March 11, 2011

In the February, 2011 issue of Judicium Astrologica titled: It’s the End of the World as We Know It, I addressed the issue of the transit of the planet Uranus through the sign of Aries.  In my analysis I stated that, during the next eight years, commercially, there would be a focus on matters relating to the use of uranium, as it applies to the technology of the generation of electricity, and as it relates to weapons technology.

Today, as the planet Uranus transited from 29-degrees, 59 minutes Pisces to 0-degrees, 0-minutes Aries, the unfortunate by-product of the powerful earthquake in Japan has been an unexpected breach in the safe operation of a Japanese nuclear power plant.  According to news sources, a failure in the cooling system has caused radiation levels within the reactor to grow to 1,000 times their normal levels.  As of this writing, there is the fear of the possibility of a Chernobyl-type meltdown.

As I stated in the February issue, Uranus plus Aries equal force, and heat, respectively, and here we see these influences already bearing an impact on Earth and society.  The sudden and cataclysmic events that occur in nature are related to the transits of Uranus, and it has been during the most recent transit of Uranus through the sign of Pisces (which represents the floor of the ocean) that we have seen some of the worst tsunamis recorded.  Within the past twenty four hours, as Uranus transited the final minutes of the final degree of Pisces, an undersea shock led to a truly devastating tsunami – immediately followed by an incident involving the overheating of uranium fuel as Uranus passed into the first minutes of the first degree of Aries.

Obviously, the unforeseen, unpredictable and accidental conditions associated with the planet Uranus, combined with the ‘heat’ generated by cardinal fire Aries, relate to more than just the ‘commercial’ application of uranium-based technologies, but also to the unexpected, and accidental, outcome of the application of uranium-based technologies.

Additionally, there has been an increase in solar activity that has correlated with these same events.  According to information from Space Weather ( the National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center ( and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory ( recent solar activity includes a coronal mass ejection (CME) on March 9, which sent a storm of radioactive, electromagnetic material into the Earth’s magnetic field on March 10, producing G1 and G2 geomagnetic pulses, with additional G1 (+) impulses sustained midday, March 11.  So powerful was the radiation that auroras were seen as far south as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Clearly, there is a correlation between powerful geomagnetic pulses and terrestrial activity.


On the eve of the publishing of this March, 2011 issue of Judicium Astrologica, a quick review of world events, such as the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the rebellion in Libya (with subsequent US military action) in relation to stellar influences reveals the undeniable power of three major influences.  First, transiting Pluto, which represents the Fate of the collective, has been within less than one degree of the evil fixed star Facies, which represents, among other things, a negative effect on eyesight, and portends of illness and accidents.  Uranus transiting through the sign of Aries has already made a spectacle of itself, with its electromagnetic agitation of the surface of the sun (resulting in the Sun sending a coronal mass ejection (CME) towards Earth on March 9, and hitting the Earth’s magnetisphere on March 10) as well as the overheating of a nuclear reactor on the very day of the ingress to Aries (March 11)!  Though it was unpredictable, the combination of the violent effects of Uranus, along with Neptune’s ingress to Pisces – the sign which rules over the bottom of the sea – it is not surprising that the tectonic plates of the Earth shifted so violently with all the combined electromagnetic energy.

An enormous amount of negative stellar influence is upon the USA during the time of March 23 through April 17, 2011, and peaking on the days of March 31 through April 4, 2011.  During this 21-day window there exists the potential for extremely volatile and destructive events to effect the USA, particularly in the areas represented by Seventh, Fourth, Eighth, Ninth and Twelfth-house matters, respectively in order of strength of influence.  The primary planetary influences are originating from the USA’s Saturn-return and transiting Uranus, the latter being part of a stellium in Aries, consisting of Sun, Mercury (retrograde) Mars and Jupiter, and combined with the aspects they are making to key points in the USA’s nativity.  Adding to this, Pluto will still rest at the degree of the very evil fixed star, Facies, and Neptune will ingress the sign of Pisces.  (While these are the major stellar influences, there are many more stellar influences involved in this analysis, too).  It is not all bad news, though, as making up part of the stellium in Aries are two beneficial planets (Sun and Jupiter).  My interpretation of this is that, while there is the potential for something truly terrible to happen to the USA during this time, there are influences there working to, at the least, soften the blow.  But I do not believe those two benefics are sufficient to fully negate the negative influence of combined Mars and Uranus.

