Allow yourself to imagine that you are a spectator in an enormous, roaring coliseum and awaiting the ‘big game’ – a grudge match between two legendary teams that have been rivals from the very beginning.  This is team ‘Red’ versus team ‘Blue’, and the air is filled with excitement!  Gathered about on the right side of the coliseum are big groups of fans of team Red, donning their blazing-red garb.  On the left side of the coliseum are throngs of fans of team Blue, festooned in their own brilliant blue costuming.  As is the case at any big event, the newsmen and newswomen are there, and with microphones in hand, they recite back-stories, offer opinions on the mind-sets and motives of the players, and speculate on the outcome of the game.  The cameras catch every detail!  Down below on the playing field, and to the right, bright, fresh-faced cheerleaders in red uniforms perform, cheer and wave their pompoms, while to the left, their energetic counterparts dressed in blue do the same.

But wait! Something is amiss!

“Rah, rah, rah! Red butts don’t smell!  Rah, rah, rah, Blue will burn in Hell!” shout the Red team’s cheerleaders, to which team Blue’s respond with, “Sis, boom, bah!  Blue crap doesn’t stink!  Sis, boom, bah! Red’s little brain can’t think!”

A closer examination reveals that the roaring crowd within the coliseum is not comprised of primarily happy, excited spectators of the game, but instead, they are angry, self-righteous fanatics, each side hurling irrational accusations towards the opposite side of the arena, then following up with unqualified boasts of their respective teams’ virtue, before finishing with fist-pumps and turning to give each other high-fives.  But what the fans cannot see, as they are either so caught up in the event itself, or due to their ego and emotions being so inextricably tied to the team which they find superior to the other – is that the coaches and the players from both teams are laughing their assess off at them!

That’s right! The joke is on the fans!

As the spectators are occupied with one side trying to prove to the other that their team is superior, the players from both teams are engaged in collusion and fixing the game, vandalizing the coliseum, picking the pockets of the attendees, and raping the cheerleaders.  And as the players from team Red and team Blue do their dirty deeds right in front of the spectators’ faces, as well as in front of the reporters from the news, the players’ friends are busy breaking into the cars in the coliseum parking lot, stealing the change from the ashtrays, the radios, and when possible, stripping the cars bare.

By the end of the day, and as the spectators exit the coliseum, the only thing that has been accomplished by the players is the destruction of the coliseum and a long list of criminal acts, all of which is underscored by a complete breach of trust.  But make no mistake!  By the time the footage from the game hits the morning news, the agencies supporting team Blue will have edited from their report the Blue team’s involvement in anything questionable, just as those in the media who are biased towards team Red will have edited their own footage, leaving team Red to appear to be above reproach.

So what is this sport that reduces men and women to such sophomoric behavior?  And which so successfully beguiles them all to engage in self-injurious incoherence and disgraceful willful incomprehension?

The game is American politics!

Intellectually, for those Americans who embrace the American Founders’ doctrine of continually striving towards a state of maximum individual liberty, peace and prosperity, it is difficult to understand how the fanatical supporters of either team Red – the Republican Party – or team Blue – the Democratic Party – distinguish themselves from each other, as both parties are equally, and irreversibly, corrupt.  But this is due to the fact that, and generally speaking, those Americans who pursue the doctrine of liberty, peace and prosperity, do so not from a sense of one’s feelings, or by the motivations of the ego, but as the product of the intellect!  Thus, if one is to understand the mentality of these same misguided, and often sophomoric, souls, and how they can legitimize their resting the safety of their own futures with either team Red or team Blue, as well as understand what, in their minds, individualizes the characteristics of the Democratic and Republican parties, one must first examine the matter by analysis of the emotional triggers and egotistical motivations used by the parties to manipulate their constituencies.

