AUG. 1-31

Transiting Saturn in conjunction to the USA’s natal Saturn, a.k.a. a Saturn return.  See page 01.

AUG. 1-31

Transiting Pluto’s degree is in opposition to the USA’s natal Jupiter.  This stellar influence is correlative to the efforts of the world’s super-wealthy to gain total control over America’s remaining industry, technologies, lands and resources, id est: the firm establishment of a plutocracy.  This stellar aspect should be regarded as a silent, but deadly, period of class-warfare, one directed at America’s middle-classes, and also correlative to Congressional squandering of American substance.

AUG. 1-31

Transiting Neptune’s degree serves as an indicator that, throughout the month of August, the USA is in danger of exploitation due to unsound monetary policy, and suffering harm through an increase in debt and, compounding interest (usury) upon that debt.

AUG. 6-10

Transiting Sun’s degree will give US federal authorities, security agencies and investigators, an opportunity to expose, and possibly apprehend, traitors and agents of espionage.

AUG. 12-30

Along with transiting Saturn’s return to the natal position in the USA’s chart, it will also be in a degree that indicates a particularly stormy period in US political proceedings.

AUG. 28

Transiting Mars’ ingress to the USA’s Eighth house will begin a period of time during which the USA will be relentlessly attacked by businessmen, foreign financiers, and domestic and foreign bankers, all hell-bent on exploiting America’s shared resources, id est: retirement assets, earmarks and, Social Security assets.  This influence will last through early November, 2011.


WED., AUG. 10:

The political process is hampered by confusion. A liar – in an official governmental capacity – is prominently featured.

WED.-FRI., AUG. 10-12:

US military forces may take casualties.

WED.-SAT., AUG. 10-13:

Optimism; small successes; much romanticism; weakness; weakness in political process; weakness on part of US political figures.

WED.-SAT., AUG. 10-13:

President Obama’s behavior may be best described as “vain”. A prominent female political/ideological figure may pass away.

WED.-MON., AUG. 10-15:

The USA suffers from great tension, collectively.

WED.-TUE., AUG. 10-16:

The nation suffers from weakness of will; destructive forces are present.

WED.-TUE., AUG. 10-16:

Acts of treason; theft of classified or sensitive data.  (This can also include theft of sensitive data from the private sector as well.)  Agents of espionage – even assassins – are figured.

THU., AUG. 11:

The nation suffers from inhibitions, anxiety and melancholy.

SAT.-WED., AUG. 13-17:

Acts of conspiracy, espionage, sabotage, treason. Secret alliances are formed.

SUN.-TUE., AUG. 14-16:

Upon a return to successful politicking, the USA suffers from collective self-delusion, a lack of objectivity and unrealistic ideals. Plans incapable of realization are made or proposed.

SUN.-TUE., AUG. 14-16:

US saber rattling equates to a demonstration of might (perhaps an act of intimidation?). But this is also accompanied by attempts at diplomacy.

SUN.-WED., AUG. 14-17:

The sweetest of lies are told to the American public (female politicians, operatives or diplomats, are prominent).

MON., AUG. 15:

Intellectuals and businessmen are overly prominent in the US political process, as are rebels, and reformists (the latter being Tea Party-types?).

TUE.-WED., AUG. 16-17:

President Obama may feel compelled to lie to, or deceive, the American public.

TUE.-WED., AUG. 16-17:

A female politician (or possibly a female diplomat, or prominent businesswoman) may feel compelled to lie to, or deceive, the American public.

TUE.-WED., AUG. 16-17:

A harmonious atmosphere fades to loss of optimism and sober thinking. Still, the nation is impressionable, caught up in romanticism, easily deceived, and badly influenced.

WED., AUG. 24:

A time of great quarreling and blame-shifting among Congress and the Executive Branch of US government. Impeded progress and separation.

WED.-FRI., AUG. 24-26:

A time of setback for federal law enforcement, investigators, and security agencies. There is the likelihood of occurrence of actions, or the institution of public policy, damaging to shared resources (retirement funds, Social Security assets, etc.) due to the financial stratagems of businessmen, politicians and bankers.

WED.-SAT., AUG. 24-27:

Destructive energy abounds. The USA’s reputation suffers damage.   Estrangement and resistance are the keywords for the US political atmosphere. President Obama is clearly part of a of a self-serving division within government.

WED.-SAT., AUG. 24-27:

Internal power-struggles abound, and US politicians try to gain great control over the American public.

WED.-SUN., AUG. 24-28:

A physical, violent attack on Americans is possible, and the motivation is likely to be political. These days mark a period of time during which the USA is in great danger of being exploited.