In the November, 2010 issue of Judicium Astrologica I quoted Edgar R. Fiedler’s saying, “He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass,” but it is worth repeating due to what I’m about to go out on a limb with and predict (and I am already preparing myself for a rather unpleasant meal).  But I am committed to doing my analysis of stellar influences and reporting to my readers exactly what I interpret, good or bad, and no matter how outrageous.  As a human, I am fallible, and along with that, the work that I am doing is, at least to me, somewhat complex, with many opposing factors to take into consideration. Thus, from time to time, I will make a mistake.  What I am offering on the pages to follow is a number of possible situations that can come about due to the present and forthcoming stellar influences.  Keep in mind that, because transiting Uranus is at this time a very strong influence, there is an erratic nature to all events right now.  These are predictions I am apprehensive about making.  But I would not be publishing these predictions were I not very confident in there being a significant level of probability behind them.  Should I get a few of these things correct, then I am just short of a prophet – but only because the USA will be suffering to some degree, in which, of course, I take no pleasure.  Should nothing come to pass, then I am not only an alarmist, but an overzealous astrologer.  Let us all hope that I have to bear the shame for the latter.

The following is the summary of the findings of my work.


Once again, the inexorable power of Saturn – and a Saturn-return – is demonstrated by current events.  From March 8, to April 5, the potency of the USA’s Saturn-return is at one of its peaks, and I am of the opinion that President Obama, in terms of public opinion, and his demeanor, is showing signs of its effects.  The previous American president to experience a Saturn-return was Ronald Reagan, and it was during Saturn’s previous transit of Libra that former President Reagan was put into a position where military action against Libya and Muammar Gaddafi was taken.  Now 30 years later, Saturn has returned to challenge the USA’s authority – to challenge the foundations of foreign policy set by the USA at that time – to challenge the credit, credibility and reputation of the USA – and to challenge President Obama today.  As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and by its end results, the return of Saturn has proven that the action taken against Libya 30 years ago was, for one reason or another, unsound.  The events that have taken place in the mid-East since late January have led me to believe that all mid-East policy influenced by the USA 30 years ago was most likely equally unsound, and will also unravel, and combined with the rebellion and demand for reform brought about by Uranus in Aries, that there will be no settling matters until all the old establishments have disintegrated.  How this will bode for Egyptian-Israeli relations is yet to be seen.  Naturally, March 31 through April 4 (give or take a day or two on each side) is the most critical time.


The stars suggest that, well out of the public’s eye, the USA may be in the midst of an internal power-struggle with its origins based on the aspects made by malefics to key points within the Twelfth house (secret enemies, plots and conspiracies).  One possible way that the combination of stellar influences could play out, is that in the process of a power-play, a subversive force (agents representing a foreign interest) or fanatical force from within (and these fanatics could be either religious, ideological, or simply power-mad) may stage an attack on the US public, and using the current hostilities with the Arab world to cover their actions, shift the blame for the staged attack upon them.  The staged attack would serve these forces in the form of emergency legislation designed to shift the balance of power in their favor.

The potential for brutality, and the use of force, at the hands of radicals and reformists, which comes with the combination of Mars and Uranus (and the rest of the stellium forming in Aries and within the USA’s Fourth house) also suggests the potential for an attack on the public in an attempt to make a point.  This could manifest as something such as an attack against a nuclear powered generating facility.

There is also the possibility of an attack on the USA by a foreign force, but I do not see the planetary positions that accompany an act of open warfare.  What I do see the potential for is an attack by guerillas (which America and much of the world seem to like to refer to by the silly and erroneous term “terrorists”).  As there is such a strong influence of Uranus, uranium-based (or augmented) weaponry can play a role in this attack.  At the least, if there is an attack against the American people, it will be an extremely violent one, with a significant loss of life.

Again, combined with this potential outcome, the stars suggest the rise to prominence in America of a highly charismatic deceiver with the intent and ability to exploit the masses.  As well, the stars suggest this ‘deceiver’ to be in league with an highly influential woman who is operating just out of the peripheral of the public’s eye.


Powerful business interests are presently opposing the lawful governing and, well-being of, the USA. (I wish at this time I could identify to my readers exactly who those business interests are, but as of this time I have not been able to – but rest assured, they will expose themselves soon enough!)  These business interests will soon be represented by a charismatic spokesman – a bamboozler – a ‘great deceiver’ who with a cadre of ‘experts’ lending their opinions will likely succeed in leading the USA (through influencing both public opinion and the government – and he may already be part of the US government) into making wrong decisions and taking actions the USA is neither militarily, nor financially, prepared to undertake – actions which negatively affect the USA’s foreign relations and at the same time serve those same business interests.

This manipulation of the USA’s foreign policy will result in first a breakdown of diplomatic negotiations (with whom I do not know yet) and ultimately broaden the scope of the USA’s perceived need for military action, requiring a large-scale military call-up.

