Wednesday – In November of 2010, in the inaugural issue of Judicium Astrologica (in print) I referred to the Republicans and Democrats as the right and left buttock, respectively, of the same dirty ass that has been defecating on America for nearly 100 years, with each buttock blaming the other buttock for making the mess.  As the curtain lowered at the end of today’s Congressional performance, and, each having obtained what they truly wanted, the Republicans and Democrats took their bows, and once again, Congress’ audience, the American people, got screwed.   Is there still anyone, with the exception of the idiot or the liar, who can deny that the nation’s two predominant political parties are equally to blame for the destruction of America?  Is there still anyone, with the exception of the idiot or the liar, who can deny that both the Republican and Democratic parties are wholly corrupt and long beyond any repair?

This post is titled 2013 Fourth Quarter Blog Hiatus, and as its name suggests, it is an announcement that I will be taking the rest of the year off from writing for this blog, the time away allowing me to focus on another astrological project.  I will, however, still be providing all of my astrological services to my clients.

For the time being, I will leave my readers with two thoughts, the first of which pertains to America’s horoscope, my interpretation of which, leaves me to give the warning that, since 1993, the greater part of America’s leadership has been, is now, and will continue to be, influenced primarily by people the stars indicate as being the enemies of America.  The second thought is relative to the first, and it comes in the form of a question that I have begun frequently posing to readers:  Can free men and women be led?

Carpe Noctem.


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P.S. Should enough readers protest this hiatus, and convince me that the information I provide within this blog to be of sufficient importance to them, then I will abbreviate the hiatus.


Wednesday – Feeling on edge?  A bit uncertain about the future?  Maybe even a little depressed?  Well, it may not be a matter of just your own insecurities, as at this time, America’s horoscope suggests a spirit of confusion – even bewilderment – hanging over the nation.  But today, the USA’s problems are far more grave than just a depressive collective state of mind, as there exists the potential for the nation to receive comeuppance for misdeeds of the past – misdeeds that were most likely committed by America’s politicians, and for which the citizenry will pay the price.  Exactly what the misdeeds in question may be, as well as in what form the potential comeuppance may come, I cannot delineate, but I do believe that it is all tied to debt and the misuse of public funds, id est: the profligacy of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the US government, and the apathy of the American public towards that profligacy.

While the nation struggles under this astrological dark cloud, the stars suggest also that there is the possibility that the (panjandrum) ‘leader of the the free world’, America’s chief executive officer, that is, President Barack Hussein Obama (c’mon, don’t laugh) may make some sort of a public statement of far less value than the soap operas and game shows he will be interrupting.  And what will Mr. Obama have to say?  I don’t know. But I am quite certain that what ever it is that comes out of his mouth will be presented in his usual arrogant, condescending, lecturing tone.  (I remember thinking to myself towards the end of the GHW Bush presidency, that it would impossible for America to ever be stuck with a president worse than GHW Bush, and then we were hit with Clinton.  Towards the end of Clinton’s second term, I thought that, with the exception of getting Hilary, there was no way America would be saddled with a president worse than Clinton, and then the USA was cursed with the bellicose chimpanzee, GW Bush.  After 8 years of GW Bush I realized that a trend had formed, and realized that, the very next President would be likely be more destructive than his or her predecessor, and since the biggest a-hole with his hat in the ring at the time was John McCain, I was quite certain he would follow GW Bush in bringing still greater injury to the USA.  What I did not realize at that time was that there was another a-hole of equal or greater girth hovering about, that being Barack Obama.  So the trend is established, and it is likely that, whomever succeeds Obama, will take whatever is left of the USA, and run that right into the ground. What horrors has 2016 in store for our great and beleaguered nation?)

Enough of my soap-box lecturing (I hope that I did not come across too presidential).

Commercial interests are figured very prominently in America’s horoscope today, so I am interpreting this as greater pressure being applied by corporate entities upon Congress to strike a deal so that they (corporations and Congress) can once again draw in the warming nourishment they seem to be unable to find anywhere but by sucking upon the US public teat.

And as I have saved the worst news for last, I will report it by first issuing this warning: Beware, America.  There are men and women figured prominently in the US horoscope today who are likely to address the public with all sorts of talk of Utopia – the creating of some perfect society.  But they are crooks – they are liars – they are swindlers – and they are out to steal your money and your liberty.

So, how does it feel to be ‘led’?

Carpe Noctem.