THU.-SUN., AUG. 25-28:

Diabolical financial stratagems are launched against America by businessmen, foreign financiers, and domestic and foreign bankers. (Any financial bill passed into law, or treaty signed, at this time will be damaging to the USA and the American public, and to the advantage of America’s adversaries.)

FRI.-SUN., AUG. 26-28:

A potentially violent, (perhaps treasonous) female operative, or foreign agent, is prominent (she may also be a co-conspirator, accomplice, or part of an espionage ‘cell’). Whom ever she may be, she is likely to take action during these days.



To state the obvious, from the point of Saturn’s ingress to the USA’s Midheaven (a.k.a. the Tenth house) in early November, 2009, America has been feeling the stress of an economy damaged by governmental corruption and debt, and the consequences of foreign policy manipulated to serve the interests of an elite few, rather than the best interests of America itself.

As I have stated elsewhere in this issue, Saturn is our teacher – a stern taskmaster, most often, and at times a cruel disciplinarian – and absolutely unforgiving of mistakes and errors in judgment.  Thus, We the People now face our rewards for having been responsible with the wealth, power, influence and resources of our nation, or our comeuppance for our irresponsibility with same, even if the later was merely committed on our behalf by profligate politicos (if We the People elect them, then according to Saturn, We the People will be held accountable for their actions).

The following key dates indicate ever-increasing levels of pressure upon the USA in terms of credit, credibility, reputation, authority (the use, or abuse, of) management of debt and, in many respects, the nation’s Destiny.

AUG. 7, 2011

Transiting Saturn 12º Libra 49’ applying 2º conjunction to USA’s radix Saturn = Saturn’s influence is IN EFFECT.

AUG. 18, 2011

Transiting Saturn 13º Libra 49’ applying to 1º conjunction to USA’s radix Saturn = Saturn’s influence is STRONGLY IN EFFECT.

AUG. 28, 2011

Transiting Saturn 14º Libra 49’ applying to 0º conjunction to USA’s radix Saturn (exact) = Saturn’s influence is FULLY IN EFFECT.

This last degree will keep the pressure on until September 6, 2011, when transiting Saturn, at 15º Libra 49’ will finally start to lighten up a bit.


President Obama’s Progressed Mars in square to his radix Saturn indicates an abundance of destructive energy around him.  This is correlative to damaged physical vitality. This is a period of impotence – both literally and figuratively.  This is a time wherein he will attempt to achieve his goals through any means no matter how brutal or ruthless.  But circumstances will ensure that all his ego-directed activity is met with total resistance.

President Obama’s directed Pluto is squaring his radix Saturn, correlative to his pursuit of strictly egoistic pursuits;  this is a self-destructive influence, and also correlative to a fanatical adherence to one’s own principals; also correlative to coldheartedness and acts of violence and mass murder. As he is a presidential figure, I can connect this deadly influence to the Ninth house position of Pluto in his own horoscope, indicating these influences are associated with his attitude towards, and in his dealings in, matter of foreign relations.

Just as President Obama’s progressed Sun rests upon the USA’s radix Midheaven, indicating that he is certainly the man in the top administrative office, so does President Obama’s progressed Pluto in square to USA’s radix Uranus correlate to his loathing for US tradition, and a desire to collapse the old order and rebuild according to his own fanatical desires. Obama’s progressed Uranus in semi-square to USA’s radix Sun (and confirmed by directed Uranus in square to USA’s radix Sun) demonstrates his contempt for Constitutional structure, and a desire to rebel against US authority.

While I am certain it will never be admitted to, I am equally certain that Obama’s health is being negatively effected by his experiences as President.  A relatively a young man in acceptable physical condition and with access to the very best physicians and medical care on planet Earth, I am confident that he will not die while in office, but should he succeed in securing a second presidential term, at its end, I am certain he will be a worn out old man – aged far beyond his actual chronological age.  I am also certain that, with the long-term effects of progressed and directed outer planets in malefic aspect to planets in the USA’s nativity, his securing second term will be very destructive to both the USA and the world about.

The same stellar influence mentioned earlier in Obama’s progressed chart – Mars squaring Saturn – is occurring in the USA’s transits as we are leading up to the Saturn return on the morning of August 28.  Fortunately, this aspect is separating, and thus reduced in effectiveness.  But it indicates to me that, as the Saturn return goes fully into effect, it is being accompanied by highly destructive energy, the primary source of which is America’s lenders (Mars is transiting the USA’s Eighth house).  Thus, as Saturn teaches America a lesson that We the People apparently need, but which the country’s elected officials surely will not heed, those who have been injuring the nation will with great certainty be given the means and opportunity to inflict further injury upon the USA.

