Yes, you read correctly, that beady-eyed sniveler, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has pulled a boner.  On September 7, 2011 the House of Representatives passed the extension of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, which grants government preference to foreign manufacturers in over 100 countries through reduced duties.  If passed by the Senate (and it is likely to be passed) the program will continue to injure American industry, as well as injure the American worker, through July 31, 2013.  Boehner pulled the boner when, in response to the vote, he stated, “By making American manufacturers more competitive with their overseas rivals, this bill removes another obstacle to private-sector job growth and can provide a much needed boost for our economy.  I hope the Senate will take it up and pass it promptly.”

That protective tariffs are the salvation of a failing economy, and the key to prosperity is a matter supported by history.  Inarguable proof is found in the overwhelmingly successful use of protective tariffs in the foundation of the early-American economy (thank Founder, Alexander Hamilton) as well as the protective tariffs established by President William McKinley (1897-1901).  Use of protective tariffs coincide with the USA’s greatest periods of economic growth.  Likewise, recent history demonstrates, and incontrovertibly so, that the absence of protective tariffs, while a boon to foreign financiers, foreign manufacturers, and those Americans invested in foreign manufacturing, is wholly destructive to domestic productivity, a genocide of the middle-class, and the utter enslavement of labor.

Funny, huh?  Funny, that is, for the Speaker of the House to make a statement regarding the effect of the GSP that is 100-percent the opposite of reality, right?  That the exact opposite of a protective tariff would somehow protect domestic productivity?  After all, that is the definition of a ‘boner’ – a humorous mistake.  And we are all laughing, correct?  Or perhaps this was no ‘boner’ at all.  But if Speaker Boehner was not pulling a boner when he said this, then what was he doing?  Was he simply repeating the wide-eyed-Utopian rhetoric of collectivist-globalist idiots?  Or has Boehner become the unwitting dupe of the world’s predatory financial elite, and inadvertently parroted their duplicitous, anti-American, deindustrialization pitch?  Obviously, Boehner must have simply pulled a boner, because, as Speaker of the House, if he does not truly understand the real effects of the GSP on the American people, then that makes him an idiot, and conversely, if he does truly understand the true effects of the GSP on the American people, then that makes him a bald-faced liar.  So a boner it is!

And is it not heartwarming to know that, as the USA is in a rapid state of economic and social decline, our elected officials are so sincerely concerned with raising the standards of living for foreigners, that they are extending self-injurious trade programs such as the GSP?  By the way, this is the cue for all the self-loathing, collectivist-globalist, wide-eyed-Utopian-dummies to smile and nod their heads “yes”.


History has demonstrated that, for over 100 years, the Republicans and Democrats have made nothing but the very worst decisions on economic matters and, that the American people, while suffering injury due to these bad governmental decisions, continue to support the government in making yet more (inevitably) bad decisions.

I cite the stock market crash of 1929, the following period that became known as The Great Depression, and the government’s response to these conditions as supportive of my position.  In the end, it was widely recognized that the crash, and economic depression, occurred due to the schemes of merchant and investment bankers (they stole nearly all the nation’s wealth) to which the US government took measures to regulate the financial markets, ostensibly to protect the public, which, ironically, actually worked to give even more power to merchant and investment bankers to steal from the public, and to do so with less fear of accountability.  (The institution of the FDIC, for example, gave banks the latitude to behave even more irresponsibly than previously, while ultimately passing on any losses to the US public purse.)  The point is this:  As the public suffered through those miserable economic conditions, they chose the fantasy of salvation through government as a means to ease their wounds, and government – which never fails to fail us – applied a bandage while actually deepening the wound beneath.

Now, in our present day, history has repeated, which is something that really smart people frequently tell us that history will do.

The present economic condition of America includes (but is not limited to) an abundance of debt, an absence of sufficient money in circulation, strangled productivity and high-unemployment, all of which are characteristics of a post-boom depression.  I have been referring to this condition as The Second Great American Depression, and firmly believe it, like the previous depression, to be the product of the schemes of merchant and investment bankers – schemes for which success would not have been possible without a functioning partnership with the present and past three presidential administrations, and their accompanying congresses.  But unlike the previous cycle, this time the US government has actually rushed to the aid of those responsible for the damage, and done so by opening the public purse (TARP 1 & 2) to the offending merchant and investment bankers, allowing them to balance their books (and avoid bankruptcies, as well as to evade what I’m sure would be appropriate in many instances – prosecution).  Worse still, and unlike action taken in the 1930s, the balance of regulatory power over the financial industry has now been handed over to a private banking institution, and not just any private banking institution, but the private banking institution, which, through its policies, is directly responsible for the previous speculative bubbles in both stocks and real estate, and which has sucked more of the life-blood from the USA than any other entity in history – the Federal Reserve!

