April 6, 2018 Retrospective

Guido Bonatti, one of the great astrologers of antiquity, wrote that the most difficult thing to do in the world is to predict the future.

Indeed, it is a challenge.

On March 28, 2018 I posted a geocosmic forecast titled, ‘This Is No April Fools’ Day Joke’ and in it stated the existence of a threat to the USA beginning March 29 through April 5, 2018. My first interpretation of geocosmic forces upon the USA was that of an unannounced and unprovoked act of war against America, but due to other stellar influences subordinated that possible manifestation to that of the potential for a significant act of guerilla warfare (terrorism) against our nation.

I gave the date of April 4, 2018 as the date of strongest influence.

Well, war it was- with China -but manifested as a ‘trade war’. I suppose my many critics will consider that a miss, but honest men and women will see it as not exactly a bull’s eye, but at least on target. Besides, this is how World War One began – aristocratic English industrialists getting their heads handed to them by German manufacturers, set out to vilify and antagonize Germany into a military conflict through a trade war (and then subsequently relied upon the USA to bail them out of a fight they couldn’t win).

Naturally, the America-hating corporate media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc.) has set out to characterize President Trump’s defense of America’s long-term economic survival through implementation of reasonable tariffs as some sort of inflammatory action against China, but that is certainly not the case. The first injury in this “war” was inflicted upon the USA by China through proxies, those proxies being former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George Walker Bush, Barrack Hussein Obama, and their accompanying administrations and congresses. It was Bush Sr. who at the end of his one-term Administration initially pushed hardest for China’s admittance into the WTO- an act of betrayal that was rejected by Congressional Republicans at that time but which Al Gore and the Democrats ultimately rescued. Then, eight years of Clinton corruption saw to it that through the WTO China would receive an outrageously unfair imbalance in trade policies that would eviscerate America’s domestic industry (as well as middle and working-class incomes). Only a fool would be surprised that China would ultimately take total advantage of the betrayal of the American people carried out by Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama and exploit America’s heretofore self-injurious trade policies.

President Trump’s recent imposition of reasonable tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum is a significant effort towards the elimination of trade policies that have been killing the American economy for 25 years.

Thus, China’s April 4, 2018 foreign trade policy actions are NOT retaliatory, but provocative. And instead of gracefully admitting to exploiting 25 years of unfair advantage and subsequent pillaging of the American economy and then renegotiating trade relations in an honest and honorable manner, China has stooped to the barbaric practices of English aristocratic industrialists from a century ago.

Indeed, as the stars foretold, April 4, 2018 did in fact bring an act of war against the United States of America by a dishonorable adversary- China -an act of war that was accompanied by elements of betrayal from within our own ranks.

Due to the stellar influences upon the USA on April 4, 2018 I am expecting this China-matter to remain an issue through the year. And if there is anyone in the nation who can bring this matter to the table and negotiate a fair and equitable arrangement for both parties (and in the process avoid military conflict) it is President Trump.

The past 18 months of blatant anti-Americanism and attempted obstruction of (and hatred towards) a duly elected American President by the American corporate media has been stomach-turning. But the corporate media’s obvious hatred of America’s middle and working classes goes back decades. Thus, their spin on the recent changes in America’s foreign trade policies are of no surprise. Besides, now it is just expected that what ever President Trump does to improve the lives of America’s middle and working classes (as well as any action he may take to ensure America’s national security) will be vilified by the wealthy elitist globalist-socialists who control the corporate media and employ the army of cons currently masquerading as the nation’s journalists.

Remember: any American man or woman who would defend foreign nations’ means of achieving prosperity over that of America’s means of achieving prosperity hates America and, in my opinion, is a Benedict Arnold.

Remain vigilant, America. There are traitors all around us.

Carpe Noctem,



This Is No April Fools’ Day Joke

Situation: A threat of military action or terrorism against the USA.

Dates of active influence: March 29, 2018 – April 5, 2018

There are at present a number of negative stellar influences working against the USA for which the synthesis indicates the potential for America to be drawn into either military conflict, or the need to defend the nation against guerrilla acts on home soil. Additional planetary positions suggest the nation’s CEO as receiving incorrect- or intentionally misleading -information from advisers (this influence active March 20-27). Equally disturbing are geocosmic conditions that can lead to stunning levels of betrayal by rogue members of America’s federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies and/or the offices of foreign services (these individuals are primarily characterized as standing against the current duly-elected Presidential Administration and as having pronounced globalist-socialist political leanings). I find three potential manifestations of the primary stellar influences involved in this geocosmic forecast that can lead the USA into a state of military conflict or domestic crisis.

In the first potential manifestation, there is the prospect of open and declared nation-versus-nation war in which a foreign belligerent has begun the conflict with a surprise or preemptive strike against the USA or its interests abroad. Loss of life, perhaps even a significant number of casualties, is a possibility in this first potential manifestation. In this scenario, however, a positive angular relationship between the planets Jupiter and Pluto (combined with their respective positions in the USA horoscope) ameliorate the ‘mass-experience’ effect and suggest to me that the influence is more localized and less formal, and thus, a greater potential for this energy to manifest in a second potential manner, this being the actions of guerrillas, and focused instead on a specific place.

Thus, in the second potential manifestation, there is the prospect of a well-planned act of guerrilla warfare on American soil, motivated by some ideology (religious-extremism, environmental-extremism, opposition to the current administration). Should this influence manifest in this way, then I am expecting the attack to take place in a major center of commerce or place of political activity, and through the use of an explosive device/s placed in some form of subterranean structure. An example of this potential manifestation is the placement of a bomb in the (south-facing side) underground structure of a government building (look for fine mason work and perhaps even pillars). An attack by explosive device in the subway system of one of America’s cities would be another example of a correlative manifestation of this form of potential subterranean terrorist attack, especially in the areas of the subway leading into a center of commerce. In this second scenario, I am particularly concerned for the safety of the people of Atlanta, Georgia.