The stars also suggest that, connected to this matter is the resignation of a US woman diplomat.


During the 21 days of these aforementioned influences, and especially during the 5 peak days, transiting Uranus will be in the same position it was in at the time when the levees broke during the Great Flood of 1927 (about 1-degree Aries).  After a period of retrogradation, Uranus was in that same degree at the time of the 1928 failure of California’s St. Francis dam (resulting in 600 deaths).  Combined with this, transiting Mars will be crossing over that very same degree – a sensitive point in the USA’s chart that coincides with many historic natural incidents including earthquakes off the California coast, large scale fires and the New York (state) Indian Point II nuclear reactor incident in year 2000 which resulted in the accidental release of a cloud of radioactive steam.  But it has been a long, long time since the powerfully destructive combination of Mars and Uranus has affected this same degree at once.  My interpretation of this planetary combination is violence and accidental conditions.

It is the wild and erratic nature of Uranus (and it is often totally unpredictable) that is forcing me to paint a picture with a very wide brush.  But what is known is that the dynamic energy of Mars and Uranus – part of a stellium in Aries – is forming in the USA’s Fourth house which is a water house (Aries – fire – and the Fourth – water – equate to steam).  As mentioned earlier, the Mars transit to approximately 1-degree Aries coincides with a number of earthquakes off the California coast.  Ergo, the release of hot, undersea water – volcanic activity – earthquakes, landslide and flooding – perhaps due to a dam bursting – are all part of the potential outcome of this stellar influence during those 21 days.  (The 1843 eruption of Mount Ranier coincides with similar stellar activity, as Uranus went retrograde from about 1-degree Aries, with the eruption taking place at approximately 28-degrees, 36-minutes Pisces – steam!)

On April 4, 2011 at about 12:15 am the planet Neptune will enter into the sign of Pisces (which represents the bottom of the ocean).  Though I believe the effects of the Neptune-Pisces ingress have already been being experienced for months now (the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan certainly coincides with this, and other, powerful influences) it will be at that point where the energy makes a major spike to the upside.  Ergo, in tis all, the greatest point of negative stellar pressure for the USA arrives on April 4, 2011.  Should this be combined with high amounts of solar surface activity (sunspots, coronal mass ejections) that effective hurl electromagnetic material to Earth during this same time, the result is likely to be much more profound.

And obviously, with the combination of Mars and Uranus in Aries and in the Fourth house (again, equating to steam) there is the potential for a nuclear reactor incident of unparalleled magnitude.  The interpretation of this this same influence can also suggest a worsening of Japan’s nuclear crisis, with the end result effecting the USA’s home soil.  (Both Neptune and Pisces represent poisons of an invisible nature.)

As accidental conditions are associated with this stellar influence, during those 21-days there may be an exceptionally destructive train or aircraft crash, the collapse of a bridge or building, or a large scale accidental poisoning of a community.


Talk about stating the obvious!  But under a Saturn-return a US president will experience an inordinate amount of stress relative to other presidents.  The scrutiny that a Saturn-return president is under is unparalleled, and as expected, there is the possibility for this amount of stress to effect the President’s health.  Added to this is the frustration of all that scrutiny, which is a stumbling block to running one’s own agenda within the government.  If there is ever a time when we may see a president step down due to stress-related health issues, it is during these coming 21 days.


Historically, the US stock market does not like the presence of Uranus in the sign of Aries, as it was under the previous Uranus-Aries transit that the crash of 1929 took place.  While I do not believe that Uranus has hit that critical degree under which the market will totally collapse and for the long-term, I do believe that the likelihood of violent and/or accidental conditions between the days of March 23 and April 17, 2011 (with the emphasis being on March 31 through April 4) will result in uncertainty, a loss of confidence, and thus, a retraction to some significant degree in the markets, and result in equally significant losses in speculative positions.

Naturally, US Dollar-positions are in jeopardy, though the downside against its benchmark, the Euro, is limited due to Europe’s growing problems.

The same stellar influences from which I have derived the presence of threats to US national security, also suggest that, in the event of a significant market retraction, the influence of squanderers and speculators will successfully pressure the US government to intervene in the markets, and shore up losses, to the great destruction, long-term, of the USA’s assets, currency, income and resources.

While I prefer to stay away from short-term predictions, my sense is that, from March 23 through April 17, an effort should be made to limit speculative positions, and to assume a defensive financial strategy in every regard.  This includes a hedge against short to mid-term dips in the US Dollar.


The planet Neptune was discovered in the year 1846.  And with Neptune at 28-degrees Aquarius, and Uranus and Pluto in Aries, the USA entered into the Mexican-American war, and with that, an enormous land-grab, which included Texas, New Mexico, California, and the lower half of Oregon.  Also during this year, a US steam ship arrived in Hawaii, essentially marking US territory.

