March 9 – 31, 2013:

The current administration and its allies in academia, industry and media will spend the remainder of the month of March regrouping, colluding and strategizing for their next assault on liberty, peace, prosperity and American autonomy.  The financial ambitions and desires for power held by the world’s plutocrats, as well as the political aspirations of radical leftists, will be pursued under the veneer of a socialist agenda propagandized as egalitarian reform.


March 31, 2013

Sunday – Some of America’s most wealthy people are likely to be spending Easter Sunday drawing in political contacts, checking the foreign affairs forecast, and preparing to speculate heavily on Monday.  “Buy when there is blood in the streets,” Rothschild was known to have said.  There is the potential for additional call ups for armed services personnel as joint alliances are assembled in response to North Korean saber rattling.


March 30, 2013

Saturday – Yesterday’s influences suggested a very strong presence of plutocrats in operation and exerting influence from below the line of vision.  The weight of the stars upon America’s horoscope today suggest that the plutocracy’s interests have been secured.  Whether connected to this or not I cannot tell, and I do wish I could anchor this interpretation to something, but it would appear as though some sort of power struggle is going on within the current administration on both today and Sunday, and that this power struggle does somehow involve the US armed services.  This may manifest as the exploitation of the US armed services in the pursuit of securing the plutocracy’s interests, or it may manifest as the stage of planning the use of the US armed services.  Present in the periphery appears to be an odd mix of  academics, soldiers, businessmen and highly polished orators (demagogic) as well as men and women capable of acts of brutality.


March 29, 2013

Friday – The world’s wealthiest people exert their influence in American politics today, and with the intention of gaining additional control over US monetary and foreign policy.  How can you spot the liar today?  He’s the one talking a lot about “patriotism” while striving to get America involved in activities that serve only to further enrich a small group of international financiers.


March 28, 2013

Thursday – Wednesday’s stellar influences carry through the day though with greater potency.


March 27, 2013

Wednesday – Through the motions of Uranus, another set of ominous astrological influences upon the USA begin today and will remain in effect through early 2014.  The unsettling effect of the transit of Uranus through America’s fourth house has rapidly exposed many of the country’s cultural weaknesses, and historically, while crossing a certain zodiacal degree, has been in cyclical correlation to the precipitation of war, as well as economic catastrophes of particularly long duration.  As Saturn currently resides in Scorpio, and occupies America’s eleventh house,  this stern and unforgiving influence is not likely to give forbearance to speculators when market tensions arise.  Likewise, Pluto’s residence in Capricorn and occupation of the USA’s first house pushes to an extreme America’s collective sanctimony and tendency to exercise a despotic hand in international matters, leading to the likelihood of military action being taken rashly when tensions arise in foreign affairs.  Thus, the degrees of Uranus serve as an augury for war, or economic disaster – or perhaps even both.  I’ll reveal more insight on this in the coming days.

Through the day, America’s national security remains threatened through acts of treason, espionage, sabotage, or perhaps the extortion and/or intimidation of US citizens holding positions sensitive to national security.

While today’s and Thursday’s stellar influences may manifest in no greater form than a whole lot of saber rattling coming from various points around the world, attacks upon America’s  members of the armed services are within the realm of possibility.  Today and through Friday, those Americans with less control of their passions than others will be particularly excitable, and this condition will be found evident in the political arena.  This point in time is one when the current trend of America’s collective emotions overriding collective intellect is at its strongest, and it is likely to be happening at the worst possible time.

Unlike even the flies that swarm upon a pile of dung, the army of liars, con-artists and demagogues that buzz about the nation’s capital seemingly never sleep, and are unceasing in their efforts to defraud and injure the United States of America.  The stars suggest that, not only is the nation ripe for the swindle (due at least in part to the agitated emotional state) but that rabble-rousers from both sides of the aisle are likely to make fraudulent use of patriotism as a means to successfully manipulate the public.


March 26, 2013

Tuesday – Stelar influences indicate that today and through Thursday, there is the potential for acts of treason, espionage and/or sabotage.  This same influence can also portend of acts of extortion or intimidation involving an US citizen holding a position or office sensitive to America’s national security.  (These same influences can also correlate with revelations/reports of the aforementioned.)

America’s horoscope for today suggests that the President may be in for a day of sharp criticism – something that, in the opinions of some, is long-overdue, and very well-needed.


March 25, 2013

Monday – Put on your hip waders and don your gas masks, because someone in the White House will be piling it up to the rafters today.  Current influences suggest that, a strong effort will be made by those with access to the nation’s purse strings to pilfer US public funds on behalf of the country’s most wealthy, and that they will make use of every means available to steer the American public’s emotions to their designs through fear, envy and greed in order to sell a concept to the public that serves only a few elitist parasites while depriving the many producers.  America’s collective confusion regarding matters of monetary policy and debt – as well as Constitutionally authorized spending – makes the nation ripe for the swindle.  Yes, spearheaded by the Executive Branch, and in collusion with corporatist scumbags and their Congressional flunkies, a major deception is in the works.  This con will have in its corner the usual cadre of academics, jurists and political analysts, as well as a few celebrity spokespersons.  At the top of this vile heap is a successful and highly polished orator (male and of light complexion) as well as an aggressive supporter connected to civil service (female, dark complexion).  Expect all the usual political playing cards to be thrown down: race, class envy, women’s equality and children’s welfare.  But do not be deceived – there is no magnanimous intention behind this scheme.


