Thursday – In the practice of mundane astrology, it is required of the astrologer to observe both short and long planetary cycles.  The astrologer must then make observations of world, or national, trends, as the case may be, in regards to human behavior, weather, and the general conditions of various forms of organic life.  When this data has been collected, the astrologer will then analogize the planetary cycles with the worldly events, and look for correlations.

My observations of human behavior here in the United States of America over the past 20 years have led me to believe that, in terms of progressing civilization, or perhaps, improving the quality of life, America has been going backwards.

If I am to understand what constitutes a healthy development of intellect, as well as that which can be considered as the ongoing improvement of the quality of life, it requires the determining of what works, as well as what doesn’t work.  From there, a highly developed being is presumed to use reason, and utilize that which does work while eliminating (or avoiding) that which does not work.  Id est: trial and error, or learning from one’s mistakes. “What to leave in, what to leave out,” to quote musician Bob Seger.  (Apparently even chimpanzees make regular use of this form of reasoning.)  I do not believe that progress can be defined as the opposite of these things, that is, the finding of that which does not work and doing it over and over again.  But that is exactly what American society, collectively, is currently doing.

My list of observations in support of why I believe that America is regressing is quite long, so for the purpose of brevity I will offer only these five:

First, this regression is evidenced in the current attempt to sway public opinion against stand your ground laws, demonstrated by the Obama Administration’s recent demagoguery, the clamor of special interest groups, and the unvarying specious journalistic slant in the corporate media’s news stories and editorials.  Stand your ground laws give the legal right to civilized men and women to defend themselves against the attacks of vicious thugs – even if they are juveniles.  Thus, this is a movement designed to elevate violent predators to an aristocratic status, and condone a might-makes-right approach within society – provided a firearm is not in use.  Only an idiot or a liar would deny this as being regressive.

Second, this regression is demonstrated by the misnomered immigration reform.  Current US laws on immigration are more reasonable towards immigrants than those of any other country that I am aware of.  Why then would these laws be in need of reform?  The question is rhetorical.  There is no need for reform.  Current immigration laws protect working-class American citizens from economic destruction.  What has been intentionally erroneously referred to as immigration reform is actually an intended weakening and dilution of US immigration policy designed to create an oversupply of labor, thus reducing the value of labor, thus reducing prevailing wages, thus increasing the profits of large corporations, many of which are principally owned by foreign interests.  Whom, except for the aforementioned, would deny this as being regressive?

Third, this regression is found in the unrelenting support by at least slightly more than fifty-percent of the population for involvement in foreign wars and other foreign entanglements.  Through these adventures the blood of America’s young men and women is needlessly spilled, while staggering amounts of US dollars are spent at frightening rates – all debts incurred by the American public with compounding interest.  And now, even with war-debt so great that it has rendered every American man and woman an eternal debt slave, this idea that America is somehow obligated to police the world still cannot be seen as the fraudulent scheme that it is.  Those that would deny this as being regressive are either stupid, or in on the hustle.

Fourth, this regression is found in the curious phenomenon of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Neither federal – nor a reserve – but a privately owned entity of which some quantity of its shares are held by foreigners, the Federal Reserve has manipulated boom and bust cycles to its own benefit, and the benefit of its shareholders.  For 100 years no other single entity on Earth has damaged the lives of Americans so greatly as the Federal Reserve, and yet, in response to the fairly recent mortgage-lending crisis, the Obama Administration granted greater regulatory power to the very entity that was responsible for creating the crisis: the Federal Reserve.  The fools and con-artists may say otherwise, but in my opinion, this is regressive.

Fifth, this regression is found in the recent exposure of the government’s horrendous violation of the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.  Working off of a clause within the G.W. Bush Administration’s perverse and overtly anti-American Patriot Act, the Obama Administration has allowed the NSA to behave like the Soviet Cheka, except, perhaps, for the mass-genocide.  The US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment is integral to freedom and liberty.  But at least slightly more than fifty-percent of the US House of Representatives do not believe that it is more important than succumbing to an irrational sense of fear.  Nor has the American public responded with a demand for justice in proportion to a governmental scandal that dwarfs Watergate.  This is not only regressive, but outrageous and absolutely anti-American.

In review of my long chart, this regression is correlative to the influences of the planets in America’s horoscope.  By progression, the planet Mars occupying America’s tenth house has left the USA in a state of over-ambition and egomaniacal obstinacy – ready and willing to challenge the authority of any other nation even in regard to its own domestic concerns.  A desire for continuous military conquest accompanies this influence, and while Mars in this position does favor success in military matters, this is often followed by a complete exhaustion of resources.  During the time that this Mars influence has been in effect, it has been combining with directed Pluto in the ninth house, which generally exerts an evil influence on political affairs, and particularly so in matters of foreign relations, this often due to conspiracies, plots and other forms of intrigue.  Pluto’s position in this house essentially pits the religious against the atheists, and adds a frequent striving for the unattainable in terms of life’s philosophy, as well as frequent bouts of fanaticism towards ideals.  Transiting Pluto’s presence in the first house has left the USA looking like a bat-wielding psychopath to those outside the country due to ruthlessness and an unrestrained craving for power.  “I am a law unto myself,” said the great astrologer Sepharial in regards to Pluto’s occupying the first house in a person’s nativity.  Sadly, I believe his interpretation is on the mark even for a nation’s nativity, which then makes one more highly significant planet-house position a cause for concern:  transiting Neptune in the USA’s third house does coincide with a dual nature, and a degree of impressionability that leads to frequent exploitation (often mistaking enemies for allies, and vice versa).

