein Obama, I think that any sane astrologer will have some trepidation in casting his birth-chart based upon the information available.  However, when analyzing his nativity in relation to that of the USA I am not dependent upon an accurate ascending degree, or even a pinpoint position of the Moon. (Though it would be nice to have this information for gaining further insight!)  However, looking at the chart based upon the widely accepted birth place and time (Honolulu, HI and at 7:24 pm, AHST) I will state that, if it is accurate, President Obama is a man with many, many secrets.  He is also a man who, during the course of his life, will accumulate and encounter many powerful enemies – some whom may wish him physical harm.  Unlike Bush before him,  Obama does not have an undeniable control over the USA.  In fact, rather than Obama running the country, as the President’s Sun is semi-sextile to the USA’s Sun, I would say that it is more likely that the presidency is running Obama.

Like Bush before him, Obama’s nativity in relation to that of the USA is disturbing.  With his Mars squaring USA’s Mars, and his Pluto squaring USA’s Uranus, there is certainly the possibility for violence during his watch, but this influence relates more to something akin to a civil war, or violent revolution or uprising.  In this same vein, there is a troubling square from Obama’s Uranus (posited on the USA’s Ninth house cusp, and thus relating to foreign relations or involvement of foreign entities) to the USA’s Twelfth house cusp, which suggests secret dealings with – or plots/conspiracies by – radical-minded individuals.  But worse still, like Bush before him, there is a foreboding relationship between Obama’s Saturn, and USA’s Pluto (a close conjunction).  This combination can be interpreted as an eventuality of mass-violence and wide-spread destruction occurring during Obama’s watch, or as the conjunction is in the USA’s Second house, it can also be interpreted as a devastation of USA’s assets, resources, and currency.  (Both interpretations can be correct, too.)

It may turn out to be quite fortunate for the USA that during President Obama’s term, transiting Saturn is occupying the country’s Tenth house, which relates to an environment of absolute scrutiny of the office of the presidency.



“To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.  To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.” 

–Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Chapter 28


It is nearly year 2011, and at some point soon, after the ball drops in New York’s Times Square, and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony has ended in Tokyo, and the hangovers have subsided and the diets have begun, the race for victory in the 2012 elections will slowly begin to pervade virtually every aspect of American life.  And like corporations marketing a new energy drink, or a racy sports-sedan, those two miserable failures – the Republicans and the Democrats – will begin their competition in marketing to the American people their slickest new future-disappointments, as well as their old-line of disastrous mistakes.  In anticipation of these nauseating events, I want to remind the reader that the task ahead is, and especially in regards to the presidency, to elect an administrator – a man or woman who is to go to the office for the express purpose of executing the will of the American people – nothing more.

We are not electing a king or queen!

A commonly held misperception among the American people is that the President of the United States of America is the “leader” of the American people.  How many times have you heard the President of America referred to as, “The Leader of the Free World”?  Or heard someone say something on the order of, “What this country needs coming from the White House is some real leadership”?  (Etcetera, etcetera.)  In rebuttal to this widely held belief that the president is somehow ordained by law to “lead” the American people I pose the rhetorical question: Can free men and women be “led”?

To paraphrase Judge Louis D. Brandeis, the authors of the Constitution constructed within the law a legal guarantee that the citizens of America have the right to be left alone by the government.  If one is being “led” by the government, that is, being told how to conduct themselves or how to live their life outside of what has already been outlined within the Constitution – or relegated to live under conditions which are the result of some particular governmental administrator’s ideology – then I do not believe that one is truly being left alone.  And if that governmental leadership is being enforced by the guns of the police, the threat of incarceration, or through taxation, seizure of property, fines or penalties, then one is certainly not free.

Ergo, and in answering my own question, the answer is no – men and women cannot be “led” and remain free people.

So why then, you may ask (as do I) do so many American men and women, who seem to otherwise place a high value on freedom, cry out for “leadership” from the presidency?  In answering this question, I want to first address the issue of what was the American Founders’ original intent of the role of the president.

With even a casual perusal of the Federalist Papers it becomes clear that during the USA’s infancy there was much debate over the language of the Constitution and exactly what form of government We the People should live under.  Among those with some measure of opposition to at least parts of the language of the Constitution in its present form was Thomas Jefferson, whose primary concern was that the office of the presidency was being granted too much power.  In that day many Americans were still feeling the sting of having lived under a monarch and wanted nothing to do with granting a single individual with authorities similar to that of a king.  In defense of the Constitution and the powers then proposed to the presidency was Alexander Hamilton, a chief author of both the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.  In his written rebuttal to those who opposed the Federalists, and specifically in Federalist Paper #67, Hamilton brilliantly, and colorfully, paints a satirical picture of what he believed to be the opposition’s exaggerated concerns regarding the powers granted to the presidency in the Constitution: “He has been seated on a throne of majesty surrounded by minions and mistresses, giving audience to the envoys of foreign potentates, in all the supercilious pomp of majesty.”