In between 1846 and 1847, the infamous Donner Party gets lost in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and in their confusion, engage in cannibalism to avert starvation.

The following year, and after a retrogradation by Neptune, upon its return to 29-degree Aquarius in 1847, and accompanied by a stellium in Aries consisting of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto, the Mexican-American war raged on.

As the embodiment of the combination of Uranus and Pluto in Aries, on February 21, 1848, and with Neptune at zero-degrees Pisces, The Communist Manifesto is first published in London. By June 1, 1848 the First Congress of the Communist League is also held in London.  But most importantly, and due to an economic downturn and a shortage of food, this was the year of the European Revolution of 1848 – Springtime of the People – as it was referred to in Europe – a time when one country after another revolted against the European monarchies, touched off by the revolution in France, this wave swept across the British Isles, and across western and eastern Europe (again reflective of the influence of Uranus and Pluto in Aries).  I believe that is was due to the dissipative influence of Neptune in Pisces that the European rebellion failed to maintain sufficient momentum, as in the end, none of the many revolutions produced any significant, or lasting, effects.

And herein lies the problem with any sort of reform or rebellion against tyranny taking place in the world right now.  The real sources of the problems – those at the core – are effectively shielded from the public’s eye by layer upon layer  of government, and if one strongman here, or a dictator there, happens to be ousted, they will simply be replaced by another who is sent to do the bidding of those who hide in the shadows.

To summarize: The force and heat generated by Uranus in Aries will certainly fuel the rage of the downtrodden and the exploited, enough so to cause them to rise up and challenge their oppressors.  Add an increase in solar surface activity, and you have the makings for a prolonged period of rebellion and revolution.  But the effects of Neptune in Pisces, which becomes official just after twelve o’clock a.m. on April 4, 2011, will rob any revolt, rebellion or attempt at reform of the necessary momentum to follow through until true change has been effected. Thus, under these stellar influences I do not believe that any sort of reform, anywhere in the world, will be significant, or long-lasting.


At this present time, only an idiot or a liar could not acknowledge that the USA has lost its primacy among the world’s industrial powers.  Likewise, only an idiot or a liar could not acknowledge that, in the loss of that primacy, so have the American people lost, and in equal proportion to it, their standard of living, as well as their, and their descendants’, opportunity for a prosperous future.  Expunging the idiots and the liars from discussion on the matter, the rest – those who acknowledge the disastrous affects of the deindustrialization of the USA – are divided into two groups.  The first group, a collection of the oh-so-ever-hopeful for the eventual success of government, regard the deindustrialization of the USA as the unfortunate by-product of mistakes made by policy makers with the very best of intentions. This first group represents the majority.  The minority, which comprise the second group, regard the deindustrialization of the USA as a willful, and intentional, attack on the USA’s middle-class, though there exists many different beliefs as to exactly who the enemy is, and what the motivation may be, behind this attack.  In the judgment of this matter by astrology, it is the minority that is vindicated, as due to the stellar influences at key points in time, it is impossible to deny that the deindustrialization of the USA was, and continues to be, a malicious form of economic warfare waged against the USA as part of the globalist agenda to crush and eliminate the once-highly-influential American middle-class.  (It is, after all, the American middle-class that has been the biggest stumbling block in the globalists’ agenda.)  More depressing, the stars reveal also that, many of the men and women who the American public trusted with the highest offices in government – whether fully aware of the malice behind the plan, or simply caught up in ideological nitwittedness – played the most critical roles in empowering the enemy in their military-styled economic assault on America. 

Adding to the post-WWII injuries America sustained through the European Recovery Program, and its adjunct, the Marshall Plan, beginning on October 30, 1947 the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) became policy, and set the stage for a long-term strategy to intertwine the USA into the world’s elitists’ globalist ideology, beginning with the rebuilding of Japan at the expense of America’s skilled labor.  On this day, transiting Uranus is separating from a conjunction to USA’s Mars (demonstrating the precipitative action leading up to the agreement) and suggests an evil and destructive nature in any contractual agreement made by the USA at that time (with the USA sustaining the injury).  Saturn, at 21-degrees Leo is in the Ninth house (of foreign relations) and casting an evil and injurious square to that highly sensitive Twelfth house cusp.  Neptune in the Tenth, and nearly conjunct Saturn, indicates those forces at work who are willing to break the rules, and deceive and/or defraud the US government.  Venus plays seductress as she sits at 20-degrees Scorpio and thus within influence of the Twelfth house cusp, indicating the sweet lies told to those whose vote would seal the deal.  And lastly, Jupiter posited within the USA’s Twelfth house suggests the nation was having the ideological/philosophical/religious beliefs of another, or others (in this case, the world’s financier-elite) rammed down its throat at any expense.

