Saturday – Today we are reminded that corruption never sleeps.  Despite this being a Saturday, it is likely that some number of those who have been entrusted with the power of public office are actively engaged in the betraying of the country to the personal aspirations of some number of wealthy financiers.  Connected to this, and in the works, is a delusive trick of some sort.  Figured most prominently in America’s horoscope as the source of this cunning is the Senate, and to a lesser degree, members of the Executive Branch.  Somehow connected to this trickery is the planned exploitation of the USA’s armed forces.  There is also the suggestion that advanced technology is somehow involved in the matter.

Speaking of the White House, the degrees of Mars hint at an extravagant and irresponsible use of public resources – an issue that has apparently caught the attention of political watchdogs in the past.  If in fact the case, this sort of profligate spending would be corresponding to what I have interpreted as the President’s undue pride and overconfidence – a condition that is likely becoming glaring to those closest to him.  Perhaps an ostentatious political dog and pony show is in the works for today!  And not to be forgotten, there is also still the possibility of the President’s political stooge ‘show’ – a sort of satirization (hyperbole) of much of what is the cause of what is wrong in America as depicted by the actions and interactions of sociologists, civil servants, statisticians, academics, jurists, media hacks and pundits.

Through today, the USA may experience the passing of a notable female figure (one likely to have engaged in philanthropy) as well as some risk of significant losses due to fire, as well as the potential for significant losses due to theft.

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