Friday through Monday – Here we go again.  By the stars, it is indicated that, during the time of Friday, September 27, through Monday, September 30, 2013, America is likely to be subjected to significant power plays within the US government (especially those initiated by the White House) a time of significant acts of deception upon the American public (the White House is strongly figured in this, too) a time of a significant illegal act committed in connection to covert or clandestine operations (once again, the White House is prominent) and a time of a significant illegal act involving violent revolutionary-types (both the White House and Senate are prominently positioned in relation to this)  as well as a time of conflict over legalities (possibly leading to cessation of alliances) among various members of both the House and Senate.

Additionally, there is the potential for damage to the USA through a bold and outrageous act of espionage and/or treason (and as we know now, this may be espionage against the USA by a foreign entity, or espionage and/or treason against the American public by subversive elements within the US government) as well as the potential for additional damage to the USA as a result of the formation of a new and secret alliance (yes, it is a conspiracy) the unquestionably nefarious aim of which appears to be for the purpose of projecting violence abroad.  (It is under just such an influence that a plan for a ‘false flag’ can be hatched.)

Over the weekend and through Monday evening, look for a man of dark complexion to attempt to pollute the minds of America with a sophisticated propaganda campaign.  This man is a cunning public speaker who presently holds significant sway over the public, but make no mistake about it: he is a liar – a professional political con-artist – and his intentions towards the American public are 100-percent malicious.  Whether the full impact of this swindler’s demagoguery is projected through the print, or broadcast media, I cannot tell, but a blatant attempt to emotionally manipulate the nation is clear.  (Accompanying minor influences suggest the matter may be related to the issue of gun control.)

During these same days, stellar influences suggest that, in relation to an outspoken woman activist, some measure of justice can be had in the courts.

Also during these same days, the stars suggest that, America’s business environment is strong, and offers solid opportunities for well-conceived new ventures.  Also, this time offers a window of opportunity for repositioning investable funds and savings based upon a sensible and defensive strategy.

September has been an interesting month, one during which America’s current police-state has been revealed to all but the willfully ignorant, and a time during which the stratagems for unjustified foreign (military) entanglements have been exposed in a manner undeniable to all but the idiot or the liar. For those whom earn their living from the mechanisms of war, post-war reconstruction, usury, slavery (whether chattel or debt) and corporatism, the opposition towards peace, liberty and prosperity (for all) is logical.  What is inconceivable, however, is the opposition towards peace, liberty and prosperity, that is maintained by those whom are among those who stand to gain the greatest elevation in quality of life through its support.  Go figure.

The ‘collective character’ of the United States of America is governed by the moral decisions made by its elected officials, and the greater population’s tolerance of those who hold office.  The stars foretell of troubled times ahead for America.  But as the great astrologer, Charles E. O. Carter stated, “The stars incline, they do not compel.”  Though the stars indicate that the will of the American public is weak, that will is still free, thus, the American people maintain the free will to champion the cause of liberty, and ensure for themselves lives of peace and prosperity.

Carpe Noctem!


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Monday – There is a WSJ story by Peggy Noonan making its way around the Internet referencing rumors that some White House staffers are referring to President Barack Hussein Obama as “Obam-me” – a nickname allegedly created by the staffers for the purpose of relating the idea that President Obama is self-absorbed.


It is a very brief comment, barely worth noting, but sufficient enough for many right-of-center news sources to jump upon in an attempt to make a point.  But this sense of President Obama being self-absorbed is old news here at Judicium Astrologica, as it is something that I have delineated from the USA’s horoscope and reported on at various points throughout the year.  Here are a few examples:

From June 22, 2013:  “America’s horoscope reveals the high-probability of the nation’s highest ranking executive officer engaging in overtly vain, conceited and boastful behavior today, and that officer is none other than President Barack Obama.  Do not be surprised if the President is found in the company of the rich and famous today, basking in his own glory, contemplating his own magnificence, and pondering upon his own majesty.  He may even try to enlist a celebrity or two to represent his own sinister agenda, which he proffers to the American public as, “change,” or perhaps, “leadership.”  Meanwhile, those anti-American elements operating within America’s secret police are likely to be regaining their equilibrium after the recent exposures, and plotting their strategy for their next attack upon Liberty.”

From June 3, 2013:  “During this time America’s reputation, internationally, will likely suffer additional blemish due to what is perceived by the rest of the world as vanity and conceit.  It is just as likely that the actions of President Obama, or another figure within the Executive Branch, will play a role in creating this unflattering perception of America.”

