In the days of the American Revolution there were many British loyalists among the Colonists.  Those whom sided with the Crown did so for a number of reasons.  At that time, Britain commanded the greatest military force on Earth, and there were many people who, while not happy under British rule, believed that rebellion was futile, and that there would be a heavy price to pay when the Crown, victorious, retaliated.  Others were actually content to live under the oppressive taxation, feeling as though that what they received from the Crown in return – being protected under the wing of King George – made for a fair exchange.  Still others were motivated by nothing more than commerce, and while their business relations with England remained profitable, so did their loyalties remain with the Crown.  What those people all had in common was that they lacked the courage and intellectual peripheral with which to envision a world without tyranny, and one in which they were entitled to the fruits of their own labor.  Things like freedom, liberty and self-determination were not in their vocabularies, and among them was the belief that, tyrants, taxation, theft of the product of their labor, and any form of abuse at the hands of government, was just a part of life. (Sadly, it is these same beliefs from yesteryear which comprise the views held by many Americans today.)

Fortunately for We the People, our history is rich with figures who did not buy into such limiting beliefs as did the colonial British loyalists, but instead were well aware that men and women are fully entitled to the fruits of their labor in their entirety, and have the right to be left alone by their government.  These same figures realized that, no matter how terrible and fearsome a tyrannical force may be, that those who stood up for what was right, and made good use of their resources, did indeed stand a chance to defeat that tyrant, no matter how great its military force may have been.

And the rest, of course, is American history.

Upon the 2008 transit of Pluto to zero-degrees Capricorn – the Galactic Center – America was once again at a point with conditions very similar to what the American Colonists faced during the years of 1762 and 1763.  Like an array of British Redcoats, on one side stood the Democrats with their message that bigger and more intrusive government, social engineering and the redistribution of wealth, would somehow improve the lives of Americans.  And as if they were wearing the same red and white uniforms, on the other side stood the Republicans, with their empty promises of smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and designs on conquering foreign lands for the enrichment of the elite.  As expected, party-line Republicans and Democrats supported their respective candidates, and though a considerable segment of America realized that the 2008 elections offered very little in the way of a choice, the majority eventually succumbed to the Democrat platform, and Barack Obama’s vague and undefined message of change.  In the end, America did not win, but neither would it have been to the country’s advantage to have selected John McCain as president.  So far, there has been a price to pay for this bad choice made by the American public, and it is likely that, before Obama leaves office, the cost will continue to rise.  But as the choice was made under the Pluto at zero-degrees Capricorn point, it is likely that it is part of the necessary agitation required for America to break free from both predominant political parties.  Under this stellar influence, the outrageous extremes of the Bush administration, and all the accompanying damage done to the nation, was wholly responsible for the swing to the other extreme, represented by the radical nature of Obama.  But a swing from one extreme to the other every four or eight years has done nothing but harm the country, and it is something that needs to be stopped.

In defending America, we must make use of the Founders’ writings and correspondence to one another as a guide – we must put ourselves back into their shoes, and share their perspectives and intentions – and by using that insight, we may then determine right action.  And once again, success hinges on the right use of the vote, otherwise, as the momentum of this stellar influence is so great, that the mistakes made by Americans during this past (2008) election, combined with nay mistakes that might be made in the forthcoming election (2012) will result in consequences that will be irreversible for over 240 years!


In what will ultimately prove to have been one of the biggest con-jobs in the history of the world, We the People of the USA are being asked to fundamentally give up our sovereignty as a nation.  The request comes from globalists – those who want America to join – or perhaps lead – “the global community”, or as it is sometimes referred, “the global economy” (etcetera, etcetera).  Globalism, is the common reference given to the ideology whose proponents believe that the rights and interests of individual nations should yield to what is believed to be the greater good of the world, with all people – from powerful industrialized countries, to those small and undeveloped – sharing a level playing field, with equal distribution of resources and wealth.  The globalist schema is ultimately implemented by a single central world governing body through economic planning and foreign policy that crosses national boundaries.

