It is my belief that US federal security and law enforcement agencies employ some of America’s finest and most patriotic men and women.  But it is also clear that, through the acts of self-serving elected officeholders, and the undue influence of financiers, media giants, celebrity stooges, diplomats, academicians and corporate heavyweights, the efforts of those fine and patriotic men and women are hobbled – if not outright sabotaged.  Thus, it is my intent to use my ability to interpret stellar influences so as to make concerned Americans better informed as to what is either positively, or negatively (as is all too often the case) effecting the security and best interests of the USA.



Throughout the month of July, the USA will be dealing with the staggering costs of managing the nation’s recent weather-related natural disasters.  Due to the presence of transiting Neptune in the USA’s Third house, America is highly susceptible to the ongoing misinformation campaigns run by the nation’s enemies and their treasonous coconspirators, and is therefore likely to be subject to confusion, and self-delusion, in most matters relating to national security and foreign relations.

In terms of threats to the national security of the USA, the country exits the month of June, and enters the month of July, under evil stellar influences contributing to…



During the days of Wednesday June 29 through Saturday, July 2, 2011 it is very likely that efforts will be made to use and exploit the USA by manipulating the country into the use of some sort of military action.  This manipulation will originate in cabals operating within the nation, and then be put into effect by the US elected officials whom represent the interests of others over the best interests of the USA.  Whatever the military action may be, it is assured that behind it, there is an ulterior motive which does not serve the best interests of America.  Stellar influences also indicate that there is an influence resulting in an inclination on the part of USA to engage in unprovoked acts of violence – which is incongruent with justified and honorable military action.

While both male and female operatives, policy makers and diplomats are involved in this matter, there may be the presence of a male authority figure who makes bold (even arrogant) public statements in support of these military actions – whomever this person is, it is this action that will identify him as, at the least, a figure representing hidden foreign interests, and at the worst (and with significant likelihood) a traitor.

In an effort to draw the American public into the support of military action which is neither justifiable, nor fiscally sound, the saber rattling and war-cry propaganda is likely to resume as early as Saturday morning.


For the week of Sunday, July 3 through Saturday, July 9, 2011:

The week will remain relatively uneventful until Friday and Saturday, wherein there is likely to be heavy involvement of the USA’s security and federal law enforcement agencies in the effort to protect national secrets and the nation’s security.  This may include the need to thwart an assassination attempt on one of America’s good guys (and if I knew who that was, despite the likelihood of coming across like a crackpot, I would warn him) or at the least, there is the potential for another heavy cyber-attack on the USA.


For the week of Sunday, July 10 through Saturday, July 16, 2011:

America’s security and federal law enforcement agencies are likely to be working overtime this Sunday in their efforts to thwart underhanded and dangerous activities by the nation’s enemies.

Beginning as early as the morning of Saturday, July 9, and lasting through Tuesday, efforts will again be made to use and exploit the USA by manipulating the nation into unwarranted military action.  The “sweetest of lies” are concocted for public consumption, and through this, an impassioned case for military action is most likely successfully made to the American public. This is a time of stormy diplomatic proceedings, with female operatives, diplomats and policy makers prominently involved.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the stars suggest secret negotiations/discussions by Congress (or federal government security/law enforcement agencies) regarding the loss of secret or sensitive data, and these discussions will include further threat assessment.  While there is some public discourse and information, the majority of what will go on is kept from the American public, and the truth of the matter may be distorted, or a complete lie fabricated – not for the purpose of preventing further attack or preventing the revealing of vulnerabilities – but for the purpose of saving face, and to protect the present administration’s chances for reelection.

Wednesday through Saturday, there is the suggestion that the US government will need to combat spies, data thieves, hackers (perhaps even additional plots of assassination).  During this time, there is an extreme danger of cyber attack, or the theft of data by foreign operatives.

Thursday through Sunday (July 17) offers a 3-day opportunity for the USA to control any damages to national security.  But the arrogance – or over-confidence – of a male decision maker (or prominent male authority figure) can negate this beneficial stellar influence, and result in the aforementioned breach in US security.


For the week of Sunday, July 17 through Saturday, July 23, 2011:

Sunday through Tuesday the US government has the opportunity for successful damage control in matters of foreign relations.

Through these same days, the death of a prominent female figure is possible.