I do not believe that America is a slave to these influences, but has chosen to succumb to them for various reasons, none of which are positive.

Arrogance, greed and intellectual laziness are the qualities that I believe stand behind the current negative manifestation of the aforementioned planetary influences.  (One might add irresponsibility and negligence to those undermining qualities, too.)  But while America is not a slave to these influences, I believe that overcoming them will be next to impossible.  Look around.  While there are still a lot of good people to be found in America, there is a rapidly growing mean-spirited culture – those whom extol the supposed virtues of selfishness, and could not care less as to what happens to the country provided they are getting their immediate needs met.

How far backwards will America go?  That depends upon how far backwards America can go.

For today, the stars indicate that significant emotional tension within American society will continue through the day, as will the propaganda efforts reported earlier in the week.  Also, in their attempt to ‘manage’ violent reactionary-types, some members of government are likely to be seeking funding for subversive, revolutionary activities in foreign lands.


Tuesday & Wednesday – America’s collective emotional state is likely to reach a peak point of nervous tension during this time.  This opens the door for such things as acts of rebellion and catastrophe.  Keep an eye on those revolutionary-types, particularly leftist radicals!

During this time the USA remains ripe for exploitation, and America’s horoscope reveals the likelihood of the launch of a major propaganda campaign during these days.  Figured prominently among the propagandists’ ranks is a man of light complexion – perhaps a well-spoken egomaniacal liar with demagogic abilities and some connection (past or present) to film or stage (or he may instead be a benefactor of the arts).  Another prominent figure within the horoscope, and indicated as being part of this pressure group, appears to be a professional political con-artist – a man with an olive complexion, and likely a rising star in politics (but one certainly destined to fall to disgrace).  Yet another figure, a meddlesome and slightly plump woman with a pale, sickly complexion – and very possibly a member of the US Senate (a wholly corrupt member, that is) as well as authoress of many bills, will likely play a significant role in steering the propaganda campaign towards the legislative process.  The final propagandist within this pressure group that stands out in America’s horoscope is also a woman and of olive complexion, and like her cohorts, known for the ability to sway the public through her orations, but who also possesses the ability to manipulate through the written word.

What might be the objective of this potential propaganda campaign?  Supporting astrological influences indicate that very wealthy and influential people from within the USA and abroad wish to become more wealthy and more influential through the highly profitable business of war.  Thus, one likelihood of the purpose of the propaganda campaign is the war cry.  In this case, one may expect a multitude of falsehoods to be issued on matters of foreign relations, as well as the citing of false intelligence supplied by foreign sources.  Another possibility is also a form of war cry, but one issued in an effort to wage war upon the Constitution’s Second Amendment and the right of American citizens (or any other or civilized people) to defend themselves against thuggery.  In this case, one might expect to see falsehoods issued concerning the individual states’ right to write their own laws on matters of slef-defense, and a manipulation of facts, figures and statistics concerning crimes committed with firearms.  In yet another possibility, and considering the prominence of exploitation, propaganda, falsehood and striving for power on the part of government in the USA’s chart, both of these deceptive efforts may be conducted at the same time.  In any case, the summary of these stellar influences indicates a self-appointed aristocracy within the government that, in an effort to gain greater power, has aims of legally redefining national moral values through a lens of fanaticism.


Monday – Today’s stellar influences indicate an ideological/legislative act of betrayal to be committed against America, and all related indicators point to the Republican Party’s leadership.  As whatever it is that is going on is some sort of a secret deal, this betrayal may not become evident for some time yet, however, it is under today’s stars that this betrayal is set into motion.

Regarding the currently hot topic of immigration reform, I would like to remind readers that, if done in an irresponsible and unbalanced manner, there will be some interests greatly enriched, and others that are severely injured.  Viz, the Democratic Party will be the beneficiary of a greater voting force, and any member of Congress who may have already invested in the technology and business mechanism required for the institution of the national identification card hidden in the bill. will become greatly enriched – there are billions of dollars to be made related to this!  Larger still, and as an irresponsible approach to immigration reform will nearly instantly legitimize millions of workers, the value of labor within the United States will be as nearly instantly oversupplied, thus reduced in value, and prevailing wages, across the board, will likely plummet severely, or stagnate at best.  Thus, the greatest beneficiary of irresponsible immigration reform will be large corporations, and those most severely injured by irresponsible immigration reform will be working class Americans.