(Up until the early 1970s, in America the term ‘terrorism’ was defined as ‘actions taken by a government to intimidate the citizenry’. At some point in time it became politically advantageous to replace the term ‘guerrilla’ with the term ‘terrorist’. I consider the term ‘terrorist’ to be vague and too widely encompassing. I’m not going to bend on this anymore, so where you read ‘guerrilla’ understand that what I am referring to is what most of you think of as ‘terrorist’. Besides, it’s a goofy term. While there are now an embarrassing number of spineless chicken-sh**s living in America, those of us who did not have our backbones removed during the Clinton-Bush-Obama era have not been ‘terrorized’ by these religiously-motivated guerrillas, but instead have been made to want to turn them, and their camels and goats, into ashes.)

The third potential manifestation of this stellar influence is a sort of variation of the first and second combined, this being a scenario in which a false flag attack is staged by the aforementioned rogue elements and for the purpose of public manipulation with an end goal of drawing the USA into unnecessary and unjustified military action against another nation, the motivation behind this being war-profiteering.

I began this report by stating that there is an accompanying geocosmic influence that suggests a potentially stunning level of betrayal by rogue elements within federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies (or perhaps the offices of foreign services). I’ll state again that stellar influences suggest these rogue elements as being characterized as standing in opposition to the current Administration. My work suggests that the activity by these rogue elements is passive, in other words, their actions are carried out through in-action (think: Oklahoma City, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.). In this case, the motivation for such intentional dereliction of duty is relative to the way that the primary influence manifests. In the first and third potential manifestations, that is, open war, these rogue elements may be motivated by war-profiteering, and whereas a preemptive strike might otherwise be thwarted through proactive actions, it is allowed to ‘slip through’ so as to justify a greater military reaction by the USA. In the second potential manifestation, that is, an act of guerrilla warfare on US soil, the treasonous action through intentional in-action by rogue federal elements could serve to produce an environment of distraction for not only the forthcoming anti-Trump abuse-of-power investigations by the Justice Department, but also for the American corporate media (such as it is) and thus the attention of the American people, thereby reducing the potential for accountability in previous cases of malfeasance or even criminal activity by those same rogue elements. My interpretation of this stellar influence suggests to me that some of these rogue members of the federal government are desperate, and could go so far as to put the lives of their colleagues in harms way in an effort to destroy evidence that would otherwise hold them accountable.

Criminal-enemy Profiles:

In any of the three potential manifestations, all primary figures are men. In terms of complexion, all will be either Caucasian, or African-Americans or middle-Easterners of light complexion. There will be two age groups, those being 34-45, and 57-70. They will be characterized by two primary ideologies, the first being globalist-socialist (inherently anti-American) and the second being religious-extremist (also inherently anti-American). A third and less likely potential motivating ideology is environmental-extremism.

The active dates for my interpretation of this stellar influence are March 29, 2018 through April 5, 2018, with the strongest point of influence being the early morning hours (EST) of April 4. If in fact rogue elements of the US government are involved, then by stellar influence, their plans were put into action at some point between March 20-27.

Additionally, and while not qualifying as either a center of commerce or political activity, but due to its subterranean correlation, were I responsible for the security of any of the nation’s coal mines, I would be paying great attention to my affairs on these days, as well as all potential safety hazards due to accidental conditions. I believe that during these dates, anyone responsible for public safety involving any form of subterranean structures or paths of conveyance should be on high-alert for not only the actions of criminal enemies, but also for structural issues and all other potential hazards, as accidental events can lead to catastrophes under this same stellar influence.

I am hoping that America’s abundance of good fortune (as seen in the USA’s horoscope) will carry the nation through these stellar influences unscathed. In the meantime, be careful, pay attention, and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Carpe Noctem,




In the practice of astrology, some artists prognosticate better than others. An icon among many astrologers, William Lilly (1602-1681) predicted the Great Fire of London (1666) to the very day, seventeen years in advance. In his predictive work for the renown Bohemian military commander, General Albrecht Von Wallenstein (1583-1634), famous mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) prognosticated the thirteen-year period of continuous military victories Von Wallenstein would see during his career, and, within three days of his final, and losing, battle, its conclusion. These are two odds-defying examples of exceptional predictive work in astrology. Perhaps not quite as impressive as Lilly’s, or Kepler’s, masterful use of the art, (but not too shabby either) in year-2016, (and from pages 25-26 of my report, Robert W. Usher III’s Year-2017 USA and World Predictions) I made the following prognostications for the USA for this past and current month:

Nov 25-28: Sound thinking in commercial and industrial matters, as well as the realization of practical and logical solutions to social issues. (The effective repeal, replacement or heavy modification of the Affordable Care Act being accepted by Congress would be an example of this influence).

Nov 25-30: The clergy and/or corporate media may be responsible for deceiving the public.

Nov 28 – Dec 1: Great inventions, great ideas, great solutions to social issues. Commerce, industry and society as a whole are the beneficiaries. This brief moment in time is a period of exceptionally good fortune in commercial and industrial ventures, as well as in the areas of legislation for the institution of policies which truly serve the public good.”

And –

Dec 3-6: Positive actions by the Legislature. Good business and political relationships.”

At just after 2:00am, Saturday, December 2, 2017 the United States’ Senate passed it’s own version of the House’s tax reform bill, effectively eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s mandate, thus freeing many Americans from bondage via taxation to this corporatist scam, while at the same time setting into motion the process by which the wheels of industry and commerce will once again turn. On the front end of my prediction (Nov 25-28), this act by the Senate came just 74 hours past the orb of influence I had chosen, and on the middle (Nov 28 – Dec 1) a mere two hours short of the given time period, and then, on the back end (Dec 3-6), less than 22 hours early.