Is there still not sufficient pain being experienced by enough of America so that the nation, en masse, might look past the fantasy of finding financial salvation through government?  And past the fantasy of finding economic security (and never mind prosperity) through and amidst collectivist-globalism?  Is the anesthesia of bread and circus still so effective that it can numb the throbbing of eternal debt-slavery, the aching of the shattering of the American Dream, and the searing pain of exponentially increasing household shortages?  Based upon the American people’s historical response to the nation’s previous economic depression, as well as the American people’s recent response to this early stage of the present economic depression, I am concerned that, in the end, the nation’s response to this growing disaster will be to look for direction, protection, sustenance and security in the arms of the very same monsters responsible for the injuries done to America.  And mark my words – at a terrible price, those very same monsters, once petitioned by the American public through our elected lawmakers, will in fact, ultimately, return some measure of the direction, protection, sustenance and security that the American public begs them for – after all, the debt-slaves must eat, too!

But this present economic crisis does not have to end with the greater enrichment of America’s enemies, nor with the American people being cast even farther into debt-slavery, nor with further loss of American sovereignty, nor with increased collateralizing of American lands and resources.  There is a remarkably simple – and absolutely foolproof – solution to America’s economic crisis, and it requires no greater government spending, and thus no incurring of additional debt.  However (and this is the hard part) the implementation of this simple solution requires three prerequisites: the first prerequisite is the American people’s willingness to finally reject a collection of lies regarding economics and monetary policy – lies that have become institutions in themselves – and which have been repeated over and over again, some for the last 100 years;  the second prerequisite is for the American people to remember that they are just that – American people – that the nation has property lines and that this is a good thing – and We the People are not some sort of weak-willed lackey, or nursemaid, for the rest of the world;  the third prerequisite is for the American people to rise above the limitations of ego and emotion, and abandon the polarization correlative to the one-party-fraud perpetrated by the confederacy of the Republican and Democrat parties.

In the words to follow, I will do my best to address this very complicated matter (a matter which is solved by the simplest solution) with an explanation containing as little complexity as is possible.  I believe readers will be pleasantly surprised by the end-product.  But first, and for the establishment of proper perspective, I believe it must be stated that, those historical figures who are referred to as America’s Founders (or Founding Fathers) to this very day stand intellectually unchallenged by any man or woman to come after them, or presently alive at this time.  I am quite sure that there is a bevy of popular present day figures, as well as famous figures from the past 100 years or so – a collection of media, academia, business and government figures, who hail from both the Left and the Right – who (and along with their sycophants) in their preposterous self-righteousness would certainly disagree with me on this matter!  But the proof of this statement lies in the fact that, since the Founders, none who have claimed to have an idea about how to make the USA stronger economically, and have put that idea into effect, have ever succeeded, and have, in fact, usually done some significant, long-term damage to the country instead.  Thus I ask the reader to keep this in mind as I strive to reveal the simple solution to America’s economic crisis.


Not that long ago, America enjoyed the most powerful economy on planet Earth, and did so for reasons remarkably simple:  1.) The government of the United States of America had not yet become an adversary to We the People of the United States of America.  2.) The creation of the nation’s currency was entirely a governmental function.  3.) Tariffs were structured to support, and encourage, domestic productivity.  4.) Producers were uninhibited by government in their production.  5.) Producers were not subject to the theft of the greater share of the profit of their productivity.  6.) There were no schemes or stratagems withholding America’s public lands and resources for use by only a multi-national corporate elite.  7.) Investment capital was not monopolized by a privately owned, self-serving, anti-capitalist central bank.  8.) Labor reaped the benefit of the aforementioned and recycled money back into the economy;  9.) Due to  abundance (id est: savings) labor often participated in the financing of new business ventures.

Indefatigable in its capacity for expansion, resilient and undaunted within the natural business cycle, America’s formerly successful capitalist economic system was due in its greatest part to the practical genius of Founder, Alexander Hamilton, with his plan based somewhat in mercantilism, and partially on the English system of the day.  It is not my intention to insult Alexander Hamilton’s capitalist genius with an over-simplified definition of his plan, but for brevity I will reiterate the three foundations of his formula for early-America’s economic success:

1. Tariffs appropriate for the nurturing and protection of American industry.

2. A national bank, to create currency, set interest rates, and serve as a commercial lender of last resort.  (Hamilton’s national Bank of the United  States was ultimately subverted and replaced by the privately owned, and utterly self-serving Federal Reserve Bank.  A true national bank adjusts interest rates to support commerce, whereas a self-serving entity such as the Federal Reserve manipulates interests rates to create boom and bust cycles to its own profit.)

3. Government investment in infrastructure and technology.

Early-America’s economic system, which nearly 100 years later became known as the American School of Economics (or sometimes referred to as the National System) is the model for a successful capitalistic economy, capable of providing a nation with all that it needs, and these three foundations stood as linchpin to America’s economic prosperity.  And in the consideration of the efficacy of any economic plan to come after it, remember that history has now clearly demonstrated that any deviation from the early American system of economics is rooted in either the wide-eyed Utopian fantasies of the idiot, or in the lies of the collectivist-globalist agents of the world’s predatory financial elite.  Doubt this?  Then look at the nation’s indebtedness since the establishment of the 1913 charter with the Federal Reserve, and FDR’s New Deal.  Review the quashed productivity and declining household income since U.S. membership in GATT, NAFTA and the WTO.  Observe the increased economic depression, and greater damage done to America’s credit, correlative to TARP 1 & 2 (courtesy of consecutive executive boobs, Bush and Obama).