Sunday through Wednesday, feminine agents of espionage are prominent in the plots and plans of action against the USA, or are actively engaged in the theft of US national secrets, sensitive data, etc.  During these same days, traitors to the USA, or agents of espionage, meet and exchange information, which is likely to include the theft, or passage of, USA’s secrets or vital information.

A disinformation campaign is launched – liars and their deceptions become prominent public discourse, and through their efforts, America is likely to be effectively deceived in some regard (if I knew what the matter was, I would certainly reveal it here).

Monday through Thursday there is likely some sort of diplomatic crisis and involving the realization of mistakes made in negotiations involving foreign relations.  During these same days, if the nation is effectively deceived by propagandists calling for foreign military action, then it is now that America is most likely to be used and exploited by being manipulated into using the military for purposes other than for which serve the USA.

(Under these stellar influences, it is assured that, if the propagandists successfully plead a case for US military action which is based upon an ostensibly magnanimous, idealistic, humanitarian cause, it will prove in the end to have been launched under absolutely fraudulent misrepresentations of fact, and render the USA as an unprovoked aggressor, and guilty of unwarranted – and expensive – acts of war.)

All is not lost though, as the period of four days stretching Thursday through Sunday (July 24) gives America’s watch dogs the opportunity to gain ground against the bad guys (the latter being defined as ‘those who hide in the shadows and operate from within’.)  He or she who stands up in opposition to what may become the commonly held (and heavily propagandized) position, is most likely to be “one of the good guys” and should be supported.

Sadly, the worst is still yet to come…



Beginning Friday, July 22 and lasting through Monday, July 25 the stars suggest that, once again, America is particularly vulnerable to – and likely to encounter – a cyber attack, hacking and theft of secret/sensitive data by secret enemies (these enemies may appear as allies or trade partners – and may even be dependent upon the USA for financial/military aid – and outwardly swear allegiance to America).  During these four days, it is very possible that foreign operatives can infiltrate America’s most secretive federal security and/or law enforcement agencies.  Behind these actions is a power-play by existing (or recently formed) cabals and/or conspiracies.  It is likely that male figures are primarily involved, and there may also be the presence of treason, the traitor/s being in the US military, or employees of the federal government (and in the case of the latter, then their operating within federal law enforcement – as a treasonous agent – or perhaps as a deceptive and corrupt confidential informant – is likely).


For the week of Sunday, July 24 through Saturday, July 30, 2011:

The week should be relatively safe and uneventful for the USA until Friday, upon which day the threat of espionage and/or cyber attack – the theft of USA’s vital secrets/sensitive data – is again prevalent, and if a crime is carried out, the perpetrator is most likely a foreigner.

The death of a prominent female figure (perhaps a foreign dignitary, or someone employed in the diplomatic services) is possible.

Revelations of the murder, or accidental deaths, of Americans becomes public discourse (this could be through execution, assassination, accidental conditions, or as casualties of war).

Losses in matters of foreign relations becomes public knowledge.

The frozen assets of another nation are an issue and attempts to access these funds are made through legal maneuvering (this activity is likely to be unscrupulous on the part of America’s policy makers and, once again, designed to serve interests other than those of the American people).

Stellar influences suggest that, either some sort of big lie is likely to be told to the American public, or some sort of critical information (but damaging to the reputation of government officeholders) is withheld from the American public.

All of these aforementioned influences for the week of Sunday, July 24 begin on Friday, July 29 and are in effect through Wednesday, August 3, 2011.


You have been betrayed.  If you are among the majority of Americans – among neither the very wealthy, nor the very poor – you have been betrayed by your elected government officeholders – those whom have been trusted with stewardship over the USA’s assets and resources, as well as by those whom have been trusted to regulate America’s monetary policy.  And unless you have been very fortunate, then under the current economic conditions within the USA, to one degree or another, you have been damaged by this betrayal.  Inflation – the product of unsound money creation,  and realized through the loss of the purchasing power of one’s income or savings, is among the damages to which I refer.

Conversely, if you are among either the very rich, or among the very poor, then it is likely that, at the expense of the nation’s producers, you have most likely benefitted greatly by this betrayal, and matters such as inflation are probably of small concern.

As was the case during the (First) Great American Depression, during this present time – a time to which I refer to as the Second Great American Depression – not everyone has had the misfortune to be injured to a life-changing degree.  Indeed, during the (First) Great American Depression, many fortunes were made, and many other people were able to maintain their lifestyles, and it is likely that some will make their fortunes during these otherwise difficult times.  However, if you are a producer – a man or woman within the range of lower, middle or upper-middle-class America – and quite likely even the lower end of upper-class – then you most likely have not been celebrating your good fortune as of late.