In terms of a destructive influence, eclipsing GATT is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Having made a prophet of Ross Perot, within eight years of NAFTA being in effect, over 1.5 million high-paying manufacturing jobs were lost to Mexico.  NAFTA advocates like to argue that nearly 700,000 of these jobs were recovered, never mentioning the fact that the recovery came at considerably reduced wages, and as if the net loss of approximately 900,000 jobs was somehow inconsequential.  Add to that, in the 17 years NAFTA has been in force, the value of American labor has been lowered across the board – while the cost of living in America has skyrocketed.

The astrological judgement of NAFTA is a bit tricky, as there are two signings of the agreement by two US Presidents, those being G.H.W. Bush and, W.J. Clinton. On December 17, 1992 former President G.H.W. Bush had fundamentally bypassed Congress, and in his zeal to screw America, met with the leaders of Mexico and Canada in San Antonio, Texas and signed the agreement.  (A diligent Congress would have found this act as sufficient cause to impeach Bush prior to his leaving office.)  While the signing of NAFTA on December 8, 1993 by former President Clinton was the actual ‘legal’ signing, it was more of a formality that came after Congress ratified the agreement.  Other astrologers may disagree with me on this matter, but the chart I am working off is the December 17, 1992 signing.  As far as all parties involved were concerned, the deal was done on that day.

The 1992 signing of the NAFTA reveals the supra-toxicity of Pluto at 24-degrees, 8-minutes Scorpio (within the Twelfth house, and within the cusp of the Twelfth, too) indicating that NAFTA came together under the influence of America’s secret enemies.  This stellar influence is correlative to plots, stratagems and conspiracies.  But of equal importance is the matter of the three malefics (planets inducing an evil influence) in the USA’s Second house of assets, resources, income and currency.  With Saturn (restriction) Uranus (the unexpected outcome) and Neptune (fraud and deception) all posited within the USA’s Second house on this day, astrologically, it is no surprise that the NAFTA turned out to effect the US economy in the destructive way that it has. Most notable is Uranus, positioned within 0-degrees, 46-minutes of the Second house cusp, indicating that the end result of the trade agreement would be surprising, not what was expected, and create an atmosphere of volatility and destruction in the area of America’s income and resources.  (But on that same day Venus also occupied the Second, thus the nation felt beneficent towards the agreement with neighbors Canada and Mexico.)  One last and important influence comes from Mars in the Eighth, and in close conjunction to Mercury.  I have interpreted this influence to suggest losses due to this partnership and contractual agreement, with the added influence of controversy and dispute (Mars conjunct Mercury) adding to the natural inconstancy of the USA’s economic conditions brought about by Mercury in the Eighth house in the USA’s nativity.

For the sake of argument, I am going to offer the analysis of the December 8, 1993 signing (Clinton) which totally supports my analysis of the 1992 signing, and demonstrates some additional elements.  Pluto is still causing havoc in the USA’s Twelfth house, but is now joined there by Mercury, an additional influence of plots, schemes and conspiracies.  Mars resides in the USA’s First, casting a semi-sextile with an orb of less than one-degree to the cusp of the Twelfth, suggesting to me that the “healthy body” of the nation was being subordinated to the will of the nation’s secret enemies. Those same two malefics, Uranus and Neptune, still occupy the Second house, while Saturn is just separating from a square to the Twelfth house cusp (indicating a destructive influence coming from the meddling in America’s financial affairs by the nation’s secret enemies).  But most telling of all is the square cast by transiting Jupiter to the USA’s Dragon’s Head, indicating the presence of those anti-social elements who had planned to look out for their own self-interests over the interests of the USA.

Finally, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was founded on January 1, 1995 and under very inauspicious stellar influences for America.  Like NAFTA, joining the WTO was brought to the USA with Pluto in the Twelfth house (powerful secret enemies, plots and conspiracies) and now casting a semi-square to Saturn (a President concerned only with his own self-interests) but this time accompanied by Jupiter, reminiscent of GATT, suggesting that the WTO would force its own (globalist) ideology onto the American people. And again, posited in the Twelfth, Venus played seductress, with those sweet lies, coming from the popular voices of those on both the political right and the political left, and in their inadvertent or intentional betrayal of America, encouraging support for the self-destructive act of joining the trade organization.  Under the WTO’s founding, Uranus and Neptune, two malefic influences, still resided within the USA’s Second house, as Uranus now applied to a highly destructive conjunction to USA’s Pluto in the Second house (suggesting one-sidedness, and subversive activities regarding America’s assets, income and resources).  In my personal opinion, there are very few entities on Earth that can match the malicious, anti-American nature of the World Trade Organization.