March 24, 2013

Sunday – Friday’s interpretation applies throughout the day, but with additional influences that indicate wealthy people soliciting support from the White House in securing public funding for private projects.  These influences indicate an eventual exploitation of the poor and working classes for the for the benefit of the wealthy, and the Executive branch of the US government as lynchpin to the stratagem.


March 23, 2013

Saturday – Friday’s interpretations apply throughout the day, though now with an even greater emphasis on weak leadership, or self-serving policies, emerging from the White House.

Despite there being no Constitutional provision for it, US taxpayer funding for the arts is likely to be well received by lawmakers.

On a positive note, and if represented by a member of Congress with good character (is there one presently in office?) veteran’s issues can be successfully ameliorated.


March 22, 2013

Friday – In my analysis of the USA’s horoscope, I have come to the conclusion that, for the next three days, the focus of US events will revolve around President Obama.  America’s Chief Executive Officer is likely to be either subject to extremely poor judgment, or prone to such a state of selfishness and egotism that, in the pursuit of his own self-interests, he does the country significant and long-lasting harm.  Exactly how this influence manifests, and exactly what is the President’s real motivation, depends entirely upon his true character.  My interpretation of the current astrological pressures upon the USA suggests a president that is not only glory seeking, but one who carries a strong dislike for national foundations, as well as one who harbors great jealousies and resentments.  (This analysis is correlative to my analysis of the nativity of President Barack Obama in synastry to the nativity of the USA.)  Furthermore, this same chart analysis puts the significator of the presidency in the company of liars and swindlers.  Should President Obama work to appease his wealthy supporters, his actions may result in the further depletion of America’s shared resources, and bring significant injury upon the poor and working classes.

Today and through Sunday the nation’s political atmosphere is likely to be tense, and any criticism of White House policies are likely to be legitimate.

Today and through Sunday, and in terms of national security, the threat of acts of treason, espionage and sabotage is STRONG.

My final comment regarding this analysis:  The chart suggests that, due to emotional stress, the nation, in large part, has been overindulging in rich foods and sugars, resulting in an upswing in temporary digestive disorders.


March 21, 2013

Thursday – Apologies for sounding like Chicken Little, but today’s planetary positions suggest that the USA is at risk of being injured by the nefarious activities of cabals and conspiracies, the actions of which could include: plots of assassination, as well as acts of treason and espionage.  A scientist (especially a physicist) or mathematician could be at risk.

Collectively, the nation is likely to be gripped by a sense of dejection.


March 20, 2013

Wednesday – Happy Vernal Equinox!  Alas, America begins the first day of spring still under many unfortunate planetary influences.  Neptune will play the role of an unrelenting, surreptitious troublemaker in the US horoscope for some time, and I believe that, in the year ahead, its degrees will coincide with frauds perpetrated upon the American public through foreign trade treaties and/or contracts.  Today this Neptunian influence draws together duplicitous political unions bent on misappropriation of US public assets and/or resources.  Coincidental to this influence is another involving Neptune that evinces acts of deception by the Senate and/or higher courts.  Another influence, and connected to the degree of Venus, suggests that a propaganda campaign is integral to this aforementioned deception, and in this, academics, jurists and government officials are figured prominently.


March 19, 2013

Tuesday – And the con continues.  Monday’s astrological influences apply throughout the day.


March 18, 2013

Monday –  Stellar influences suggest that, beginning today, and peaking on April 20, 2013, it is likely that a significant financial fraud will be successfully perpetrated upon the American public.  This fraud will most likely transpire through the signing of treaties with foreign nations, with swindlers operating within the USA as the primary beneficiaries of the terms of the treaty or treaties.  America will suffer damage through the loss of hard assets, natural resources and lowered household income for the working classes.  Aggressive females figure prominently as actively engaged in this deception, and these women may hold elected or appointed public offices.  The stars indicate that prominent media figures (mostly feminine) will play a significant role in this chicanery.  (This influence centers on the transit of Neptune and will persist with a diminishing effectiveness through September 2, 2013 when Neptune will retrograde out of orb, and then return again on January 18, 2014, peak a second time on February 15, 2014, and persist with diminishing effectiveness through March 15, 2014.)


March 17, 2013

Sunday – Saturday’s interpretation of the USA’s horoscope applies throughout the day.  On the upside, today is an excellent day for those in the arts to pursue the patronage of wealthy benefactors.  In politics, print and broadcast media is likely to be pervaded with partisan hostilities and all the typical party-line fiction.