I’ll stand by that.

But equally important to this demonstration of the efficacy of astrology as it relates to the potential to forecast political conditions, is that this also means that (and now using an orb of influence correctly widened ever-so-slightly by the benchmark set by the outcome of the Senate vote) the protective stellar influences above America at the time of this vote assure all concerned parties that at least for honest American men and women, this legislative act by Congress is righteous and beneficial, and will in fact, bring forth positive economic growth and the potential for prosperity to the whole nation.

The dishonest men and women in America, however, have every right to be upset and unhappy with this vote towards tax reform, as this combined action by House and Senate will serve to rescue America’s producers from the world’s parasites, forcing many of America’s dishonest men and women to go out and earn an honest living.

Carpe Noctem,



P.S. Also from my 2017 report:

“December 6-17: This is a time when America may expect great successes and overall good fortune. To the benefit of charitable causes and the patronage of the arts, wealthy generous people are prominent. Key date: December 11.”

I believe that an act by Congress occurring under this sort of benefic stellar influence strongly suggests that the compromise reached by the House and Senate towards the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 13, 2017, can in fact be trusted to be both righteous and beneficial to honest American men and women.

Conversely, the crooks and parasites will wail.


For those who did not purchase a copy (or receive a complimentary copy) of my 2017 annual predictions for US and world events (written in late 2016), here is the exact text from my predictions for the USA:

“October 1-18: Due to the negative angle cast by transiting Uranus to Pluto, radical and revolutionary-minded Utopian-types (communists, socialists, progressives, fascists, anarchists) may engage in provocative behavior or acts of violence.”

There were several other stellar influences in effect at the time of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, but the Uranus-Pluto influence was certainly the focal point, with faster planets serving as the trigger.

According to America’s horoscope, and much to the disappointment of the corporate media collective, the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, Steven Paddock was not a neo-Nazi, nor a white supremacist, nor even a conservative. According to the stars the profile for the perpetrator of this act of violence is a Utopian – a devotee to one of the various ideologies that fall under the umbrella of Utopian ideology such as a liberal, progressive, communist, socialist, etc.

Sadly, this stands as more evidence of the hateful and violent nature of the political Left.

The following is an exercise in forensic astrology in the analysis of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, born April 9, 1953.

Who Was Stephen Paddock?

If my rectification of his chart is close (I have set Paddock’s Ascending degree at 09Aries04) then a lot is explained by the delineation of his nativity. Firstly, and looking at the negative qualities alone, Paddock’s Aries Sun in opposition to both Saturn and Neptune, and in square to Uranus, indicate the primary expression of his personality as one with an aversion to, or perhaps even a hatred of, tradition and conservatism, as well as his being a person easily seduced and led astray by others. In other words, an embittered rebel ripe for exploitation. His Mercury in Pisces (in the Twelfth house, via rectification) reinforces the tendency towards being seduced and exploited by others, as well as his blurring the lines between what separates his own fantasies from reality. The negative angles cast from Mercury to both Saturn and Neptune also suggest the potential for mental instability.

Working with half sums, the delineation of Paddock’s nativity not only reveals the eventuality of his suffering a mental crisis, but reinforces the likelihood of his falling under the power of another person, and in this, his being exploited. But perhaps of greatest importance is the angle cast by Mars to the half-sum of Pluto and the Moon’s North Node, revealing a desire to publicly engage in acts of violence and brutality.

Synastry is what astrologers refer to when a grid is created for the purpose of determining how two charts – or the people whom they represent – will interact. The same works when the chart of an individual is compared to the chart of a nation.

Paddock in synastry to USA

The two most significant synastric relationships between the nativity of Paddock and the USA is Pluto in Paddock’s chart casting a square to the cusp of the Twelfth House in the USA chart, and Paddock’s Jupiter in opposition to the same point. The cusp of the USA’s Twelfth House (22-degrees and 34minutes Scorpio) is a point that my work has consistently revealed as being highly significant in all manner of acts of betrayal against the USA. Thus, Paddock’s Jupiter influence suggests his engaging in martyr-like actions against the USA, and the Pluto influence suggests the potential for those martyr-like actions to be carried out in some sort of an extreme fashion, and having a mass-effect.

Paddock ‘directed’ in synastry to USA

Paddock’s directed Sun conjunct the USA Mars in the Seventh House suggests an open act of warfare (and with his directed Sun in close to a 150-degree angle to America’s Twelfth House cusp, that this open act of war involved secret activities and conspiracy). Paddock’s directed Mars positioned just over the cusp of the USA’s Eighth House indicate the potential for the shedding of blood. Paddock’s directed Mercury, now at 25-degrees Taurus (and just a little past the USA’s Twelfth House cusp), suggest to me that, his act of betrayal may have been in the works as long as 3 ½ years ago.

Paddock ‘progressed’ in synastry to USA

Paddock’s progressed Moon, Mercury and Mars, all positioned in the USA’s Seventh House can be regarded as supportive for his forethought of engaging in open warfare, and his progressed Pluto, at the time of the shooting in a closer 90-angle to the cusp of the USA’s Twelfth House, an act of open warfare engaged in by sneak attack, as well as the increased suggestion of the presence of conspiracy.

Summary Judgement

In my opinion, Stephen Paddock was mentally ill, but fully responsible for his actions. He was a person holding deep resentments towards the traditional structures of the USA and those men and women who support such structures. I believe that Paddock was certainly the shooter involved in the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, and while I cannot tell if he had an active accomplice (such as another shooter) I am quite certain that his actions were the result of his being exploited by someone with a great deal of influence over his psyche. Whether this “someone” was a direct co-conspirator or more of a ‘handler’ is something I have not yet determined. Key to Paddock’s actions, however, is the quality within his personality that gave him the desire to publicly engage in acts of violence and brutality.

