In demonstration of the relevance and the efficacy of my work in the analysis of the USA’s nativity in relation to that of persons of influence, I cite the phenomenon of former congressman Tom DeLay as an example.

Among a number of malefic influences between the nativities of the USA and Tom DeLay is the highly destructive opposition between DeLay’s Saturn and the USA’s Pluto.  This opposition is separating, and of a fairly wide orb, so the potency of the aspect is lessened, and thus, so is the effect of those things associated with the aspect.  As the relationship between these two planets creates a Second house – Eighth house axis, this planetary energy signifies two major influences.

First, and adding the warmongering influence of Delay’s Uranus conjunct USA’s Mars, there is a desire on the part of DeLay to take part in the spoils of war, and a willingness to exercise any means – no matter how destructive or violent – to attain those spoils.  (In consideration of this stellar influence it is uncanny that DeLay’s Capitol Hill nickname was “the exterminator”.)

Second, there is a tendency on the part of DeLay to either engage in, or be drawn into, financial crimes of great magnitude (which, once again, is somewhat lessened in effect due to the wide separation of the aspect).

In gaining understanding of the motivation behind DeLay’s illegal actions, we find nearly all the answers within the USA’s Twelfth house, in which is posited DeLay’s Jupiter (along with his Moon and Ascendant).  The significance of the positioning of DeLay’s Jupiter is that it reveals his erroneous sense of righteousness in the personal crusade he carried out through his influence in the USA’s legislative process.  DeLay’s arrogant sanctimony (represented by Jupiter in Scorpio) was met with the resistance of a nation whose majority remained unconvinced of his own moral superiority, as well as that of his personal beliefs, which in turn led him to martyrdom (Twelfth house).  As Delay’s natal Jupiter is retrograde, it was a certainty that there would one day be an accounting for his actions in this regard.

(While there are other strongly malefic influences coming from DeLay’s planets to those in the USA’s chart, I believe that what I have just offered is sufficient to make my point.)

The phenomenon of Tom Delay serves as evidence of America’s need to elect a better grade of officeholder, and the nativity of Tom DeLay serves as testimony to the benefits of using astrology to, at the least, determine whom should not be elected to office.


As readers will have noticed, In November, 2010 I began writing about my work with the transits of Saturn as it relates to the nativity of the USA.  I have since reported the inextricable relationship of Saturn to the USA’s office of the presidency, the President himself (whomever it may be at the time) as well as the USA’s credit, credibility, and reputation with the rest of the world.

Among its numerous correspondents, Saturn represents the foundation upon what anything is built, and that can apply to the physical construction of something (like a building or a bridge) the founding of businesses, the consecration of marriages, or the founding of nations.  From the point of something being founded, and as Saturn transits the full 360-degrees of the zodiac, about seven years later (give or take a few months) Saturn will have moved 90-degrees, and be in a square angle to that original position, and put the foundation of the matter to test.  (This is where the term the seven year itch originates, and why so many marriages fail near or during the seventh year.)  As about another seven years passes, transiting Saturn will oppose that same position, once again putting the matter to test.  The passage of about another seven years will result in yet another square, as well as still another test.  But the biggest test of all comes with the passage of approximately 30 years time, which results in the conjunction, or what we call a return.  Approximately every 30 years since the birth of the USA, transiting Saturn has returned to its original position to bring a time of testing and scrutiny to all those aforementioned matters to which Saturn is related.

About 30 years ago, President Reagan had inherited a large number of problems from his predecessors, one being an economy that was damaged due to mistakes made approximately 30 years prior to that point.  One of the other problems Reagan had on his plate was the country’s irrational collective desire to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East.  These problems escalated when, and during the OPEC-oil crisis, on October 6, 1981 Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat was assassinated.  Immediately upon Sadat’s death, Vice President Hosni Mubarak took control of the country.  Mubarak officially took the Egyptian presidency on October 14, 1981, a position he has held for the past 29 years, during which the USA has made an annual cash contribution of considerable sums to the Egyptian government.

I believe that the recent events in Egypt are merely a continuation of matters related to the assassination of Anwar Sadat, and that the correct point of measurement for correlative stellar influences is October 6, 1981.  This places transiting Sun at roughly twelve-degrees, fifty-four minutes Libra, and separating from a conjunction to Saturn (which was twelve-degrees and fifty-one minutes Libra).  Both resting within one degree of the fixed star Algorab (a malefic light with the combined qualities of Mars and Saturn, and imparting a destructive, malevolent, jealous and vindictive quality)  Sun and Saturn were just separating from a semi-square to Uranus (zero-degrees fourteen minutes, and zero-degrees ten minutes, respectively) which was in the sign of Scorpio – a sign wherein it can be a highly destructive force.

