Saturday – Sunday – Analysis of America’s horoscope reveals that, for today, tomorrow and through Monday, September 2, 2013, a national sense of duty is likely to lead to the USA’s being exploited.  But not only is the USA subject to exploitation, but America’s leaders can potentially  use America’s resources (military resources, especially) to exploit the weaknesses of a foreign neighbor.  Surrounding this potential exploitation is likely to be a continued propaganda campaign.  In America’s horoscope, one bald-faced liar rises to prominence.  This liar is an effeminate man of light complexion with an above-average-intelligence, as well as being one with a proven track-record within political circles for being effective in the deceiving of the American public.  In other words, a professional political con-artist, or ‘scum-bag’, for short.

Stellar influences indicate that the potential for misuse of the USA’s armed services hangs over the heads of Americans like the sword of Damocles.  So fragile is the situation that, an inadvertent breaking of wind by David Rockefellar, or an inconsiderately uncovered sneeze by David Rothschilde from across the Atlantic, could break the thread by which it is held.  And with transiting Venus separating from Saturn by what will be nearing six-degrees, the sense of conservatism and restraint that America has benefitted by this past week is quickly fading.

Remember!  When We the People believe their lies, they make money!


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Friday – According to the stars, those wealthy people, who, from their hiding places in the shadows, manipulate America towards their own aims, are likely to be sending forth their platoons of con-artists from academia, media and government.  It would appear as though some sort of large project is in the works, and the world’s plutocrats want it to be funded by the American people.  Obviously, if the deal was legitimate, they would not need to be perpetrating a major deception upon the people of the USA in order to gain their support.  What ever this project is, it will not serve the American people in any way whatsoever, and will result in the USA incurring loss and injury.

America’s horoscope for today indicates that President Obama is likely to be very friendly with special interests – very, very, friendly, that is.

Lastly, stellar influences indicate that there is some potential for violence, the result of which will effect a large mass of people.  This violence is most likely to be projected out of the USA, and not inward.  (However, under these astrological influences, a false flag event upon US soil is not an impossibility.)


Thursday – Effecting the whole world, a cross has formed in the cardinal signs, comprised of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.  Astrologically, this is a lot of negative pressure upon all nations.  In my opinion, the summary interpretation of this cross indicates a point in time during which the mass of men and women of Earth are growing weary of the rule of the plutocratic minority that has appointed itself as the world’s monarchy.  Specific to the USA, this cardinal cross projects the qualities of lawlessness (Pluto in the first house) with radical change (Uranus in the fourth house) and a great desire to grow and prosper through foreign relations (Jupiter in the seventh house) with the desire to bear rule through meting out justice (Venus in the tenth house).  Venus is a planet that carries significant weight in the nativity of the USA, and it is now in roughly the same degree as another weighty planet in the US horoscope – Saturn.  Generally speaking, Venus and Saturn combined result in a sort of conservatism, a conservatism expressed reflective of the type of angle and the house (or houses) from which the angles are cast.  This angle is a conjunction (same degree) in the USA’s tenth house, relating to (among other things) America’s reputation in the world and credit worthiness, as well as use (or misuse) of authority.  Will the conjunction between transiting Venus and America’s natal Saturn impose sufficient a sense of duty, patriotism and fiscal responsibility among the country’s elected officials, so as to offset other stellar influences that are driving the country towards unjustified military action?  Or, will this sense of duty and patriotism be successfully exploited (and fiscal responsibility ignored) rendering, once again, the US armed services as the private mercenary force of a small group of London bankers, with the cost for its use being billed to the American public?  In answering that question, I think that it is important to remember that, while much of what is to come has already been written in the stars, men and women are not without free will.  Thus, decisions that rely upon the quality of one’s character are still under the dominion of free will. However, as it is the case in America that public office often benefits the officeholder with access to the public purse, for the most part, the very worst quality of human being upon the Earth has come to inhabit the majority of those public offices.  Now consider that there is no more profitable a business upon the Earth than war. Ergo, left to their own devices, America’s elected officeholders will certainly choose a path aggression upon foreign nations, no matter how unjustified, if it appears that such aggression will ultimately yield financial gains for them.  Another consideration is that the American people are, for the most part, kind and generous – benevolent, one might say.  But that benevolence is utterly without meaning if the nation has been tricked into thinking that it is doing the right thing when it is, in fact, actually doing the wrong thing. Actually, a misguided sense of self-righteousness and moral outrage, combined with an arsenal of powerful weapons, can be quite dangerous. All this in mind, all that is needed to push the USA into the wrong direction is something like Mars’ entrance into the sign of Leo (arrogance, explosiveness) which takes place in America’s eighth house – an evil house – the house of death, debt and taxes – an event that occurred yesterday.