March 16, 2013

Note:  Regarding today’s prognostications, let us hope that I am a day late on this calculation, and that the tragedies reported in the news on Friday represent the worst of it, and the influence is now behind us.

Saturday –  Today and through Sunday the stars warn of the potential for a significant act of violence to be committed within the country, or this same malefic energy could manifest as a natural, or manmade catastrophe also within the US.  If this stellar influence manifests as an act of violence, then the attacker is likely suffering from violent insanity but is probably not working alone even if it is reported as so.  (Yes, there is the suggestion of a conspiracy being involved in regards to this influence.)  In the case of an act of violence, then the target of the attacks is likely to be working class Americans, and the motivation being rebellion and a desire to break down America’s traditional foundations.  If this influence manifests as a natural disaster, then look for tornados or earthquakes.  In the case of a manmade catastrophe, then modern means of transportation, or uranium-based technologies are likely to be involved.


March 15, 2013

Friday – Reform-oriented political groups are likely to be active today.  Figured prominently are matters concerning members of the US armed forces and/or the care of disabled veterans.

In business, negotiations and contracts involving industry (especially technology) should come together with ease.

It is probable that the spread of colds and flulike infections will sharply increase today and through Saturday.


March 14, 2013

Thursday – Under today’s stellar influences America’s mathematicians, physicists and inventors will receive starred inspiration and guidance to do great things with lasting effects.

Look for a woman activist of a libertarian persuasion – her crusade for truth and justice is legitimate and she should be supported.  Likewise, associations formed on this day between wealthy American benefactors and political reformers of a libertarian philosophy will be beneficial and long-lasting.  However, beware of any alliance formed on this day between the White House and celebrities, as the association will prove to be detrimental to the cause of liberty.


March 13, 2013

Wednesday – Today’s stellar influences suggest that America can look forward to a day in which the exchange of thoughts and ideas can be highly productive (this despite Mercury’s retrogradation).  Through these exchanges, much can be learned about matters of debt and monetary policy.  Look for an original thinker to be truth’s message-bearer – someone who has perhaps gained national attention but is regarded by the establishment as an “extremist” or one who operates in print or broadcast outside of the mainstream media.

The extent of President Obama’s egotism and pride is likely to be seen as obnoxious by even his closest supporters.

Misuse of the United States armed forces and/or intelligence gathering agencies in covert operations is likely at this time.  (I interpret “misuse” do to the fact that the operations not only fail to serve American interests in any way, but also that, in this regard, America can be duped into becoming the unwitting henchman of foreign interests.)


March 12, 2013

Tuesday – A really, really stupid idea could receive public funding today (or could be given consideration for funding such as going before a congressional committee).  Unlike the usual attempts to access the public purse through fraud and deception, this plan for the public funding of what is destined to become a boondoggle is rooted in the dreams of speculators.  These speculators have bought into some sort of half-baked theory, or have been bedazzled by some maladroit model, within the sphere of science and technology.

Today’s stellar influences also warn of a significant military or police operation being bungled.


March 11, 2013

Monday – Sunday’s interpretation applies throughout today, but the assemblage of the aforementioned propagandists’ team is now likely to draw in noted academic figures.  In connection with these fraudulent reforms, beginning today and through the coming weeks, sweetheart deals will be made in connection to the administration of the planned programs.


March 10, 2013

Sunday – Today comes with threats of violence come from abroad.  An active partnership is formed between powerful financiers and politicians.  This cabal is likely to enlist a cadre of celebrities and disillusioned women to spearhead a seemingly altruistic message to the public.  In the coming weeks look for a new social campaign to begin which pleads for assistance for the indigent and disabled, but which serves only as camouflage for yet another plan to sanction police state tactics to be used against the American public, as well as access the nation’s public purse.


March 9, 2013

Saturday – Today’s influences upon the USA’s horoscope suggest that those who give their support to President Obama from below the line of visibility are likely to be happy with his progress and plan for him luxurious rewards.  Political activists from the far left are likely to gather today, and propaganda campaigns aimed at America’s women will make use of heart-rending accounts designed to manipulate through fear, guilt and class-envy.


March 8, 2013

Friday – Threats of violence and an uncommonly hostile political environment may dull the sparkle of a day otherwise exuberant with news of big business deals and advancements in technology.

A feminine populist is prominent and pursues a crusade for truth and justice – her claims are to be regarded as legitimate.

Below the line of visibility, but revealed in America’s horoscope, is the presence of an insurgent working from within the US and in some sort of official capacity (perhaps an appointed position, especially advisory).  The figure is male, early forties to mid-fifties, light-to-olive complected, and as unpredictable as he is vindictive.  He is further identified by a quick, jerky gait, perhaps a foul mouth, and his consciously working to break down American fundamentals.  This snake in the grass will attempt to justify his work by labeling it with names such as “progressivism” and, “reform.”  In reality it is all done in the pursuit of his own ambitions.