In the case that Paddock had a co-conspirator or ‘handler’ of sort, I have drawn up the following profile based upon the prevailing influences in Paddock’s chart, the horoscope for the USA, and a chart erected for the Las Vegas Massacre itself. 

This is a Caucasian female figure, mid-to-late 60s in age, a little taller than average and fair skinned. This woman will likely be best described as an irreverent authoritarian, of a revolutionary mindset, and more of a closet communist than a liberal. This woman is likely to work in the field of academia, or to be retired from this field, and may have had some dealings in the field of psychology. I believe that she would have been in Las Vegas at the time of the massacre, and at a nearby resort. 

I believe that at the time of the October 1, 2017 shooting, Paddock had essentially declared war upon the United States of America (or at least the conservative segment of the USA), and that this action, or the general forethought behind it, may have been in the works for a time of up to 3 ½ years prior to the Massacre.

More to come.

Carpe Noctem,

Robert W. Usher III



For the past seven years I have written about America’s looming Pluto-return – the point in time when this small and distant stellar body will return to the same zodiacal degree it occupied when the USA was founded. As Pluto takes a long time to complete a full rotation of the zodiac, this coming return will be the very first time since the birth of the nation that this has occurred. I have predicted that the influences of this Pluto-return will determine the Fate of the USA for the next approximately 240 years – or less. While I do not have a previous Pluto-return to rely upon for a benchmark, I have been so far doing very well in establishing Pluto’s role in past and current conditions, as well as my prediction for how the nation would be influenced by Pluto’s future motion through the zodiac. Recent events have led me towards even greater confidence in the accuracy of my prediction regarding this Pluto-return as being pivotal in establishing not only whether or not the USA will continue to exist, but also the condition it will maintain should the nation’s future be extended.
So far, my work has proved that, in the horoscope of a nation, the role of Pluto is akin to its role in the horoscope of a person. Think of it this way: in a person’s horoscope, the planet Saturn has much to do with the individual’s personal Fate, whereas Pluto will give insights as to that same person’s role within the Fate of the collective, or in other words, that individual’s role and experiences during the times in which he or she lives. Pluto will also reveal the areas in that person’s life where he or she will experience extremes in their life’s conditions, or perhaps extremes in emotional responses, or extremes in their personal views. Specifically for the USA, Pluto’s position in the second horoscopic house ties America’s Fate to the nation’s collective values and attitudes towards monetary policy. Correlative to Pluto’s influencing an atmosphere of extremes, America has become a nation with extreme and widely divergent views on both the matters of shared values, as well as monetary policy! It could also be stated that, Pluto’s occupation of America’s second house clearly reveals America’s role in the world community, that is, the setting of social standards for the whole world, as well as America’s role in the finances of nearly every nation on Earth, and in these things, the uncomfortable nature of Plutonian extremes is again seen. (Antebellum America’s divergent views on the matter of slavery would be one good example, as would present day America’s divergent views on socialized health care and DACA be two more.) It should be noted that, and if my predictions prove accurate, as Pluto continues to move towards its return, these extreme and divergent life’s philosophies will intensify, and the hostilities held by emotionally-driven people towards the intellectually-driven segments of the population will grow.

Pluto’s current dance around the USA’s second house cusp and current events are no coincidence. On April 21, 2017 Pluto turned retrograde, having reached 19-degrees and 24-minutes of Capricorn prior to changing directions, putting its influences fairly deep into America’s second house. Retrograde motion took Pluto back to near the cusp of the house (a point of sensitivity) and subsequent direct motion on September 29, 2017 served as the trigger point (no pun intended) for future events. While not the primary stellar influence (I consider it as secondary) connected to the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, within two days of Pluto’s direct motion the nation suffered significant loss of life at the hands of an emotionally-driven and hateful left-wing extremist, suggesting the mass-murderer’s motivation as being a challenge to the nation’s current collective values. (The primary influence was the 90-degree angle (a square) cast from transiting Uranus (in retrograde motion) to the USA’s horoscopic Pluto, warning of violent acts of fanaticism connected to Utopian (communist, socialist, fascist, liberal, progressive) ideologies.


In this on-going ideological civil war that has gripped the nation, one of the most significant challenges America is facing at this time is that slightly less than half the warring population is motivated entirely by ego and emotion (the liberals), and the other group, currently a hair’s breadth greater in numbers (the conservatives), is motivated by intellect.

Unfortunately, this creates a no-win situation.

The reason that it is ‘no-win’ is because when people are bound to frenzied emotions and violent ego-driven rage the intellect is, at least temporarily, disengaged. Bound to ego and emotion, they are not only blind to their own folly, but blind to their irrational socioeconomic positions, as well as blind to their unreasonable treatment of their fellow citizens. Debates between conservatives and liberals are rarely fruitful due to the conservative’s drawing upon reason to establish his or her position, versus the liberal’s position being established upon his or her feelings or ego-driven motives. Thus, much like a parent dealing with an overly-tired cranky child throwing a tantrum, there is no reasoning with the liberals, but only the enforcing of rules under the threat of “time out.” The main difference between these liberals and an over-tired tantrum-throwing child is, however, the fact that the liberals are steadily metastasizing into a violent communistic revolutionary force bent on overthrowing the legal government of the USA.