Among those making this request to the American people is, paradoxically, the US Government itself.  Not a surprise, this request comes also from the community of self-serving investment groups, and merchant and investment bankers – all with much to gain from globalism.  And, also sharing in great gains generated by a loss of national sovereignty for the USA, the request comes from those academic organizations that influence the minds of America’s young, as well as radical environmental activists.  In the pursuit of drawing the USA into globalism, and in pleading their cases, all the aforementioned entities come armed with polished, well-rehearsed sales pitches ingeniously designed to manipulate Americans through either fear, guilt, or greed, or by some diabolical combination of those emotions.  But in any case, the one element that is missing from their every attempt at persuasion is an appeal to the intellect, because there is absolutely no intellectual case to be made in arguing that the USA’s relinquishment of national sovereignty is to the benefit of the country.  Moreover, it is my belief that, if one would simply withhold an emotional response when presented with the notion of globalism, what one would then be left to hear is only the arrogant, dead-certain tone of the con-man.

Recent history has demonstrated that all the supposedly good things that the American public has been told about globalism – as intended and facilitated by its proponents – has been a lie, and its implementation wholly injurious to the USA.  I cite as evidence the globalist plan for Westernizing China, which resulted in a disastrous transfer of America’s industrial base to China (I refer to this as America being sold down the Yangtze River).  Additionally, during the era of the dot-com-con-job, and all Wall Street’s lies about there being a “new economy” to replace the loss of manufacturing jobs, America was promised a life-sustaining “service-based economy” to which, the sorry few service jobs that might have been made, were immediately out-sourced to places like India.  In this all, it has been the USA that has had to bear the greatest burden of costs, and the American people who’ve had to make the greatest sacrifices in quality of life, in the attempt to make the globalists’ plan a reality.  To summarize: thus far, for every gain made by the global community not produced on their own, the American people have had to suffer a loss. Globalism is a scam, and like any other con-job its about money – stealing the fruits of the producers’ labor and handing it over to parasites – and in this case, the parasites being the aristocratic proponents of globalism.

In review of globalism’s broad landscape, it is apparent that it is not the USA alone that has been injured by the globalists’ machinations; under the guise of investment in their infrastructure, or behind a facade of environmental concerns, a number of small countries throughout the world (those with an inability to defend themselves either militarily or economically against western super-powers) have been plundered of natural resources, while other countries, such as Greece, have been economically pillaged in the process of international currency consolidation, or as in the case of Iceland, currency manipulation.

Have I shattered images of everyone in the whole world one day sitting together around a campfire, holding hands and singing Kumbaya?  Well, as the precession of the equinox has entered the sign (Age) of Aquarius, it could possibly happen – but only if enforced by the guns of a single, world-wide authority with no respect for the rights of the individual – an authority which supersedes that of any particular country – including that of the USA.  Naturally, and in the case that the USA and all the world do cede sovereignty, the notion of a centralized world government raises the question of whom it is that will comprise this proposed government.  Could this proposed world-leadership come from the over-politicized, squabbling and inequitable United Nations? – not likely.  (Can you imagine our own Congress attempting to run the world?)  So then, whom is it that hides in the shadows, ready at the first opportunity to grab the reigns of world-leadership?

“Having conquered Earth’s four corners, imagine the Despot’s glee; with none to challenge his dictates, a world of tyranny.”  — Anonymous

In review of history, we find that globalism is not a new idea.  Persia, Rome, the Ottoman-Turks, Spain, Napoleonic-France and Britain have all made attempts at global empire – with the potentate of each respective country planning to be the world’s central government.  Thus, if one monarch or another had been successful in attaining a global empire, for every product manufactured, for every shipment, trade and financial transaction made on Earth there would have been a royalty paid directly to the potentate.