March 7, 2013

Thursday –  The stars suggest that today and tomorrow the people of the USA are at risk for being deceived through official reports, or an official speech (in the case of the latter, a demagogue is figured).  This is in relation to foreign affairs or, matters of foreign trade.  It would appear as though a concentration of power in the areas of industry and finance seeks to impose its will upon the people of the USA, and the end result is America being exploited and sustaining yet another difficult-to-reverse form of injury.  (Coincidentally, today is when the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census will release its report on U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services for January, 2013.)  Cui bono:  Those who monitor these events may identify the liars as those who use this misinformation as justification for any alteration to US foreign trade rules, and pinpoint members of the aforementioned power-grabbing cabal as those whose businesses benefit from those alterations.  In this all, and acting in their official capacities, a number of influential and self-indulgent feminine figures rise to prominence again.

Still in connection to this same horoscopic influence, the political arena should be extraordinarily tense today with all the usual Republican and Democrat thugs looking for an opportunity to get on the mic, or in front of the camera and attempt to manipulate the minds of the American people using fear and emotional blackmail.  Caveat:  This same stellar influence can also be translated as separate from matters of foreign relations or trade, and as an intentional deception carried out (or planned to be carried out at a later date) by the higher courts, and one which will end in the depriving the populace of some measure of their civil liberties.

In the markets there is a likelihood of small, private investors buying high and selling low throughout the day while institutions effectively put themselves on the wining side of those trades.

In the news:  Reports of violence abroad and political opposition to US interests are likely, and this may include the passing of a notable individual.  (This same stellar influence is also associated with violence within the USA’s borders, but it is weak, and therefore I give it only a very low level of probability.)


March 6, 2013

Wednesday – Today there is the potential for the issuance of intentionally misleading information from someone within the Executive branch of the US government.  This chicanery is likely rooted in the current administration’s difficulties in dealing with a strained relationship between the USA and a foreign country.  Mouthpieces from both predominant parties may encourage an unjustified intimidatory political position regarding the matter, and with the larger part of Americans still allowing their passions to rule over their intellects, Washington may feel it’s been granted tacit approval to engage in some rash action.  A strong feminine figure (a brainy-type and conceivably a civil-servant, as well as of light complexion) provides opposition, and her advice should be heeded.

In the financial markets passions are likely to override common sense or strategy, and both heavy speculation and a little fear-based selling are to be anticipated.


March 5, 2013

Tuesday – Today in the world of politics there is the possibility of an act of violence which symbolizes a rebelling against US policies, or some form of protest which may threaten violence.  My apologies for the vagueness, but this may be domestic, or occur in a foreign place in which the US holds interests.  In any case, in connection with this matter a prominent male figure (perhaps a celebrity or beloved political figure) may make a plea – or begin a crusade – for justice.  Under this stellar influence, a truth once hidden may be brought to light, the consciences of America’s leadership challenged, and some measure of justice obtained, or at the least, future attainment of justice put into the works.

The stars also indicate this as a day during which important scientific theories may be effectively collaborated, as well as a time when speculation is likely to be quite heavy in the financial markets.


March 4, 2013

Monday – Some time ago I was asked the question, “Is there a feminist “mafia” operating in the US House of Representatives?”  My answer was this:  While I do not see a “mafia” that is based upon the betterment of women and the pursuit of women’s good and unmet needs, I do in fact see a feminine “mafia” – that is, a cabal of prominent female figures within the US House of Representatives that is actively engaged in plots and stratagems with lucre being the only unifying factor between them.  Most everything that destroys the quality of life for American men, also destroys the quality of life for American women, and vice versa, thus American men and women are partners in the struggle to maintain quality of life.  In my astrological analysis of this matter I do not see anything of any significance currently being done on behalf of America’s collective best interests, and instead, almost every stellar influence found seems to indicate the USA’s elected office holders as working against the best interests of the country.  Ergo, this feminine “mafia” is a sub-group within a larger group which is accurately indicted as anti-American, which defines the feminine “mafia” as anti-woman.

I decided to report my judgement on this matter because, on this day, the stars indicate that the influence of a cabal of feminine figures – or feminine mafia – will be particularly potent, and working in partnership with very wealthy financiers and industrialists (masculine figures being most prominent) as well as with the White House, with the end goal being to dig deep into America’s collective resources and redistribute them to special interests, the majority of which are plutocratic.  (Am I somehow missing the feminism in this?)  Be assured that, in their workings, any mention of child welfare or women’s needs is simply a red herring.


March 3, 2013

Sunday – Along with the influences indicated on Friday, March 1, 2013, today’s stellar influences suggest America’s televised and printed news editorials to be inundated with “progressives” spouting radical political ideas, as well as promoting plans for fraudulent globalist-collectivist-type strivings for societal nirvana.


March 2, 2013

Saturday – Look to the interpretation for Thursday, February 28, 2013 for influences for the early part of the day, and the interpretation for Friday, March 1, 2013 for influences lasting throughout Saturday, and carrying over into Sunday.