As in the (First) Great American Depression, this current Second Great American Depression is characterized by a shortage of cash in circulation within the general economy.

Where has all the money gone?  After all, money doesn’t evaporate!  Every dollar that is currently missing from the USA’s economy is somewhere – and in someone’s coffers.  I am not alone in the opinion that the money that would normally be recycling through the American economy now has been removed through an ingenious and diabolical stratagem that, were it not sanctioned by Congress, would otherwise be classified as racketeering and money laundering.  (Remember that those whom sit at the top of the world’s financial food-chain have thus far proven themselves fundamentally above the law – Dominique Strauss-Kahn not withstanding!)

Yes, you have been betrayed.  Through their conspiracy with Congress, the world’s fat-cat financiers played a brutal, deadly game that the American public was unaware that they were involved in, and then as they have done in times past, suddenly cashed out, taking nearly all the money off the table, and leaving just a small pool of dollars circulating in the economy for the rest of the country to function on.  This is a repeat of exactly what “insiders” did prior to the (First) Great American Depression.  Why?  Because in the early 1930s, after the cabal of Wall Street insiders created a shortage of cash in circulation in the economy, the value of ‘things’ – national resources and objects of tangible wealth – plummeted in value.  Then, while the majority of the American public held stocks that had either dropped greatly in value (or had become completely worthless) or were now broke from selling shares for pennies on the dollar paid,  those fat-cat financiers were now holding nearly all the cash.  (This was the sort of time when the phrase “cash is king” became relevant.)  The next step was to buy up the resources, the objects of tangible wealth, and the equities that had plummeted to so greatly in value – and buy these things for pennies – or for fractions of a penny – on the dollar.  This is an old trick – nothing new – and is periodically used by one generation after another to fleece the Western world, and in particular, America.  If history is to repeat itself, and I do believe it is already in the process of repetition, then the same thing is beginning to happen now, or will happen very soon.  Due to the ingenuity of this parasitic criminal cabal, their actions are generally not apparent until well after their damage has been done (and then the enormity and convoluted nature of their fraud and monopolizing makes legal action against them an impossibility).  And in the end, it is America’s producers who suffer injury and loss.  Worse still, through this betrayal, the people in the world who hate the USA – such as a certain nexus of radical Islam and, a certain Asiatic militaristic nexus of communist ideology – have been economically and technologically enriched – and therefore militarily empowered – all at the expense of the American people.

Once entirely effective, America’s Constitutional system of checks and balances regarding monetary policy became irrelevant when Congress broke the rule of law and the American public sanctioned Congress’s lawlessness through reelecting the law-breakers back to their public offices.  Ostensibly, this sort of self-injury would make America appear to be a nation of idiots, but that is certainly not the case.  (Though in America we do seem to have at least our share of the world’s idiots living among us.)   Through a study of the stars, it is revealed as to exactly why these confusing, and sometimes contradictory, conditions regarding the stewardship of our nation’s resources and monetary policy prevail, and why the American public, en masse, reacts as it does to these challenging conditions.


In the nativity of an individual, it is primarily the planet Mercury – the house and sign in which Mercury is posited – as well as the Third house, it’s ruling planet, any planets posited within the Third, and any angular relationships made by them to other planets or chart points, that reveal the nature of the individual’s intellect, intelligence and communication skills and style.  In this study, the stars reveal each of our unique capabilities, and limitations.  In mundane astrology, and in this case, the study of the chart of a nation, it is also the planet Mercury and the Third house (and related planets, angles and points) that reveal the collective mindset and intellectual capabilities of the nation as a whole.  While this mundane influence in no way negates the uniqueness of each individual living within the nation, this area of an interpretation is the starting point for understanding such things as movements or trends in the mass-psychology of the nation.

In the chart of the USA, the planet Mercury is greatly weakened in the highly emotional sign of Cancer, posited in the evil Eighth house, and further debilitated by being retrograde.  Mercury applies to a very close semi-square to Uranus and a close sextile to Neptune, and separates from an opposition to Pluto.  Were this the condition of Mercury in the nativity of an individual, I would say then that this was an individual with a lot of problems.