Of extreme importance, the Moon was in the 22nd lunar mansion, which is named in Arabic Al Sa’ad Al Dhabid – the fortunate assassin!

From October 26 through November 23, 2010 transiting Saturn had returned to its position during the Sadat assassination, all the while Uranus was retrograde in Pisces.  Then, on December 5 while Uranus went direct, it was applying to a trine of its own position in Scorpio on October 6, 1981.  During this time the Mubarak government was under extreme scrutiny by the Egyptian population. Credibility and reputation were put into question and the Mubarak government was ultimately seen as having been built upon a foundation of corruption. Then, on January 25, 2011 just as the protests in Egypt were about to begin, two very significant stellar events occurred:  First, Saturn began its retrogradation (during which it will return its original degree under which Sadat was assassinated) essentially forcing the past back upon the present, and demanding an accounting for any prior misdeeds.  Saturn being in the sign of Libra is critical, as it suggests there is a demand for balance, fairness and justice!  Second, transiting Uranus began to separate from its trine (a benefic aspect derived from an angle of 120-degrees) to the natal position of Uranus at the time of Sadat’s assassination – thus serving to ‘pull the trigger’.  Among other things, Uranus represents rebellion and revolution, and this separating aspect released that pent up tension.  (But notice the lack of cohesion among the Egyptian protestors correlative to the square made at this time by Uranus to Neptune!)

The return of Saturn to the sign of Libra has exposed the government of Hosni Mubarak to be founded upon corruption, and brought with it a demand for justice.  Combined with the release of rebellious and revolutionary Uranian energy, the Egyptians are likely to continue to push for reforms, and press their inherent rights until the ‘old’ is broken down, exposed and held accountable.  This will continue from this point through the Saturn return (in close orb April 3 through April 30, 2011 and then again from July 25 through August 19, 2011) and very likely, until Saturn leaves the sign of Libra.

Special attention should be paid to Egypt, as well as other world hot spots, on the morning of the Uranus ingress to Aries which occurs on March 11, 2011 at 2:18 pm, as this could have an increasingly incendiary affect on forthcoming events specifically related to civil unrest, rebellion and revolution.

It may be of interest to some of my readers that, in a cursory synastry analysis of Sadat and Mubarak’s nativities, we find Mubarak’s Sun in square to Sadat’s Neptune  (chaos, exploitation and scandals) as well as Mubarak’s Saturn in semi-square to Sadat’s Mars (destructive energy, violence, brutality and bitterness).  Mubarak’s Uranus squares Sadat’s Sun and Pluto (impatience, contradiction, rebelliousness and trouble-making, combined with the collapse of the previous order, revolution, violence and subversive activities, respectively).  Also, Mubarak’s Neptune is semi-square Sadat’s Jupiter (political conflicts) conjunct Sadat’s Saturn (a dual character) and in opposition to Sadat’s Uranus (one-sidedness).  I am not yet drawing any conclusions from the relation of these two charts, but I am thinking that, at the least, Mubarak was not much of a fan of Sadat (though he probably maintained a contradictory facade).


After 84 years the planet Uranus has once again entered the sign of Aries, and the Earth is now under one of the same stellar influences which gave rise to world prominence figures such as Joseph Stalin, Chiang Kai-Shek, Benito Mussolini, Winston Churchill (the head of Britain’s “war party”) and the empowerment of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, eventually led to infamy by Adolph Hitler.  Even in the USA the Uranus-Aries influence was in effect, and resulted in the radical, warmongering Franklin Delano Roosevelt being elected to the presidency, and in his rebellion against the Constitutional confines of his authority, enacting revolutionary changes to America reflective of his socialist ideology.

During the years of 1927 through 1935 as Uranus transited the sign of Aries (though the actual span of influence was from 1926 through 1936) the Western world was being revolutionized by the implementation of emerging technologies.  The debut of Ford’s Model-A production line (essentially becoming the new prototype for American industry) the emergence of a national radio broadcasting network, the first movie with a soundtrack, and first uses of one-way police-radio communications, all reflect the Uranus-Aries energy. (The first practical versions of television were demonstrated under this influence, too.)  In demonstration of the power of planetary cycles, it was during these years that communism was gaining its foothold in various places around the world – a movement based upon Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, written and published in 1848 – during the previous (1843-51) transit of Uranus through Aries.  (My readers may recall that, the emergence of England’s King George III, and the period of time I refer to as “the point of inchoate inception” leading to the American revolution (1762-63) was under the influence of the 1759-68 Uranus transit in Aries!)  In terms of military technologies, lessons learned during World War One were now being considered, and accordingly, advancements in aeronautics and rapid-fire weaponry were now being added to the arsenals of countries around the world.  Sociologically, the attributes of the sign of Aries, synthesized with the sociological correspondents of Uranian figures, produced a breed of leaders with a militaristic, warlike quality with a predilection for bloodshed.  Thus, the radical and aggressive political movements either founded under, or propagated during, the Uranus-Aries influence paved the way for the empowerment of the aforementioned political extremists, which ultimately led to unparalleled violence, and cost the lives of tens of millions of people.