In this brief, three-part review, I will attempt to summarize the team Red and team Blue mind-sets, as well as informally rate them both according to the doctrine of ‘liberty, peace and prosperity’.  Let us remember that, while the majority of the two parties’ positions mentioned will seem completely irrational, they are, nonetheless, what has been clung to by the majority of the American public, that is, those who are driven to decisions by their feelings and/or their egos, as opposed to their intellects.

Firstly, both the Republicans and Democrats have their own uniquely strange, and nonintellectual, perspectives on the matter of individual liberty. For those of the Democratic persuasion, liberty is first and foremost defined in terms of sexuality, and in this, the liberty to engage in the sexual activity of one’s choosing, with a striving for special legal and societal dispensations to be granted to those activities that deviate from the norm.  The Democratic mind-set also regards ‘maximum personal liberty’ as being realized when there are no legal or societal restrictions placed upon one’s consumption of intoxicating substances, nor any sort of legal or societal compulsion to respect the property rights of anyone who holds property in a sum greater than the proletariat average.  The Democratic mindset fails most dramatically on the matter of individual liberty when it comes to the right to self-defense, and the right to free enterprise, believing government must somehow always be a ‘partner’ in one’s business.  This stunning failure is exacerbated by the Democrats’ enthusiasm towards the violation of property rights, and the right to free enterprise, through progressive taxation, though, and ironically so, the statistics suggest that Democrats are much more likely to cheat on their taxes than are Republicans.  Finally, the Democrats’ failure on the matter of liberty is recognized in their party’s overt attacks upon any form of speech or personal expression that is contrary to Democratic rhetoric – they were, after all, the coiners of the phrase ‘politically correct’!  While those of the Republican persuasion give high regard to maximum individual liberty on matters of the right to self-defense, free enterprise and property rights, they fail miserably on the matters of respecting an individual’s right to do with their physical body as they choose, whether that is in respect to the sexual activity of consenting adults, or one’s decision to self-medicate with substances categorized as illegal or controlled intoxicants, or to even use such intoxicants recreationally.  This Republican position is largely based upon adherence to religious standards that the very same Republicans frequently fall short of in their own personal lives.

Relegating the two parties to ‘ballast for dead weight’, both the Republicans and the Democrats have recently confirmed a mutual disdain towards – and a distrust for – Americans’ enjoying their Fourth Amendment right to privacy.  Thus, when held to the standards of the Founders’ original intentions, an extremely generous rating for the ideologies of either party on the matter of personal liberty yields a score of something less than 50-percent, and indicts them both for basing policies upon an irrational blend of emotional and egoistic triggers.  It has, however, so far proven to be an effective means by which to captivate the minds of a large number of Americans, and through which, has led the American people into decade after decade of self-injury.

Secondly, both the Democrats and the Republicans have their own uniquely irrational, and nonintellectual, perspectives on the matter of peace.  One could accurately simplify the matter by stating that, for the Democrats, there is no such thing as a good war – unless it is declared by a Democratic president (for then – and only then – is it a justifiable action) and for the Republicans, there is simply no such thing as a bad war.

But to offer some deeper insight as to the emotional and egotistical motivations of the Democratic and Republican mind-sets regarding war, one must first realize that, Democratic approval, or disapproval, of war, as the case may be, is always based primarily upon ideals, and has very little to do with national security.  Thus, for those of a Democratic persuasion, the peace may be sacrificed so that the social engineering that is integral to the Democratic platform may be enforced upon the people of foreign nations at the end of a gun – particularly if the policies being enforced are of a socialistic or liberal bent.  The Republicans have no such ideals when it comes to sacrificing the peace, and for this the world should be very thankful.  Though, the Republicans will always make use of some version of those same Democratic ideals when pleading a case to the American public for sacrificing the peace.  For those of the Republican persuasion, legitimizing the call for war is as simple as noticing anyone else in the world holding a gun whom has not already agreed to cede national sovereignty, relinquish all natural resources, and obey every command given to him or her by the government of the USA – or the government of Great Britain – or the government of Israel.  Equal to this aforementioned justification, is the justification for sacrificing the peace for commercial purposes, or in other words, protecting (or enforcing) the commercial interests held by individuals or corporations – even if these individuals or corporations are foreign – provided, of course, that a really good story is concocted to cover up the true motivation, and, under the veil of some false magnanimity, the right members of Congress can make a few bucks.  Religious differences are often exploited during this process.  Ironically, this willingness to violate international law in the use of military force stands in stark contrast to the Republicans’ claim that they stand as ‘the party of the rule of law’.