Empirical research and analysis for the years 1912 through 2017 as it relates to the correlation of stellar influence and the rise of Utopian ideologies, as well as the threat these ideologies pose to the sovereignty of the USA and the freedom of her people, stand on my side as overwhelming evidence that the “Red Menace” – once rightfully feared to be operating within and against the USA – never did somehow simply fade away, but instead persisted in quiet, and now presents itself as an emboldened insurgency. Based upon the message in the stars, the preservation of the USA and the cause of freedom requires that conservatives not only stop erroneously referring to themselves as “right wingers,” but correctly refer to the bigoted, violent and hate-filled liberals and progressives by their true names, those being “communist” and “traitor,” and deal with them exactly as any sane nation deals with domestic enemies.


The Outer Planets Are Evil

Because the influences of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) is far more harmful than helpful, they are regarded by astrologers as malefics, meaning their influences are evil. Currently, the outer planets occupy the zodiac in this manner, and exert their influences upon the whole world: Uranus, posited in Aries, relates to rebellion for the sake of rebellion, with those of weak or poor character influenced more profoundly. Neptune, posited in Pisces, relates to the harboring of overly-idealistic life’s philosophies and unrealistic plans for the present and future, with those of weak or poor character more greatly influenced. Pluto, posited in Capricorn, relates to extremes in emotions towards structures of authority and tradition, with those of weak or poor character driven to irrational and unreasonable behavior, as well as acts of violence.

Those people within the USA right now whose emotions are wildly inflamed due to current political and sociological conditions (characterized by frenzied states of mind, paranoia, engaging in threats of violence or engaging in acts of violence) are accurately identified as being under the influence of Pluto, and in that, their having an evil influence upon the nation. In other words, according to the stars, these emotionally-driven hate-filled communist-types are, and without question, enemies of America.

I’ll explain.

While the planet Neptune represents both communist and socialist ideologies, it is now without question the influences of the planet Uranus that incites the more emotionally-driven segments of society to break down traditional structures, allowing for the fraud and deception of Neptune’s overly idealistic Utopianism to gain ground.

Mind you, some change is good, but the brand brought by the influences of Uranus is almost never beneficial to mankind. And while the influences of Neptune do in fact lead men and women to dream of what could be, this value is always negated by Neptune’s propensity towards fraud and deception. Additionally, though the influences of Pluto do coincide with the gaining of deeper understanding of the human psyche (especially as it relates to matters concerning power and influence), the mass-emotional extremes triggered by Pluto scar humanity in ways far greater than does the field of psychology benefit. (Pluto does seem to take delight in mankind’s wickedness, watching from afar as mankind engages in its most horrific inhumanity and atrocities.) What is most alarming is the fact that the emotionally-driven segment of society is proving to be very easily influenced by the motions of Pluto. 

Pluto’s transiting a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) at the time Uranus is transiting the sign of Aries does seem to correlate to the sowing of the seeds of civil division, which is then followed by large-scale mass murder. The events of this current day are a repetition of the events by which the forces of communism, socialism and fascism began their murderous rise to power roughly one hundred years ago. Keep in mind that if history, and stellar influence upon mass psychology, repeats, then as Uranus enters into the sign of Taurus, clear lines of opposition will be drawn. Nations will be divided internally, as well as stand against one another. Like those supposed egalitarian-minded partcipants in the infamous Red Terror and Great Purge of Russia, the segment of American society who frequently use terms such as “peace and love,” ad nauseam, will likely be the first to run to the opportunity to commit heinous acts of torture and murder upon any and all who do not agree with their Utopian ideologies. These people do in fact constitute the most dangerous part of American society and, for the sake of the Republic, must be monitored and, when appropriate, apprehended, prosecuted and incarcerated.

Carpe Noctem

Robert W. Usher III



I’m not star struck. I am, however, political, and due to the powerful influence that Hollywood has upon the nation, I do keep an eye on what’s going on there. Wow. What a bunch of freaks. Also, having long ago made an attempt to break into Hollywood myself as a screen and television writer, I am painfully aware of the widespread cheating and outright theft of creative material that exists within Hollywood’s production side. With some exceptions, the behind-the-scenes world of America’s motion picture and television industries is one big bucket of swap scum. And while I have no experience in dealing with it, my instincts tell me that the very same is true with America’s music industry. But what can we expect? These people comprise the entertainment arm of the very same corporate media collective (CMC) that delivers to America a daily dose of demagogic manipulation of fact regarding current events, and then unabashedly calls it journalism. We now call their product “fake news.”

This term, “fake news” was actually coined by former President Obama’s team during the 2016 US Election out of frustration when the presumed DNC successor to Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton was rejected by the majority in America who could legally vote. This obvious frustration of no longer being able to manipulate the vote by skewed polls being reported by fraud-journalists and broadcast in hypnotic repetition led the Obama team to attack the nation’s rising true journalism (such as Breitbart) with this term “fake news” but which was, and in such a delicious irony, then turned 180-degrees back towards them – the “real fake news,” or corporate media collective – and perhaps most notably, by President Trump himself.

While the extremes of Hollywood’s bizarre and shameful reaction to the Trump Presidential victory was a surprise to most conservatives, it was not a surprise to me, as I was expecting to see some variation of exactly what has played out since November 8, 2016. I was expecting this reaction for two reasons. The first being that, and as the much maligned former Senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy pointed out, Hollywood is filled with ardent communists, and to that I add, a whole lot of socialists, too. President Donald J. Trump is the antithesis of either a communist or a socialist, thus, the outcome of the election was the antithesis of their tender little hopes and dreams of a continued undermining of American sovereignty and furthering the cause of globalist-socialism. (These popular but self-destructive Utopian ideologies are an inclination that, and sadly so, exists in the overly-idealistic and unrealistic minds of so many creative and artistic people.) And what happens when members of this praise-hungry group’s every spoken word are not met with sycophantic exaltation or they do not get their way? A petulant frenzy.

