Saturday and Sunday –  At this time the stars suggest that President Obama is nearing some sort of an emotional breaking point, while at the same time being tempted to engage in secretive acts, malicious scheming, and even acts of violence (motivated by his own self interests, and fanaticism in connection with his own objectives).  This comes despite his having the advantage of Venus occupying his tenth house, which lends to him a sort of  ‘beautiful appearance’ and a perceived air of graciousness and diplomacy.  This influence is at peak from today, Saturday, October 12, through Thursday, October 17, 2013.  As these astrological influences incline and do not compel, once again, let us hope that President Obama’s moral compass is sufficient to guide him beyond such temptations. Where’s that laughter coming from?

The combined degrees of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn suggest that, through Saturday, October 19, 2013, there is the danger of grave injury to the American people.  While this injury can certainly come through acts of violence, astrologically, it seems to be much more likely that the injury will be incurred through the legislative process and through monetary policy.  Plutocrats – those who now rule over the American people by virtue of their vast wealth and subsequent influence – are figured very prominently in America’s horoscope during this time.  What these plutocratic figures might be up to during this time, and exactly whom they may be applying pressure upon is unclear.  But what is crystal clear, is the undue influence of commercial interests upon the US political process.

If this next statement appears contradictory, I assure you it is not.  During this same time while the USA is under the threat of injury, and particularly on Sunday, October 13, the stars suggest that a budget compromise – or at least some talk of compromise – is possible.  But make no mistake, under these unfortunate stellar influences, any sort of budget compromise will in no way be designed to benefit the American people, but will, in fact, be a plan to benefit those who rule America while hiding in the shadows, as well as the minions in the employ of these parasitic shadowy figures.

My prognostication for this weekend (and beyond, in some cases) suggests that something negative is going on in the banking sector.  Please do not misunderstand:  I have NOT found anything, astrologically, to indicate a banking collapse, or a run on the banks, etc.  (Not yet, at least.)  But something negative is indicated.  Beyond that, the message in the stars is unclear, at least to me.

I’m signing off by again posing the question, “Are free men and women led?”

Carpe Noctem


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