There is another beneficiary in the event of irresponsible immigration reform, and that is the elitist Mexican government.  With no investment or sacrifice of its own, the Mexican government will become the instant beneficiary of millions of its under-educated peasants becoming the economic problem of another nation, as well as enjoying, as it has for years, billions of US dollars per annum being injected into its economy – billions of dollar which would otherwise be recycled back into the US economy.  Again, the Mexican government will continue to enjoy billions of US dollars injected into its economy every year without making any type of an investment or sacrifice of any sort.  Up to now, all they have had to do was ensure that living conditions in Mexico were sufficiently rotten so as to encourage its citizens to illegally enter a neighboring country, work there, and then send the money back home.  What a deal for them!

Is it not clear to everyone – even those with only a partially functioning brain – that, things such as irresponsible immigration reform and costly (not to mention anti-American) national identification cards are the result of the laws governing the United States of America being unduly influenced by a cabal of wealthy and influential people with nothing but contempt for the USA?  Plutocracy, is the name given to the form of government that is run by the wealthy.  And although we are supposed to be a republic – a nation self-governed by the citizens and done so through the law – this plutocracy has been permitted by the country’s elected officeholders to become an aristocracy, one which now rules over the country through each of the plutocracy’s members’ vast wealth and subsequent influence.  Perhaps it should also be stated that, this condition of plutocracy is the direct result of America’s collective apathy towards governmental corruption, and that this apathy was borne out of the polarization of the public by the Republican and Democratic Party’s fraudulent political platforms.

But on this day the undue influence of plutocratic forces upon America’s political process does not end with unbalanced immigration reform or profiting financially by the digital cataloging of US citizens.  Today, as suggested by the stars, plutocratic forces are exercising their undue influence upon the US political process in the form of manufacturing a cause for war.  (War is, historically, the plutocrats’ most highly profitable endeavor.)  The US horoscope indicates this manufacturing of a cause for war as having passed from a point of inchoate inception to something more tangible, but as these activities are now taking place below the line of visibility (id est: behind the backs of the American people) it may be weeks or months before this becomes evident.  But it is, however, happening now.

Other things indicated in the horoscope of America for today include the nation’s being in a state of weakened vitality – akin to a person being unable to fight off illness, so the USA is unable to ward off disease brought upon it through corruption, betrayal and sabotage.  Add to this an unreasonable and overtly self-willed foreign policy (probably related to efforts to manufacture a cause for war).  Moreover, stellar influences related to significant acts of violence persist, but with much less strength than previously.  Lastly, the stars suggest that, America’s chief executive officer is currently in a narcissistic state of mind, desiring to bear rule and fulfill his own ambitions at any cost.  And yes – more so than any other given day.  Scary, huh?

A final word, and on the matter of altruism, as it is an issue that is figured in the US nativity today and throughout the week.  I am not aware of any Constitutional provision granting Congress, or the President, with the authority to empower, or enrich, another people at the injury of the American people.  Is there something that I have missed?  If so, I would appreciate someone correcting me on this.  There is an old Viking saying something on the order of, “First you must drink from the well, then you can carry water for others.”  Contrary to the beliefs of many people, America’s “well” is not limitless.  Who will carry water for the world after they have run America’s dry?


Saturday & Sunday – Stellar influences upon the USA today and tomorrow indicate that, matters concerning immigration reform are of great interest to wealthy influential people, and these plutocratic figures will be exerting undue influence upon America’s political process through the elected officials with whom they are in alliance.  The creating of a glut of labor devalues labor, resulting in lower wages across the board, thus serving corporate interests while injuring the economic stability of the working classes.  Obviously, international corporations with financial interests in the USA have a solid interest in immigration reform, no matter how unbalanced it may be.  As political separations and/or estrangements are indicated, it may be that those rare elected officials in government who have not sold out to plutocratic forces may separate themselves from the rest of the Washington D.C. reprobates at this time.

Through the weekend the threat of violence continues, but now includes members of the US armed forces serving abroad.  It is possible that these threats may somehow be connected to poisons or gasses.

Continuing on the topic of the macabre, it is also possible that a prominent male figure may pass at this time.  This man is likely to have been outspoken, perhaps a writer or commentator, and whose words were often regarded as being incendiary.

Lastly, there is some suggestion of veteran’s affairs being addressed, either in media, or in planned legislation, but the influence is neither positive nor negative.  (Sorry I cannot offer more insight on this.)


Friday – One of the things that is truly fascinating about astrology is that, as the world evolves and modernizes, the stars never lose their relevance.  As a matter of fact, if one is to look far enough ahead into the motions of the planets, one might see the world in a constant attempt to catch up to what has been laid before it by the heavens.  One of the jobs of the astrologer, that is, one of the more interesting jobs, is to apply the foundational interpretations of the stars originating in the world of antiquity, to the mores, customs, demands and technologies, of the world of modernity.