But there is a second reason why I was expecting this sort of reaction from Hollywood, and it is also what I believe to be the root cause for the exacerbation of the condition brought about by the first reason, which, due to the almost inconceivably narcissistic nature of many screen and television actors and actresses, as well as musicians, should have burnt out on its own by now. This second reason is found in the motivations of the big money earners in Hollywood. Those for whom receiving a percentage of the profits of a single block-buster film equates to a king’s ransom.

I realize that while sometimes I take the long road in getting to my point, it usually pays off for the reader to follow me, so bear with me on this, please. And while this next point may seem a bit off topic, it is in fact relevant to the greater point, that being the suggestion that the CMC may harbor a propensity to manipulate, not only the outcome of American elections, but US trade relations and economic policy, as well.

It is amazing to me how self-glorifying and full of themselves are the various high-profile members of the CMC, especially those from Hollywood. Just think of all the televised awards programs. On and on they go about themselves. Amidst all their self-praise, on occasion, and usually in the process of some form of licking their own boots, their arrogance will lead them to inadvertently expose some unflattering aspect of themselves or their industry.

The airing of the CBS program 60 Minutes, coincidentally preceding the second Presidential Debate, on Sunday, October 9, 2016, was one of those occasions.

As a blogger analyzing and reporting on past, present and potential future US and world events, this program was a gold mine. Not that it was filled with the product of good journalism, but instead, valuable information in terms of the lengths the CMC was willing to go to in what could be regarded by some as an attempt to manipulate the outcome of a presidential election. This segment began with a story on the potential for America to one day face the prospect of nuclear war and America’s readiness, or lack thereof, to meet such a challenge, for which the summary conclusion was that the prospect was, “greater than one might think,” and that the nation’s readiness for war was intact. Now, either by pure coincidence or something more nefarious (and unless some CBS executive comes forward we will never know which it is) for weeks prior to the airing of this piece, the Clinton Campaign had been running television commercials carrying a message intended to instill a fear of the possibility of nuclear war, and that in the face of such a challenge, a Clinton presidency was the nation’s best choice. (Okay, now hold in your mind the image of Hillary, and in that infamous condescending tone, cackling, “Oh! Conspiracy theory!”)

But now to the purpose, it was the show’s later segment on the current relationship between China and the American movie industry that served to illuminate me on this matter of Hollywood’s hypocrisy and betrayal of America. This 60 Minutes segment revealed that, on average, and due to China’s vast population, the staggering profits that are made here in America on a block-buster movie are calculated by a multiplier of approximately 1.5 when the movie hits the box office in China. This CBS program also revealed that it has been only in recent years that Chinese sensors have been allowing Hollywood’s movies into the still strict communist nation, and that the reason the sensors have become lenient is due to the current trade deals that are making so many citizens of Communist China into millionaires. (Remember, every communist is a liar and a hypocrite!) I’ll reiterate: the wealth that would normally be circulating in the American economy, but, and due to self-injurious trade deals either promoted or supported by former Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, has found its way to China, has opened the door for Hollywood to slip its movies past Chinese sensors, and reap the big money earners in Hollywood a multiplier of approximately 1.5 on their motion picture productions.

This is the very same trade arrangement that since the middle 1990s so many pro-America economists warned would destroy the American working and middle-classes, and which President Donald J. Trump has threatened to renegotiate. If you’re still reading, then you’re most likely smart enough to comprehend by now what appears to be the real motivation behind Hollywood’s virulent anti-Trump movement.

Like former Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, who sequentially sold the American people down the Yangtze River for the benefit of the obviously America-hating manufacturing industry, so has now the obviously America-hating Hollywood big money earning sector sold the American people down the Yangtze River yet again, and now for the sake of greater profits upon their already immense movie profits. See? Every communist is a liar and a hypocrite.

And now, We the People suffer a daily barrage of condemnation and ridicule by the CMC, who in their vain efforts to shame those of us who support President Trump, are simultaneously working to inflame the passions of anti-American radicals (ANTIFA, etc.) living within the USA, and whether the CMC is intentionally trying to incite violent insurgency within the USA or not (which, I believe, if it were to be the case, would be a serious felony), it is at the least inadvertently accomplishing just that.

Just like the CMC’s demagogic propagandists, who while masquerading as journalists, push their “fake news” out to the American people every day in hopes of leading the USA towards continued self-injury, so has the CMC’s entertainment arm, Hollywood, proven its disloyalty to the American people through its willingness to rob the American working and middle classes of domestic industry all so that they can heap greater profits atop already immense profits.

Based upon these discoveries, one rational deduction would be to assume that Hollywood’s big money earners are doing all they can to both pressure and rally those beneath them, to keep the fires of division burning in America in hopes that the Trump Administration will be too otherwise encumbered to tackle the China trade arrangement. I’ve deduced this because, at this time, Hollywood’s smaller earners, in their having taken on the role of some sort of social goon squad, do in fact seem to be doing all they can to incite an atmosphere of obstruction towards the Trump Administration in the public’s eye. In reality, what they are obstructing is the return of good paying jobs – the kind that only come from thriving industry – back to their own parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, neighbors and countrymen. How selfish.

In my opinion, Senator Joe McCarthy was no liar, and Hollywood truly is a bucket of commie swamp scum, and collectively, an enemy of the American people. And I’ll say it yet one more time: every communist is a liar and a hypocrite.

I am going to do my part as an American citizen and boycott, to the best of my ability, the product of Hollywood. And while I will not cut out of my life those around me who do not follow me in this effort, I will constantly remind them that patronizing the product of Hollywood, is, in my opinion, the enrichment of people who either hate America, or who could not care less about the USA’s welfare, as well as being the enrichment of Communist China’s new oligarchy, the latter being an un-American act, and ultimately serving to add to the great injuries the American people are already suffering.

