April 13-30, 2013

Beginning April 13, 2013, peaking on May 2, 2013 and lasting through May 23, 2013, the degrees of Uranus warn of a time of extreme emotional tensions world-wide, a period in which emotionally unstable people may embrace a state of mindless rebellion, or engage in acts of violence.  Militant leaders may test boundaries and in this process, rise to prominence.  This stellar influence can also be associated with accidents and catastrophes.  Uranium-based technologies may be involved, in either an energy-generating, or weaponized, form.  (Thus, do not be surprised if the North Koreans do play with ‘the bomb’.)  Regretfully, this influence will combine with other calamitous stellar influences in the month of May.  As the planet Uranus is associated with the unpredictable, predicting the effects of Uranian transits can be quite tricky!  My short interpretation for the effects of this Uranian transit upon the USA begins with the word, “instability,” and then ends with the phrase, “negative change.”  I believe that the events of the coming weeks are a ‘set-up’ for a far more negative outcome to be realized later this year.


April 30, 2013

Tuesday – The same stellar influences from Monday that refer to the Republic being cheated by corrupt elected officeholders and wealthy internationalists apply through today as well.  Today, however, the presence of a professional liar is more prominent in America’s horoscope, as is the President using his charm to smooth over any unpopular decisions recently made by either the Legislative or Executive branches of government.  Speaking of the President, it would appear as though that, while he is gaining favor with wealthy and influential types, he is continuing to lose popularity with women voters.  Also figured prominently today is the presence of crooked speculators, cheats and get-rich-quick-types.  On a positive note, the stars indicate this as a day when American scientists can gain ground, as well as indicating this day as a brief period in which a large swath of the country can sort of come to its senses regarding the reality of what is going on in Washington.


April 29, 2013

Monday – ‘Great gains due to successful influence peddling’ will be on the minds of some of our more corrupt elected government officials today and tomorrow as the cabal of wealthy internationalists they’ve conspired with celebrate profits taken in some form from the Republic.  Just as America’s horoscope reveals that this profit taking is not legitimately earned, so does it reveal that the true victims of this peculation are America’s disabled veterans, as well as older, and disabled, Americans.  However, the degrees occupied by Mercury, Venus and Mars suggest that this injury will neither go unnoticed, nor will it pass without objection, and there is the potential for those on both sides of the aisle who have not fully given in to corruption to stand up for what is right.  Sadly, any objections will be too little and too late to change anything, but may result in the awakening of a few more members of We the People to the irreversible corruption of some officeholders.


April 28, 2013

Sunday – On the upside, today’s astrological influences for the USA indicate the potential for significant discoveries in mathematics and/or physics.  The national conscience is likely to be focused on the defining of social responsibilities.  On the downside, power-plays that have been in the works since April 24-25, and involving subversive elements operating within the USA, will reach their peak today, and though of low probability, and in connection to this power-play, there is some potential for an act of homicide, or contracted assassination, to be carried out today.


April 27, 2013

Saturday – This should prove to be a dynamic day for the United States of America as the stars offer opportunities for invention, far-sighted plans and an occasion of consensus on national goals amongst We the People.  The only impediment to this fortunate and brief influence is the avaricious and mutinous nature of the majority of Congress as they will likely be using these same stellar effects to further their own self-interests.


April 26, 2013

Friday – Today there is an elevated potential for significant acts of violence, accidents with injuries and weather-related catastrophes.

Mercury’s motion through America’s horoscope today warns of potential events taking place both above and below the line of visibility.  Above the line of visibility is all the usual politicking and its accompanying impractical ideas, self-serving motives and aims at consolidating power.  Figured prominently: a moneyed female politician (of a light complexion and conspicuously unpleasant to the eye).  Like most every successful politician, she is a highly influential speaker (perhaps a demagog) and knows what people want to hear – and says exactly that to them.  (Promises of egalitarian reform is most likely her modus operandi.)  Below the line of visibility is the secret scheming of sinister cabals comprised of those types possessing an irresistible urge to cheat and steal.  Exactly what is the prize they may be after at this time I cannot ascertain, but the heavy eighth house influence suggests that increased taxation and/or the accessing of US assets held in trust may be connected.

