Sunday, May 1, 2011 (appx. 7:48 pm AZT) – An interruption in normally scheduled network television programming brought news that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  About a quarter hour after the breaking of the news, President Barack Obama addressed the American people, giving an account of a directive he said he gave to then-CIA director Leon Panetta in early 2009 regarding the dispatch of Osama bin Laden as being his number one priority as President.  The Commander in Chief’s following words painted a picture wherein American intelligence agencies coordinated with our valorous military for an audacious mission in which the Western world’s most wanted man was brought to justice at the business end of an American rifle.  Upon initial receipt of the news, I was nearly inclined to celebrate that the son-of-a-bitch Osama bin Laden was dead.  But having been immersed in my work for the predictive part of this very newsletter on that same evening, I was acutely aware of the evil stellar influences under which the USA was then the news broke (as well as for several days preceding, and after) and thus, was immediately skeptical.  And when it was said that Osama bin Laden’s body was buried at sea, I became thoroughly unconvinced as to the legitimacy of the Obama Administration’s assertion.

My initial thought on the matter was the oddity that, in an environment where a considerable portion of the American people are still doubtful of the naturalized birth of President Obama – and thus have so little trust in him – that in a matter of such great importance as this, Obama himself would not have insisted on a state-side autopsy of Osama bin Laden’s remains.  I also questioned that, at a time when the President’s approval rating had fallen so low, would not clever Democratic advisors and strategists have convinced the President to make some sort of the display of the trophy, if even accidentally.  Which then led me to further contemplate President Obama’s dismal approval rating, and the now-unsettling timing of this event (as well as a series of other events leading up to this point).  These thoughts, in turn, led me to remind myself of my analysis of President Obama’s nativity in relation to that of the USA, and the double-whammy of his Mercury in opposition to the USA’s Pluto – and his Pluto in semi-square to the USA’s Mercury – suggesting that he would have a strong tendency to deceive America through his speech and writings.

The following analysis is for the stellar influences under which the USA was while receiving the news regarding the execution of Osama bin Laden: Mars’ position at approximately 22-degrees Aries was hitting key points in the USA’s nativity (twelfth house) suggesting an active engagement of plots, conspiracies, espionage and – assassination. Pluto’s position at approximately 7-degrees Capricorn casts an angle to the same twelfth house point in the USA’s chart, which indicates the presence of treason against the USA, and greatly fortifies the aforementioned influences of transiting Mars, while adding to the matter the activity of those powerful individuals who hide in the shadows (one might even call this “the actions of the conspiracy behind the conspiracy,” and, this same Pluto influence will last throughout the entire month of May, 2011).  Hitting certain points in the eighth house of the USA’s chart, Mercury’s transit near 16-degrees Aries indicates a propaganda campaign, but also, and quite germane to the matter, communications with spies and/or underworld figures, talk of death, execution and executioners.  But the most disturbing element associated with with this influence is the withholding of a monumental secret from the [American] public.  (This influence would also indicate that there was much discussion related to losses to be sustained in matters of foreign relations, which became apparent in the days to follow with transiting Venus also reaching 16-degrees Aries.)  Beginning on May 5 as Venus advanced through Aries, it became apparent that the USA suffered a loss in world standing due to activities that were clearly in the best interests of the USA – but also in violation of international law. On May 6, as the Sun transited approximately 16-degrees Taurus (also casting an angle to a key eighth house point) the President’s craving for rulership overrode the public’s  demand for photographs of Osama ben Laden’s corpse, and there is considerable discussion regarding Islamic martyrdom.

Summary: Having now worked on this matter for weeks, I can find nothing in the USA’s chart to support the event of the apprehension or dispatch of a notorious fugitive – only that of a high-profile assassination.  My astrological assessment of the matter of the death of Osama bin Laden is that, whatever it was that actually happened on that day (and I do believe that someone was assassinated) it was interwoven with details that would either indict the US government in having taken part in some previous grand-deception upon the American public, or was, in itself, nothing more than fabricated tale of heroism – a fairy tale designed to bolster a failing President’s public approval rating.  Either way, if we are to believe that the executed was in Osama bin Laden, as there was no autopsy performed on the corpse, and as the remains were disposed of at sea, the truth – the whole truth – is likely to remain a monumental secret withheld from the American public.