Carpe Noctem,




The following text regarding Stephen T. Colbert represents my opinion as an astrologer.

While it takes little more than a cursory observation of hack-comedian and CBS Late Show host, Steven T. Colbert’s poor taste and hatred of America (passed off as comedy) to recognize him for what he is, that being a demagogic propagandist, I regard it as being my duty as an astrologer to assess what the stars say about this leg-humping geek’s influence upon the USA.

Firstly, in my opinion, and as it relates to his relationship with the USA and the American people, Colbert’s nativity reveals a mule-headed and contradictory type of man with overt hostilities towards the nation’s traditional values and the people who hold such values. Add to this the suggestion of his harboring anti-social leanings on matters of authority in general, as well as the exercising of his own authority and his power to influence others. Secondly, and of even greater relevance, Colbert is a man with his Sun (in the twenty-fourth degree of Taurus) resting upon the fixed star named Capulus, a point in the heavens which the ancients determined that when an individual is thrust into the arena of politics or the public’s eye, gave said individual great influence, but proved, in time, that if that influence was not used for the sake of good, or if it was used in a brutish or egomaniacal manner, it would eventually lead the individual to a dramatic public fall (in ancient times it often meant decapitation). Coincidentally, this degree is one which opposes (within one degree of ‘orb’) a highly sensitive degree in the horoscope of the USA, one which my work has consistently proven to coincide with acts of betrayal, conspiracy, treason, sedition, espionage and sabotage.

Now mind you, I am not saying that Colbert has engaged in some sort of a conspiracy – a sneaky back room deal, for instance, to incite opposition to the party in power in the USA. I repeat, I am not saying that. But I am saying that key points in Colbert’s nativity suggest the potential for his conspiring with someone during the latter part of the year 2016 – a conspiracy to take action against the established foundations of order within United States of America – an astrological influence that would fall under what I refer to as a “Twelfth House influence.” Who might be this individual, hypothetically, that is? Well, let me first state that I am only an astrologer and not a god (nor even a good psychic). However, and oddly enough, the planetary correspondents for the theoretical co-conspirator describe an individual that might look a lot like Hillary Rodham-Clinton. I am using Clinton as an example because she is a high-profile individual who’s personal horoscopic points not only run afoul with the aforementioned sensitive point in America’s own horoscope, but correlate to the physical attributes of of the zodiacal degrees held by Colbert’s offending planets. In other words, just prior to the time that Colbert began to engage in his nightly assault against America’s duly elected President (and all who voted for him), two of his planets moved into zodiacal degrees that not only offend the USA, but cast significant aspects to key points in the horoscope of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Kind of a funny thing, huh? (Could it be in fact that the mouth of that sad little weenie, Stephen T. Colbert, is actually HRC’s “c*** holster?”) Having analyzed hundreds of horoscopes of political and other notable figures in relation to the horoscope of the USA (we astrologers call this ‘synastry’) there is one thing that I will say about Colbert with great confidence and that is based upon the zodiacal degree held by the Sun at the time of his birth, his aforementioned ugly characteristics will rise to prominence in his relationship with the USA and the American people, and if it is only through nothing more than his potty-mouthed bashing of America and the will of We the People, his primary motivation (if even only subconscious) will be to bring injury upon the foundations and great traditions of the nation.

Colbert’s overt anti-Americanism rose to prominence coincidental to the 2016 US Presidential Election, a time when America’s ideological civil war went from a slow simmer to boiling over – the nation being divided between those who wish to discard liberty for the so-called “tranquility of servitude” afforded through the slavery that is globalist-socialism, versus those who wish to maintain America’s sovereignty, the rule of law, a state of maximum individual liberty, as well as the opportunity to live in a state of peace and prosperity. Colbert’s high-profile role in this civil war on the side that advocates human bondage is also coincidental to his horoscopic Sun, in what we call Secondary Progression (a key measurement) in conjunction (id est, the same zodiacal degree) to the USA’s horoscopic Sun. My work has revealed that such an influence will often yield to an individual in the nation’s public eye an almost hypnotic effect upon the weaker-willed portion of the population. (George W. Bush, coincidentally, enjoyed a variation of this same horoscopic influence). This influence is, however, ephemeral, and will soon come to an end (by the close of 2018), and at that point in time, it is my opinion that this shameful America-hater, Stephen T. Colbert, will suffer a slow, but irreversible, fall from popularity, and will subsequently slide into a state of embittered obscurity.

Good riddance. 

Carpe Noctem




Something huge is happening on planet Earth.

I am referring, specifically, to the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election (the stars foretelling of a benefic figure taking office), tomorrow’s total solar eclipse over the USA (what some refer to as the American Eclipse of 2017), and the looming US Pluto return (a first-time event roughly 245 years in the making). I stated “happening on planet Earth” because of the powerful influence America has had on the whole globe. Firstly, for the first time since 1980, in year 2016, a political outsider won the USA’s presidency. But it was a win unlike any other as this America-first President’s presence set aflame a large segment of the population who, under the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama era, had traded in their Americanism for the Utopian fantasy of a nation-less and socially engineered world (globalism) and this group has persisted in daily demonstrations of not only their own lack of good character and loyalty to America, but exposed their hateful nature and predilection for violence. Being so very obsessed with their fantasies, I believe that it is safe to say that this segment of America is now blind to those entries in world history that detail the concepts within traditional Americanism as the prime cause for the elevation of human rights, as well as the tender mercies of massive amounts of foreign aid in the forms of food, medicine, potable water, sanitation, etc., that are made possible only by the prosperity that comes through free enterprise, and not to forget the demonstration to the whole world the greatest method of governing so as to create within a nation it’s own state of liberty and prosperity. Likewise, this deluded state of mind has left these Utopians blind to the corporatist criminality of their very own socialist icons (though they call them liberals, progressives and Democrats). So blinded by their Utopian zeal were they that in 2016 they were left unable to differentiate between the forces of good and evil, or at least, from the vantage point of a loyal American, what constitutes good and evil.

