Judicium Astrologica was born first as a print newsletter and published monthly with its inaugural edition published in November, 2010.  The name, ‘Judicium Astrologica’ is Latin and, translated to English, judicium converts to judgement and astrologica renders astrology.  This Latin phrase was intended to create a play on words which can mean both “judgement by astrology” (id est: to judge a person, place, thing or event by astrological analysis) and judiciary astrology, the latter being one of the two primary astrological disciplines, of which natural astrology is the other.  Judiciary astrology, which relies upon the ‘judgment’ of the astrologer to fill in the gaps left by natural astrology using a systematic process of analysis of additional stellar influences, was once associated with divination, witchcraft and sorcery.  Natural astrology, on the other hand, because it used what was at that time thought to be a more clearly defined set of rules, was once fully accepted by both the Church of Rome and the Church of England.  Time, however, has vindicated judicial astrology to all but the most benighted, and demonstrated that judicial astrology does in fact rely upon a clear set of rules, but in conjunction with the good judgement of the astrologer (it is here that statistical science meets art) to determine which influences carry more weight than others.

As a newsletter, the purpose of Judicium Astrologica was to offer the reader an astrology-based viewpoint of American and world events, American and world economic conditions, American and world sociological trends, and a daily commentary on matters of American politics and US security concerns.  The usefulness of this information was believed to be in its aid in the understanding of political trends, and thus, knowing how or for whom to vote (or whom not to vote for), to gain esoteric insight into economic and investment trends and, as a part of responsible citizenry,  to remain apprised of threats to the USA coming from either abroad or within.  The analyses published in Judicium Astrologica are also believed to have carried valuable information for US security and law enforcement agencies, financial regulators, and political strategists.

While Judicium Astrologica is reflective of the author’s predilection for peace, maximum personal liberty, capitalism, the Second Amendment and a strong sense of American nationalism (and that includes maintaining a powerful military force) editorials will also demonstrate the author’s loathing of central banking, Keynesian economics, corporatism, open borders, free markets (as presently defined) domestic social engineering and the meddling in foreign affairs with America’s military.  This stated, great effort has been made to eliminate personal bias from the process of astrological analysis, and to the let the near-universally accepted language of the stars speak for itself.

It is the author’s intention that, as a blog, Judicium Astrologica will deliver some portion of all the aforementioned elements, though for the time being this will be in an abbreviated format.




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