There is a final consideration to be made regarding the alleged execution of Osama bin Laden within the Pakistani borders.  Readers will recall that I have spent a considerable amount of time relating the importance of the current transit of Saturn through the sign of Libra, and thus, through the USA’s tenth house.  This marks a period of time during which the USA’s credit, credibility and reputation are put to the test, and also correlates as the point of extreme testing – and conclusion – for any undertaking which began when Saturn was in the same sign about 30 years ago.  This can mark a time of reward for good work done, but also a time of comeuppance for misdeed of the past.  (This comeuppance can come in the form of a sullied reputation or damaged world-standing.)  When Saturn is retrograde the past is even more of an issue.  Mind you, while my own emotional response towards the execution of Osama bin Laden behind the borders of a sovereign nation is supportive of the Obama Administration’s actions, my intellect reminds me that the action taken was very likely in violation of numerous international laws.  As an astrologer, this I know: to have engaged in such an undertaking while under this particular influence of Saturn will ensure that, whatever in it that was done without the most pure, unadulterated and pristine motivation, is absolutely, positively going to come back to haunt the United States of America – as well as President Obama – for the next 30 years.



In regards to America’s national security, the entire month of June, 2011 is under the shadow of unfortunate circumstances, and throughout the month there is an abundance of particularly dangerous days.

June 1 through 30

The same influence which rekindled confidence and enthusiasm towards the speculative markets is the the same influence which causes America to let down its guard in the face of extreme danger which comes in the form of economic schemes and monetary stratagems, orchestrated by America’s enemies operating both from within and without.  This Neptunian stellar influence upon America can be regarded as instilling a sense of oblivion, which then eventually evaporates, leaving the country to look back at a later date with a sense of “What were we thinking?”.

June 1 through 30

Under Pluto’s angle to the USA’s Twelfth house, an extremely dangerous influence hangs over the heads of Americans in the form of plots, conspiracies, stratagems and acts of treason, and manifests in the form of monetary policy.

The seduction of Neptune’s influence, and the resultant oblivion it causes, is not universal.  Circumspect types are already mounting opposition to one thing I will classify as a war front: the raising of the debt ceiling.  While this idea to make the USA again solvent takes into consideration the initial sums to be frittered away, it does not take into consideration the annualized compounded interest upon the new debt.  Thus, as the interest on the new debt grows much faster than can the nation’s productivity grown, it is a forgone mathematical conclusion that the debt ceiling will need to be raised yet again (and again, and again, ad nauseam).  Considering the influence of the evil angle to the USA’s Twelfth house made by Pluto (which clearly indicates the presence of conspirators and, equally likely, traitors) the raising of the debt ceiling raises with it a truly disturbing question: What of America’s vital resources are being collateralized – and to whom – and under what terms – in order to finance (sell) the new US debt amidst an obvious greater dilution of the US$’s value?  In defense of our country, Americans must make elected office holders fully aware that, should they vote to raise the debt ceiling, their poor performance will result in their being fired from their offices on Election Day, 2012.   

For the week of Sunday, May 29 through Saturday, June 4:

Between Wednesday and Saturday, it is likely that a prominent male (political/ideological) figure dies, and this should be regarded as being fortunate for the USA.  During the same days, alliances hostile to the USA are quietly formed, possibly involving a prominent woman banker/financier (this influence extends through Sunday, June 5).  On Friday and Saturday, the USA is in danger of a breach in security/theft of sensitive data, the culprit possible a traitor in the US military, or a US federal employee.

For the week of Sunday, June 5 through Saturday, June 11:

On Sunday, a prominent woman banker/financier may be involved in the formation of a quiet/secret alliance with hostile intentions towards the USA.

From Tuesday through Thursday there is the potential for the successful passage of vital US secret data  by agents of espionage.  The national origin of these agents of espionage is connected to America’s ‘open enemies’ or even ‘partners’ (thus, on one hand this could be China, or Russia, and on the other hand, it could be England, France or Israel).

It should be noted that, astrologically, this breach in security is preventable!


On Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday, June 12, the position of Mars suggests that there is an active, aggressive play by agents of espionage.  This stellar influence suggests conspiracy, and indicates that activities may include plots of assassination.  During these three days US interests are aggressively threatened.  Damage is likely, as is the source of the threat originating from a male figure operating from within, and acts of treason are likely involved.  During these same days it is likely that any successful breach in security will become apparent to authorities.  (But what ever the outcome, Mercury’s position indicates that, at the least, any damage done will be withheld from the American public, and in the worst case, a great lie may be told as cover.)  On these same days, the position of Venus suggests that, there is an immediate need for damage control, and a hostile female operative will be passing or processing data (perhaps receiving a payment for doing so?) and that, once again, there is the involvement of a traitor employed in the US military, or an office within the US federal government. (This same influence suggests the possibility of the death of a prominent female figure, unconnected to these matters.)