Four years ago, in my work, I found in America’s horoscope a sensitive point that I was able to frequently associate with acts of espionage, sabotage, treason, and conspiracy.  I have considered my work in this regard, that is, the prognostication of these aforementioned acts, to be relevant, though the vindication of my predictions can be a rather lengthy process.  Readers, however, may have felt as though that I have been stuck in a rut, with near-constant warnings of espionage, treason, et al, since first publishing Judicium Astrologica in November, 2010.  In light of the events of the past few years, such as Wikileaks and the investigative reporting of Michael Hastings, and especially so of those events more recent, such as the whistle-blowing of Edward Snowden and the investigative reporting of Glenn Greenwald, I would have to say that, my seemingly repetitious admonitions regarding the threat of espionage, sabotage, treason and conspiracy were extremely accurate, though I had not yet accurately identified the perpetrators of these threats and crimes as being subversive members of the government of the United States of America, and/or the equally subversive sub-contractors of US intelligence gathering agencies.  Nor had I realized, that is, until yesterday, and through the US House’s rejection of Representative Amash’s (R, MI) amendment to HR2397 (a defense spending authorization bill) that slightly over fifty-percent of the US House of Representatives would be complicit in the threats and crimes.  To summarize, the modernized interpretation of stellar influences indicating the USA being threatened by acts of espionage, sabotage, treason and conspiracy, now includes the unjustified and warrant-less (and therefore illegal) surveillance of the American people, with the modernized interpretation of the same stellar influences indicating the perpetrators of these threats or crimes as anti-American, treasonous, rouge-militaristic, corporatist elements operating (and apparently, with impunity) within the government of the United States of America.

At least one liar is figured prominently in America’s horoscope today.  This liar is likely a person with significant influence.  The liar is a woman – but very masculine (most likely lesbian) and of dark complexion.  Today’s stellar influences suggest the USA as being injured by this woman’s falsehoods, or falling victim to her malice.  Whether connected to this woman or not, as I cannot tell, further analysis leads me to suspect some sort of political power-play to take place today, with President Barack Obama’s political opponents (those who openly oppose him) taking action.  Lastly, there is some potential for significant acts of violence upon US soil.  ‘Fanaticism’ of some sort may be involved, as may be jealousy and/or dispute.  But of greater concern is the combination of this stellar influence indicating the potential for violence when combined with the aforementioned influence regarding the US being injured by the falsehood and malice of a deceptive and influential woman.  This sort of stellar combination nags at me with something to the effect of, “beware of false flags and other orchestrated acts of violence upon the American people, as it is designed to manipulate the country through fear.”


Thursday – Today’s US horoscope reveals much negative activity regarding political matters.  Among this activity is the likelihood of Congress to give in to outside (plutocratic) forces, to make secret arrangements, and to deceive the public.  Some might be asking what separates these stellar influences from any other day.  That would be a fair question.  My answer to that question is that those things are quite likely the norm on any given day, but figured more prominently than usual today.  Summary:  expect to be more disappointed than usual with America’s elected and appointed officeholders.


Today’s post is a retrospective instead of a forecast.  

Wednesday – As evidenced by their rejection of Representative Justin Amash’s (MI, R) amendment to HR 2397 today, the Republican Party has demonstrated itself as being rotted to its absolute core and wholly unsalvageable.  Amash’s amendment would have ended funding for the NSA’s non-suspect communications surveillance program based upon Section 215 of the (sic) Patriot Act (courtesy of ol’ Dubya) thus preventing continued violation of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment by the NSA.  In an era when many within the Democratic Party’s collective openly express contempt for the Constitution (or as in the case of their slightly less vile comrades, a curious relic of a bygone age) many Americans have looked to the Republic Party – for all its faults – as their last hope for defense of America’s highest law, and thus, the American way of life.  Well, in my opinion, that hope is gone.  That’s right – not even a glimmer left.  And being the party on watch during the most heinous violation of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, how brilliant of the Democrats to offer substantial support for the Amash amendment!  So it is proven now that, the Republicans are not only a collection of irrevocably corrupt reprobates, but that they are idiots as well.

As I have written previously, Saturn positioned in the sign of Scorpio, in the USA’s eleventh house, and now in direct motion (as of July 7) forewarned of a more profligate, devious, self-serving and power-mad Congress.  Has this not been the case?  The combination of Saturn and Mars in negative aspect generally results in destructive energy with damaging results.  Today, transiting Saturn was casting a negative angle to America’s Mars.  The combination of Uranus and Pluto in negative aspect is also highly destructive, and is often present in the case of mass catastrophe.  Today, transiting Pluto (in retrograde) is casting a negative aspect (a quindecile – or 150-degree angle) to America’s Uranus, with an orb of under one degree.  The combination of Sun and Uranus in negative aspect can often result in some form of crisis, and today, transiting Uranus (retrograde) is separating from a negative aspect to America’s Sun, also of under one degree.

And if all of that is not sufficiently ominous, the degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars indicates the potential for acts of treason and sabotage, and originates from the US seventh house – a house of political activity!  Other sensitive degrees within the USA’s horoscope that are effected today indicate the nation being exploited and/or harmed, as well as tragic political outcomes negatively effecting a large mass of people.


Monday & Tuesday – For today and Tuesday, the stars indicate America’s being gripped by a state of narrow-mindedness concerning social issues, and in connection to this, the concentration on a particular misguided aim or objective.  Obnoxious, domineering figures exploit unpleasant circumstances and possibly incite violent reactions from fanatical reactionary-types (celebrities may play a role in this incitement).

Through Friday, July 26, the degree of the zodiac occupied by Neptune suggests that news services – print and broadcast media – cannot be trusted to truthfully report the time of day, so much less any matter of importance, or that which may be controversial.