Clearly, the Founders of the USA intended for the president to be the last line of defense in upholding the laws of the Constitution and, in the execution of the will of We the People – that is all – nothing more!  (And for free men and women, that should be enough!)  The Founders did not intend for those who would hold office in the US government – including the presidency – to become an autocratic aristocracy.  To the Founders – and specifically, to the authors of the Constitution – the mere suggestion that the authorities of the presidency would allow the office holder to possess any more power than that of a chief administrator in the execution of the will of We the People was ridiculous, and I can find no evidence at all to support the idea that it was the Founder’s intention that the president’s job would be to create policy!  Despite this, America has had an unfortunate number of presiding executive administrators (presidents) who, “in all the supercilious pomp of majesty,” have crowned themselves king, violated the original intent of the Constitutional authorities granted to their office, and chosen to lead the American public, as opposed to executing the will of the American public.  Sadly, that abuse of presidential power that Thomas Jefferson feared – an official disregard for the original intent of the Constitution to a degree that Alexander Hamilton had thought to be impossible – has now become an integral part of the American political process.  Still worse, the abuse of power now prevalent in the office of the presidency is not only accepted by the majority of the American public, but it is often expected – and in some instances, perhaps when it serves the special interests or assuages the irrational fears of one group or another – it is something that is actually even desired.

And what has been the outcome of  this “leadership” by one president or another?  I’ll offer this very brief list of highlights:

Under Abraham Lincoln, in an unConstitutional encroachment of States’ rights, the US was led to Civil War (over 500,000 total wounded and dead)

Under Woodrow Wilson, the US was led to economic control by a cabal of foreign banks operating under the name of The Federal Reserve

Under Franklin Delano Roosevelt the US was led to the unConstitutional seizure of private property (the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933) a devastating monetary policy (which worked to serve the Federal Reserve) the unConstitutional (and fault-filled) Social Security Act, the avoidable war with Japan, and the very expensive war with Germany (an interference in European affairs expressly admonished by America’s Founders)

Under George Herbert Walker Bush, and William Jefferson Clinton, the US was led to abandon an industrial-based economy for a fictitious service-based economy  (I regard this as a collaborative, 12-year, 2-administration one-two-punch to America’s bread basket)

Under George Walker Bush the US was led to war (the costliest in US history) with the wrong country (Iraq) for the retribution of the attack (9/11) by guerillas from another country (Saudi Arabia) as well as the first stage of the largest corporate welfare package in history (TARP)

Under Barack Obama the US has been so far led to an economically-impossible socialized medical system that is clearly to the contrary of the will of the majority of We the People, as well as stage two of the largest corporate welfare package in history (TARP)

Perhaps We the People have benefitted in some manner due to “presidential leadership” but I cannot think of any instance as significant as the aforementioned injuries. So is America broken?  And if so, how did it happen?  I believe that the lawlessness of America’s elected officials, and the public’s toleration for the antics of one’s own political party is the reason that something has seemingly gone wrong with the American ‘system’.  (If America’s elected officeholders would simply obey the law instead of constantly trying to work around it, the majority of the country’s problems would not exist – the Founders restrained governmental authority for good reasons!)  The ‘why’ as to how government has strayed so far from the Founders’ original intent, is found in the self-interests of the Republican and Democrat parties – equally – and the special-interests each party represents.  There is an old maxim in which it is written: It is human nature to grow accustomed to the smell of one’s own rectum.  Nowhere is this simple truth found more relevant than in party-line politics, because to the Republicans, the rectum they have in office does not smell nearly as bad as the rectum the Democrats’ have in office and, vice versa.  Thus, slightly less than fifty-percent of the population tolerates the abuse of presidential power when a Republican is in office, and another group comprising slightly less than fifty-percent of the population tolerates the abuse of presidential power when a Democrat is in office.  And as ardent Democrats and passionate Republicans maintain their respective party-line loyalties – refusing to recognize the sins of each of their own respective parties – the USA as a whole continues to suffer harm.

“That the king can do no wrong is a necessary and fundamental principal of the English constitution.”  –Blackstone, Commentaries, III