In my interpretation of these prevailing stellar influences, I do not find that President Obama will have any sort of ameliorative effect whatsoever, but instead, and due to his own egoistic motivations and fanaticism, will most likely play a role in making this bad situation worse.


For all the anti-capitalists on the Left, it should come as heartwarming news to them to know that, America has now near-fully abandoned capitalism – an abandonment which began about 30 years ago, and which has slowly but surely delivered the USA to its present economic state.  For all those on the Right whom have not noticed this abandonment – those whom claim to be capitalists, but whom do not behave like capitalists in deed, but only in word, may I be the first to scream in your ear:  “Look! The emperor has no clothes!”  (These faux capitalists are a mix of those whom intentionally deceive, and those whom, in their ignorance, merely parrot the words of those whom they have been deceived by.)

For those of us who truly understand what capitalism is, it has become a point of extreme frustration to know that, with great and ever-increasing frequency, an economic system that is actually defined as corporatism, is being erroneously referred to as capitalism, and vice versa.  This frequent confusion between the meanings (and implications ) of the two terms, ‘capitalism’ and ‘corporatism’, is the by-product of the past 30 years corporatizing of American academia, and in that same time frame, the corporatizing of American print and broadcast news, the corporatizing of American labor, the corporatizing of American financial institutions (example: The Federal Reserve – which was incorporated nearly 100 years ago, but which laid the foundation for the USA’s present ‘corporatist’ predicament) the corporatizing of medicine, as well as – and I do not believe that this is at all a stretch – the corporatizing of American government.


A 1968 edition of Funk & Wagnall’s Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary, defines ‘capitalism’ first as, “An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are mostly privately owned and operated for private profit,” and second, as, “The possession of private capital and its resulting power.”  To put the American economic mindset of this era into proper perspective, this same pre-1980s dictionary does not even contain the word ‘corporatism’!  To demonstrate how times have radically changed (and clearly not for the better) my Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary (copyright 1989 and published 1992 by Barnes & Noble Books) defines ‘capitalism’ as, “an economic system in which investments in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations.”  At least one of the points to be recognized in this change in – or addition to – the definition of ‘capitalism’ (which is both understated and landmark) is that, in the pre-1980 era, it was not yet part of the mainstream American mindset that corporate entities were in fact controlling the American economy (and thus the nation itself) nor that anyone in their right mind would hand over to them the means to do so – means which required corporate entities being granted rights greater than that of private entities.  Laying bare America’s present-day, de facto economic system, the same Webster’s dictionary defines ‘corporatism’ as, “the principals, doctrine, or system of corporative organization of a political unit, as a city or state,” and the word ‘corporative’ as, “of or pertaining to a political system under which the principal economic functions, as banking, industry, labor, etc., are organized as corporate entities.”

Post-1980 definitions aside, there should be no confusing capitalism with corporatism, as pure capitalism has absolutely nothing to do with corporatism, and corporatism has absolutely nothing to do with capitalism.  Stated in more simplistic terms, a capitalist economy is run by everyone whom engages in free enterprise – with no government granted advantage or preference granted to any entity.  A corporatist economy is entirely dependent upon governmental granting of advantage and preference to corporate entities over private entities, and is eventually run by something akin to the dictates, designs and self-interests of a handful of aristocratic feudalistic lords.  (Which of the two scenarios matches more closely the current state of American affairs?)  In reality, I believe it can be safely stated that corporatism is the archenemy of capitalism (and vice versa) as well as safely stated that corporatism is directly responsible for nearly every economic problem suffered by America at this present time.


A tacit extension of the Council on Foreign Relations, and founded in July, 1973, David Rockefellar’s Trilateralist Commission served as spearhead for the corporatist attack on American capitalism.  Thus far a highly effective globalist-collectivist stratagem, the trilateralist mechanism operates by subverting individual national sovereignties through agreements, pacts and treaties that subject parties to commercial law (id est: the jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code) as an authority over their own courts and constitutions.

By 1980, the Trilateralist Commission’s power and influence over America had become monstrous and was infecting nearly every area of American life.  Perhaps the Trilateralists’ greatest advantage in this attack on America was their patience and discipline, as both were required in order to exercise their plans through such careful gradualism.  It’s been said that one never cooks a frog by dropping it into boiling water, as it will naturally jump from the pot.  Instead, one places the frog in cool water and turns the heat up slowly, and before the frog knows it, it is cooked.  And that is exactly how the corporatists approached their war on America and the successful robbing the country of its capitalist economic system – by effecting change so gradually and so insidiously (like turning the heat under the frog up slowly) that one day America simply awakened to find itself having become a society existing under corporatism, and yet, ironically, still believing itself to be a nation of capitalists.