Most disturbing of all in today’s astrological interpretation is the likelihood of acts of treason and/or espionage, as the effects on the US at this time could be particularly damaging.  Acts of espionage will target recent discoveries in science and/or technology, and the spy is most likely a woman, and probably a US resident.  (This same influence, and when combined with other stellar influences suggesting violence, can also be interpreted so as to indicate the plotting of an act of assassination, or a false-flag act of violence.)


April 25, 2013

Thursday – Within the USA’s horoscope it is revealed that, today, behind the disguise of a magnanimous act – and perhaps masqueraded as egalitarian reform – either public policy will be changed, or a law will be enacted, resulting in injury to the many, and ill-gotten gains for the few.  (This influence can also be interpreted as the introduction of legislation with the aim of writing it into law.)  As this stellar influence effects America’s horoscopic second and eighth houses, this injury is likely to involve either the looting of US resources, or the imposition of an immoral and destructive tax.  An alliance that has been recently formed in Congress – and most likely predominating in the House – is eager to cheat the American public.  Astrologically, this alliance carries great weight and will likely get its way – with the end result, and again, speaking astrologically, being akin to rape.  Beware of this cabal’s use of illusion and sophisticated suggestive speech – they may even call in an ‘expert’ or two to testify.

The aforementioned political cabal will not be without opposition, however.  Look for a soft-spoken male figure (of a light complexion – and possibly a member of the Senate) as the voice of reason and guardian of Liberty.


April 24, 2013

Wednesday – According to the stars the power-play continues through the day.  Look for a female politician (of a light complexion) to organize an alliance identifiable through its one-sided principals.  This power-play promises its crooked participants significant rewards, and serves the wider interests of the plutocrats behind it.  So determined is this cabal that in connection to this power-play the act of murder is seen as a possibility. Watch for the launch of their sophisticated propaganda campaign either today or tomorrow.  Exactly what these people are after I cannot uncover, but I can say that the stellar influences point to the swaying of Congress and the looting of the public purse.  Be aware that these swindlers jeopardize more than just America’s assets, but threaten what is left of the USA’s good name and standing in the world.

And speaking of threats, America is still menaced by the potential for violence, and danger is seen today in the form of angry male figure (of a dark complexion) with a lack of self-control.


April 23, 2013

Tuesday – The theme for the day: power-play.  Will the power-play take place between those two eternal disappointments: the Republicans and the Democrats?  Will the power-play involve alliances that go beyond party affiliation?  Perhaps the power-play will involve one particular branch of government’s attempt to override the authority of another.  (If not today, by the end of Wednesday, the schemers will have revealed themselves – they will be the ones trying to wipe their dirty bums with the US Constitution.)

Today is yet another in which the USA is menaced by threats of violence on our own soil.  Remaining within the realm of possibility is a violent act committed by militant fanatics.  But as ‘liars and crooks’ are figured prominently in America’s horoscope today, so too is a false-flag operation a possibility – one that is coordinated by radical factions within government or society, with aims such as dragging the USA into conflict in the middle-East, or, perhaps, setting the stage for the next attempt at a gun-grab.  My apologies for the vagueness.  Were I a god, or to possess magical powers, or have a functioning crystal ball, I might better identify the exact nature of the threat.  But as I am limited to only astrological interpretation of the matter, I can only report what I see in the stars, and at times, the insight I offer may seem a bit broad in nature.


April 22, 2013

Monday – Political alliances formed today through May 2, 2013 will have a long-term deleterious effect on American autonomy as they will be directed by those with a desire to lead America (as opposed to executing the will of the people).  Any political alliance formed during this time is likely to involve treacherous secret alliances, and mask its true motives of undermining American autonomy with a veneer of ‘political bipartisanship’.