In light of the incontrovertible failure of all economic plans since Hamilton’s, it is obvious that the solution to America’s current economic crisis is solvable only through a return to the very Hamiltonian foundations that built the American economy in the first place!  Thus, the American economy is saved, and rebuilt, through four restorative measures:

1. Tariffs on imported goods must be raised so as to compensate for foreign government subsidies to their own exports, to compete with foreign slave-labor and slave-labor wages, and to reestablish, and nurture, American industry.

2. The Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of the US government must cease in their giving advantage and preference to multi-national corporations over individual American citizens.  This is effected through an immediate withdrawal of the USA from GATT, NAFTA and WTO (and any other self-injurious trade agreement).

3. Congress must cancel the un-Constitutional-in-nature (and thus, illegal) charter with the privately owned, self-serving Federal Reserve Bank, and reestablish a national bank as sole creator of currency, sole setter of interest rates, and commercial lender of last resort.

4. Government spending must be eliminated for anything not directly related to the nation’s defense, or to the investment in infrastructure and technology.

Four steps.  Pretty simple, huh?  America has been blessed with the most amazing instruction manual for running a free and prosperous nation, and it is commonly referred to as The Constitution of the United States of America, and supplemental to it, The Federalist Papers.  All that We the People must do to restore America is reread these documents, and then demand that our elected government officeholders follow the instructions (i.e.: the law) to the letter.


It is inevitable that both the idiot and the liar will deny the failure of their beloved post-American School economics.  The most vehement opposition is likely to come from New Deal social-Democrats (socialists) and the anti-capitalist Keynesians.  In their employing the all-too-familiar deceptive speech of the enemy, they are likely to call to memory the historical accord of peaks and valleys in the early American economy.  And this is true – there were ups and downs in the early-American economy – and I will remind the reader that it has been said that even the Devil can quote the Bible’s scripture!

Periods of economic expansion and contraction are as natural in the business cycle as are the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter in the agricultural cycle!  In agriculture, the seeds are sown, the crops grow, the crops are harvested, and the bounty is enjoyed – and depleted – and the process begins again.  It is the position of idiots and liars that the very same is not part of the natural business cycle.  It has been the position of idiots and liars that the natural business cycle can be “assisted” through central banking schemes, and governmental intervention, so as to ease, or eliminate, the contraction portion of the natural cycle of expansion and contraction in business.  The end result of this meddling has in fact both prolonged the periods of contraction, and inhibited what would have been the point of natural expansion, and done so to the immense financial profit of those behind the meddling!  And to that last statement, I will add that, in my opinion, without exception, behind every seemingly magnanimous plan involving governmental intervention in the economy for the purpose of easing one or another economic adversity has been a hidden corporatist stratagem than has not only done greater damage, but used the so-called cure as a means to steal from America’s public purse, and/or to give greater business advantage to corporate entities over private entities, and/or to deprive the working class the full benefits of their labor.


Should the Four Restorative Measures ever be employed, remember that the American people will incur the wrath of the enemy!  And this is no ordinary enemy that the USA has been facing, but the most dangerous, murderous, diabolical and manipulative force the world has ever known.  America’s is an enemy that has successfully hidden itself in the shadows for generations, while employing an army of well-dressed henchman strategically placed in top positions in law, government, media, business and academia.  And these henchman of the enemy have the power to summon America’s unwashed mass of bottom-feeding parasites to terrorize We the People, as well as the power to summon America’s well-dressed top-feeding parasites to confuse and constrict the nation.  When threatened with the loss of their cash cow, America’s enemies will gather their armies – a mass of handout recipients – merchant and investment bankers, corporatists – the ultra-rich parasites, and the very-poor parasites – to attack those who fight for freedom and prosperity, and they will use guilt, fear, and even violence to wage their war.  And likely to become one of the greatest adversaries to the implementation of the Four Restorative Measures is the newest class of the enemy’s henchmen – those Americans presently invested in foreign industry.  Yes, the greatest opposition to the only measures which can save the American economy is likely to come from those Americans who have invested in the deindustrialization of America, that is, invested in foreign corporations which are successful due only to their receiving preferment by the US government over US citizens.  And should the Four Restorative Measures be employed, there will be a noise unlike the world has every heard before – a great protest by all the world’s major financial institutions – because it is they that, due to America’s present self-injurious economic and monetary policies, make a fabulous fortune annually on the backs of the American people.

As it would result in cutting off the life blood to the world’s most powerful parasitic element, the implementation of the Four Restorative Measures will not occur without a battle of epic proportions – a battle that in comparison could make the American Revolution look like a minor skirmish.

But a return to a true capitalist economy – as designed in large part by Founder, Alexander Hamilton – will restore the American economy, rebuild America’s middle class, and, should history be repeated, leave the American people with such great abundance that once again, America may earn the envy, respect and gratitude of the whole world, and do so without a budget crisis, without injury to the American people, and without incurring debt.