Astrology aside, there is sufficient evidence to convince all but the idiot – as well as derive the truth from all but the liar – that these aforementioned trade agreements/organizations have been highly beneficial to other countries, highly beneficial to the world’s financial elite, highly beneficial to the globalists’ agenda, and highly destructive to the USA and the security of the American people.  In summary: Anyone who would defend GATT, NAFTA or WTO is either an idiot, or a selfish, anti-American liar who is personally gaining financially due to these self-destructive trade agreements and organizations.

The combined actions of former presidents G.H.W. Bush and W.J. Clinton comprise what I have referred to as the the 12-year, two-party, one-two-punch to America’s bread basket.  These two former presidents – who have apparently become golfing mates – personify what I have also referred to as “the two wrongs attempting in vain to make a right”, or “the right (Republican) and left (Democrat) buttock of the same dirty ass that has been defecating all over America for 100 years.”  The granting of Most Favored Nation trade-status to China by former president G.H.W. Bush adds to his list of atrocities against the American people, and when factored in with his and Clinton’s enactment of NAFTA, and Clinton’s joining of America to the WTO, it seems impossible that any good American could still consider themselves a Republican or Democrat, or ever again look at either party as anything more than a collection of gangsters with total disregard for the well being of America.

Now, as America, en masse, is finally recognizing the monstrosity of government initiated deindustrialization, elected officeholders – those bent on reelection – are suddenly looking for loopholes and a means to ease the pain of the erasure of the American middle-class.  One clever slight of hand is the recent promise by government to, “create jobs.”  Perhaps it is me that is the idiot, but how does one exactly “create jobs”?  Are jobs not the by-product of enterprise and business and productivity?  Would not the “creation of jobs” simply lead to the creation of massive amounts of additional debt as people are placed in some sort of daily task that is designed only to occupy their time in justification for a government handout?  If anyone in the US government was truly serious about rekindling the US economy, and putting America back into not just a state of employment – but a state of productivity – then there would be no talk whatsoever of “creating jobs,’ but only of removing the USA from GATT, from NAFTA and from the WTO.  So then then question becomes, are our elected officeholders idiots, or are they liars?

In the same manner in which astrology identifies when, where and how the damage to the USA was done, so does astrology direct us to the means by which the damage done to the nation can be repaired.

In terms of the nation’s economic condition, the USA’s nativity reveals two powerful beneficial influences and two powerful destructive influences.  (These are influences originating by virtue of the birth date and time of nation, and are in effect at all times.)  Benefitting the USA is a strong and well positioned Venus and Jupiter, both in Cancer and in the Seventh house – not ideal – but not bad.  Working against the USA is retrograde Mercury in the evil Eighth house, correlative to the USA’s fluctuating economic conditions, problems with debt, and losses suffered due to contracts, agreements and treaties.  Adding to this negative influence is the presence of retrograde Pluto in the Second house, making the issues of money and wealth the primary concern in American culture, and also leading to booms and bubbles – with dramatic busts and bursts following, and usually just when the public has become fully confident.  The sign on the cusp of the USA’s Second house is Capricorn, ruled by a very strong Saturn, and positioned in the Tenth house, erasing all question as to why the USA had so quickly become one of the world’s business centers.  Credit and commodities are associated with Capricorn, and it is clear that, from grain to lumber, to the products of mining (all of which are Capricorn correspondents) it is the natural resources of the USA that provide one of the two foundations for the nation’s wealth.  The second foundation is found in the position of the sign of Taurus – which is upon the cusp of the Sixth house, and is thus ruled by aforementioned Venus.  At nearly 9-degrees Gemini, Uranus occupies the Sixth, to which Mercury casts a close semi-square.  The Sixth house represents the middle-class, and skilled labor.  Within that house we find Uranus representing technology and manufacturing.  Taurus also represents the farm and the farmer, and as this sign is on the cusp of the Sixth it relates US farming most positively to the middle-class.  Having removed American agriculture from its connection to the Sixth house, we can see clearly how the advent of corporate farming has undermined the financial benefits of agriculture to the USA as whole. Corporate farming has negated the beneficial qualities coming from what Thomas Jefferson referred to as the “yeoman farmer” – something that he considered integral and vital to the survival of America (and I would say that Jefferson has certainly been vindicated on his view on this matter!).