But there is more to the story, some of it actually being good news.

The sign on the cusp of the USA’s Third house is the inventive and technologically-adept Aquarius, which is ruled by a very well dignified Saturn (and thus very powerful) and well-placed in the Midheaven (though an unfortunate square is cast to it by the Sun).  Associated with the sign of Aquarius is Uranus, which is the planet connected to developments in modern technology, and which is in the intellectual, and communicative sign of Gemini.  (It’s no accident that the computer-age began in America!)  USA’s Moon is in Aquarius, and posited in the Third, casting a sesqui-quadrate to the Sun, trines to both Venus and Mars (as well as a trine of very wide arc to Jupiter) and a semi-sextile to Pluto.  Lastly, the sign of Pisces is intercepted within the Third house (the ruling planet of that sign being Jupiter, and posited in the sign of Cancer).

In brief, what this all means is that, America is in no way a nation of idiots.  In fact, America is filled with ingenuity and brilliant people with inherent understanding of modern technologies.  But what America is also, is a nation that has great difficulty separating intellectual matters from emotion, and is absolutely, positively, and unquestionably thoroughly confused on matters pertaining to money, money creation, taxation, usury and debt – and in this confusion, easily deceived and particularly so by any invoking of the emotion of guilt, irrational or otherwise.  And with equal positivity of this perpetual confusion, is the presence of a persistent, ruthless, envious and embittered conspiracy working against America in all matters pertaining to income, assets, resources and monetary policy, as revealed by the highly toxic influence within the USA’s Second House.


With Capricorn on the cusp of the Second house, and Saturn, the ruling planet, in the Midheaven, the USA became known for possessing great wealth based upon massive natural resources.  These resources stood behind the value of the US Dollar, and America’s formidable military might stood ready to defend those resources.  The USA’s reputation as a responsible neighbor in the world community is found through naturally-diplomatic sign of Libra on the Midheaven.  America’s being seen at one time as a fair, even-handed and just entity, made the USA one of the preferred depositories for even the wealth of other countries, not to mention private citizens from around the world.  These factors contributed to the USA quickly becoming one of the world’s preeminent financial centers (rivaled, if at all, only by England).  But with this, America also became the world’s preeminent haven for financial tricksters, and all too often, a tool of international financial tricksters’ schemes.  Worse still, American itself has become the world’s preeminent victim of financial trickery, too.  What this amounts to is abuse of power, and there we find posited in the USA’s Second house (income, assets, monetary policy) the planet of abuse of power itself – Pluto.  Retrograde and situated at 27º 33’ Capricorn, Pluto is semi-square to the USA’s Ascendant (00º Applying, 12’) and is in opposition to the USA’s Mercury (03º Separating, 21’) creating a highly toxic Second-to-Eighth-house axis, with a focus on money, monetary policy (id est: the creation of money, et al) the money of other people, public money, usury, taxes, the assets of the deceased, and the aforementioned abuse of power and especially as it relates to all the aforementioned correspondents.  The Mercury-Pluto opposition assures America’s being subjected to continued fraud, deception and abuses by policy makers – and especially so by polished orators with a powerful public image.  On its own, Mercury’s presence in the Eighth house assures continuous swings from one extreme to another in economic conditions, while Pluto on its own guarantees such currency-destroying practices as the institution of a privately owned central bank and fractional reserve banking, as well as conspiracies involving trade regulations, trade agreements and tariffs (with the latter three correspondents also under some influences from the Seventh and Ninth houses).  Pluto is also directly associated with acts of betrayal, and the opposition to Mercury identifies these acts of betrayal as often originating in, or being in association with, the persuasive speech of highly polished orators (apparently, America has a love for the silver-tongued devils).



Pluto (use/abuse of power, avarice, secrets, betrayal and conspiracy)  +  Capricorn (use/misuse of authority and the law)  + 2nd House (money, assets, resources, treasuries, banks)  = Abuse of power, authority and the law in regards to issues of money and resources, and betrayal in regards to those same matters.