The next assault on liberty, peace and prosperity begins today and is likely to be spearheaded by a ‘political bully’ – a highly polished cunning speaker with the ability to manipulate a large swath of the country through an appeal to the emotions, and the distortion and misrepresentation of facts.  (Be prepared for this individual to organize or call upon a bevy of so-called experts or authorities to support his or her fraudulent position.)  But this political hit-man has a coconspirator – a person indicated in America’s horoscope as an outright liar and crook, and who possess considerable political clout.  This second figure is fully willing to exploit the country and is capable of doing serious damage to the integrity of the nation, and may be identified by a willingness to degrade American traditions, cultural foundations, and the integrity of Constitutional law.  This second figure also possesses phenomenal oratory skills and a mastery of the power of suggestion.  (This may seem odd to the reader, but this destructive liar may be identified tomorrow as the one who talks his or her self to the point of hoarseness.)

My apologies for the repetition but, today is yet another under which the USA is menaced by malefic stellar influences that involve fanatics and the potential for violence.  Added for today is the potential for the US to suffer humiliation in some way in the eyes of the world.


April 21, 2013

Sunday – While America is still menaced by malefic astrological influences, the national consciousness should benefit by a spirit of optimism and gallantry brought about by the degree of the zodiac occupied by Jupiter.  (This same spirit may be reflected in the financial markets on Monday.)  But as the American people revel in small triumph, later in the day, the machinations of sinister forces among the country’s elected officials continues, with alliances formed and schemes hatched for the coming week.  Figured prominently: one very powerful figure within the US government who does respect the fact that free men and women are not led.  This figure hungers for despotic control over the mass of America, and is not likely to relent until that level of power is obtained, or his or her term in office expires.  As I have stated previously, it would appear as though that the enemies of liberty, peace and prosperity never sleep.


April 20, 2013

Saturday – Stellar influences indicate that through today and Sunday, the USA is still subject to acts of violence and catastrophes of an accidental nature.  Added to that, the threat of deception from government, academia and media persists in full effect.  Still more, during today and Sunday the threat of acts of treason, espionage and/or sabotage are at a zenith.  (This same influence also suggests the presence and activity of cabals and conspiracies.)

My apologies, as I have not been able to narrow the parameters of this influence, but it is without question in my mind that, due to the degrees of Neptune, the USA is in the process of becoming victim of a major financial swindle.  This bamboozle is figured as more of an insidious process rather than an outright theft, thus it most likely pertains to Congressional spending, trade deals, treaties, or monetary policy, the latter being the most likely of all.  Matters of foreign relations may also be misrepresented to the American people through the US diplomatic services, and it is likely that some minor diplomatic breakdown may occur between the US and another nation.


April 19, 2013

Friday – According to the stars, and in regards to acts of violence and catastrophes, the USA is still in peril, and will continue to be so throughout the month.  This threat reaches another  zenith today and is colored by brutal fanaticism and rebellion against tutelage.  This stellar influence can be interpreted as anarchistic revolutionism against the US government – as well as revolutionism by authoritarian factions within the US government unhappy with the constraints placed upon government jurisdiction by the US Constitution.  And there is nothing to say that both of these manifestations of this stellar influence cannot happen concurrently.  This same influence also increases the possibility of catastrophes of an accidental nature.  Having stated all that, Jupiter’s degree suggests some measure of protection for the USA, or at the least, efficient crisis management and quick recovery from what ever may come.  This same degree in which Jupiter resides can also relate to apprehending, and bringing to justice, those responsible for the aforementioned.