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Saturday and Sunday –  At this time the stars suggest that President Obama is nearing some sort of an emotional breaking point, while at the same time being tempted to engage in secretive acts, malicious scheming, and even acts of violence (motivated by his own self interests, and fanaticism in connection with his own objectives).  This comes despite his having the advantage of Venus occupying his tenth house, which lends to him a sort of  ‘beautiful appearance’ and a perceived air of graciousness and diplomacy.  This influence is at peak from today, Saturday, October 12, through Thursday, October 17, 2013.  As these astrological influences incline and do not compel, once again, let us hope that President Obama’s moral compass is sufficient to guide him beyond such temptations. Where’s that laughter coming from?

The combined degrees of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn suggest that, through Saturday, October 19, 2013, there is the danger of grave injury to the American people.  While this injury can certainly come through acts of violence, astrologically, it seems to be much more likely that the injury will be incurred through the legislative process and through monetary policy.  Plutocrats – those who now rule over the American people by virtue of their vast wealth and subsequent influence – are figured very prominently in America’s horoscope during this time.  What these plutocratic figures might be up to during this time, and exactly whom they may be applying pressure upon is unclear.  But what is crystal clear, is the undue influence of commercial interests upon the US political process.

If this next statement appears contradictory, I assure you it is not.  During this same time while the USA is under the threat of injury, and particularly on Sunday, October 13, the stars suggest that a budget compromise – or at least some talk of compromise – is possible.  But make no mistake, under these unfortunate stellar influences, any sort of budget compromise will in no way be designed to benefit the American people, but will, in fact, be a plan to benefit those who rule America while hiding in the shadows, as well as the minions in the employ of these parasitic shadowy figures.

My prognostication for this weekend (and beyond, in some cases) suggests that something negative is going on in the banking sector.  Please do not misunderstand:  I have NOT found anything, astrologically, to indicate a banking collapse, or a run on the banks, etc.  (Not yet, at least.)  But something negative is indicated.  Beyond that, the message in the stars is unclear, at least to me.

I’m signing off by again posing the question, “Are free men and women led?”

Carpe Noctem


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Friday – Looters.  Embezzlers. Pilferers.  While they may not be wearing t-shirts that identify them as such, make no mistake about it, they are there, en masse, and circling the Capitol like vultures eyeing carrion.  By convention, we call them “lobbyists, representatives, senators, advisors, consultants, people with friends in high places, special interests, corporate interests and international financiers.”  But at the end of the day, they are all parasites.  Humanoid leeches, ticks and fleas, and all looking for a free meal made of the blood of America’s producers.  The yoke of England’s King George III which America’s Founders fought to abolish was not as heavy as the one which these ‘aristocratic reprobates’ prepare for our necks.  The parasite spends and becomes rich.  The producer pays and becomes poor.

Today’s stellar influence indicates a heavy presence of those parasitic-types being involved in the US political process.  The degree of the zodiac occupied by Saturn serves as a harbinger for grave economic damage to be done to America by Congress, and this damage is done through abuse of the public coffers, and by debt attached a priori to the future production of America’s working classes.

Coincidentally, the stars indicate this day as one which President Obama may be tempted to engage in secretive behavior involving malicious scheming.  Frequently quoted here at Judicium Astrologica are the words of Charles E. O. Carter, “The stars incline, they do not compel.”  Let us hope that our nation’s chief executive officer, that is, the strutting and swaggering President Barack Hussein Obama, is of such high moral character as to resist just such a temptation, and take the moral high road.

Another repetition for which I’ll apologize for in advance is my posing one of my favorite thought-provoking questions:  Are free men and women led?  Just something to think about.

Carpe Noctem!


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On September 28, 2013, the Daily Mail’s Marie-Louise Olson reported on highly respected journalist Seymour Hersh’s assertion that the Obama Administration’s account of the raid during which Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed is a lie.


Once again, Judicium Astrologica has been considerably ahead of the pack on this issue.