While the cruise missiles may not be launched tomorrow, nor may the bombers begin flying sorties over foreign lands next week, nor may the first order for body bags be placed next month, war is likely coming, and it is likely to be a big war that is presently in the works.  Astrologically, I’m regarding these present days as the point of inchoate inception – the time when today’s actions determine tomorrow’s reactions. In the near-term, military action against Syria is likely.  As the USA is presently under very negative stellar influences, it could even happen today.  But the major action is not likely to take place until that London-based cabal of financiers has directed the bulk of the world’s liquid wealth into their own coffers.  Once that has taken place, the wheels of world war are likely to begin to turn quickly.

How many times will America fall for the same lies?


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Wednesday – How about beginning with a ‘word of the day’?  Let’s try obtusity –  meaning to be stupid, or slow to understand something.  Now let’s use it in a sentence:  When it comes to the meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, some of us are becoming quite frustrated by the larger part of the public’s obtusity.  

How about another word for the day?  Let’s try patsy – meaning to be easily tricked or exploited.  Now let’s use it in a sentence:   When it comes to the meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, some of us are becoming quite frustrated by the larger part of the public’s obtusity, as it frequently results in the American people being made a patsy.

One more word for the day, okay?  Let’s go with goon – meaning a gangster, or thug-for-hire, especially one hired to do bodily harm to one, so as to benefit another.  Now let’s use it in a sentence:   When it comes to the meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, some of us are becoming quite frustrated by the larger part of the public’s obtusity, as it frequently results in the American people being made a patsy, due to their becoming the unwitting goon of a cabal of international financiers.

Today’s stellar influences for the USA suggest that the usual team of professional political con-artists will be extraordinarily busy shoveling bull manure in the direction of the American public.  This influence is connected to foreign affairs, and a secret cabal, or conspiracy, that stands to gain financially, should the USA engage in a violent manner in connection with foreign affairs.  This con-job will increase in its aggressiveness through tomorrow, and could quite possibly lead to some significant act of violence by, on, or around, Saturday, August 31, 2013.  In my astrological opinion, the aforementioned “significant act of violence” can in fact be interpreted as a potential false flag taking place somewhere on US soil, but is more likely to involve clandestine operations in a foreign land.  While I cannot isolate the source of the deceptions, the stars do indicate the falsehoods as being issued by one with significant authority and influence upon the public.

No good news today, folks.  But when the stars have something positive to offer, I will report it here.

Don’t buy the lie!


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Sunday – There are times when I will state that a particular astrological influence is either ‘possible’ or ‘potential’, and on other occasions, I will use the term ‘likely’.  These terms, in their respective order, indicate the strength of the particular influence, and the prospect of the particular influence manifesting in the manner which I have interpreted.  Sometimes, the strength of a particular stellar influence is sufficiently strong so as to render, in my opinion, the prospect of manifestation in the manner which I have interpreted, with near-certainty.  And it is with near-certainty that I am predicting that, through Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the majority of the America public will be effectively emotionally manipulated concerning matters of foreign affairs by professional political con-artists representing foreign financial interests.  Sadly, this then leads to the potential for the people of the USA becoming the unwitting dupes – and the American armed services the henchman – in the pursuit of the fortune/empire-building of those aforementioned foreign financial interests.  How costly, and how very sad.


Here we go again!  How long before the claims emerge of Syria hiding WMDs and attempting to buy Yellow Cake,  as well as the emergence of tales of President Bashar Assad’s sons (does he have sons?) beating people?


From U.S. News on  US officials believe Syria used chemical weapons…


From U.S. News on Obama: Syria allegations of chemical weapons ‘a big event of grave concern’

and from World News on U.N. has strong concerns over reports of hundreds killed in Syrian chemical weapons attacks:


Friday – If it seems today as though there is a sort of gloom hanging over the country, it is not the imagination, but an astrological influence of short duration.  Bad news concerning matters in foreign lands can contribute to the country’s overall state of sadness, as can poor decisions being made by America’s judiciary.

Speaking of matters concerning issues in foreign lands, today, the degree of the zodiac occupied by the planet Mercury, indicates that, someone with demagogic abilities, is likely to be successful in convincing at least a portion of the American public of something that is pure fiction.  And in the style of a true demagogue, this person – a professional political con-artist – will be using emotional hot-buttons (fear, guilt, greed) to steer the public’s opinion to support the aims of a small group of people operating below the line of visibility (yes, there is a conspiracy behind this).  As an example, someone could, possibly, stage a phony nerve-gas attack on civilians in a foreign land somewhere, in hopes that, if properly marketed to the American public, the American peoples’ sense of morality may support an otherwise unjustified act of military aggression against that country – when in fact, the true motivation behind the desire to use military force against that country is to rob it of at least one of its natural resources.