Colonialism, which the USA is the product of, became the preferred weapon in the quest for world domination by Spain, France and Britain.  And for all three countries, there was a relatively brief expansion of empire.  But history serves as testimony to the untenability of colonialism as a means to global empire, and in time, what was to be a gain to an empire became a loss, with the colonies themselves gaining as they became individual nations.  There was, however, another winning party during the colonial era: those private entities whom, in making loans to the aforementioned monarchies, financed the colonization of the New World, and became greatly enriched as they collected the compounding interest on the loans – loans that were undoubtedly heavily collateralized.

And as it was then, today, the allure of – the prize for – the motivation to attain – a global empire is exactly the same: It is about money, and controlling all the money in the world, if possible.  And already controlling a disproportionately large percentage of the world’s wealth is the consortium of international financiers who hold controlling interest in the Federal Reserve, as well as the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund.

And it is here, perhaps, that we shed light upon whom it is that “hides in the shadows,” awaiting to grasp the reigns of a centralized world government… 

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”  –Mayer Amschel Rothschild

While nearly every American adult has experienced a revolution in convenience and some level of transformation in their lives during the technological advancements of the past two decades, none have gained so much as has the consortium of international financiers.  Imagine, from their perspective, and thanks to the advancement of satellite communications and computer technology, the power in overseeing nearly every sale, purchase or monetary transaction on Earth.  (The only thing standing in their way of overseeing every transaction is the existence of coin and currency – two things they work towards eliminating!)  Now, if you will, imagine the profits gained by attaching a service fee to every sale, purchase and monetary transaction on Earth.  Every time a debit or credit card is swiped, or an account number is entered into a field in an on-line transaction, cha-ching! -another fee!  Obviously, the allure of bringing the entire world under a single, uniform system of commerce over which they have absolute control is irresistible to the consortium, and thus, the motivation behind the war now being waged against national sovereignty is explained, and the chicanery of the aggressors identified.  Those who would rule the world – this international consortium of financiers – comprise an invisible nation – a nation without flags or borders – a nation that is made of an international cabal with no loyalty to any land or people.  This invisible nation is a parasite which hides behind corporate entities, and infests a host nation only to extract wealth and resources, and further its own agenda, which is to attach the yoke of eternal debt-slavery to as many men and women in the world as is possible.  And, this invisible nation is actively at war with every sovereign nation upon the Earth – especially the USA.

Over the years, the consortium has been perfecting the techniques for the execution and management of global empire.  Some have suggested that their weapons could include: central banking, bribery, blackmail, extortion, manipulation of monetary policy and tariffs and trade agreements, insider trading, and the manipulation of the prices of raw commodities (the only source of wealth for some countries) – even assassination and the inciting of wars and, finally, a non-stop barrage of ingenious propaganda.  If I had to pick one out of all the tools that it is said that the consortium employs, I would say then that it is the 24-hour-a-day barrage of propaganda which is proving to be the most effective, especially where the American people are concerned.  It is the polished, well-rehearsed, globalist sales pitch I mentioned earlier that is conquering America.  With great effectiveness, Wall Street, the investment banking arm of the consortium, used greed to lure Americans into their globalist stratagem (remember that, until just a short time ago, according to the relentless message in Wall Street’s advertisements, every holder of shares in technology firms was going to become a billionaire, and Bedouin shepherds in tents were going to use laptop computers to order things online and make every American entrepreneur a mogul).  Using fallacious positions on classism and environmental issues, the academic community, and the entertainment media collective, effectively created an irrational sense of guilt in some segments of society, while creating an equally irrational sense of entitlement in other segments, all the while steering America towards the globalists’ plan.  And, adding their exaggerations regarding the threat of global-warming, the US government has successfully used the instillation of baseless fear in the American people as a means to motivate the public to support the globalist agenda.  In summary: globalism is a lie being sold to American through capitalizing on peoples’ ignorance of what is the ultimate objective, and which capitalizes on the American peoples’ fears, greed and, an irrational sense of guilt.  Indeed, the USA has been – is – and will continue to be – under attack.  But in this all, the globalist consortium lacks one final and critical component to their plan: the complete willingness of, and permission by, the American people to join the globalists’ plan.  As they [the globalists] are not powerful enough to force the USA into their plan on their own, they require that We the People cut our own throats for them!