For the week of Sunday, June 12 through Saturday, June 18:

The position of Mars, which suggests an active and aggressive play by agents of espionage, continues through Sunday, thus making acts of conspiracy and even plots of assassination a potential.  From Monday through Wednesday, an open enemy of America (or possibly a country that America has partnered with, but which maintains ulterior motives) positions itself to gain by causing injury to America.  Ideologues make a power play.  And during these same three days, the USA is engaged in communications and/or negotiations with underworld figures, spies and assassins (once again, open enemies are involved).  Plots are hatched against USA.

For the week of Sunday, June 19 through Saturday, June 25:

On Monday and Tuesday will be forced to deal with the events of the previous week, and those same negotiations with underworld figures will continue, possibly exposing secret enemies (those aforementioned partners) so as to now become open enemies.

On Monday and Tuesday, diplomatic processes will be hampered by harsh and unpleasant (perhaps embarrassing) news, political conflict and argument.

Wednesday through Saturday the position Mars once again reveals the potential for theft of US national secrets or sensitive data.  This same stellar position is correlative to high profile murder and/or plots of assassination.

The degree of Venus suggests that, between Monday and Friday, there may be the death of a prominent female figure.  During this same time, there is the suggestion that the USA may be deceived in diplomatic negotiations.

Mercury’s degree suggests that, on Friday and Saturday, the influences of businessmen and financiers will influence US policy towards their own benefit, and to the injury of the USA.  The result is likely to manifest in the form of transactions that increase USA’s debt, and loss of proprietary technologies, trade secrets, or diplomatic advantage.  Friday through Sunday, this same planetary influence indicates that, once again, underworld figures are prominent, and matters relating to death, execution, executioners and/or assassins become public discourse.

For the week of Sunday, June 26 through Saturday, July 2:

Mercury’s influence concerning loss of proprietary technologies, trade secrets or diplomatic advantage continues through Sunday, as does the concern for the influence of businessmen and financiers shifting policy to represent their interests over that of the USA’s.  And once again, underworld figures are prominent, as are matters relating to death, execution, executioners and/or assassins becoming public discourse.

Beginning Monday and lasting through Wednesday, a favorable angle cast by Mercury will allow the US an opportunity for any required damage-control, and favorable management of any US national security concerns.  This may (and hopefully will) include the exposure of agents of espionage.  Caveat: Due to the degree of Venus, also during Monday and lasting through Wednesday, is the simultaneous undermining of US national security concerns, possibly by a female in the diplomatic service.

From Wednesday through Friday, the position of the Sun suggests that a male head of state’s arrogance (and/or his fanatical adherence to an ideology or religious conviction) runs contrary to USA’s best interests (this influence can also be stated as: An arrogant, male, head of state with strong religious or ideological convictions engages in acts that run contrary to the USA’s best interests).  This figure is either already an open enemy, or perhaps one with whom the USA is engaged in diplomatic negotiations, or acting as negotiator between the nation of the figure, and another nation.  Whatever the case may be, in dealing with the aforementioned figure, the USA is subject to being victim to underhanded actions, through the formation of secret alliances.

During these same days, the USA will be dealing with radicals and/or revolutionary-types, and equally radical legislation may emerge as a result.  This will be met with boisterous and highly emotionally charged debate and public discourse, followed perhaps by diplomacy and even concession.



It is difficult for a tyrant to bring injury upon a free man or woman living amongst a nation of free men and women.  So much more difficult is it for a tyrant to bring injury upon an entire nation of free men and women, especially when they have a formidable army, and, as individuals, are also well-armed.  But tyrants are indefatigable in their desire to impose tyranny, and have learned that, while it is almost futile for them to attempt to bring tyranny upon free people in a direct assault, it is expedient to convince free people to injure themselves, and to do this by convincing them that, somehow, they will be happier to live under tyranny.  Sound impossible?  I assure you that just such a stratagem is not only possible, but practical, and is a tactic regularly employed against the American people!  And in this present age, as in ages previous, there is no greater tyrannical implement than an insidious gaining control of a peoples’ economy.  Little by little, those envious and embittered enemies of the USA regularly chip away at the system of checks and balances which has provided for American freedom.  But under certain stellar conditions, the American people are much more vulnerable to this sort of an attack.