Without question, when the planet Uranus enters the sign of Aries, the resulting influence truly shakes the foundation of human civilization.  The keywords for this influence are: RADICAL + CHANGE.  Thus, what we Earthlings are about to experience in the years to come is likely to be momentous.  In the best scenario we will escape with only experiencing the implementation of the next level of the technological revolution (and with that, the good and bad of its effects on human life).  In the worst case it is possible that in these same years to come, we may witness the sociological and political groundwork laid for the most terrifying times ever known by mankind.


To fully understand the effects of this astrological influence, it is necessary to look first at the attributes of the planet Uranus, individually from the attributes of the sign of Aries, and then the synthesis of the two forces.

The seventh planet from the Sun, Uranus is more than fourteen times the mass of Earth, and is accompanied by 27 known satellites (moons).  Like Saturn, Uranus has rings, though they are not nearly as visible as those of Saturn.  And, like the planet Venus, the sidereal orbit of Uranus is retrograde, id est: its orbit is from east to west.  One complete Uranian solar revolution equates to 84 Earth years.  Unlike any other planet in our solar system, the tilt of Uranus’s rotational axis is nearly parallel to its orbital plane, and it is these unique Uranian characteristics that result in a magnetic field that is comparatively unusual and erratic.

Astrologically, Sepharial classified Uranus as being “variable,” “spasmodic,” “impulsive,” “eccentric,” “cold and barren.”  Again speaking astrologically, Uranus and Mercury are the only planets in our solar system that are both positive (electric) and negative (magnetic) in nature, with each planet alternating between the two opposing qualities, depending upon their sign and house placement, and angular relationships (aspects) to other planets.  But unique to Uranus, is the combination of an alternating polarity, a retrograde sidereal orbit, and an irregular magnetic field!

Astrologers have firmly determined a link between Uranus and technology itself, and mankind’s harnessing of the electron and the proton, as well as the greatest strides in understanding of atomic structure.  Along with being connected to the sign of Aquarius, aviation is also influenced heavily by Uranus.  Transiting Uranus is greatly responsible for sudden, cataclysmic events on Earth (natural or manmade) as well as unexpected and violent changes in weather.  Sociologically, Uranus is connected to the aviator, the technician, the reformer, the militant, the rebel, the revolutionary and the radical.  Uranian-types are often irreverent, harboring a disdain for anything associated with any sort of tradition.

The sign of Aries is warlike (and associated with the ‘god’ of war) aggressive, and rules over iron (and its alloys) the sword, shield, spear and arrow.  As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the first to lead, the pioneer, and the risk-taker.  Its planet is Mars, which also embodies all those aforementioned correspondents and attributes.  Aries is cardinal fire, and the archetype of the masculine principal.  Aries is also the tactician, represents the military as a whole and is, quite often, the shedder of blood (representing both warrior and surgeon).  Aries represents the self, and the persona.  Other typically Arian traits are loyalty, honor, and courage, as well as impulsiveness, violence and rash behavior.

The propensity for change as influenced by Uranus seems to be more potent when in the fire signs. As it relates to technology and sociology, Uranus plus fire equates to implementation (think: blueprints meet the forge).  From 1871 to 1878 Uranus transited Leo, during which was born the American Gilded Age (remember that the Sun, and the sign Leo, rule over gold) the German Empire, and Britain’s New Imperialism, all of which were sweeping sociological changes involving large human collectives.  Also under this transit came Bell’s prototype telephone (1876) and the founding of the Edison Electric Light Company (1878).  During the years from 1897 through 1904 as Uranus transited Sagittarius, events such as the Wright brother’s first powered-aircraft flight at Kitty Hawk took place (1903).

In cardinal fire Uranus is positively charged, and thus electrified – producing force and heat!  Uranus relates to the sudden and unexpected, and its effect on nature is hailstorm and avalanche of which, some of the most deadly in terms of human fatalities were experienced, and recorded, during the planet’s most recent transit through Aries.