Under normal circumstances, Jupiter’s return to its natal position  (being in a good sign and a good house) would be nothing but positive.  However, due to a profligate Congress and a Presidential Administration running an agenda contrary to the best interests of the country, this conjunction should be regarded as a period during which there is the potential for significant fiscal extravagance, for which, at a later date (perhaps during Jupiter’s retrogradation) this excess will result in an equally significant reduction of credit.

Through Tuesday night, there is the likelihood of nefarious coalitions and special interest groups actively setting plans into motion.


Sunday – America’s horoscope reveals the potential for the nation’s chief executive officer to lose  some support – even sympathy – due to behavior regarded as vain, conceited, or perhaps, glory-seeking.    Connected also to the Executive Branch of government is the attempt to influence the populace through an appeal to the emotions (demagoguery).  This is seen in the US horoscope as a misuse of power.  Other stellar influences suggest heavy activity by special interest groups, as well as the formation of new groups and coalitions with anti-social and nefarious intentions.


For some time now it has become quite fashionable among Democrats to rage against capitalism, frequently accusing this economic system as being the source for all the world’s evils.  Among the evils Democrats will frequently attribute to capitalism are such nasty things as war, poverty and pollution – claiming profits from war-industries as being the motivating factor behind war, the selfishness of the ultra-rich and their exploitation of the poor being the source of poverty, and cost-cutting manufacturing by fat-cat industrialists as the source of the polluting of the world.  At times it would seem as though the political Left would feel good about blaming capitalism for even halitosis and tainted cork.

Lately, even Republicans (the supposed consummate capitalists) have been taking their own shots at capitalism.  However, while the envious, anti-free-enterprise perspective of the political Left comes as no surprise, the perspective from which the political Right’s attack on capitalism comes is quite surprising.  It would appear as though the anti-capitalist message of the inarguably Democrat-biased mainstream media – broadcast as an unending hypnotic drumbeat of false accusations – has served to convince even the Republicans that capitalism is evil – though in the minds of those among the political Right – a necessary evil.  In the wake of what is clearly the last days of free enterprise the Republicans have seemingly obediently accepted this fate, believing that, there is some sort of inevitability within capitalism that large corporations will ultimately replace all privately owned enterprise, and that somehow, this is good and to be accepted, and even embraced. In their ignorance and egotistic competition with the Democrats, the Republicans will even smile smugly at the self-injurious conquest of large corporations over small business, somehow – and preposterously so – believing it to be a victory over the Democrats.

As usual, both the Democrats and the Republicans have it all wrong.

The intention of this article is to give the reader a deeper understanding of what capitalism is and what it is not, as well as what it is and is not responsible for, in terms of the good or bad conditions of America at this present time.  If one is capable of putting ego and emotion aside and addressing this matter intellectually, then the following words will be useful, otherwise, this would be a good time for the reader to stop reading.


There are numerous economic systems that have been put into effect throughout the world, some being very good and some being very bad.  Economic systems, more than they are anything else, are a means to manage and distribute wealth and resources.  Communism, socialism and fascism are often mistaken for systems of government when they are in fact systems of wealth and resource management and distribution, id est: economic systems.  Because communism, socialism and fascism rob the producer of his or her productivity and ‘distribute’ that productivity to a parasite, those economic systems require a heavy-handed statist form of government to enforce the economic system, such as totalitarianism, and thus, those economic systems are erroneously mistaken for forms of government, such as totalitarianism.  In comparison to economic systems, there are probably twice as many ‘economic schools of thought’ (or economic theories) and the world should feel fortunate that most of them have never been put into effect.  But before one is gripped by exuberance, understand that, implemented in this present day America is one of the most fraudulent economic schools of thought to ever be devised: Keynesianism.  (More on that later.)


Within America’s original economic system – that is, the one that gave America its meteoric rise to financial prominence in the world – was a basic understanding that, free men and women owned their wealth and property without condition, that they enjoyed the right to freely contract as they wished, and that, provided one’s actions did not infringe on the rights and liberties of another, one could do as they wished with their resources and businesses.  Within the framework of the early-American economy was a system of tariffs and excise taxes designed to guarantee that, if natural resources and the product of labor left a community, then money – tangible, portable wealth – would be recycled back into that locality.  There was no monarch to claim his or her ‘fifth’ (or ‘royalty’) nor was there yet a cabal of aristocratic financiers to urge a monarch to create laws that gave them an advantage over their non-aristocratic competitors.  The system America’s Founders envisioned, which has recently been so accurately summarized by Dr. Ron Paul in his ideological mantra of, “Liberty, peace and prosperity,” worked, and it worked so well that poverty was nearly stricken.  Thus, to deny that the Laissez Faire economic system, combined with the right to free enterprise, or what we have come to know as capitalism – was anything less than the most successful economic system ever experienced upon the Earth, is to demonstrate oneself as being guilty of willful ignorance, or plain stupidity, or reveal oneself as a liar – and in the case of the latter, most likely a liar with something to gain by injuring America.