March 1, 2013

Friday – Here comes the con-artists!  The following influences are in effect from early Friday morning through Sunday evening:  A foreign trade deal of some sort is potentially in the works and is likely the product of the machinations of opportunists.  The stars also indicate that, in conjunction with this, there is some potential for the misuse (or planned misuse at a later date) of the US military or covert operatives to alter the political landscape in the foreign country involved in this planned trade arrangement.  (The foreign nation involved in this matter may be an ally of the USA but be resistant to the exploitation of labor and/or resources.)  Thus, be forewarned that any foreign trade agreement hatched, or put into effect (by law or treaty) will serve only to enrich men and women with no allegiance to America and, at some point in the future, is likely to result in the following:  the iniquitous exploitation of a foreign country;  the possibility of innocent blood on America’s hands;  the likelihood of additional losses to domestic productivity and jobs;  the creating of further needless financial expenditures to be borne by the American people.


February 28, 2013

Thursday – The day begins with the potential for America’s televised and printed news sources to report exaggerations of truth, or outright lies, based upon information likely to have been issued by either a government spokesperson, or through an official report of a government agency.  The purpose is to motivate the public through fear and/or guilt.  Behind this distribution of misinformation is the scheme of a group of crooks.  These crooks may be identified by having as their spokesperson a woman with a dark complexion, who may be connected to Congress, and who is likely to hold radical (leftist) political views.  They may also be identified through their seeking access to public funds (big surprise there, huh?).  Unfortunately, at this time, the American people are, in large part, highly subject to being deceived and it is quite likely that this cabal of thieves and con-artists will succeed in foisting an erroneous impression upon the public.  The end result of this scheme, if instituted into public policy, or if enacted into law, or if granted funding, will most certainly, in its end, prove damaging to the USA.  This stellar influence extends through Friday evening.

In the afternoon the media may become abuzz with some sort of radical notion concocted by international financiers and sold to the White House that it might be proffered to the American people via their elected representatives and senators.  (To identify this plan look for a barrage of belligerently toned proclamations coming from political bullies).  The planets suggest that a deal is in the works – one which requires alterations to America’s foreign trade policies and involves foreign manufacturing, as well as that which brings together industrialists and technocrats.  Prominent in this influence is the diplomatic service, the Executive branch of the US government, and industry magnates.  Two figures stand out: both male, one of dark complexion and one of light, both of whom wield significant power.  As the angles cast by the planets related to this influence are malefic (evil) I have no choice but to conclude that so to is the influence, and that any deal that is put into the works, or put into effect, under this influence, will prove to be significantly damaging to the American people.  This stellar influence extends through Saturday morning.


February 27, 2013

Wednesday – Today there exists the potential for a rift in America’s relations with a neighboring country.  The source of tension is likely to involve contested or jointly shared boundaries or resources, with the neighboring country figured as the instigator.  (This is a minor influence.)

To the delight of globalist-collectivist and corporatist types, foreign countries not bordering the USA are particularly ripe with opportunity for deal-making and trade. In conjunction with this, industrialists and financiers are figured prominently in the US chart and, like the pilot fish that scavenge at the mouths of sharks, also figured in the US chart are speculators following behind the plutocrats and looking to make a quick buck.  Whatever it may be that these fat cats seek to obtain today, it is likely that they will call into their service economists and even professors of law to assist in pleading their case to the public.  On this day it appears that, in its ability to protect America from the ambitions of the world’s most wealthy individuals, the Executive branch of the US government is likely to prove itself to be extraordinarily impotent.


February 26, 2013

Tuesday – In his effort to get his way in matters of public policy, the President is likely to use things such as fear and class-envy to exploit America’s present tendency towards extreme emotional responses, and in this, in order to plead his case, he may call upon an ambitious woman with ostensible reformist goals.  (Remember that truly good ideas are generally not a hard-sell to Americans but bad ideas frequently require some amount of manipulation.)

Today the national spirit may be best described as muddle-headed, and with this state of confusion, an underlying tone of disappointment.

On the upside, commerce should be brisk, with a fair percentage of the day’s receipts favoring luxury items.  In terms of credit sales, it is not unlikely that today a significant number of Americans will over extended themselves in their pursuit of la dolce vita.


February 25, 2013

Monday – Carrying over from yesterday, the transiting Sun is triggering a sensitive point in the USA’s nativity today which when combined with other stellar influences suggests the potential for those who mean the USA harm to come together for crimes such as conspiracy and espionage.  There is some potential for acts of violence such as assassination, however, that Saturn and Mercury are both retrograde should make the success of such an undertaking very difficult, and I give this a rather low likelihood.  But if such an act does come to pass, then the perpetrator is likely a foreign government believed by the USA to be an ally, and the target an American scientist.  (However, the truth regarding the crime will have nothing to do with what is reported to the press/public, and a coverup is almost assured, with those in America’s high command justifying the coverup with the idea of saving a foreign ally from embarrassment.)