Think of enormous bodies of water – Earth’s oceans for instance.  Then contemplate how, in what we call tides, the gravity of just that one little stellar influence – the Moon – shifts those enormous bodies of water from one direction to another, every day.  Consider the motion of the water as the tide is shifting – the momentum and force with which the tide washes into one place, as it washes away from another – and how there is absolutely no stopping that motion until it has run its course.

In astrology it is the element of water that is connected with human emotion.  And as the tides of Earth’s oceans shift directions in harmony with the daily motion of the Moon, so does mass-human-psychology shift with the motion of the planets and the degrees of the signs they occupy, and like the oceans, there is no stopping its flow until it has run its course.  Obviously, due to the idiosyncrasies of each individual’s nativity, and the resultant varying degrees of mental faculty, uniqueness in emotional response, and strength in character, some are less subject to the effects of mass-psychology than others, and actually, some people are completely immune to its influence.  But it is the consequences of shifts in mass-psychology, to one direction or another, which all people (within the physical radius of where the mass-psychological effect takes place) are generally subject to, especially when that shift pertains to something such as money – or the creation of money – or more accurately stated, prevailing attitudes towards monetary policy.

As an amateur astronomer I am fascinated by the unique qualities of each of the planets within our solar system.  As an astrologer, I am continually astonished by each of the planets’ unique representations of, and effects upon, the human experience.  The great astrologers of the previous century made observations of Neptune’s positions in the heavens in comparison with human events, and among other qualities, associated this planet with indicating humanity’s prevailing ideals, as colored by the sign in which Neptune occupied at the time.  Thus, with a solar orbit relatively slow to that of Earth (164.8 years for Neptune versus 365.24220 days for Earth) and an approximate transit of 14 years in each of the 12 signs,  Neptune is greatly associated with generational ideals.  But as we know, not all ideals are practical, nor realistic, nor even healthy, and thus, those aforementioned great astrologers associated Neptune also with self-deception, and self-injury.  Fraud, deception, (self) delusion, intoxication, beguilement, mesmerization and phantasmagoria are other qualities that are associated with Neptune, and when Neptune is positioned in a particular ‘house’ (a division of a chart) in either a nativity (a chart for a person) or a mundane figure (a chart for an event or a country) it will indicate in which area of the chart there is the presence of  idealism – or deceit, self-delusion, etc.

At the time the USA was founded, Neptune was at approximately 22º Virgo (the sign associated with health, hygiene, diet, daily regimen, and service to others) and influenced American ideals so as to continually focus upon matters related to ‘clean living’ in all its many forms. (Reflective to this day of those early-American Puritanical influences, contemporary astrologers have associated Neptune’s presence in Virgo as establishing regular church attendance as part of this generational idealism towards ‘clean living’ and I think they make a powerful case.)  With Neptune’s position in the USA’s Ninth house, those ideals have been carried into the matter of foreign relations, and the creation and existence of the Peace Corps is an excellent example of how that planet/sign/house combination manifests.  But it is also reflective of America’s unique brand of self-injury, too.  The prolific American “save the world” idealism has led to meddling in the affairs of other nations to both their, and America’s, injury, and history demonstrates that, in matters of foreign relations, the USA is often the perpetrator of deception, or the victim of deception.

As I have stated over and again in my newsletters, politics and the business of money bring out the worst qualities in men and women, and thus, it is generally the worst attributes of a particular stellar influence which rise to the top.  This in mind, as Neptune transits from one house in the USA’s chart to the next,  it is its degree at a particular point in time that we find the circumstances in which the American people are being subjected to fraud or deception, or are subjecting themselves, through the ebb and flow of mass-psychology, to the self-injury and undoing of delusion or unrealistic idealism.