Strangely enough, this critical turning point in America’s destiny occurred during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, one of America’s great capitalist icons.  It would seem impossible that such a transition in economic systems could take place right under the nose of such a noted guardian of capitalism, but history demonstrates that this is exactly what happened.  It is my personal opinion that, there is no mystery in this, but that the unfortunate transition was due to Ronald Reagan’s eight-year presidency being saddled with the eight-year vice-presidency of pseudo-conservative George Herbert Walker Bush.  Particularly in the area of economic policy, former Vice-President Bush worked continuously, and effectively, to undermine Reagan’s administration.  Bush’s hatred for Reagan and his economic policy was no secret, and he frequently referred to Reagan’s pure capitalist plan as, “voodoo economics.”  The glaring contrast between the political and economic philosophies of Ronald Reagan and G.H.W. Bush is found within their dramatically differing public statements, as well as the bills and policies they supported, introduced, signed into law, and vetoed.  Through word and deed, Ronald Reagan defined himself as a true capitalist, while George Herbert Walker Bush defined himself as the epitome of a corporatist. In my review of G.H.W. Bush’s extraordinary influence on American economic policy, I believe that, since Woodrow Wilson, no other individual who has served in American public office has done as much damage to capitalism as did George Herbert Walker Bush, or done as much to benefit corporatism.  America’s experiences with G.H.W. Bush should serve as a warning that, because it is natural to trust them, it is those who purport to be capitalists – but who are in fact agents of corporatism operating while under cover – who are capable of doing the greatest damage to capitalism.

Though the war against American capitalism began many years prior, I believe it was in the vicinity of 1980 that the turning point in America’s collective erroneous perception of capitalism occurred.  This was the point in time in which the Left (media and academia, et al) was emboldened to make public statements and criticisms that up to that time would have been considered far too dangerously un-American for print or broadcast, while the fiscal gluttony and sanctimoniousness of a big bunch of bad apples and posers within the collective Right, supplied the Left with a virtual bottomless well of charges against their character, the ancillary effects serving to defame and vilify capitalism in the minds of uninformed through guilt by association alone.  Thus, those responsible for damaging the reputation of capitalism are primarily the narrow-minded Democrat mimics (those types to whom Russia’s Vladimir Lenin referred to as, “useful idiots”) who marched lockstep with the party-line Marxist rhetoric, as well as those individuals whom, without a clear understanding or command of the English language, unintentionally bashed capitalism, when it was the evils of corporatism that they were intending to decry.  But it was pseudo-conservative Republicans – those who purported to be capitalists while they instead conducted themselves as corporatists (the aforementioned sanctimonious fiscal gluttons) who are primarily responsible for the physical damage done to capitalism.



While this particular work is not intended to serve as any sort of an apologetic for capitalism, it is appropriate to state that, as any non-parasitic human being with a properly functioning brain knows, capitalism’s bad-rap is wholly unjustified.  History and facts – not hopes, opinions, classroom models or theories – but facts that demonstrate the eventual failure of non-capitalist economies – have brought the relevance of debating the matter to a conclusion.  Ergo, those who persist in deriding capitalism can be confidently separated into one of two categories, one being that of the liars, and the other being that of the idiots.  And while the workings of the mind of an idiot are generally irrelevant and of no value, it is very important to understand the true motivations behind the liar.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) one must not scratch too deep the surface of the liars’ facade to derive their inducement for sabotaging America’s once sound economic system for the perversity of corporatism:  It is about unlimited power, and thus the unlimited control of wealth – levels of power and control which cannot ever be achieved by any one person – or even any small group of people – under a pure capitalist system.

As I stated earlier in this piece, far too often, when I hear someone from the Right defending capitalism, what they are most often defending is not capitalism at all, but is in fact corporatism (and in this regard, a certain bloated and bombastic radio host frequently comes to mind).  Likewise, far too often, when I hear someone from the Left attacking capitalism, what they are most often decrying the evils of is corporatism, but for which they unjustly lay the blame upon capitalism (a certain smug and whiny hack-comedian-turned-politico comes to mind).  In response to this misunderstanding I say to the Right, “Find some self-respect.”  To the left I say, and specifically to the anti-capitalists, the communists and the socialists among us, “You should know that your collectivist dreams and utopian phantasmagorias will never be actualized because, either knowingly or not, in your working to destroy capitalism, you first supported and empowered corporatism, and corporatism will never yield to communism or socialism, but only to totalitarianism.  And by the way, thanks for ruining the world.”