Based upon the oath sworn by every officeholder in the US government, I believe that somewhere, someone is responsible for defending the nation from just those sorts of things that the globalists are working towards.  I believe also, that it is safe to say that, at this late stage in the matter, whomever is responsible for defending the USA from this sort of an attack is either incapable of, or has no intentions of, doing his or her job.  So then, must we conclude that this future of serfdom is what our elected officeholders knowingly “lead” us to?  And if so, by what legal authority, or edict by We the People, do they do this injury to the USA?  The answer is that these public and private officeholders do not have any authority to lead the USA to world government that supersedes America’s own Constitutional government.  Thus, those Americans in public or private office who actively engage in the implementation of policies leading the USA to globalism – as it is intended by its proponents – are engaging in activities that are dangerously close to being (if not in fact tantamount to) treason.

In defending the USA, the American people must take greater care in their choosing men and women to hold office in the US government. Upon Election Day, 2012 those candidates who support globalism in any form must be rejected, and those incumbents who support this disastrous, self-loathing suicide must be fired from their offices.  The litmus test is to observe who is adamant in placing the good of America and her people over that of any other nation.


Every sign in the zodiac has both benefic (positive) and malefic (negative) qualities.  Viz, the benefic qualities of Leo – enthusiasm, generosity and courage – are shadowed by malefic qualities such as arrogance, bombast and self-centeredness.  Opposing Leo in the zodiac is the sign of Aquarius, which in its benefic nature represents inventiveness, technology itself, and what the Greeks called agape – a sort of universal, brotherly love.  But the dark side of Aquarius is impersonal, irreverent, and rebellious, and in the case of the latter, in its extreme representation, mindlessly rebellious (rebellion for the sake of rebellion alone).  Since the 1960s much has been made about the precession of the equinox leaving the sign (or ‘age’) of Pisces, and entering into the sign of Aquarius.  In contrast to the movement of Earth and the other planets, the precession of the equinox moves in an inverse path through the zodiac, with each age lasting 2,162.162 years. A considerable number of people are of the belief that, with the exit of the Piscean-era and “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” that, there would be a sudden and dramatic end to things like materialism, racism, religion and war.

But it does not work like that.

First of all, just as it took many years for the Age of Aries to fully yield to the Age of Pisces, so will the passing of Pisces encroach on the early days of the Aquarian Age.  And before the one influence has fully died, there will be a great conflict between those who cannot let go of the old, and those who cannot bear to recognize the old.  Because of the extremes that Aquarius is capable of in this regard, there is a tendency to “throw the baby out with the bath water” – a mindset in which the notion is held that, anything that was, must now cease to be.  And out of the resulting chaos will come a new order that will reflect the Aquarian mania of destruction: a dictatorial, aristocratic oligarchy.  This may come as a surprise to some, but the dark side of Aquarius is not overly friendly towards concepts such as individual freedom and liberty, and if those concepts were something embraced by the old, Piscean-guard, then Aquarius will be very unfriendly towards them.  Aquarius is all about the collective, and the rights of the individual will carry very little weight under the influence of this sign.  Provided that there is absolute equality within the mass of humanity (and this includes a state of being equally impoverished) Aquarius will have no problem with a small, dictatorial, aristocratic oligarchy living in splendor while regulating in every manner the existence of the rest of Earth’s population.