Events of this day which involve the President are likely to have some measure of effect on the nation’s long-term future, or perhaps even America’s destiny, and the measure of the depth of that effect will be visible in the evening by the degree to which President Obama bears his now familiar smug grin.  Unfortunately the degree to which the President can charm and persuade today will not serve the country in anyway, but instead, in his ability to negotiate deals, work against the people of America and lead the country into damaging associations.  Be assured that the best interests of America will be subordinated to the interests of commerce, and President Obama is likely to spend the day in the company of businessmen, lobbyists and public relations specialists.  My apologies for sounding like a broken record (or perhaps a skipping CD) but I’m calling it as I see it, and today, and once again, any alterations to public policy, proposed or enacted legislation, treaties signed, etc., will prove gravely injurious to America and its citizens.

Another stellar influence, which in the midst of this depressing news, and offering only small consolation, indicates that this should be another day in which commerce should be brisk with retailers and food and beverage providers the beneficiaries.


February 24, 2013

Sunday – On a positive note, the day should prove propitious for retailers and the food and beverage business (credit card purchases being prominent).  Young female intellectuals/authoresses should have an opportunity to present their opinions to public and peers, but must be aware that Mercury’s retrogradation may result in their views being misunderstood.

Sadly, the transiting Sun is triggering a sensitive point in the USA’s nativity today which when combined with other stellar influences suggests the potential for those who mean the USA harm to come together for crimes such as conspiracy and espionage.  There is some potential for acts of violence such as assassination, however, that Saturn and Mercury are both retrograde should make the success of such an undertaking very difficult, and I give this a rather low likelihood.  But if such an act does come to pass, then the perpetrator is likely a foreign government believed by the USA to be an ally, and the target an American scientist.  (However, the truth regarding the crime will have nothing to do with what is reported to the press/public, and a coverup is almost assured, with those in America’s high command justifying the coverup with the idea of saving a foreign ally from embarrassment.)  This influence will carry over through Monday afternoon.


February 23, 2013

Saturday – It would appear as though America’s enemies never sleep.  Today’s stellar influences indicate that plutocrats’ and globalist-collectivists’ plotting and planning against the American people continues throughout the day.  On this day, it is likely that this plotting and planning takes place out in the open rather than in secret, and it should be recognizable by its being connected to public discourse centered in the stirring of primitive instincts such as fear and envy.  As stellar influences indicate that, in large part, the American people are still in a state wherein emotion rules over intellect, and when combined with Mercury’s retrogradation, any debate that is won on this day, if allowed to influence public or monetary policies, is most likely to result in some measure of harm or damage to the USA at a later time.


February 22, 2013

Friday – This is day three of three days of a likely escalation in violent crime across the USA.

Potentially spearheaded by a female civil servant (possibly of dark complexion and a masculine demeanor) any proposed changes in public policy, or proposed or enacted legislation, will be the product of an attempt to deceive the public, and behind this deception, plutocrats’ objectives to gain increased power and authority over the country.  Said changes in public policy, or proposed or enacted legislation, will certainly prove to be injurious to the majority of Americans, and result in some measure of loss of rights and autonomy.  Under these same astrological influences there is the suggestion that, said changes in public policy, or proposed or enacted legislation, will ultimately result in the sanctioning of brutal and violent police state tactics to be used against American citizens.

Also connected to the aforementioned stellar pressures is the possibility of a female civil servant (also potentially a woman of dark complexion and a masculine demeanor) to commit perjury, or at the least, engage in an act of deception, in connection to a crucial governmental or legal matter.


February 21, 2013

Thursday – Yesterday’s influences pertaining to globalist-collectivist stratagems and a duplicitous female figure related to both banking (or bank regulating) and reform politics remain in effect throughout today.

Today is the second of three days of a potential elevation in violent crimes across the nation, with an emphasis on violent crimes against women.

Regarding business:  Although not as fortunate as the days prior to Saturn’s recent retrogradation, partnerships and business ventures sealed or launched on this day are likely to be very much in harmony with America’s business cycle (such as it is) and should be watched by investors and speculators as possible opportunities.

In the news:  Public discourse will likely include substantial debate on opposing life philosophies while plutocrats work tirelessly behind the scenes to steer both the political left, and the political right, towards a common point of self-injury.  So watch the posturing pundits as the ninnies at both ends of political extremism beat each other over their heads with one false ideology or another!

It is at this time that the American people, in large part, are once again prone to allowing emotion and ego to override intellect, and do so while seeking leadership from those who are wholly unqualified to lead.  Thus, if decisions regarding public policy are made today it is quite likely that mistakes will be made.


February 20, 2013

Wednesday – Strongly figured in America’s path today, globalist-collectivists are on the prowl and peddle their latest cons as reformist political plans promising utopian outcomes.  As has become routine, these plans focus upon siphoning from the nation’s coffers and/or accessing America’s line of credit.  A dynamic feminine figure appears prominently in relation to this matter (attractive, affable, somewhat tall, light complexion and hair) and she is likely connected to matters of commercial/investment banking either through her employment in banking, or as a regulator of financial services, or perhaps a regulator of monetary policy.  While this feminine figure appears sincere and may offer to champion some cause on behalf of those less fortunate, her true trade is the swindle, her expert technique is duplicity, and her true goal is the attainment of personal wealth.