The first transit of Neptune into the USA’s Second house (the house of income, resources and monetary policy) at just past 16º Capricorn occurred on March 27, 1827 but was of very short duration, as Neptune’s motion went retrograde on April 18 of the same year.  Neptune officially reentered the USA’s Second house on January 11, 1828, and then coincided with a series of disastrous governmental economic manipulations which culminated in the form of the Tariff of 1828 (a.k.a. The Tariff of Abominations) and is regarded by some historians as having been the cause for great financial injury to states in the southern US, and thus, fomenting early sentiments towards succession.  (In that day, this and other disastrous monetary policies that were set into place by US government economic ‘engineers’ were regarded by small businesses and entrepreneurs as a direct interference in the natural balance of free trade.)  During the following years as Neptune occupied the USA’s Second house, there was great debate on matters of monetary policy, significant hostilities resulting in the shifting of political power and, regular modifications to existing tax and tariff structures.  But before Neptune would finally leave the USA’s Second house in January of 1846, the precedence had been set for infringement of free trade, as well as favoritism for one particular economic sector over another. (Coinciding with Neptune’s exit from the USA’s Second house in early 1846, President Polk got passed the Walker Tariff in the same year, greatly lowering both taxes and tariffs).

Beginning in the final days of 1991, and in only its second passage through the USA’s Second house, there is an eerie similarity to the events of the day, as compared to those of 1828 – yet oddly spun 180º from the prevailing intentions characterized in 1828:  With elitist George Herbert Walker Bush in the presidency, and accompanied by Neptune’s deceptive influence on matters of monetary policy,  the USA was first subjected to the injury of normalized trade relations with Communist China (forcing US small business to compete with China’s slave labor) then the profound damage of NAFTA,  and finally, with William Jefferson Clinton now occupying the White House, the violation of American small businesses and wage earners through membership in the WTO.  Yes, this time the manipulation of US monetary policy was in favor of foreign interests, particularly Chinese (now backed, at least in large part, by elitist American investors).  Neptune’s presence in the USA’s Second house has once again proved to be disastrous for the American economy, its influence being fraud and deception upon the American public in regards to monetary policy.  Obviously, the blame for the damage done to the country rests upon the shoulders of those elected officials whose votes supported those aforementioned trade agreements, and shifted the bulk of America’s industrial-based-prosperity into the hands of foreign interests (and to the profits of those elitist American investors who hid in the shadows).  And while the entire country was not beguiled by the idealistic deception of “introducing China to capitalism at the expense of the USA’s prosperity and security”, a sufficient number of people – a sufficient number of decisions makers – either bought into this self-injurious delusion, or caught on to the secret behind the fraud and deception (and immediately went out and invested in Chinese interests) and joined in on the plan to royally screw America.

In regards to the great losses suffered by Americans in the speculative markets in the previous decade – a time during which Neptune still occupies the USA’s Second house – we observe the subtle contrast between the injury of fraud and deception (such as was behind the favoritism towards foreign interests in the matter of trade) and the self-injury of hopeless idealism and self-delusion as seen in a decade characterized by a mentality of “Buy a stock on Monday, become rich by Friday”.  Thus, for the losses incurred in the speculative markets in the previous decade, most of the blame rests on the shift of the mass-psychology of a nation with self-delusions and unrealistic ideals about how money is created and earned.  True, a portion of the blame also rests upon the army of clever con artists employed by Wall Street, and through their 24-hour-per-day, 7-day-per-week financial media circus they did in fact paint a fairly convincing picture that, through speculating in equities, prosperity was only a mouse-click away.  Moreover, those sources for financial information and financial guidance that American’s had come to rely upon for making decisions were also either beguiled by the same influences, or in on the scam, and thus provided faulty direction.  But in the end it was the American public’s choosing to remain oblivious to the reality of economic fundamentals, while continuing to look at the equity markets as a casino in which the guests never lose, that resulted in an enormous transfer of wealth from America’s producers to Wall Street’s parasitic financial charlatans.  And through January 10, 2010 the influence behind that self-deluding mass-psychology was, once again, the position of Neptune, which maintained an influence over the American mindset towards money how money is created and earned.  So strong was the influence of Neptune that, in early 1998, despite the DJIA and NADAQ being highly oversold, and with P&E ratios far out of relation to book values, upon the ingress into Aquarius (talk about idealism) the market, particularly in the technology sector, when graphed on a chart, took off to look like an upright hockey stick!  Here we see the fraud and deception of Neptune – being transmitted through the airwaves and across the Internet (Aquarian technology) promoting technology (Aquarius) via a get-rich-quick play (again, money for nothing = Neptune) to the collective (again, represented by both Aquarius and Neptune!) of whom, many should have known better, but were allowing themselves to be deluded (Neptune).