From Judicium Astrologica, Issue 06, May, 2011:  Osama bin Laden: A Retrospective, I wrote, “Sunday, May 1, 2011 (appx. 7:48 pm AZT) – An interruption in normally scheduled network television programming brought news that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  About a quarter hour after the breaking of the news, President Barack Obama addressed the American people, giving an account of a directive he said he gave to then-CIA director Leon Panetta in early 2009 regarding the dispatch of Osama bin Laden as being his number one priority as President.  The Commander in Chief’s following words painted a picture wherein American intelligence agencies coordinated with our valorous military for an audacious mission in which the Western world’s most wanted man was brought to justice at the business end of an American rifle. Upon initial receipt of the news, I was nearly inclined to celebrate that the son-of-a-bitch Osama bin Laden was dead.  But having been immersed in my work for the predictive part of this very newsletter on that same evening, I was acutely aware of the evil stellar influences under which the USA was when the news broke (as well as for several days preceding, and after) and thus, was immediately skeptical.  And when it was said that Osama bin Laden’s body was buried at sea, I became thoroughly unconvinced as to the legitimacy of the Obama Administration’s assertion.  My initial thought on the matter was the oddity that, in an environment where a considerable portion of the American people are still doubtful of the naturalized birth of President Obama – and thus have so little trust in him – that in a matter of such great importance as this, Obama himself would not have insisted on a state-side autopsy of Osama bin Laden’s remains.  I also questioned that, at a time when the President’s approval rating had fallen so low, would not clever Democratic advisors and strategists have convinced the President to make some sort of display of the trophy, if even accidentally.  Which then led me to further contemplate President Obama’s dismal approval rating, and the now-unsettling timing of this event (as well as a series of other events leading up to this point).  These thoughts, in turn, led me to remind myself of my analysis of President Obama’s nativity in relation to that of the USA, and the double-whammy of his Mercury in opposition to the USA’s Pluto – and his Pluto in semi-square to the USA’s Mercury – suggesting that he would have a strong tendency to deceive America through his speech and writings.”

In summarizing my astrological judgement of this matter I wrote, “ Having now worked on this matter for weeks, I can find nothing in the USA’s chart to support the event of the apprehension or dispatch of a notorious fugitive – only that of a high-profile assassination.  My astrological assessment of the matter of the death of Osama bin Laden is that, whatever it was that actually happened on that day (and I do believe that someone was assassinated) it was interwoven with details that would either indict the US government in having taken part in some previous grand-deception upon the American public, or was, in itself, nothing more than fabricated tale of heroism – a fairy tale designed to bolster a failing President’s public approval rating.  Either way, if we are to believe that the executed was in fact Osama bin Laden, as there was no autopsy performed on the corpse, and as the remains were disposed of at sea, the truth – the whole truth – is likely to remain a monumental secret withheld from the American public.”

Readers may find the complete astrological judgment on the Judicium Astrologica blog at: http://robertwilliamusher.com/judiciumastrologica/2011/05/

Other news sources that also question the legitimacy of the Obama Administration’s story regarding the dispatch of Osama bin Laden can be found at:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/26/world/bergen-who-killed-bin-laden/index.htmlhttp://www.infowars.com/alex-jones-doesnt-buy-bin-ladens-death/


Monday – According to America’s horoscope, this day is one of power plays.  Small wonder considering the game that the nation’s elected officeholders are playing at this time.  Expect a veritable army of political pundits, jurists, economists and government officials – perhaps even clergy – to take to the print and broadcast media, and plead their case to the American people in support of the current governmental administration’s socialist ideology.  The degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars does warn that someone within the US government wants to impose something upon the USA that the American public is not in favor of, and that this party can potentially go to a great extreme to see his or her desires enforced into public policy.  The degree of the zodiac occupied by the Sun suggests the Executive Branch of government consorting with anti-social elements.  Whether or not this is connected to the potential for violence suggested by the zodiacal degree occupied by Uranus is yet to be seen, as this Uranian influence can also be correlative to destruction due to accidental, or weather related, conditions.  By the end of the day, commercial interests will have exerted great influence on governmental decision makers from both of the predominant political parties.

To reiterate, whether by accidental conditions (weather, etc.) or by the hands of evil men and women, some threat of violence does hang over the heads of America throughout the week ahead.


