…and obviously, some measure of proficiency in the art, too. I’m referring to my August 12, 2016 prognostication of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election, to which I correctly predicted a Donald J. Trump victory. This was a prediction that I made in opposition to my peers’ adamant and unanimous prognostication of a Trump defeat. ( Here’s a link to the ANS story: ).

Why did I get it right and they did not? Were we not all looking at the same Heavenly bodies?  The answer to that question is: objectivity.  And for that objectivity, I can thank my cynicism.  Mind you, I didn’t begin life as a cynic.  My cynicism is the product of years of disappointment.  And in no other area of life have I been so profoundly disappointed as I have been by what we here in America refer to as our “two party system,” comprised of the Democratic and the Republican parties – something that many of us have come to regard as, “the one-party fraud.” And when I say that the two political parties have disappointed me it is because, in my opinion, from the day that British warships made their final departure from American shores, the greatest injuries done to the USA have been done by US citizens – those members of the Democratic and Republican parties who, once elected to office, have broken their sworn oaths and succumbed to the bribes of foreign interests and to the graft of domestic corruption.

To reiterate, in the matter of my correctly predicting the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election, it was this cynical objectivity combined with proficiency in the art that allowed me to recognize that during the 2016 solar cycle the USA’s CEO would change from a Saturnine figure to a Jovial figure, and it was this same cynical objectivity that allowed me to differentiate among the several candidates exactly who was truly the Jovial figure.

This of course, and quite reasonably so, raises this question: how is it that I alone am in possession of such a great measure of objectivity and my peers so greatly deprived of objectivity?  I do have an answer for this, and this answer is certain to leave me with even fewer friends within the world community of astrologers than at present.

I’ll explain…

As anyone who has read my newsletters or blogs will understand, my political and sociological views are a combination of America-first nationalism, unity among all patriotic Americans no matter their race or religion, the belief in limited government and maximum personal liberty, an ardent resistance towards any of the unrealistic Utopian economic systems, and an equally ardent resistance towards collectivism and globalism.  It was over a decade ago that I realized that, within the world of astrology, people who shared my political and sociological views were in the great minority – as in almost a zero.  I came to the realization that my peers within the community of astrologers were, and nearly to a number, a combination of hard-core party-line Democrats, many of whom regard the only reliable sources of truth in world events as being the big corporate media entities (print and broadcast) and, a significant number of people embracing the very same unrealistic (and ultimately self-injurious) Utopian economic systems and desires to surrender to collectivism and globalism that I disdain.  (In the old days, we called these people “pinkos.”) During this time I listened as the portion of the community of astrologers with whom I came into contact with discussed their delineation of the nativities of people like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and gave zero criticism, and only high praise.  I realized at that time, that my peers were hopelessly blinded by their zeal for the realization of their Utopian ideologies, and were incapable of objective analysis in the matter of US political events.

So there you have it.  And as the recent post-election events have revealed to the whole world the irrefutable truth that it is the ‘political left’ that is actually populated with the world’s violent ‘haters’, I say, “let the hate mail and all the standard accompanying threats of violence begin!”