In the end, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans demonstrate a foreign policy that is in any way reflective of the intentions of the Founders, or one that could in any way be classified as the product of strength, character, or the ‘benevolence’ by which both parties claim guides their actions.  Both parties score a zero on the matter of ‘peace’ and are equally guilty of using emotional and egoistic triggers to manipulate the public, which, thus far, both parties have done with great success.

Thirdly, both the Republicans and the Democrats have their own uniquely corrupt, and nonintellectual, perspectives on the matter of prosperity.  Once again, those of the Democratic persuasion fail to give good regard to this right, and due in the largest part to their failures on the matters of the right to free enterprise, and in regards to the individual’s right to property.  As the Democratic mindset finds government partnership in all matters of business essential, free enterprise and property rights yield to tyranny.  No matter how kind or gentle the tyranny may appear to be, it is tyranny, nonetheless. Ergo, prosperity becomes, in effect, ‘regulated’ by the state, with the state taking an ever-increasing share from the top, and leaving a perpetually shrinking share from which a growing population must divide.  In yet another Republican irony, while those of this political persuasion insist that they are the party representing the entrepreneur and the self-reliant, as a result of their collective avarice, history convicts the Republicans as being the great enemy of capitalism and free-enterprise, this being done through their fanatically loyal support, and defense, of corporatism.  As a matter of fact, it would often appear as though that, should a large corporation – especially a foreign one – desire to crush the competition posed by an American small business owner, it is likely to be the jackboot of a Republican legislator stomping on said small businessperson’s face.

Clearly, both the Republicans and the Democrats fail miserably on the matter of prosperity, with those of the Democratic persuasion preferring for Americans a kinder, gentler form of state-regulated slavery, and those of the Republican persuasion, preferring the American people to live under the yoke of a less kind, and less gentle, form of slavery, this one being regulated by corporations.  Equally clear is the use of emotional and egoistic triggers (fear, greed and envy) by both team Red and team Blue, as well as this tactic’s so far having been another highly effective means by which to control the thoughts and actions of the majority of the American public.

In summary, it is clear that, the continued success of the Republican and Democratic parties, despite overwhelming evidence of their equal betrayal and failure, can be reduced to the parties’ preying upon the qualities of avarice, cowardice, laziness, gluttony, envy and desire to shed blood, common to those whom are drawn to the political platforms of either team Red or team Blue.  So what is that I am actually saying, one might ask? I’m saying that the vast majority of Americans, those who identify with their ‘being’ either a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Democrat’, are as stupid as they are weak, and as they are irrational. Additionally, I am saying that, both the Republican and Democratic parties discovered long ago that intellect is used by only a small portion the population when it comes to the matter of politics, and in that, found the means by which to pander to the most base, and primal instincts of the larger part of the American public, which for those of the Democratic persuasion, is primarily focused upon the genitals, and for those of the Republican persuasion, is almost entirely focused upon the wallet or purse.

During his stand up routine, comedian Lewis Black once said, “The Republicans and the Democrats are like a bowl of sh**, staring at itself in the mirror.” I don’t think Mr. Black’s metaphor was too harsh.  I would add to Lewis’ analogy that, those who, at this late stage of the game, are still supportive of either team Red or team Blue, are, and in the greater part, hopelessly nonintellectual, and of such significantly flawed character, that their potential to actually function as a truly beneficial influence in the American political process is nil, and, like the parties they support, serve as nothing other than ballast for dead weight.

Carpe Noctem,