From June 1, 2013:  “Speaking of the White House, the degrees of Mars hint at an extravagant and irresponsible use of public resources – an issue that has apparently caught the attention of political watchdogs in the past.  If in fact the case, this sort of profligate spending would be corresponding to what I have interpreted as the President’s undue pride and overconfidence – a condition that is likely becoming glaring to those closest to him.”

From May 31, 2013:  “Today and lasting through Saturday night, were President Obama to be judged with total objectivity by those closest to him, they might regard him as being dangerously full of pride, and shamefully overconfident.  That is what I have interpreted as the message carried in the stars.  What I have also interpreted in the message found in the stars, but which may not be apparent to those in close company to Mr. Obama, is an executive officeholder full of cunning and dirty tricks, as well as a propensity for violence.  This in mind, it is likely that, sometime either today or over the weekend, the President will unholster his political-stooge six-gun consisting of sociologists, statisticians, academics, jurists, media hacks and pundits, and aim it at the American public.”

From May 19, 2013:  “In his ongoing pursuit for greater power and reach over the Constitutional bounds of his office, President Obama is likely to be spending the day keeping company with those who can help him achieve his aims: the rich, the famous and the highly influential.  And while the President is likely to believe that his strutting and stridency are a sure way to impress, those with whom he keeps company are most likely to view him as vain and conceited, and regard his insatiable appetite for self-glorification as a weakness ripe for exploitation.  Way to go, Mr. President!”

From April 14, 2013:  “Speaking of the White House (again) it is unlikely that President Obama will be able to conceal his personal ambitions and desire to serve his own self-interests no matter the cost to the United States of America.  And though they will remain absolutely silent, even his most fervent supporters and closest associations will again be taking notice.  However, for the next few weeks the President will navigate the rough political waters with cunning, and craftily evade legitimate and well-needed criticisms of his conduct and policies.”

Perhaps I have made my point?

How appropriate the timing for the aforementioned media buzz in light of today’s horoscope for the USA, as the transiting Sun’s ingress to Libra and America’s tenth house signifies a time of political muscle-flexing by the nation’s chief executive office (a.k.a. President Obama).  As the Sun’s annual passage through this house coincides with its casting a square to Venus, and then to Jupiter, this political muscle-flexing is usually accompanied by the President making something of ninny of himself, as his actions lead to his being seen as vain, self-indulgent, profligate, and ostentatious.  Equally, this influence can also coincide with the President behaving in an arrogant and imprudent manner, resulting in his acting in conflict with US Constitutional law, as well as international law.

Perhaps there are many outside of the USA who do in fact see our President as some sort of a strutting, swaggering clown.  Embarrassing as that is, we should likely continue to remind ourselves that, he’s our clown, right?  C’mon, folks!  Show some patriotism!  🙂

Carpe Noctem!


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Wednesday – The United States of America has been under a powerful twelfth house influence since since the Solar (Partial) Eclipse of November 13, 1993, landing at roughly 22-degrees Scorpio.  Now nearly 20 years later, even a cursory analysis will reveal that this has proven to have been a time during which America’s enemies – enemies defined by being in opposition to the USA ideologically, or those even seeking the destruction of all that America is and what it represents – have come to wield great influence over the country.  Those whom oppose America as a nation have seen to it that America’s national borders have become a redundancy.  Those whom oppose America’s primacy as a wold military super-power have seen to it that a dangerous enemy in the East has become the beneficiary of America’s greatest technologies.  Those whom oppose America’s once-endless-bounty, that is, free-enterprise, have ensured that the engine of the American dream – capitalism – was sabotaged, and replaced with the yoke of corporatism, the latter being a relatively new form of human bondage that renders even chattel slavery as looking humane.  This powerful twelfth house influence has been in effect during the presidential administrations of William Jefferson Clinton, George Walker Bush, and now, Barack Hussein Obama, and was recently reinvigorated with the Solar (Annual) Eclipse on November 13, 2012, also landing at roughly 22-degrees Scorpio.  Among the interesting things that occurred within weeks of the eclipse (and in sympathy with an angle cast to that point by Mars) was the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre (December 14, 2012) as well as the US joining a coalition recognizing the opposition forces in Syria (the National Coalition) as that country’s legitimate authority, also in December, 2012.  This US position, in support of Syria’s National Coalition, equates to the intended deposing of the legitimate government of a foreign nation, actions which are conspiratorial and clandestine, by definition!

The timing of these events in relation to the eclipses of 1993 and 2012 is critical.