All this stated, the uninitiated might rightfully ask how, if capitalism is so good, its reputation could become so severely sullied in the eyes of both the political Left and Right, as well as ask why, if capitalism is so good, is it that such great disparity can exist between the country’s rich and poor.  Another legitimate question the uninitiated might legitimately pose is why, if capitalism is all the good that its proponents claim it to be, has the overall quality of life in America for all but the very rich plummeted to such great depths.


Capitalism is an economic system characterized by the right to engage in free enterprise, and, with the exception of reasonable tariffs and excise taxes, a laissez faire or, ‘hands off’ position by the government regarding economic matters.  (Laissez Faire economics interpreted means to allow the natural business cycle to do as it will on its own with zero governmental interference.)  Capitalism guarantees one man or woman the right to compete in commerce with another man or woman, without the government engaging in any legislative action whatsoever that results in a commercial advantage being given to one man or woman over another.  Capitalism allows one to run their business on their own and as they wish, without having government as a dictatorial partner.  Capitalism allows those who engage in free enterprise to retain their own moral compass as they go about their business, and to enjoy the full fruits of their productivity without said productivity being subject to confiscation and redistribution.  With this definition taken into consideration, is there anyone currently living within the United States of America so willfully ignorant, or so plainly stupid, or so bald-faced a liar, as to say that the economic system America currently exists under is in fact capitalism?  The question is rhetorical.  Of course there is.  But people that ignorant or stupid, or whom are such bald-faced liars, are most likely engaging in some underhanded practice, or doing something frivolous, or perhaps watching CNN or Fox News, and are not likely searching for the truth and sensible solutions to America’s troubles.

To further answer those aforementioned questions, the fact is that, since May 10, 1886 and the landmark, precedence-setting Supreme Court ruling by notoriously corrupt Justice Morrison Remick Waite on behalf of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company versus Santa Clara County, America’s capitalism has been steadily replaced by that which has revealed itself to be the most anti-liberty, anti-peace, and anti-prosperity economic system ever devised: CORPORATISM.

The May 10, 1886 Supreme Court ruling on behalf of The Southern Pacific Railroad Company legally established corporations as having all the rights of an individual, while maintaining the reduced criminal and civil liability of a corporation.

While there had been pro-corporatism rulings by the Supreme Court prior to and after the May 10, 1886 ruling, none had been, nor have any since, been so critical.  It was on this day that the US Supreme Court gave birth to the corporate person – America’s new aristocracy.

History suggests that America’s Founders were very uneasy with the idea of incorporation.  Prior to this ruling, US law made incorporation difficult.  Approval of incorporation was usually granted only after submitting a clear and precise statement of purpose for the incorporation, and also requiring proof that the incorporation was of a benefit to the community in which it would operate.  Perhaps of greatest importance, incorporation was not granted indefinitely, and incorporations required, in their stated purpose, a time frame in which the stated objective would be completed, after which, the corporation would be dissolved and cease to exist.  But all that changed with the birth of corporate personhood.

Once the corporate person had been established, and now armed with its often bank-backed, financially privileged, aristocratic status, it was just a matter of time before the hired agents of corporations (we call them lobbyists today) began to successfully solicit members of Congress for favors in the form of legislation designed to give specific corporations commercial advantages over small, privately-owned businesses.  The rest, unfortunately, is American history.

And over the years as corporate law – or what should be referred to as, “corporate advantage in law” – was written into the books, capitalism began the process of dying.  From that seemingly fated day of May 10, 1886, it has been the corporate person who has fomented international hostilities and then become the financial beneficiary of war industries – not the small businessman.  It has been the corporate person that has been the financial beneficiary of adulterated processed foods and the farming of nutrition-robbed GMOs – not family farms.  It has been the corporate person that has enjoyed hiding behind a fundamentally aristocratic status as they have produced frightening amounts of pollution through the cutting of manufacturing costs – not the small businesswoman.  It has been the corporate person who has been the financial beneficiary of the dismantling of America’s manufacturing base, and the resulting poverty that accompanies a service-based economy – not American men and women engaging in free enterprise.  It has been the corporate person that has been the financial beneficiary of parasitic central banking and absurd monetary policies – not privately owned, community bankers.

In this confusion between what constitutes corporatism and what constitutes capitalism, blame can be placed upon academia, the media and government, as they have proven themselves to be equal conspirators in the deception.  Much of the fodder for this deception has been rooted in the adoption of the aforementioned, “fraudulent economic school of thought,” known as Keynesianism.