This is day one of a three day period during which there is likely to be an escalation in violent crime across the country.  Rapes and crimes passionnels may be particularly prominent.


February 19, 2013:

Tuesday – Warning!  This is a Major B*** S*** Alert!  By their zodiacal degrees, the planets suggest the potential for radical scheming by special interests.  (Big surprise!)  On this day, any proposed plan based upon creating social equity should be considered as ultimately hostile and destructive, and being masqueraded under a veneer of ‘justice for the afflicted’, or ‘women’s interests’, or perhaps even ‘the protection of children’, etc.  The stars indicate government and/or mainstream media will likely work to support some political position driven by sentiment, and invoke the public’s every emotional weakness (fear and guilt, primarily) as they proffer some new nitwitted notion in the names of ‘progressivism’ and ‘social reform’.  There will, however, be opposition – a few voices of reason – but these opposers will be in such smaller numbers as to ultimately have no effect.  Watch the pundits, as it should prove to be a day of debate, controversy and hurt feelings!

Of waning influence:  the President – or another powerful, key figure within the government – is likely to attempt to override the Constitutional restraints of his or her office, or perhaps propose a plan requiring him or her to do that at some point in the future.  Should a figure such as described appear prominently today, they will thus be identified as one carrying out a self-serving, diabolical stratagem and should immediately be regarded as an object of scorn and loathing.


February 18, 2013:

Monday:  The Swamp (Washington, D.C.) will be back to its regular shenanigans today, with heavy politicking by both parties.  Powerful individuals are desirous of accessing public funds (most likely for cloak-and-dagger type technologies) and the White House is likely to be looking at America’s working class to foot the bill (though the rhetoric will continue to cite only “the top one percent” as the target of deprivation of wealth).


Throughout the month of February, 2013

Jupiter’s degrees indicate an extended period of delicate economic conditions for America’s working class, as well as a feebleness within the Courts to properly defend the Constitution and best interests of the country.  Saturn’s degrees suggest a continued undermining of the nation by the Executive and Legislative branches of government rooted in officeholders’ self-interests.  The degrees of Uranus warn of continued weather extremes and continued aimless political unrest.  Neptune, by its degrees, warns of a continued battle between liberty and, the aspirations of the world’s financial elite, cloaked in collectivist idealism (this battle is presently taking place through public discourse, and spearheaded by media conglomerates managed by the aforementioned financial elite).  Pluto’s degrees warn of America’s potential to irrevocably damage its reputation with the world by being seen as extremist and an abuser of its own power.  (I interpret this ‘extremism’ and ‘abuse of power’ as America’s allowing itself to be used as the unwitting henchman of powerful individuals with nefarious goals.)


Amongst many conservative and libertarian-minded Americans, Briton Piers Morgan of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight has recently crossed the line from famous to infamous for his anti-Second Amendment prattle, and overt abuse of his pro-Second Amendment interviewees.  Rightfully so, many conservative and libertarian-minded Americans regard an attack on the US Constitution’s Second Amendment as tantamount to an attack on America itself.  In analysis of the matter, one must first attempt to determine if Morgan’s hysterical anti-gun rhetoric is no more nefarious than that of a schlock journalist working to peddle his perverted product to an ignorant, emotionally driven audience, or if what motivates his actions is something still more sinister.  Indeed, in the case of the former, Morgan’s curriculum vitae includes his working as writer and editor for a number of muckraking British tabloids, for which he was rebuked in 2012 for his lack of concern for the law in the official report of the Leveson Inquiry (a British judicial inquiry formed due to the News International phone-hacking scandal).  In the case of the latter, and since I have no FBI super-computer, nor a web of CIA informants, I will resolve to use a process that is possibly more insightful than both:  astrological analysis.

Piers Morgan’s birth on March 30, 1965 puts his Sun at roughly nine degrees Aries, with a publicity-favoring conjunction with Venus applying at less than three degrees.  Morgan’s Mercury (coinciding with intellect) resides in Aries as well, giving him a good memory, and a quick verbal cut and thrust.  Meanwhile, and spurring a cantankerous, rabble-rousing temperament, a conjunction is formed in Virgo by his Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  Of great significance, Morgan’s Jupiter, while strong in the sign of Taurus (and certainly connected to his fame, fortune and to-date ability to remain unaccountable for his actions)  resides in the same degree as the evil star Algol, long associated with autocrats and those prone to unscrupulous behavior, and which is also connected to those who inspire mob violence.  Saturn in Pisces forms a near perfect opposition to Morgan’s Mars (highly destructive) another near-perfect opposition to Uranus (revolutionary) and a fairly close opposition to Pluto (bad temper, violence, and in the worst cases, connected to mass-murder).