In layman’s terms, the twelfth division (or house) in the horoscope of a person or a nation, is representative of that person’s, or nation’s, secret enemies.  For a nation (or a person) this also pertains to the conspiracies working against it, the frauds and deceptions perpetrated upon it, as well as its being used and manipulated.  For a nation, we can also add its collective self-delusions to this house, as well as any long-term, serious, or irreversible damages it incurs as a result of malfeasance from the aforementioned.  My regular readers may have become frustrated with my seemingly repetitious warnings of, “acts of espionage, sabotage and treason,” as well as, “clandestine operations,” and “false flag” acts of violence, but during this time, this has been, astrologically, an unrelenting threat – a sort of unceasing undercurrent –  during which there has been, is, and will continue to be, specific days (or weeks/months) where those twelfth-house threats are more potent. (These twelfth-house-related threats will begin to peak in early 2014, and will then persist, in full-effect, through 2016, after which they will terminate.)

So what does this have to do with the current circumstances regarding the USA’s foreign relations with Syria?  In my astrological opinion, it means that, the piece of geography occupied, and called home, by the Syrians, serves as some sort of a strategic stepping stone in the greater ambitions of foreign interests, which, to-date, have been successful in manipulating the US government to do their military dirty-work for them in the Middle East, and that these foreign interests wish to gain control of that piece of geography known as Syria, no matter the cost in blood, or Dollars, to the American people.  It also means that, key members of the United States government are either so stupid that they have been effectively taken in by the scam, or, that they are in on the scam.

For today, the difficult angle cast by transiting Saturn to America’s Uranus, indicates conflict between the USA’s Constitutional (id est: legal) foundations, and what some may refer to as, “a New World Order.” Neptune’s applying trine to America’s Venus will make it very easy for We the People to buy into nearly any lie pertaining to politics, provided said lie is sweet enough.  Pluto, in its retrograde motion, is casting an agitating angle of nearly 150-degrees to America’s Uranus, increasing the possibility of violence and/or turmoil experienced by the masses, particularly through the process of military call-up.

Summary:  The American people should expect to be lied to by those whom they should most be able to trust, and some threat of violence (at home and abroad) persists throughout the day.

Good luck, America.


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Saturday – Stellar influences for today indicate a continued atmosphere of deception upon the American people by the USA’s diplomatic services, as well as continued attempts to manipulate the emotions of the American people (relative to matters of foreign relations).  Also of concern, the combined effects of Sun and Mercury in relation to the USA horoscope, suggest some potential for significant acts of violence in connection to clandestine operations, and possibly manifesting through deadly ‘false flag’ deceptions, and through dealings with violent revolutionary-types.

Lot’s of room for trouble today.

When We the People buy into their lies, they make money, while We lose money and Liberty.  Carpe Noctem!


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Friday – Secretary of State John Kerry is a liar?  According to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, John Kerry is a liar, and Mr. Putin believes that John Kerry is lying through his teeth about the circumstances currently surrounding Syria.  For those whom may not have been paying attention, it is a big deal in world politics when the Prime Minister of a major world military force calls, outright, the Secretary of State of another major world military force, a liar.  Actually, it is a really big deal.  This then begs the question:  Is Vladimir Putin’s accusation of merit, or unfounded?

As I have been reporting over the past few weeks, the stars have been indicating that a great deception upon the American people was, and is, in the works, and was, and is, connected to matters of foreign relations and the misuse of America’s armed services.  I have also reported that this deception upon the America people was, and is, connected to the aims of a relatively small cabal of international financiers, some of whom are looking to increase their personal fortunes through the theft of natural resources belonging to other nations, and that it was possible that the United States of America could be conned into becoming the private mercenary force – or goons for hire – of these foreign interests, for which the people of America would pay for the cost of this theft, not only monetarily, but through the shed blood of members of America’s armed services, as well.

In answering my own question, that is, concerning the merit, or lack thereof, regarding Vladimir Putin’s accusation that Secretary of State John Kerry is liar, I must state that, astrologically, Mr. Putin’s accusation comes at a very interesting time – a time during which past warnings found within the analysis of America’s horoscope, concerning clandestine operations, false flag operations, deceptions upon the America people in regard to matters of foreign relations, and the misuse of America’s military, could all be reasonably associated with the current circumstances regarding Syria, and, thus, the “professional political con-artist” of which the stars have warned, could, likewise, be reasonably associated with Secretary of State John Kerry.

Perhaps Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin knows what he is talking about.

Today’s stellar influences upon the USA indicate the undue influence of commercial/corporate interests upon America’s foreign policy, combined with a great deal of deception coming from America’s diplomatic services.  The degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars indicates the presence of untrustworthy-types in connection to foreign intelligence, as well as suggesting that there are influential individuals who are spoiling for a fight, and operating below the American peoples’ line of visibility.