Keynesianism is an economic school of thought that was designed to produce a partnership between corporations and government, to encourage deficit spending and, thus, massive borrowing, so as to force the collateralizing of debt with natural resources, and to eliminate the middle class by first robbing them of their means to produce (and soon after, their wealth and lands), as well as to ensure an eternal two-class system of financial aristocracy versus poor, the latter state of which would be irrevocable, and whose members would carry the greater burden of a nation eternally bound in debt slavery.  Whether the product of a conspiracy of international financiers, or based solely upon the criminal insanity of its British author, John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), Keynesianism, an economic school of thought based upon the author’s intentionally unnecessarily wordy 900-page economic theorem titled, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money has been used as a technical guidebook for the implementation of corporatist-supremacy, its fraudulent theorem serving as justification for the outrage of reckless deficit spending, as well as justification for the now-irreversible damages of continued fractional reserve central banking.  And in regards to central banking, a digression is required so as to remind the reader that, the great facilitator of corporatism is the Federal Reserve Bank – an incorporated entity – and that the secretive actions of this shadowy parasitic entity have been made possible only through the establishing of the corporate person!  Returning to the subject of Keynesianism, it is this author’s opinion that, though many Federal Reserve administrators and US Treasury Secretaries have identified themselves as Keynesians, none arrive at that level in the money business without full knowing that Keynesianism serves to perpetuate the fraud of corporatism while serving to destroy capitalism. Id est: one cannot know much about economics without recognizing Keynesianism as a fraud.  (A parable that was shared with me is as follows: One will no sooner derive an accurate economic outlook using a false economic theorem than one will accurately measure 100-yards using a 31-inch yardstick.)  Ergo, if those in the know understand Keynesian economics to be a fraud, then Keynesianism is being used intentionally for the purpose of defrauding the American public.  It is without question in this author’s mind that Keynesian economics has served as an equal partner to the corporate person’s assassination of America’s capitalism, the assassination of every American man and woman’s right to free enterprise, and the looting of America’s liquid assets and natural resources.

It must be reiterated that pure capitalism – a combination of Laissez Faire economic policy, combined with the right to free enterprise, as well as reasonable tariffs, duties and excise taxes (to protect domestic productivity) – is the key to prosperity, creating not only a wealthy class (due to the greater industriousness and use of faculties by some) but a middle-class that leaves almost nothing left of a poor-class, as through true capitalism, poverty is nearly eradicated.

It must also be stated that the primary motive behind the slandering of capitalism is due to its being the scourge of the elitist, the monarch, the user, the looters, the parasites, as well as the envious and the lazy.  The elitist – aristocrat and monarchist alike – despise a prosperous middle class because it challenges their dictatorial authority.  These elitists have always hated the bourgeoisie – or middle class – as the middle class competes with them for resources.  The users, looters and parasites despise pure capitalism because it undermines their ability to attach themselves to a producer, and rob him or her of the fruits of their productivity.  The envious and the lazy also despise capitalism because in order for one to excel, one must do so on one’s own merits, and in order for one to obtain charity, one must remain in good standing with one’s neighbor, as there is no governmental mechanism in place to rob the producer and hand it over to the lout.  It is corporatism that has been the economic system under which these aforementioned sociopaths have thrived, not capitalism!

It must also be stated that, it is not the capitalist that is the hard-hearted miser in terms of charity for those who are truly in need, but it is in fact the corporatist that has earned this place.  Through all the years in which capitalism was the predominant economic system, the poor and needy were attended to by private charities funded by private holders of wealth, and this was apparently done so with much greater efficiency than America’s modern governmental welfare system.  Restated, the statists’ claim that, without government the needs of the unfortunate will go unmet, is a bald-faced lie and refuted by historical occurrences such as the private relief efforts during the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927.  Private funding of charitable causes has declined correlative to increases in the income tax required to fund the ‘forced donations’ via government welfare.

If the words within this editorial have effectively pleaded a case to the reader in favor of acquitting capitalism of the charges brought falsely against it, and if this editorial has effectively stirred within the reader a passion to share the truth, I offer this advice: don’t bother arguing the differences between capitalism and corporatism with those on the political-Left in the hopes of demonstrating that it is the latter that is the enemy of which they speak.  The truth will not dissuade their hatred of capitalism as free enterprise is at the core of what they hate – a hatred born of fear and envy.  Preferring to wrap the world within a kindler, gentler form of slavery as opposed to what America’s Founders had set into motion, the average Democrat’s hatred of liberty, peace and prosperity is self-evident in the personal views they express daily, and the majority of the positions they hold politically.  Likewise, don’t bother trying to get the average Republican to stand against corporatism and uphold the virtues of capitalism.  They have been consumed by avarice, and desire more than anything to gain spectacular riches through the corporate machine as it dismantles the American economy and facilitates the building of a militaristic, global, religious empire.  This message is appropriate for those who have risen above the ‘Team-R versus Team-D’ paradigm, that is, the two-party fraud, as well as whom, perhaps by virtue of their youth, have not yet been conned by one or the other of the two predominant political parties and their polarizing platforms.


Although it is wrongly accused by some as the source for all the evils of the world, and by others, erroneously, as a necessary evil with which to facilitate prosperity, capitalism remains with us now as little more than a souvenir from a bygone age.  There is, however, a solution to the slander of capitalism and a means by which to reverse its being steamrolled by corporatism, a solution which is found in three simple, daunting, monumental, steps.  First, the theory behind Keynesian economics must be recognized, and accepted, by American academia as the fraud that it is and, secondly, this economic fraud must then be exposed to the American public by the mainstream media.  The third and most critical step, the Supreme Court must reverse the May 10, 1886 court ruling on behalf of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company resulting in the establishment of corporate personhood.  I state that these three steps are daunting because, and obviously, the egos to be found in the world of academia are not likely to accept the idea that, one of the darlings of Liberalism, that is, Keynesianism, has been a fraud since its birth, and a fraud from the day it was adopted by the world of academia!  Daunting because, it is not likely that bank-financed corporate mainstream media will readily report on the injury being done to America by the very economic system under which it [the corporate media] prospers!  Daunting also because, for one to expect to receive a pro-capitalist, anti-corporatist ruling from the bizarre collection of jurists currently presiding over the Supreme Court is as puerile as it is naive.  Thus, the initiating of the three required steps must begin at the grassroots level, and persist until popular, then becoming so boisterous and persistent that it cannot be ignored.  Fortunately, the sort of grassroots effort of which I write has in fact already begun.  One recent lower court ruling against the existence of the “corporate person” is the landmark Hallowich v. Range Resources (Washington County, PA, Judge Debbie O’Dell-Seneca presiding) which demonstrates there being some hope in reversing America’s nearly completed conversion to corporatism.