I believe that it was no accident that around the time of the 2008 elections, Pluto (again, representing collective fate) was dancing all around 00º Capricorn – the fated degree of the zodiac named the Galactic Center, and a point frequently connected to significant events taking place in the Western world.  Neither the “Tea Party’s” less-government movement taking hold on the right, nor Obama’s promise of socialist “Change” taking hold on the left, were merely coincidental.  But more importantly, and no coincidence either, was Congressman Ron Paul’s message about the nefarious presence of the Federal Reserve (the need to at least audit it, and the hope of doing away with it) becoming more mainstream under this same stellar influence.  I have interpreted these influences as establishing a fated time in the Western world, a time during which humanity is trying to decide the direction (and under what circumstances) it will travel for a considerably long time (a period of at least 200 years).

As I have written about previously, the stellar influences in the USA’s chart under which the Federal Reserve Act was passed are akin to those that signify that a nation is under attack in an open act of war.  I believe that, in the day, there were many good people in Congress who knew that the Federal Reserve Act was indeed an attack, and that is why Woodrow Wilson’s cabal pushed through the act during the start of the Christmas holiday.  The astrological significance is heady.  Four malefics (planets of evil influence) were retrograde (Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) and dispersed in America’s Seventh and Eighth houses (open enemies, acts of war, and usury, debt, taxes, respectively).  A fifth malefic influence, Uranus, was up to no good within the USA’s Second house at this same time, and certainly opened the door for a radical change in the USA’s monetary policies.  But of greatest significance, are the angles cast by those transiting planets on that day.  As I have covered this previously, I am only going to focus on Pluto, because its position at the time of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act was in square to the USA’s Midheaven (00ºS58’) indicating a direct challenge to US authority (and I would say sovereignty, also).  Meanwhile, radix Pluto, representing those malefic forces which continually work against America through monetary policy, received a semi-square from Mercury (persuasive oratory) a conjunction from Jupiter (plutocracy) a sesqui-quadrate from Saturn (cruelty and subjugation to hard labor) and an opposition from Neptune (chimeras, fraud and delusive tricks).  With these influences in mind, I find the evil influence of Pluto in the USA’s nativity and the presence of the Federal Reserve inextricably intertwined.


Sadly, these astrological conditions which I have just detailed are what the USA is stuck with forever.  Due to transits, progressions and directions (these are means of interpreting past, present and forthcoming influences) there will be times when these influences are softened or aggravated.  But this “Abuse of power, authority and the law in regards to issues of money and resources” will always be part of America.  However, if there was not a way to ameliorate this evil influence, then astrological understanding of the matter would be of no value, and fortunately, astrology does certainly provide us with the knowledge of how to not only identify the problem, but manage the affliction as well.  (Unfortunately the will to effect change is not interwoven with the knowledge of the problem.)

Within the astrological community, Pluto is largely regarded as relating to the Fate of the collective.  The great cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin also connected Pluto to familial illnesses, hereditary traits and conditions, as well as common experiences within groups, or common experiences among a large mass of population (within a country, for instance).  My own work is supportive of this, and I do not believe that it is a stretch to associate Pluto’s presence in the USA’s Second house with the hereditary nature of the cabals and financial oligarchies that continue to wage economic warfare against America.  Certainly, the undue influence of England’s [sic] “royal” family over US monetary matters, banking and industry, could be regarded as the presence of a hereditary oligarchy, just as the Rothschild family’s shadowy banking empire could be regarded as a hereditary cabal for the very same reasons.  All exercising a persistent and far-reaching, multi-generational influence, citing America’s own Rockefellar, Harriman and Bush families certainly provides additional support towards the notion that Pluto’s presence in the Second house indicates the presence of familial, hereditary, or multi-generational, activities classified as an abuse of power as it relates to monetary matters in America.

By now, readers may be asking themselves where I am going with this, or perhaps why I believe this information is of any significance.  The reason I believe it to be pertinent is that, if this is an accurate interpretation of Pluto’s presence in the USA’s Second house (and I believe it to be so) then it tells us that, what is happening economically to American now is part of an ongoing, multi-generational strategy for taking control of the nation’s wealth – and is directly connected to what has happened to American in the past – and will prove to be directly connected to what will happen to American in the future.  It tells us that one of the great dangers America faces is the influence of family financial dynasties, and in that, allows us to readily identify the points of origin of those forces which injure America.