Saturday and Sunday – Listen to them whine.  Watch them posture.  Anger.  Resentment.  Righteous indignity.  Blame.  It’s all part of the script!  C’mon!  Whom among us still can not see through this Machiavellian charade?  Whom among us remains so impenetrably ignorant so as to believe that the false opposition now being performed by America’s elected officeholders is anything less than that: a performance.  In this performance, the stage is shared equally by two bellowing prima donnas.  Stage Left: the Democrats, and written into the script as being intellectual, kind, generous and social-minded, but beneath the surface, loathers of liberty, peace and prosperity. This character, the Democrats, is motivated by the desire for power and authority, manifested through the implementation of a ‘kinder, gentler form of human slavery’. Stage Right: the Republicans, and written into the script as being religious, the nation’s moral compass, austere and upholders of the law, but beneath the surface, backsliding sinners, embezzlers and gluttons of wealth and every indulgence.  This character, the Republicans, is motivated by the desire for power and authority, manifested through the implementation of a ‘militaristic, religious, global empire’.  And make no mistake about it, neither character feels any shame over their consistently miserable and unbelievable performances, because they regard their audience – that is us – We the People – as fools.  Government shut-down?  Just another act in their play.  And a good play, or at the least, a memorable play, will keep the audience on an emotional roller-coaster from curtain to curtain.  Here’s a metaphor:  while America is watching these clowns perform, every automobile in the theater’s parking lot is being broken into and looted.  Whether it is team Red or Blue (or the Right Buttock, or the Left Buttock, of the dirty DC bum) every time one of these hack performers is on mic and mentions something about ‘principals’ or ‘the public interest’, the corporate news should edit in a laugh track.  Despite anything said to the contrary, what is actually happening now during these budget negotiations is that the majority of the members of the two predominant political parties, each supposedly representing the interests of slightly less than fifty-percent of the US population, are busily representing their own self-interests.  But remember, while these two bellowing prima donnas are following the same script, they do not share the stage well, and each will by vying for position and greater acclaim.  Thus, the stabs they take at one another are likely to be real.  (That’s the part of the performance that I enjoy.)

During this all, and astrologically speaking, I have a much greater concern than whatever graft may be grabbed by either the Left or the Right, or having to listen to the noise being made by those whose only means of sustenance requires their lips to be firmly fitted around the public tit.  (And, damn! Can they suck?)  My great concern is that, those who operate while hiding in the shadows (a.k.a., those men and women who feign loyalty to America, but who work from below the line of visibility to actually undermine (or sabotage) the USA) will use this ‘government shutdown’  as an opportunity to strike at the core of America’s financial system, the ‘government shutdown’ either providing cover while they act, or, at a later date, perhaps when some sort of a financial catastrophe has already occurred, an implausible excuse for the financial catastrophe – an implausible excuse that the corporate media will repeat to the American public until, in the minds of the public, it has become a plausible excuse. Astrologically speaking, I believe that, if the looters and the saboteurs have not already acted against America’s financial system, they are within days of doing so.  (Though it may be 3-4 weeks before the effect of the strike becomes apparent.)  Indeed, the coming weeks should be very telling.

Through the weekend, as the transiting Sun conjoins, and then separates from, America’s natal Saturn, austerity will be enforced, and America’s political divisions will widen.  (Truly a blessing for party-line politics!)  Meanwhile, an arrogant, boastful, war-mongering man from somewhere within the US government, prepares to pick a fight with one of America’s foreign neighbors.

The only way to beat them at their game is to first recognize that their game is wholly corrupt, and then to refuse to play their game.

Carpe Noctem!


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Friday – Today, America’s horoscope suggests that the threats of conspiracy, espionage, sabotage and treason, persist throughout the day.  Equally, any sort of ‘spirited debate’ on the part of elected officeholders (particularly if it receives widespread coverage by the corporate press) can be regarded as  Machiavellian window dressing.  Figured prominently: a liar. Clues to identifying this liar: a man, one  of an arrogant, boastful demeanor; a belligerent socialistic bent; some sort of connection to, or association with, the White House.


Wednesday – For today, the combined effects of Sun and Mars in the degrees of the zodiac which they occupy, suggest the possibility of the most dishonorable, dishonest and despicable behavior imaginable coming from those men and women who hold the reigns of power in America.

Additionally, and according to the stars, America is threatened today by secrets plots motivated by revenge, and plots that include plans for violence are not out of the realm of possibility.  Equally, as this is a twelfth house influence, it must be remembered that, it has been established, astrologically, that acts of espionage, sabotage and treason can not only involve foreign operatives, but also rogue elements within the US government who are bent on undermining the US Constitution, and violating the liberty of American men and women.

Carpe Noctem.



Tuesday – Having listened to President Barack Obama today, my interpretation of the core meaning of his words is that, he does not like, nor does he approve of, the US political process when it does not result in his getting his own way.  My guess is that, President Obama believes he would make an excellent dictator.

Completely unrelated to President Obama and his administration, I think that it is important to remember that, when a would-be-tyrant’s glorious pride has been wounded, or his or her sense of absolute, god-like authority challenged, that would-be-tyrant can resort to vindictive behavior.