Restating the final paragraph from the Wednesday, April 17 US horoscope, on this day, neither government, nor academia, nor media can be trusted to tell America what time of day it is, and so much less so can they be trusted to tell the truth in regards to anything of a sensitive nature.  Involved in this stellar influence, which I have interpreted as deception on the part of the government, are figures with a powerful desire to rule over others, as well as figures for whom deceit and exploitation is second nature.  Astrologically speaking, any official report or finding is very likely to be either an outright lie, or at the least, a manipulation of the facts.


April 18, 2013

Thursday – By now the fat cats have probably benefitted greatly be the week’s earlier downturn in the financial markets (having bought when there was blood in the streets – literally) and profits have most likely come from industries related to science and technology.  While the national conscience is generally meditative – even self-contemplative – those of a socialist bent cannot leave well enough alone and will likely engage in harsh criticism of America’s cultural traditions, and legal substratum.  (My advisement: turn the television off.)

In terms of US national security, America’s horoscope reveals the relentlessness of the enemy, indicating that today is yet another during which conspiracies are active, an act of treason  is distinctly possible, and espionage is to be expected.  Figured prominently:  a male politician with a military background, one who is of fair complexion, aggressive, and given to quarreling.


April 17, 2013

Wednesday –  It would be an error for me to state that, there are those in this world who have designs on making the people of the United States of America into slaves, because we have already become a nation of debt-slaves – an insidious form of slavery in comparison to chattel slavery, but a form of bondage that is far more beneficial to the slave master.  However, and speaking as an astrologer, there are those people among us (some within the country, and some from without) who do in fact want to rule over Americans with the iron fist of tyranny, and who are actively engage in the pursuit of that goals, and who also know that before that can happen, the American people must be placed into a position wherein resistance is futile.  Today is one of those days in which this cabal of reprobates is likely to actively work through the political process to achieve its goals through the use of lies and deception – maybe even an illusion or two.  America’s horoscope for today reveals the presence of those with the desire to bear rule – those with the heart of a tyrant – as well as persons with a keen knowledge of human nature, and the desire to make use of this knowledge to manipulate their neighbors on a large scale.  Figured prominently in the US horoscope is the presence of slick, well-polished speakers highly skilled in the art of the con-job.  These swindlers are after something today – something big.  And for the attainment of such a prize, we can expect deception on an equal scale.

My advice to We the People:  On this day neither government, nor academia, nor media can be trusted to tell you even what time of day it is, and so much less so can they be trusted to make decisions that effect the lives of the American people.


April 16, 2013

Tuesday – Stellar influences suggest that, due to the tragic events of Monday, the American spirit begins the day, and understandably so, under a cloud of negativity.  By midday the national consciousness finds the will to fight, and then ends the day by turning optimistic.  My apologies for the reiteration, but it is relevant: “Buy when there is blood in the streets,” Rothschild was known to have said.  And that is exactly what many of America’s wealthy and successful people will be doing – or will be preparing to do.  Throughout the day Machiavellian-types will be calling in markers with Congressional officeholders and large business ventures will benefit.  And speaking of the swamp, political bullies are not likely to allow the regrettable incident on Monday to pass without taking advantage and using others’ misfortune as an opportunity to further their own self-interests, thus we can expect the usual cast of characters from both the Republican and Democratic parties to be shooting their mouths off all over the airwaves.

Through my analysis of America’s horoscope, it is my astrological opinion that, as I am writing this, someone in some government agency is working to perfect a lie that will be told to the American public either this evening, or sometime throughout the day tomorrow.  Whether this lie has something to do with Monday’s event, or something unrelated, I cannot tell.  But I can say that this lie – whatever it may be – is linked to someone’s desire for power, as well as what I can only refer to as the “cruel ambitions” of a select few.  Astrologically this lie, if believed by the American people, can be regarded as momentous.


April 15, 2013

Monday – President Obama is likely to be gloating over his newly formed alliance with anti-Second Amendment House Republicans.  One can only imagine the back room deals that were made to accomplish this betrayal of liberty!  Stellar influences suggest that this new alliance will have grave and far-reaching consequences for America and the cause of liberty, and will operate behind a veil of illusion.