What this means is that, astrologically, the horoscope of the USA is correlative to what most Americans have known along: That the financial backbone of America is the middle-class, the family farm, skilled labor and manufacturing – all of which has been hijacked by the USA’s elected officeholders, and handed over to some man or woman in some other country, with the lion’s share of the profits going into the war chests of an international consortium of fat-cat financiers.


There is a limited number of ways by which a nation may prosper, and unless I am missing something, the only way a nation may truly prosper as a whole is by allowing a prosperous middle-class to develop through unencumbered free enterprise.  And the most practical and efficient means by which a prosperous middle-class develops is through family-owned agriculture, and through the industry of small business.  I’ll explain.

One means by which a nation may prosper is by being in possession of vital commodities (silk, spice, lumber, oil, ore, etc.).  But through this means, it will be the wealthiest landholders, and the politician-bribing fat-cat financier, who enjoy the lion’s share of profit upon the nation’s natural resources.  (The former I have no problem with, but the latter is a source of distress.  But corruption and the prosperity of the wicked is a fact of life and should not deter the rest of us from utilizing our creativity and desire to produce.)  However, the end result is some number of jobs created for those employed in the capture, process and shipment of those commodities.  Whether those wages are sufficient to recycle wealth back into the economy of the nation depends upon the standards for wages in each specific instance.  At one time in the USA coal miners were not paid enough to survive on, and the difference between their wages and the cost of living was made up by the mining companies through the issuance of credit, accompanied by abusive usury.  On the other hand, oil companies have routinely paid ‘roughnecks’ very well for their labor.  In the end, the presence of vital commodities is, by itself, insufficient to produce a prosperous middle-class.

Another means to prosperity is through the issuance of credit, and by providing a safe haven for the wealth of others.  Switzerland is an excellent example of a nation built almost entirely upon this function, but due to the limited number of jobs banking can yield, this can only work for a country with a relatively small population.  The USA has engaged in large scale commercial and merchant banking for some time, but due to the advent of the computer and the fewer numbers of men and women required to facilitate the banking business, the prosperity that results from the business of banking has been left to a smaller and smaller concentration of ultra-wealthy individuals, and produces very little in the way of prosperity for the nation.

Yet another means by which a nation may prosper is through predation – the cultivation of a militaristic culture which conquers and enslaves the nations around it.  This means is usually accompanied by institutionalized usury, and its longevity is dependent upon perpetual war and expansion.  While the Western world has ostensibly grown intolerant towards any nation overtly engaged in such behavior, it has been suggested that this sort of thing continues to go on covertly – and through somewhat more sophisticated means – with the profits of such activities being left only to a very small, and private, club.

Agriculture is yet another means by which a nation can prosper (and if said nation can not only feed itself, but produce sufficient abundance to sell to its neighbors, then it is the icing on the cake).  Historically, it has been principally the family farm which has not only created agricultural product t supply the local community, but from its farming profits, recycled wealth back into the local community, and thus contributed to the prosperity of the nation.  Conversely, and in terms of benefitting the nation by recycling wealth back into the communities in which resources are extracted, recent history has demonstrated that the large corporate farm – which is nowadays generally owned by a foreign parent corporation – does very little to add to the USA’s prosperity, let alone recycle much in the way of wealth back into the local community.

The last means that I am aware of by which a nation may prosper is through industry – the manufacture and supply of the things that said nation needs and desires.  Despite automation and robotics, it is clear that, in order to make high quality consumer goods, the activity of some number of human hands are still required in the process.  History has proven that, when those human hands are paid well for their labor, from the surplus over the cost of living, they purchase things made by other manufacturers.  (In terms of producing prosperity, the export of industrial product is, once again, merely the icing on the cake.)

Since the industrial revolution, it has been the domestic manufacture of consumer goods, and primarily by small businesses – and accompanied by wages not only life-sustaining, but sufficient to provide a surplus in the hands of labor – that was directly responsible for the growth of the American middle-class, and thus the prosperity and security of the nation as a whole.

(Notice that I have not listed government employment as a means to prosperity.  It is probably because I cannot find a single instance in which a nation has ever prospered due to growing the size of their government.  Likewise, no nation has ever prospered by producing servants for the rest of the world to use, nor will it ever happen.  Thus, the notion of prosperity through a “service based economy” is an absolute fraud.)