Of course, what was perhaps among the greatest con-jobs in history came just a few years later when, and while still under the influence of Neptune in the Second house, George Walker Bush lied America into the war with Iran – most costly war in history –  a war with  a secularist nation later proved to be neither connected to al Queda, nor guilty of any hostile act towards the USA that would warrant an act of war.  From an astrological perspective, this particularly costly war has had more to do with monetary policy than it has had anything to do with US national security, and all the rhetoric of “removing one of the world’s bad guys” is a perfect example of the “unhealthy idealism” accompanying a transit of Neptune when there is the opportunity for a fortune to be made by a select few through US military action.

The reason behind my having readers pour over the previous 2,100-plus words is in hopes of providing sufficient evidence to make a point, and to do so very clearly:  When Neptune transits certain points in the USA’s nativity,  and in particular, those dealing with the issue of money, American society as a whole will be inclined to be swayed by unrealistic notions, unhealthy ideals, and in the extreme, self-delusions.  Based upon an applying and separating 2º arc in relation to the point of approximately 1º Pisces, it is my belief that, beginning around March 7, 2011 America was once again under just such an influence.  This influence will be in effect through February 27, 2013, with its most potent effects being within three days on either side of March 2, 2012, and again, within three days on either side of December 31, 2012.  It will be during these next two years that the American public will be highly vulnerable to the beguilement of Republican and Democrat Congressional financial excesses, the schemes and stratagems of the Federal Reserve and their gang of political tricksters – the mesmerizations of Wall Street propagandists – the parasitic collectivist con-artists with their talk of economic Utopia – and individuals who mean the USA, and her people, nothing but harm, and do their deadly damage to America through the manipulation of monetary policy.

A current example of the power of mass-psychology in regards to economic delusions is found in President Obama’s promise to “create jobs” and those who anxiously await this prestidigitation.  In this case, and due to mainstream historians’ misrepresentations of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s previous scheme, the public is predisposed to believe that this sort of thing can be accomplished without an equal amount of damage being done to the economy at the same time.  This is not my opinion – this is fact:  One cannot “create jobs” without creating debt – which requires greater taxation – which strangles productivity – thus, the ability to service the debt incurred to create the jobs is negated – which eventually requires another raising of the debt ceiling!  This is NOT a paradox, but a mathematical reality that the notion of “creating jobs” is a failure from its inception!  Yet, a great portion of America believes this idea to be feasible, and once again, we observe mass-psychology swayed by Neptunian deceptions and self-delusions to the eventuality of self-injury.

But now, and once again under a negative Neptunian influence, perhaps the most critical issue that America is facing is the matter of Congress raising the debt ceiling.

The official con-job asserts that, the raising of the debt ceiling is providing liquidity and elasticity so that the federal government can again properly meet is obligations.  But that is nothing more that Neptunian beguilement, and it is a Neptunian self-injurious delusion to believe that periodic raising of the debt ceiling can be done without an even greater amount of damage being done to the economy long-term.  By incurring more debt, and adding to that sum the interest on that debt, it is a mathematical foregone conclusion that the country will face economic ruination, and this will be realized through either default on obligations (which is political suicide, and thus, unlikely) or through massive nation-destroying inflation (which we have been slowly experiencing already).  In the interim, and just as I believe was done behind the back of the American public in the 1970s, it is just as likely that, on behalf of the American people, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve will collateralize this new debt with America’s natural resources.  These dirty deals will likely be made behind the public’s back in terms that will be so egregious, and biased against America while and in favor of the USA’s lenders, that if the information were to become public, it would likely result in an insurrection.  I believe also that the world’s financial elite are well aware of this situation, and work to ensure the USA’s failure.

Ultimately, if federal government spending is not immediately and drastically curtailed, these envious and embittered enemies that delude the nation into borrowing money from them, will own the very land beneath us!

To be under the influence of Neptune is to have one’s lungs filled with ether – to be floating through life’s mists – or lost at the bottom of the sea.  It is literal intoxication through alcohol, or drugs (prescription or illicit).  To be injured under Neptune is to be hypnotized – mesmerized – to be robbed of one’s will – and to ultimately be cast into slavery.  In observance of the current conditions of the USA, how many can honestly say that, from the final days of the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, through the years of presidents Clinton and Bush II, and now into the present day of President Obama, that the current and prevailing American mass-psychology is not clearly under the under the deceptive, delusive and self-injurious influence of Neptune?