If some larger part of America can rise above the Democratic and Republican parties’ polarization, and address the matter of America’s adoption of a foreign and fraudulent economic theory (Keynesianism), as well as one devastatingly corrupt Supreme Court ruling, and do so through intellect rather than ego and emotion, then it may be possible to break the curse of corporate personhood, and yield back to every American man and woman their rights to liberty, peace and prosperity.




On the day of May 10, 1886 the United States of America was beneath a sky that warned of the activities of secret enemies, cabals and conspiracies, and warned also of fated, destiny-altering events due to long-term plots and strategies. These stellar influences also warned of treason of the most damaging kind.  As transiting Sun passed through America’s fifth house, transiting Moon, in the eighth, cast a square to it, connecting the interests of speculators to the shared resources of the American people.  Transiting Mercury squared its natal position, and cast a highly deceptive square to the USA’s natal Pluto in the country’s second house of income and resources.  Venus offered no help and only worsened matters with a square to her natal position and a square of under two-degrees to America’s natal Jupiter.  Malefic Mars, transiting America’s ninth house – the house of the courts and judges – cast squares to Uranus and the Ascendant, as well as a semi-square to natal Mercury.  (This signifies radical and unfortunate change, as well as hasty – or injurious – action by the courts.)  Jupiter’s retrograde square to Mars, and conjunction to Neptune, was a clear sign that the USA was in – or about to be in – a weakened state of being.  Saturn’s evil effects were undeniable, as it passed through America’s seventh house and cast conjunctions to natal Sun, Venus, Jupiter and then squared the Midheaven.  Transiting Uranus afflicted both America’s greater and lesser benefic by casting squares to Venus and Jupiter, and then approached an ego-altering conjunction to the Midheaven.  Transiting Neptune – the planet of fraud and deception – cast a square to America’s natal third house Moon, an influence correlative to the deception in commercial matters that would follow. However, the most damning effect was in the degree of the zodiac Neptune occupied at approximately 25-degrees Taurus – a close opposition to that ultra-sensitive degree in America’s horoscope at 22-degrees Scorpio, 34-minutes, the degree very often associated with severe injury done to America by its secret enemies.  Lastly, transiting Pluto’s trine from the sixth house to its natal position indicates a destiny-altering effect on the working classes and their position in relation to America’s income and resources.

The summary of this horoscopic figure is ominous.

And for the man responsible, Justice Morrison Remick Waite – infamous in his day for his avarice and corruption, his preponderance of planets (Sun, Mercury and Jupiter) in America’s twelfth house – the house of secret enemies –   indicates a willingness to impose his own moral code (or lack thereof) upon the nation at the cost of any injury to the USA.  Moreover, his Mars at 20-degrees Scorpio, 24-minutes identifies him as an active secret attacker of America, likely tied to cabals and/or conspiracies, and a likely spearhead for the carrying out of severely damaging plots.  All this is added to by the presence of his Saturn in the USA’s second house, indicating the potential for imposing a limiting effect on the greater financial health of America, as well as the potential for influencing monetary policy so as to favor those who engage in usury.  (Let us hope that Justice Waite is right now in either a particularly warm spot in Hell, or perhaps experiencing one of millions of back-to-back reincarnations as a dung beetle.)

The preponderance of the evil aspects cast to America’s horoscope by the transiting planets on the day of May 10, 1886 indicate a time when America was highly vulnerable to attack, especially one that originated from enemies from within the US, and which was carried out by its own courts.  These evil influences allowed for a thoroughly corrupt judge to rule on a matter that would alter the country’s destiny for now 127 years.  But it is through the understanding of the language of the stars that critical points in a nation’s life, such as this one of 1886, can be understood, and the damages resulting from bad decisions repaired.


Saturday – Stellar influences for today and Sunday indicate a widespread tendency towards irresponsible behavior which now combines with a national spirit beset by misguided fanaticism.  This fanaticism seems to be rooted in issues pertaining to America’s values.  Through Sunday night the potential for polarization on social issues continues, as does the potential for significant acts of violence.


Friday – America’s horoscope for today indicates the next 72 hours as a period within the USA wherein the larger part of the population is subject to a state of misguided fanaticism.  Disagreements on social issues and political conflicts are almost certain to co-occur with such erroneous perspectives.

Threats of violence continue to persist through Sunday, July 21, 2013.