Summary:  A cursory review of Piers Morgan’s nativity evinces the potential for a temperament and disposition best described as domineering, seditious and despicable.

But as there are many other contemptible a**holes who walk around America without posing a threat to the lives, limbs and liberties of the USA’s citizenry en masse, to determine whether or not the abhorrent Mr. Morgan is in fact a menace to American society we must look a bit deeper into the matter.  By comparing the degrees of the planets (and chart points) in Piers Morgan’s nativity (a.k.a. ‘horoscope’ or ‘birth-chart’) to those in the USA’s nativity, a very interesting picture begins to emerge.  This process is referred to as ‘synastry’.

A highly sensitive horoscopic chart point called the Ascendant in the nativity of either a person or a nation is related to the overall health of the ‘body’.  (In this case, the Ascendant relates to the well-being, or lack thereof, of the American people’s persona.)  Several of Piers Morgan’s planets cast malefic (evil) angles to the USA’s Ascendant:  1. Mars in square (disputes, quarrels and even violence);  2. Saturn in square (causing separation between people);  3. Uranus in square (causing unrest and upset);  4. Pluto in square (inciting violent disputes and the desire to rule over others by force).

Summary:  The chart initially suggests Piers Morgan’s having a tendency (if even inadvertent) to incite violent divisive disputes among US citizens, combined with a conscious desire to forcefully gain rule or influence over the American people.


Whether regarded as a planet or a ‘planetoid’ it does not matter, as in my work I have found the influence of Pluto to be of great significance in mundane events.  In this regard, the USA’s Pluto can be considered a horoscopic point related to America’s collective destiny or fate, and having some relation to the collective will of the people (though due to Pluto’s association with extremes, that will often being expressed through unstable emotions).  To the USA’s Pluto Piers Morgan’s planets make the following aspects:  1. Mercury in square (battle of wills, violent and abusive disputes);  2. Mars in sesqui-quadrate (potentially emotionally and physically abusive battles for supremacy);  3. Saturn semi-square (a resentment towards American values);  4. Uranus in sesqui-quadrate (also a conflict with US values);  5. Pluto in sesqui-quadrate (still another conflict with American values).

Summary:  It is most likely that Mr. Morgan looks down upon America and the American people and considers himself to be far superior.  Thus, it is likely that Piers Morgan is not here and working in the USA because he is in agreement with, and respectful towards, American values, but is, instead, likely to be in America specifically because he disagrees with American values.  Additionally, he is not likely to place moral limits upon how he goes about his effort to dominate the hearts and minds of the American public.

Other highly significant stellar relationships between Morgan and the USA includes his Sun being in malefic angle to the USA’s Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (square, square and opposition, respectively) all of which are aspects that relate to Morgan’s potential hostility towards matters of America’s system of authority (Constitution, courts, etc.) collective values and culture.  But most disturbing of all to me is Morgan’s nativity in relationship to that very sensitive point in the United States of America’s horoscope which I have determined to have so much presence in cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and sedition:  22-degrees, 34-minutes Scorpio.  Morgan’s Jupiter, at roughly 25-degrees Taurus separates from an opposition to this chart point, and his Neptune, at 19-degrees, 37-minutes Scorpio applies to a conjunction.

Summary:  So, is Piers Morgan bad for America?  In my astrological opinion, the answer is an absolute ‘yes’.  Morgan’s apparent self-righteous opposition regarding cultural matters within a nation to which he is a foreigner is no surprise when looking at the degree of his Jupiter, and that is because his own values are in almost perfect opposition to those of the USA.  Moreover, this can even suggest a situation wherein he is frequently caught up in his own b.s. and plays martyr to his own lies.  Considering Neptune’s frequent association with matters of fraud and deception, in my own astrological opinion, and when looking at the conjunction of Morgan’s Neptune to this evil point of roughly 22-degrees Scorpio in America’s horoscope, I see no possibility of his representing even any sort of ‘sincere-though-misplaced-ideal’, but instead, his simply being an agent of fraud and deception, and possibly even plots and conspiracies.  Mind you, I am not saying that this is the case, but with this sort of stellar relationship between his and the USA’s nativities, one could imagine that, Mr. Morgan might have ameliorated some of his legal problems in England by serving as an agent of espionage and sabotage against America in the service of the British Crown.  But while that might require quite a stretch of the imagination, these are among the types of stellar relationships I have found between the USA’s nativity and the horoscopes of those whom work against America’s best interests.  Again, on its own, this aspect is insufficient to say that Piers Morgan truly is an agent of espionage and sabotage in service to the British Crown, but, in my astrological opinion, I do believe that it is cause to warrant the State Department looking at Mr. Morgan and his presence and purpose here in the USA a bit more closely.

In any case, fear not, as the combined charts of the USA and Piers Morgan suggest that, while he will enjoy a period of favorable treatment by the public, he will eventually fall forever from favor in the American public’s eye, and likely find himself having worn out his welcome to remain in the USA as well.