Today there is a fairly high probability for significant industrial accidents, or accidents involving modern means of transportation (planes and trains, especially).  Weather disasters, as well as disasters involving uranium-based technologies, are not out of the realm of possibility.


April 14, 2013

Sunday – Expect shameless pandering to women’s interests groups from the White House today and tomorrow.  Democratic friends in the media will be there to support the White House’s efforts, and the exploitation of the miseries of heartbroken or disillusioned women is not out of the realm of possibility.  Whether directly connected to this or not (and I suspect it is, at least in part) there is a dangerous con-man on the loose.  By the degree occupied by Mars in the USA’s horoscope, this figure is male – and of fair complexion – aggressive and quick to criticize others – and likely to have had some connection to acts of plagiarism.  While not quite as demagogic as his colleagues, he nonetheless possesses the power to effectively deceive large masses of the American public through crafty speech and/or writing – and will most likely succeed in just that in the coming days.  Do not be fooled!

Incidentally – and completely off the subject – I am expecting Vice President Biden to make a media appearance or speech today or tomorrow.

Speaking of the White House (again) it is unlikely that President Obama will be able to conceal his personal ambitions and desire to serve his own self-interests no matter the cost to the United States of America.  And though they will remain absolutely silent, even his most fervent supporters and closest associations will again be taking notice.  However, for the next few weeks the President will navigate the rough political waters with cunning, and craftily evade legitimate and well-needed criticisms of his conduct and policies.

In terms of legislation, either in the works and soon to be revealed, or hidden in a bill lurking about, is a change in law resulting in financial injury to American retirees.

In regards to US national security issues, there exists the potential for a member of the US armed services – perhaps holding a security-sensitive position – to become the victim of blackmail.  By degree, this soldier is male, of light complexion, and most likely to have served with esteem.  Exactly what it is that is wanted of this compromised soldier I cannot grasp.  However, the same planet and degree related to the blackmailer is also triggering the potential for acts of violence within the US – something possibly designed to create a media circus (a false flag, perhaps?).  Lastly, there is some chance that America can receive direct threats from foreign nations, and of somewhat lower probability, suffer some injury from them as well.


April 13, 2013

Saturday – Abroad, the USA is likely to contend with sudden changes and/or breakdowns in some area of foreign relations.  Present, but of low probability, is a threat to American foreign embassies and members of the US armed services.

At home, the threat of violence does exist, but is of low probability.  Should a significant act of violence occur, it is most likely to come from within.  As this stellar influence involves power-plays, the most likely scenario would be an illegal and heavy-handed response by the US government upon citizens protesting the government if operating outside of its legally defined parameters.  Somewhat more likely during this time is a significant catastrophe – accidents or weather related damage – resulting in an unusual level of destruction.  Electricity, or uranium-based technologies could play a role.  Of greatest probability is the negative transformation of the American way of life, shaped to meet the specifications a socialist globalist-collectivist-corporatist hell, and spearheaded by the combined forces of government, academia and media – and directed by the force of an international plutocratic cabal hiding in the shadows.

Near-term, the most dangerous time under this influence is throughout the day of Monday, April 15.


April 12, 2013

Friday – Today’s stellar influences indicate that the lower house of Congress is likely to be no less a disappointment than usual.  Thus, do not be at all surprised if the House of Representatives remains silent in a critical moment and fails to uphold the Rights of We the People.  Action taken by the House is likely to be injurious to older Americans.

It is probable that a highly skilled speaker – one who holds either an elected or appointed position within the US government – will successfully manipulate a sufficient portion of the population so as to lead America one step closer to a major economic swindle.  (This same influence can also relate to an attempt to strip American citizens of rights and/or autonomy.)

In the case of the death of a prominent man (most likely a noted businessman) the details of his demise will likely be intentionally misrepresented and done so for nefarious reasons.  (Yes, I am suggesting a conspiracy.)