Prior to an adversarial relationship between the US government and the small entrepreneur, the relationships between small businesses and big corporations were, for the most, amicable.  Corruption has been present in the USA since before the ink was dry on the Constitution, but when it was discovered by big business that US policy was completely up for sale (and that due to a new breed of graft-grabbing politician, now emboldened by the two-party political system, through which party affiliation had led the American public to grow tolerant to any level of governmental corruption, provided the corrupt behavior was committed by their own party) and the temptation to squeeze out the competition created by small business was irresistible.  By lobbying for the creation of a an ever-growing list of governmental regulations that only large corporations could absorb the cost of, small businesses became less and less competitive, and began closing down.  In the next phase of their attack on small businesses, the creation of NAFTA and membership in the WTO ensured the eventual death of the small operator, and served to lower the value of American labor, by forcing Americans to compete with those earning something in the neighborhood of slave wages.  (Without a thriving community of small businesses there was not sufficient financial resources to mount a legal counterattack to the large corporations’ support of NAFTA and WTO.)

I am going to take this opportunity to remind the reader that, once again, we find the American two-party political system – the Republicans and the Democrats – sharing equal responsibility as the root cause for the USA’s ailments and injuries.

And, not to be forgotten, also sharing a role in the destruction of the American middle-class is the unbridled greed, inflexibility and unrealistic expectations of America’s labor unions.  But labor unions are a subject I will address at another time!


Long-term, it is as economically unsound, as it is immoral, to extract wealth and resources from a community, and not recycle wealth and resources back into that community, even if it is through nothing more than the provision of jobs paying life-sustaining wages or salaries.  Under a true free market, a symbiotic relationship exists between producers of raw materials, manufacturers, labor and consumers, wherein wealth and resources are naturally recycled back into the communities from which they are extracted.  But due to many decades of government interference – usually to the benefit of fat-cat financiers – that naturally occurring symbiotic relationship has been broken, and cannot be repaired without the application of two drastic measures: the vote, and the boycott.

What I am about to suggest as a means to repair America will surely infuriate many readers (primarily stockholders) so I will state at this time that I in no way believe in anti-consumerism,  but that I certainly do believe in anti-anti-American consumerism!  In America, the greatest weapon with which to defend the nation from out-of-control corporations is the boycott, and at this time there is no other means by which to repair the damage being done to middle-class America by the Republicans and the Democrats (and the corporations whose interests they have chosen to represent) other than making use of the boycott.  It is true that there have been attempts at mass-boycott in the past, and the attempts failed.  Most notable is the failed attempt to boycott foreign automobiles, but the blame for that failure can be given to the self-sabotaging inflexibility of American automobile manufacturers in their desire to continue to produce junk.  Additionally, the problem was that, in the past, the nation was not yet hurting enough to take the loss of industry seriously.  Too many people were still employed and full of hope for the future, so it was still too easy to purchase one shiny new widget or another, no matter where it was manufactured or by whom, and to forget about the effect that it might have on one’s neighbor.  (And where have all those geniuses who advocated the large-scale importation of foreign products to America gone? Those who also argued that that massive foreign imports would somehow boost the American economy?)  It may have taken twenty years, but those who warned America that the danger of buying foreign product was that it would result in America being out of work, were proven right.

If middle-class America is to survive, We the People, en masse, must be willing to endure a period of time wherein there is an absolute rejection of every shiny new widget of one type or another – unless it is made – from top to bottom – in America, by an American, and promised – contractually – to be serviced by an American, living in America!  And it should be remembered that, during a time of prolonged boycott, there is an abundance of reclaimable and recyclable automobiles, machinery, parts, tools, clothing, building materials and ‘widgets’ of one sort or another – enough to supply the American people with their needs for a period of time sufficient to reestablish a thriving domestic manufacturing base.  Executives and share holders in agricultural giants are not likely to approve of the current growing trend towards supporting small, local agricultural producers over corporate farms.  This is an excellent example of how the American people are making effective use of the power of the boycott.  By supporting local producers in every way possible, larger sums of money are recycled back into local economies, and America once again benefits from their neighbor having money to spend and invest, not to mention the benefit of  foods of the highest quality. (And yes, in my personal opinion, I do believe that, generally, corporate farming has produced an inferior product.)

In America’s struggle for survival, We the People must exercise the power of the vote, and use it to punish, through loss of their office, every senator and representative who supports foreign interests over that of the well being of America and We the People.  And in their defending the present state of these destructive, anti-American institutions, when the idiots and liars begin talking positively about such things as, “the global community”, “the new economy”, or “a service-based economy”, they need to be rejected for being exactly that – idiots and liars.

“It’s the economy, stupid!” was one popular political slogan leading up to the 1992 elections, directed at former President G.H.W. Bush, and intended to remind voters that the economic pain experienced by the public was the result of Bush Administration policy.  (Fortunately for the American people, Bush lost his attempt at reelection.  Sadly, America still lost with a Clinton victory.)  In what is hopefully not an attempt in vain to awaken the American public to the real problem behind the USA’s present economic disaster, perhaps the pre-2012 election mantra can now become, “It’s the deindustrialization, stupid!”