And speaking of deception, today, America’s horoscope indicates the possibility that the nation’s chief executive officer – that is, President Obama – may address the press, or public, on some matter, and in the process, could inadvertently, accidentally, coincidentally, unintentionally, mislead the public.  I know.  That President Obama might not be completely honest with the American public?  I’m really pushing the boundaries of astrological interpretation, huh?  But that is what the stars suggest, that is, that the President might mislead the public somehow.  The stars also suggest that the misleading information may have something to do with foreign intelligence, or matters of foreign sources of intelligence.  Perhaps the stars are just plain wrong, and President Obama’s character is so rock solid, and his eye so focused upon his promise of, “transparency” in government so true, that to worry about such a thing is just silliness.

And speaking of silliness (while continuing to wear out my favorite Alan Greenspan quote) the, “irrational exuberance” still observed amongst Americans towards the US equity markets is just that – silly.  Yeah, there’s been a little sell-off or two here and there, but to sustain market averages at any point near these levels is –  “irrational.”  The conjunction being made by transiting Jupiter to America’s natal Sun has been, in part, providing the optimism required to maintain such “exuberance” towards the equity markets (and bank soundness, too) during times when economic conditions would otherwise justify pessimism.  Keep in mind, this Jupiter-Sun conjunction is generally good for everyone, but usually favors the very wealthy, even if that favoritism comes at the injury of the not-so-wealthy.  It is likely that, in the autumn, the full extent of this injury to the not-so-wealthy will be realized (though the means by which the injury was inflicted may not ever be fully understood by most people).  But on the upside, solid business deals can be struck under this influence provided both parties are honest and forthright.  As well, this is an excellent time for those seeking patronage for worthy projects, and benefactors are likely to find their generosity well placed.  This Jupiter-Sun conjunction influence lasts through Monday, August 26, 2013, as Jupiter then transits dangerously close to the cusp of the USA’s eighth house.  Not a good thing.

Carpe Noctem!


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Thursday – The analysis of the USA’s horoscope for today indicates that, those who have been entrusted with the power to make decisions that effect the lives of all Americans, are more subject than usual to being influenced by those other than their constituents.  This is quite ominous when considering that, America has, on any given day, what is apparently, the very best Congress that money can buy.  Unfortunately, and as coincidence would have it, those whom peddle influence are likely to be extraordinarily active.  America’s politicians, while outside of the public eye, are likely being tempted quite vigorously by lobbyists, the aim being to sway public policy so as to favor corporate interests.  (I apologize that I have been unable to identify exactly which corporate interests those are.)  This potential for the representation of corporate interests over the best interests of the USA is correlative to another astrological influence that warns that the USA is presently ripe for exploitation.

It is possible that, the previous paragraph may leave the reader with the impression that I am implying that, the majority of the members of the US Congress comprise a gang of lawless, self-serving, oath-breaking whores, incapable of selling the United States of America down the Yangtzee river fast enough to please the bunch of London bankers by whom they are regularly pimped out.  While it is understandable that a reader could certainly get that impression from that paragraph, let us keep in mind, that is not what I wrote.

Threats to national security persist throughout the day.  Activities which could be regarded as subversive, perhaps, even, as espionage or treason, are potentially carried out by a woman of dark complexion.  She may hold a leading position in government, and may also posses a degree in law.  This woman, while outwardly cordial and diplomatic, is utterly without honor, and is as mean and dishonest as they come.  Her motivation behind some nefarious act, should it be carried out, is nothing other than personal gain.  Ironically, the degree of the zodiac representing this figure is an unfortunate degree, and it is likely that the risk she will incur in the commission of some nefarious act will far outweigh any potential reward for it.  Also, the risk of eventual exposure is quite high.  This begs the question: Is it a boon or a bane to the USA, that, aside from being one mean bitch, this woman is also short-sighted and stupid?  While stupid raises the likelihood of her being caught should she engage in a crime, she can also do significant damage to the USA beforehand.

Carpe Noctem!


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Wednesday –  Political criticisms are likely to be in great abundance today, with both affiliates from both of the predominant political parties using emotion-driven arguments in an attempt to manipulate the American public.  At least one professional political con-artist is figured prominently, and this person has quite a piece of fiction to sell to the public.

Another prominent figure in America’s horoscope today gives just cause for concern regarding matters of national security.  This figure is most likely a woman with a fair complexion, whose nature is of the angry, resentful variety.  This woman is figured prominently in America’s nativity as a blackmailer – and the person she is blackmailing is likely to be involved with America’s national security operations.

Also indicated in America’s stars, the selfishness of America’s financial and political aristocracy is likely to cause the nation troubles as members of this aristocracy pursue their own fortunes.  Injury done to America today is not likely to be realized until later in the year.  What dastardly deeds have the world’s plutocrats planned for America?  Perhaps, as Rothschild was known to have said, they will be planning to leave us with nothing but our eyes with which to cry.


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