In the end, there is but one way to shield oneself, and the nation as a whole, from Neptune’s intoxicating effects in monetary matters, and that is through a focus on economic fundamentals – a continual reality check.  But I do not have high hopes for success in this regard.  Over the course of the next year, Jupiter’s passage through Taurus will bring gains in the speculative markets, and reinforce any erroneous notions that problems with the economy are a part of the past.  And as Neptune’s effects are so very strong, once the public has become enchanted with beautiful self-delusions, like the tides, there will be no stopping the effects of mass-psychology until the whole matter has run its course.  And when it has, the Dollar will be more greatly diluted, the nation more deeply in debt, and America will be weaker industrially, financially, socially, and perhaps even militarily.



On February 21, 1848 Carl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was first published in London, England.  As far as I know, this book has proven to be the world’s most influential treatise in advocacy of collectivism.  On that day in history, the planet of rebellion, Uranus, was transiting the sign of Aries, while Neptune, having completed a cycle of approximately 164 years, was transiting zero-degrees Pisces – the sign associated with idealism in one extreme, as well as the unrealistic and the self-injurious, in the other extreme.  For over 160 years, the influences of Marx and Engels – Marxism – communism – collectivism – have effectively replaced monarchal and feudalistic government as the greatest threats to human rights, and through their respective economic policies, facilitated the theft of the private property of the producer, with the undeserving parasite reaping the rewards of the plunder.  So strong has been the influence of Marxism, that in this present day, legislation and public policy based upon its related ideologies is serving to undo and destroy the world’s greatest experiment in individualism, the United States of America.

How ironic – and uncannily timely – it is that, on April 15, 2011 with Uranus once again in the sign of Aries (once every 84 years) and Neptune once again transiting the very same degree under which Marx’s manifesto was first published (this occurs in approximately 164-year cycles) that the movie Atlas Shrugged, Part One, was first released in the USA.  This movie is based upon Ayn Rand’s best-selling book of the same title, and is passionately regarded by devotees as one of the world’s greatest literary works in defense of individualism.

As an ardent advocate of individualism, it is much to my chagrin that, as of yet, I have neither read Atlas Shrugged, nor seen the movie.  But I am now formally committing myself to both reading the book and seeing the movie, the former before Election, 2012 and the latter, before it has left the theater.  So in the interim, I present to the reader my own views on the matter of individualism versus collectivism, so far uncolored by Rand’s work.

In my opinion, collectivism and globalism are one in the same force – a force driving America towards becoming part of a centralized-world-government and centralized economic policy – and separated only by rank.  Collectivists serve as the street-level ‘shock-troops’ and are found in academia, civic organizations, journalism, and the music, television and movie businesses. Globalists, the higher ranking members of the anti-freedom consortium, will be found operating in law, political office, lobbying, professional organizations, and central, investment and merchant banking, as well as international trade organizations.  Working together in a militaristic fashion, and in their unrelenting attack on America, the collectivist henchmen work to sway public opinion, while the globalist strategists steadily work to change public policy.

For the collectivist, the motivation behind their actions is the hope to create a Utopian world without borders, without war, and without hunger.  But their hopes are based upon a phantasmagoria.  Throughout the years of the Cold War, the darlings of collectivist ideologues, China and the USSR, despite enormous tracts of arable land and an abundance of manpower, were unable to feed themselves, and were net purchasers of food from the “free world”, and from America in particular.  With so many years opportunity to prove the efficacy of collectivism, this blatant failure should serve as evidence to all but the liar or the idiot that collectivism ultimately leads to shortages.  I believe that when not under duress, humans have one foot in the world of animal instinct, and the other foot in the world of reason.  But when there are shortages, humans find themselves with both feet in the world of animal instinct, and with that, any lofty ideal once held towards communal living will suddenly give way to the raw animalism behind the will to survive.  Society is then kept in order only by a brutal and tyrannical governmental force.  Thus, collectivism ultimately leads society first to shortages, then to degenerate towards animalism, and finally to tyranny and all accompanying abuses of human rights and dignity – a far cry from the Utopia dreamt of by the collectivist ninnies!  (While the folly of the collectivist may give the individualist something to laugh over, one must never underestimate the destructive force of their influence!)

For the globalist, the motivation behind their actions is much more realistic and practical: world domination through centralized government and monetary policy.  The globalist is well aware of the fact that the Utopia hoped for by their useful idiots, the collectivists, is an impossibility, and even if the manifestation of the collectivists’ dream were a possibility, the globalist financial oligarchy would have nothing to do with it, as for them, the goal is to seize control of the whole world’s resources, eliminating the concept of private property for all but an elite few, and at the same time, make wage and debt slaves of every man and woman on Earth (which so far, they are making great strides towards accomplishing).  Obviously, in terms of quality of life, even the most ardent collectivist will ultimately suffer under the end-designs of the globalist elite.