To summarize: The combination of Uranus and Aries produces a very dynamic energy which manifests in the implementation of new technologies, and sociologically, in rebellion and violent civil unrest, resulting in militaristic activities that revolutionize (for better or for worse) the human experience.


Centuries ago, scientists established a relationship between the electromagnetic effects of Sunspots and Earth’s weather cycles, which related to agricultural output (or lack thereof) and, this data, in its final distillation, served as an indicator for changes in economic conditions.  In this present day, we know that Sunspots eject powerful radioactive and electromagnetic storms into space.  Those that are directed to Earth create fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic sphere (and can be seen near the poles as auroras).  As bio-electric machines, we humans are thus affected by fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic sphere, as well as fluctuations in gravity.  It should come as no surprise then that there exists a statistical correlation between fluctuations of the Sun’s surface (Sunspots) and human behavior.  At least in the Western world (I state that because I have done no analysis on other parts of the world) there is a correlation between high levels (annual averages) of Sunspots, and periods of mass migration, revolution and wars.  Statistically, it appears that the higher-than-average levels of Sunspots lead to sufficient agitation so as to make the prospect of war, if not appealing, at least acceptable.  Much higher averages of Sunspots immediately preceded the American Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  Much higher averages of Sunspots peaked during the Mexican War, and World War I.  The American Revolution was not only immediately preceded by much higher averages, but was waged also during a peak of much higher averages. Moderately higher averages of Sunspots began an ascent, and then peaked during, the War of 1812.  The period of 1830 to 1840 was accompanied by a rapid descent from a previous very high spike, and immediately followed by another very high spike, in annual averages of Sunspots. During that decade occurred such things as the Indian Removal Act, which in turn led to the Black Hawk War, the Second Seminole War, and the Creek War.  During this same decade the Texas War for Independence began, leading to the Battle of the Alamo, and the Battle of San Jacinto. In the Aroostook War (1838-39) America had yet another military confrontation with England.  Another very high spike in Sunspot averages immediately preceded America’s mass-migration West, as well as the California Gold Rush.

Statistically, there is no questioning that higher averages in the number of Sunspots either precedes, or accompanies, periods of war and/or civil unrest, or at the least, a collective state of anxiety.

It is my theory that, the transit of Uranus into the sign of Aries is at least one of the factors that contribute to an increase in the annual average of Sunspots.  (I am under the assumption that there are also other planetary factors involved that will contribute to either how high, or how low, that increase is made. But, to date, my work has not yet revealed to me the identities of these other planetary influences.)  In support of my theory, I cite the solar events of several weeks preceding the Uranus – Aries ingress on May 27, 2010 during which there was multiple coronal mass ejections (CMEs).  The activity has been officially recognized by NASA.  “The Sun is waking up from a deep slumber,” said NASA’s head of Heliophysics Division, Richard Fisher on June 4, 2010, “and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity.”

The greater the annual average of Sunspots during the Uranus transit through Aries, the more universally destructive the effects will be as Uranus passes into Taurus and Gemini, et al.  (Naturally, the fewer the number of Sunspots, the less destructive the effects will be.)  In terms of the potential severity of effect of this transit, it should be remembered that Uranus rules over uranium, and thus, uranium-based weapons (those using uranium in either its enriched, or depleted forms).  And as Aries is the sign associated with the military, we can expect, at the least, that there will be either advancements in, or the further deployment of, uranium-based weapons.  The potential for use of these so-far hypothetical uranium-based weapons when Uranus enters subsequent Earth and Air signs will depend upon the annual averages of Sunspots, as well as other stellar influences.  I am fairly confident that during this same time, there have been advancements made in technologies that use uranium for generating electricity during the transit of Uranus through Aquarius, and it is likely that these technologies will be implemented sometime during the next eight years.


Note: When a planet moves from one sign to another, the influence is not instantaneous, rather, the influence of the subsequent sign is already bearing influence as the planet is transiting, usually within the final three degrees or so, of the sign in which it has been posited (generally, the same can be said about a particular planet’s occupation of any of the twelve houses, too).  Viz, as Uranus occupies the final three degrees of Pisces, the nature of Aries is already becoming manifest, and affecting the psychological state of men and women.