In managing America’s financial stellar afflictions, it is clear that, in our first line of defense, we must be on guard against family political or financial dynasties and, if in review there has been a trend for them to gravitate towards positions and offices that influence monetary policy, then through the vote, forbid them any official position of power or influence.  Additionally, the American public must regard anyone who has held, currently holds, or strives to hold, an official position of influence over US monetary policy as a liar and a thief (because it is nearly assured, astrologically, that it is nothing but crooks who will ascend to those positions of power and influence).  A cursory review of American economic history will prove that this is not cynicism, nor alarmism, but pragmatism!  The American people must develop a mindset wherein every cent the government asks to spend is regarded as a possible theft, fraud or embezzlement until proven otherwise, because we can be assured that any autonomy given to elected officeholders will be seized as an opportunity to defraud the American public.  Under this stellar influence, any government oversight or internal “watchdog” agency will either be so overpowered as to be wholly ineffectual, or will itself be corrupted, leaving the only means for defense an attentive and active role by We the People.  As has been said by many before me, the Federal Reserve is neither federal, nor a reserve – but a privately-owned, incorporated entity that operates at a profit, and entirely for its own self-interests. While there is a quasi-governmental (though more honorary) vote on governorship, the US government has no actual authority in terms of setting Federal Reserve policy.  Landmark changes in financial regulations recently enacted by the Obama administration have increased the amount of authority given to the Federal Reserve over US monetary policy, and in that act, simultaneously reduced the amount of government oversight in regards to this shadowy institution’s dealings (as ineffectual as any oversight was, previously).  This is the equivalent of the fox watching the henhouse while the farmer goes on vacation forever!  (Is it just simple stupidity on the part of men such as Obama that leads to decisions such as this, or is it “something else”?)  This is an example of the hopelessness of the the Second-to-Eighth-house axis in which the USA has the opposition between retrograde Mercury and Pluto.  In my opinion, this singular outrageous act stands as incontrovertible evidence that there is absolutely nothing that government can do to make the nation’s monetary situation any better – only worse – and that in the presence of this stellar influence, the small parasitic element of society will almost always succeed in depriving society’s larger segment of producers their well-deserved rewards, as long as they have the ability to enlist the US government into the role of their unwitting henchman.  (Yes, I am saying that the US government cannot help itself but screw over its citizens!)  And bear in mind that all of these afflictive conditions are exacerbated by collectivist centralization, as the shadowy and convoluted nature of international banks and foreign trade organizations is more difficult for the American people to police, and the figureheads out of reach of the power of the American public’s vote.


From late 1991 to early 2010, the USA’s natal afflictions were aggravated by the transit of deceptive Neptune through the Second house. At present, a malefic angle being cast by Neptune to a sensitive point within the USA’s Second house (and lasting through the next two years, off and on, with alternating direct and retrograde motion) continues to make murky the reality of America’s economic situation, and what constitutes right action for the USA.  With these stellar influences, it is no wonder to me that the forces of evil are succeeding against America.  While We the People have much cause to be in fear at this time, the greatest threat to our lives does not originate in Islamic religious-radicals with exploding underwear, or by the prospect of growing tangerines near the North Pole, but through an ingenious parasitic money system executed by a cabal of international financiers that hide in the shadows behind the seemingly unstoppable wave of collectivist-globalism, and whom have mesmerized our own government into their own club-wielding thug.  Remembering that Pluto + Capricorn + Second house = abuse of power over monetary matters, it is clear to me that, as this cabal has so far been successful in manipulating the US economy so as to run the nation into deeper and deeper debt – which has then required refinancing – which then also required collateralizing, and , ipso facto, the contracting away of the nation’s sovereignty – their end goal of ultimately gaining ownership of every natural resource within the USA – including the land beneath our feet – is certainly in sight.  From that point when they fully achieve this goal, it is most likely that, under the Uniform Commercial Code, the USA will be run as a corporation, with the entire population enslaved in debt from cradle to grave.

Does this sound a bit far-fetched?  Look around.  Open your eyes.  The stars will not forgive us for our indolence, so we must now consider ourselves as having been warned.

Because Pluto is involved in this matter, it is an indicator that the only thing that America’s enemies understand is “might makes right”.  Ergo, one partial solution to the USA’s being perpetually undermined economically would be to establish more clearly defined parameters for what constitutes legal action by government in regards to monetary matters, classify the crime of violating those parameters as aggravated treason, and attach a mandatory death-sentence to being found guilty of the crime.  This same set of rules could apply to American citizens engaged in lobbying efforts that influence monetary policy, and to those whom become members of foreign banks or international trade organizations that violate those laws, as well as apply to any foreign nationals living or working within the USA and engaged in the same activities.