Look for a prominent political figure (most likely male and possibly of light complexion) to test the waters in an attempt to pander to women’s interests groups.  His promises of egalitarian reform are false.


April 11, 2013

Thursday – If the USA’s horoscope for today were instead that of a private client, then my advice to that private client would be to arm themselves with a baseball bat – as well as a pistol – and to refuse to engage in any legal dealings or business negotiations and above all not to sign anything.  Astrologically, today and Friday, the USA faces a special interests blitzkrieg comprised of highly-polished demagogic orators, professional propagandists, and slick political swindlers.  Beware their empty promises of egalitarianism and fraudulent social Utopia.  Figured prominently: young, Uranian-type reformers, as well as aggressive and well-connected political figures of a Saturnine disposition.


April 10, 2013

Wednesday – According to the stars it would appear as though a major sham is potentially in the works.  Beware of any propaganda campaign involving foreign trade deals which require any sort of treaty entered into by the US, as while the plan may seem inviting – even ingenious – it has been constructed by dishonest people looking to make a quick buck at the cost of injuring the American people.  This same influence can also include the seeking of legal permission to export vital US natural resources.  This influence is in effect through the end of 2013.

Today’s New Moon will coincide with an approximate month-long period in which women’s issues are a matter of public discourse.  However, if not nurtured by grass roots activism the cause is likely to be hijacked by those with ulterior motives, goals perverse by American standards, and then directed to serve the self-interests of an elite few.


April 9, 2013

Tuesday – America’s horoscope reveals the potential for positive legislation to be introduced to Congress concerning women’s issues today.  Unfortunately, Congress does not seem to be interested in legislation with a positive outcome, but only that which serves their own self-interests, and, perhaps, the interests of those who hide in the shadows.  Thus, do not be deceived by the spirit of bipartisanship, compromise and cooperation that is likely to be found today on Capitol Hill, but instead, regard it is as suspicious, and cause for great worry.

If I were to predict that, on this day, either a prominent political figure is courting some of America’s wealthiest for favors – or that some of America’s wealthiest are courting a prominent political figure for favors, most readers would probably think that is simply stating the obvious as it happens most every day.  Well I am predicting just that, and sadly, while it has become an everyday occurrence, today, as revealed in America’s horoscope, it is of much greater significance.  While I cannot tell whom is courting whom, I believe the prominent political figure is a woman with an aggressive demeanor, a desire for absolute power, and one whom has grown quite accustomed to getting her own way.  I have a very short list of likely suspects…


April 8, 2013

Monday – The stars indicate a great deal of bipartisan politics and cooperation in America today, with compromises and progress being the order of the day.  On the surface this may sound inviting, but it is nearly a certainty that the cooperation between parties, the compromises they make, and the progress they may achieve will, in the end, bring injury upon the United States of American and her people.  As a matter of fact, stellar influences suggest that, while We the People are getting a raw deal, special interests will have reason to celebrate.

Beginning today and lasting through August, 2013 the degrees of Neptune will correlate with yet another round of loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector, and associated mid-level management positions. Expect a protracted period of stress-induced poor health for American citizens.  The source of these conditions is self-injurious trade agreements and treaties, as well as failures to protect domestic production through fair use of duties, tariffs and excise taxes.


April 7, 2013

Sunday – President Obama’s ambition and striving for glory may to lead him into the company of women involved in reform politics (socialists) today.  These women will not likely be impressed by the President’s bombast and braggadocio, however, whenever there is access to public funds, all sins can be absolved.

Today there is an emphasis on issues involving power.  Perhaps President Obama wants still more power, or maybe someone to whom the White House is in debt calls upon a favor leading to the accessing of, or the eventual wielding of, power.  However this stellar influence plays out, the American people are almost certain to be worse for it.


April 6, 2013

Saturday –  On this day in America socializing for business should produce positive results.