As the true motivation behind the actions of the globalist elite is not hard to see, to have so many collectivist henchmen based upon their stupidity alone is unrealistic;  sure there are many unwitting dupes amongst collectivist ranks, but it is also certain that there are those lazy, malicious men and women who see collectivism as a means to be carried through life upon the backs of the industrious.  Surely, there are also men and women who are envious of those who make full use of their talents, time and resources, and see collectivism as some sort of ‘great equalizer’.  Still, I’m sure there are those collectivists who are fully aware of the evil intent integral to the globalist elite’s true motivations, and are hoping to earn their place among them by betraying their country, and fellow citizens, and playing a role in the establishment of a global authority over America’s Constitutional government.  (These collectivists are to be regarded as the most dangerous of all.)

Paradoxically, history has demonstrated that it is indeed individualism (which inspires personal responsibility and a sense of personal accountability in men and women) that has proven to be the better guardian of human rights, the natural balance in the equitable distribution of wealth and resources, and the superior motivation for responsible stewardship of the ecology.




As Americans, we are neither ordained nor obligated to fix the world, and those that try to convince us that we are so obligated should be regarded as either liars, idiots, or those actively engaged in acts of aggravated treason against the USA.  In reality, there are most likely very few times when the USA’s magnanimity and altruistic meddling have actually provided the downtrodden or the unfortunate any real benefit, but instead, have served to empower political strongmen and install dictators, along with robbing small countries of the profits from their natural resources, and usually to the benefit of some fat-cat financier (and never benefitting the American people as a whole).  And as America has succumbed to the irrational guilt of collectivism, and with the best of intentions, damaged our neighbors, we have done so to our own self-injury, steadily lowering he American standard of living.  So blinded by ego and emotion are collectivists to the unforeseen consequences of their altruistic meddling, that they can stand in the middle of any of the many messes they have created around the world – wherein our neighbors have been deprived of their right to develop, industrialize, evolve and mature at a pace correlative to their ability to feed, clothe and house their populations – that they will not only deny any responsibility, but still accuse circumspect individualists of xenophobia.




As Marxism, its ancillaries and its spin-offs, were essentially born under the influence of Uranus and Pluto in Aries, we should not be at all surprised at the violence, brutality, bloodshed and loss of human life that has accompanied the efforts to establish it as the world’s prevailing governmental system.  But we must remember that this collectivist ideology was also born under the influence of Neptune at zero-degrees Pisces.  True, over 160 years later, Marxist ideology still haunts all four quadrants of the Earth, but it has not conquered the Earth!  Because the true character of collectivism is antithetical of its denotation, its founding under the violent influences of Uranus and Pluto in Aries most likely added to its potency.  Yet, as history reveals through the European Revolution of 1848 the dissipating nature of Neptune in Pisces – and particularly at the ingress – so has Marxism (and all related ideologies) struggled now for over 160 years to capture the whole Earth.

It is my belief that, upon the return of Uranus to Aries, and Neptune to Pisces, that the great battle between collectivism and individualism began on April 15, 2011! Unfortunately, as the precession of the equinox moves Earth fully into the Age of Aquarius, so are humans fully entering an age of collectivism!  Yes, it is true that this major astrological influence lasting over 2,162 years will be working quite hard against individualism, and in the end, individualism, in its purity, will certainly lose.  Though this is a powerful astrological influence, it is also a slow moving influence, and so individualism need not be lost in our lifetime. Of equal importance, if the major trend is towards collectivism, then it is our job – and right – and to our benefit – to base the coming collectivism upon the best parts of individualism by returning to the former standards of the USA, and to stand firm until the rest of the world rises to meet those standards, as opposed to allowing the USA to be brought down to the standards of the rest of the world!

Lasting far beyond the point when everyone alive now is dead and buried, the coming 2,162-year long war between collectivism and individualism will ultimately lead to the next phase of human struggle, which will begin to be fought when the precession of the equinox enters the Age of Capricorn, and manifests in a battle over the use and abuse of authority.

If we as human beings – and as Americans – are to face some form of collectivism in our future, then let it be based upon something totally unrelated to the Hell created by Marx and Engels.