Is there an astrological connection to this horrific debasement of American sovereignty and economic security? Damned right there is.  The stellar conditions under which the USA abandoned capitalism for corporatism coincide with the USA’s previous and present, Saturn returns.  Now the value in that decision is being put to the test.  But will anyone recognize this?

Since November, 2010 I have written a lot about Saturn and this is because this particular transit of Saturn is so very important.  Saturn represents lessons – not only the hardest lessons, but the most valuable lessons, we learn in life!  Saturn also represents debt, as well as the kneecap-busting debt-collector.  And America is in the process of being taught lessons by Saturn, particularly in regards to matters of debt.  The question is whether or not we are learning what Saturn is trying to teach us.  I think not.

At approximately 7pm, EST on October 21, 1981 transiting Saturn made a return to its natal position in the horoscope of the USA.  This ‘return’ is correlative to many issues of that day that could be regarded as rewards for good work done (NASA’s space shuttle program, as an example) as well as comeuppance for misdeeds (the OPEC oil crisis, as an example).  But relative to this work, I find that this 1981 Saturn return was correlative to America’s sudden shift in economic systems, that is the abandonment of capitalism, and the embracing of corporatism.

After all, transiting Jupiter’s applying sextile to transiting Neptune, and applying conjunction to transiting Pluto, certainly were supportive of the balance of the world’s power shifting towards plutocracy, that is, provided that the world’s most economically influential nation could be convinced to play a role in the shift, if only even unwittingly.  The stellar influences of that day clearly indicate that the USA was ripe for exploitation.  With transiting Neptune (in Sagittarius) in the USA’s First house, there was clearly an issue with unrealistic ideals and a faltering sense of national identity – confusion, in the most part – and Pluto’s long-occupation of the nation’s Tenth house (in Libra) indicates that the nation was dealing with an enormous shift of power.  Lastly, transiting Uranus (in Scorpio) passing through America’s Twelfth house (the house of secret enemies) suggests that radical, collectivist-globalist-types were bent on destroying the USA as it had been, and reshaping it according to their own designs, and to an end of serving their own self-interests and desire for power.

Modernly, Neptune is an excellent mundane representation for large, multi-national corporations, as they tend to be faceless entities, with increasingly difficult to find primary centers of operation, and so often guilty of acts of fraud and deception.  The legal definition of a corporation being ‘an entity that is separate from its owners’ is akin to that of a pseudonym – which is very much Neptunian. And there is Neptune, in the USA’s First house of national identity – defrauding, deceiving, and effectively mesmerizing the public into accepting the self-injurious corporatism over the self-empowering capitalism.  (The long-term, generational influences of Neptune cannot be underestimated, as at the time of the Trilateralist Commission’s first plenary meeting during May, 1976 in Kyoto, Japan (which was attended by former president Jimmy Carter) transiting Neptune was retrograde and, in near-exact conjunction to the USA’s Ascendant (that’s huge in astrological lingo).  In a person’s horoscope, if supported by other aspects, that conjunction could suggest the physical well-being of the person as being in jeopardy.

The USA’s radix Mercury received three close, and highly toxic aspects at the time of the Saturn return, those being a square from Jupiter, a quindecile from Neptune, and a square from Pluto, interpreted as, private business (corporate) interests being placed ahead of national interests, outright fraud and deception (by financiers), and the misrepresentations in speech and writing of highly polished orators (political figures), respectively.  Additionally, and representing the Fate of the American collective, as well as the ever-present forces of destruction working against America’s monetary policy, radix Pluto receives a close (albeit separating) square from Sun, and an applying square from Jupiter, the former revealing Congressional power-plays, and the latter signaling the reinforcement of the momentum behind both corporatism, and the coming plutocracy.

The summary of these astrological influences upon the USA is that, beginning at about 1976, the American collective mindset was slowly falling under a very confusing influence (Neptune) and when transiting Saturn returned to its radix position and, subsequent to that, the nation was under extreme pressure, the evil influence of Neptune, the evil influence of Uranus and the evil influence of Pluto, all made possible a dramatic shift in power towards plutocracy.

Thus, through this stellar interpretation, astrology teaches us that, at least in part, the means by which the nation can return to the universal benefits of capitalism (universal that is, for all but the parasite) is through the reclaiming of the pre-1980 American sense of identity.

This reclaiming of national identity must begin at a grass-roots level – that means you and me – and by first effectively assisting our neighbors in understanding the differences between capitalism and corporatism.