Coinciding with the great gains made by globalists in the American mindset, in January, 1998 with America still optimistic about the stock market, and in particular, the technology sector, Neptune – the planet of fraud and deception – was in the USA’s Second house (of assets, resources and currency) and separating from a conjunction with Pluto (the planet of extremes) while moving into the sign of Aquarius. Neptune was joined in Aquarius by Sun and Uranus, as well as Jupiter (though the latter planet was in the Third house at the time). This equated to, as former Fed Chair, Greenspan said, a sense of “irrational exuberance” as well as an irrational sense of global community.  Television and radio broadcasts, as well as the internet, are of an Aquarian nature.  And from January, 1998 until February, 2012, as Neptune has been in the sign of Aquarius, the people of the USA will have been exposed to fourteen years of fraud, deception and manipulation by the media. (Here’s a formula you may enjoy: Neptune = fraud and deception + Aquarius = philanthropy and community = globalist con-job.)  Among other things, Neptune represents intoxication, brainwashing and, self-deception – all of which is being carried into the homes of America twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, by Aquarian technology.  Thus, what makes for a difference about the present attempt at global empire is that, and thanks to the Neptune/Aquarian influence, the world, by and large, is now open to the concept of a global community, and eager to experience all they have been told about it, even if what they’ve been told is untrue.  During the Age of Aquarius, and for the duration of our lifetimes (and many generations to follow) the world will continue to wrestle with the issues of creating an international community, during which it is very likely to eventually succumb to the globalists’ one-world nightmare.

For the USA, specifically, it was in February, 1930 that the country first began to warm up to the idea of globalism. At that time, the USA’s progressed Saturn (secondary progression is one of the ways astrologers measure long-term influences) entered into the Eleventh house.  Among other things, the Eleventh house represents the nation’s sense of community, and it is a house that Saturn is very strong in, and thus, influential. Also, Saturn being the planet ruling over the emotion of guilt, this planet/house influence instigated the USA’s collective sense of a need to meddle in the world’s affairs.  Since that time, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the Iraqi War and the Afghani War, have all served as examples of the USA’s willingness to play world-policeman at the first pangs of social conscience.  Of equal significance, progressed Saturn’s entrance into the USA’s Eleventh house also signified the beginning of America’s adoption of socialist ideology (from the New Deal and passage of the Social Security Act, to the establishment of the Federal Housing Administration and the National Labor Relations Act).  The USA’s progressed Saturn is retrograde now, but it will not be until the year 2070 before it leaves the Eleventh house, and moves back, temporarily, into the Tenth.  Thus, while the whole world is under the influence of the inherently socialist Aquarian Age, the USA has the added burden of a stellar influence which produces within the American population an irrational sense of guilt over perceived social injustices, and an exaggerated need to meddle in the affairs of others.


A landmark event for the globalist consortium, the Trilateral Commission was founded in July of 1973. Initiated by David Rockefeller and a list of members comprising the most influential financiers in the world, the Trilateral Commission was formed with the purpose in mind of superseding international governmental authority, and regulating trade and monetary policy.  No surprise, two of the founding members were former Federal Reserve chairmen, Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan.

The founding of the Trilateral Commission came under the following stellar influences: transiting Mars squaring USA’s Jupiter (rebellion against governmental authority);  transiting Jupiter opposing USA’s North Node (an anti-social tendency to look out for one’s own gains first);  transiting Saturn conjunct USA’s Mars, squaring USA’s Neptune, and quindecile USA’s Pluto (brutal establishment of one’s own interests over others, duplicity, and financial crimes of great magnitude, respectively);  transiting Uranus conjunct USA’s Saturn (rebellion, provocation, and use of force);  transiting Neptune opposing USA’s Uranus (one-sidedness);  transiting Pluto conjunct USA’s Midheaven (abuse of power and anti-social behavior).  Obviously, the stellar influences beneath which the founding of the Trilateralist Commission took place, and in relation to the USA, reveals anything but magnanimity, and in fact, demonstrates an organization founded upon the intent to essentially usurp the authority of the United States government, through means akin to economic warfare.

Clearly, from the time that the Trilateral Commission was formed and began to exercise influence, the quality of life for the American people began a rapid decline.