Over the weekend the President will be on a mission to secure greater power and authority – something which I cannot imagine will serve the USA in a positive manner.  Likely to be found hobnobbing with plutocrats, artists, authors, etc., those in his presence are likely to find Mr. Obama to be an arrogant glory-seeker hiding behind a thin veil of congeniality.  Ruthless plutocrats may see the President’s character as marred by vanity and conceit, and regard this an opportunity ripe for exploitation.


April 5, 2013

Friday – Stellar influences suggest that, gripping the nation on this day, will be concerns regarding matters of US monetary policy, debt, and even how the country will continue to survive.  Politically, and in regards to these money matters, the varying ideologies will likely joust fiercely throughout the day and over the weekend – with little or no good to come of it.

The current degree of Uranus in relation to the horoscope of America indicates that, beginning today, peaking on the 24th, and lasting through mid-May, the country will experience a period of time that is likely to be looked back upon and referred to as being, “very strange.”  My interpretation of this influence convinces me that it correlates with three conditions, of which the US may experience one, or all, in its duration:  One:  frequent brushes with the peculiar, odd coincidences, or what some may refer to as the super-natural;  Two: anomalous discoveries (especially scientific);  Three: the USA’s highest offices of authority can be subjected to strange (compelling) influences.


April 4, 2013

Thursday –  Today the stars suggest that, some of America’s traditions or legal foundations stand in the way of the world’s wealthiest people from achieving some particular goal.  In connection to this is a radical political figure (most likely socialist, feminine and of a dark complexion) whose speech is part of a plutocrat scheme, and aimed at exploiting others’ weaknesses, those being, perhaps, emotions such as fear, guilt and envy.  America’s horoscope further reveals for this day that the nation’s chief executive officer is not yet done putting on some sort of charade, the motivation behind which is to wield greater power.  How can we spot the liar today?  He’s the one talking down to America as though he were some sort of moral eminence, and making a lot of hand gestures while speaking.


April 3, 2013

Wednesday – According to the stars, today is most likely a poor one for the USA’s foreign relations, especially with any sort of hostile nation (fanatics and those used to bullying others are figured prominently).  Foreign intelligence operatives in service to America could prove to be guilty of a double-cross, or may simply fail their mission.  But do not be surprised if, even in the face of trouble, President Obama seeks the opportunity to glorify himself.  At this time the President is likely to be quite power hungry and may even be willing to engage in manipulation – or actually put on an act – if it leads to his obtaining greater authority.


April 2, 2013

Tuesday – Stellar influences suggest that many Americans are likely to be reflecting upon the current administration’s policies with dwindling approval.  In this regard, the chasm between older, wiser and more experienced Americans and President Obama is likely to widen.

The need to deal with potentially violent situations will place an emphasis on the continued building of joint military alliances.  Caveat one:  Intelligence coming from foreign allies is likely to be intentionally misleading and designed to steer the US towards serving foreign interests.  Caveat two:  Misleading information is likely to come from the White House, and this may be intentional, or the result of deception carried out by advisors the White House has relied upon.  Caveat three:  In the case of the formation of any joint military alliances, the USA will be expected to bear the greatest burden of all expenses.  Caveat four:  An aggressive female hawk on war – and a speculator – is likely to be already in the service of the world’s plutocrats and organizing sweetheart deals in the area of war industries.


April 1, 2013

Monday – It’s All Fools’ Day!  But no joke, the degrees of Mars suggest bad news on this day.  Look for the passing of a prominent feminine figure – one bold and strong in her convictions, of fair complexion, and a renown speaker.  This same degree of Mars correlates to either an aggressive attempt to bilk US public funds through the political process, or an outright act of fraud or theft committed against We the People.

The motions of Venus will give the opportunity for some measure of progress to be made in matters of foreign relations, and Mercury suggests that, particularly in the House of Representatives, Congress will be up to its usual shenanigans.