Generally regarded as the trigger for World War One (or what I refer to as the point of inchoate inception) the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria occurred during Pluto’s transit to zero-degrees, forty-seven minutes Cancer – a near-perfect opposition to the Galactic Center located at zero-degrees Capricorn!  Again, we can find the correlation between momentous events experienced by the whole of Earth, and the transits of Pluto to key degrees – or to major aspects to key degrees – within the zodiac.  Astrologically, the Great War was essentially a ‘fated’ event.  Though we observe that, unlike the constructive outcome of Pluto’s conjunction to the Galactic Center (which occurred during the events leading to the American Revolution) the outcome of the opposition of Pluto to the Galactic Center served only to destroy millions of lives, waste unimaginable resources, and be, of itself, the cause leading to yet another war of enormous proportions (WWII).  Additionally, Pluto’s ingress to Cancer in June, 1914 initiated a time during which charismatic figures, politicians and propagandists would exercise a powerful influence over the masses through an appeal to the emotions.  This influence would be in full effect through June, 1939 and by an ever-diminishing effect through August, 1940.

This Plutonian influence under which World War I began was augmented by the Uranus transit of Aquarius, during which was made then-to-date the most significant advances in understanding atomic structure, which in turn led to the development of uranium-based weapons.  And, in demonstration of the horrors to come from mankind’s new aviation technologies, on January 29, 1916 as Uranus transited to fifteen-degrees Aquarius – the Angel Point – the first aerial bombardments of Paris, France by German zeppelins occurred!

Sociologically, transiting Pluto in Cancer, combined with transiting Uranus in Aquarius, brought to prominence such eccentrics as Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm.

So much can be said about Pluto and its effects on the fate of mankind.  Astrologically, Pluto rules the element plutonium, and the first successful testing of nuclear fission occurred during Pluto’s transit of the final three degrees of Cancer (and already under the influence of Leo).  As Pluto finally passed fully into the sign of Leo the deployment of plutonium-based weapons began releasing energy similar to that of the Sun.  So in measuring the potential outcome of what is initiated under the present transit of Uranus through Aries, it is essential that the whereabouts of Pluto be taken into consideration.


In November, 2008 Pluto crossed into the sign of Capricorn, and will continue to transit that sign through November, 2024.  Pluto’s previous transit of Capricorn began in November, 1762 and lasted through November, 1778.  This time frame marked a prolonged period of civil unrest and rebellion in America and throughout the world (fomented by the transit of Uranus in Aries) during which Western man struggled against the power of dictators, and with the issues of independence and recognition of inherent rights.  Ergo, the qualities of Pluto (representing the fate of mankind, collectively) under the negative influence of Capricorn (vindictive, ruthless, judgmental, power-at-all-costs) when combined with the aforementioned qualities of Uranus under the influence of Aries, synthesize to suggest a prolonged period of global civil unrest and rebellion against dictatorial forces, fully in effect through mid-2019.  My readers will recall that, in my analysis of President Obama’s nativity in relation to the nativity of the USA, I have reported that the combined chart suggests a period of civil unrest, and wide-spread violence and destruction in America during his term.  This can also relate to countries whose internal policies have been heavily influenced by the USA!  And to paint an even more grim portrait of the future of the world, with higher annual averages of Sunspots, this period of civil unrest will ultimately manifest in war.  Astrologically speaking, it appears that we are facing “the perfect storm.”  Without a constructive outlet such as there was in centuries past (a mass-migration to the New World, or the New World’s California Gold Rush, etcetera) the Uranus-Aries energy will putrefy and render destructive urges, rebellion, anger, rage and, ultimately, wars of great magnitude.  The greater the number of Sunspots that occur during this Uranus-Aries transit, the greater the chances are that, when Uranus moves into an Earth or Air sign, uranium-based weapons will be implemented during these inevitable conflicts.  Obviously, this does not bode well for Earth’s organic life.

There is some possibility, however slim, of a positive outcome to this situation.  War is a rich man’s game – one which has been the cash cow of a multi-generational consortium of international financiers.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that, mankind, collectively, will come to this realization and direct the Uranus-Aries rage towards the actual sources of the problems, instead of allowing that same energy to be manipulated to the enemy’s benefit.  But don’t count on this happening!

This is a fated period of time, not just for America, but for the whole world.  Out of the chaos that will surely come during the next eight years, it is likely that there will result a radical change in leadership and influence across the globe.  For the best interests of America, during this time we must be extra careful to ensure that those whom we grant with the power of elected office are not those with a desire to lead the American public in their own agenda, but those who go to office to represent the interests of the American public, and who will serve America by executing the will of We the People and nothing more.  The only practical way for America to be assured that those men and women who are elected to public office are those who are suitable to hold office, is to determine their respect for the Constitution and its interpretation by original intent, and to hold them to the standards of character that were evident amongst the majority of America’s Founders.