Sadly, this same deluded Utopian-state-of-mind is overwhelmingly present in the world community of astrologers. As I belong to the minuscule fraction of of the world’s astrologers who are not only impervious to Utopian indoctrination, but who have proved to be both sufficiently objective, and sufficiently competent in the art, so as to accurately predict the outcome of the US 2016 Presidential Election, I believe that I am equally qualified to address the issue of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 as it relates to the political and social conditions of America.

Many have argued that because of the USA’s great influence in the world from 1901-2000, the Twentieth Century should rightly be named the American Century. And while one could reasonably argue that, based upon the events and poor socio-economic health of the USA from 2001-2016 that this influence has passed, I instead regard this period as a temporary low point during which some portion of the American people had forgotten their origins and lost their way, with the result being a time of corruption of catastrophic proportions, with multiple corrupt bodies at the same time working in partnership against the American people (establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans working together is a prime example of this), and at other times working against one another (still to the destruction of the nation) but all of these corrupt entities always working towards an end goal of dismantling the USA culturally and economically in an effort to establish centralized world government (globalism) with themselves serving as the ultra-powerful administrators over a new world empire. This low point coincides with America’s coming Pluto return (2021-2024) but for which the effects of this stellar influence did first manifest with Pluto’s ingress to America’s Second horoscopic house in January, 2016. This Pluto-effect results in an inclination towards a re-evaluation and re-defining of American values and monetary policy. I believe that the August 2017 solar eclipse plays an integral role through its preceding the Pluto return, as it is most likely that subsequent events related to the eclipse will serve to remove some of the veils of deception that have hindered the nation (such as those veils of deception created by America’s corporate media collective either through lies of omission, out-right lies, or the spewing of Utopian rhetoric with what has appeared to be an almost hypnotic repetition). Through this effect, those men and women with the good character and courage to look at these inevitably ugly events with objectivity will see the truth, this, and presumably on my part, so that the subsequent Pluto return can be addressed fairly.

In ancient times the phenomenon of the eclipse was of great significance. Firstly, due to the mystery of the solar system at that time, this radical alteration of the seemingly normal state of natural affairs was cause for fear – a fear most likely added to by the inevitably significant numbers of ignorant souls who suffered eye damage from staring at the event. For those people smart enough to not stare at the event, repetition and observation led them to discern that profound events coincided with a total solar eclipse that was visible from one’s own land, and especially so if the zodiacal correspondents of the sign in which the eclipse occurred was the same sign associated with the kingdom, empire, etc. An interruption in the light, that is, the life-giving, creative energy emitted from the Sun, is perhaps the easiest way to describe what is happening during such an eclipse, with a shift – or reset of energetic patterns – being the easiest way to describe the effects of this event. In those ancient times, the eclipse was often a harbinger of evil for the king. I believe this is because most monarchs prove horribly corrupt, and the eclipse is associated with a new light being shed upon the nation or land effected. In ancient times, such an exposure often led to a monarch’s being deposed. Certainly, and both anciently and in modernity, this effect will often prove to coincide with a radical shift in national policy and direction, along with the exposure of wrong doing.

Generally speaking, the energy of the eclipse begins at the time of the eclipse, but major events associated with the eclipse are triggered by the planet Mars making stress angles to the zodiacal degree in which the eclipse has occurred. By major aspect, our two nearest eclipse trigger points are September 3, 2017 and January 24, 2018. By minor aspect, we look to the date of November 13, 2017. Look to these dates (and give or take a day or two on either side) for activation of the eclipse in the form of significant events (for better or worse, because they may not be pleasant events) and/or revelations of truth. (These same dates can coincide with weather extremes and accidents.) This is a long term influence upon the USA, and will persist through year 2021 when the full effect of America’s Pluto return will begin.

In 2015 I penned an article titled America First! and in it stated not only the need for an America-first president in order for the nation to survive, but foretold that if America were to actually elect such a president, then the most terrible forces of parasitic evil would be very unhappy and would take extreme measures in working against this president. This is exactly what has happened. However, I believe that, and coincidental to the effects of the 2017 eclipse, the time during which these evil parasitic forces can work against American interests with impunity is about to end.

Over the years, and through the practice of astrology, I have become convinced that the Cosmos does have a sense of justice, as well as some sort of an awareness of right and wrong, though it leaves the execution of justice and the choice between right and wrong to mankind. This said, in order for mankind’s free will to actually be exercised, mankind must have all the facts. Not that all men and women will look at the facts – or at least more than the facts that support their own ego or emotion-driven life’s philosophies. But whether we choose to look or not doesn’t matter. The facts – or the truth – will be there if we look for it. This is how the Great American Eclipse of 2017 will serve the American people. Those fair minded, objective and honest men and women who seek out the truth will indeed find the truth, as the eclipse will trigger forces that expose the truth.

One hypothetical manifestation of this eclipse energy is the full exposure of these aforementioned parasitic evil forces. For instance, coincidental to the influence of Jupiter’s zodiacal position in the USA’s Midheaven, a justice-motivated figure (President Donald J. Trump) has been publicly calling out the corporate media collective (CMC) on their lies by omission, outright lies, twisting of facts, and anti-American rhetoric, a position that many of us have held for years. As a result, entities such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WAPO, et al, have been exposed to all but the boot-licking Democrat sycophant as a fraud. The energy of the eclipse could leave even some of these groveling sycophantic minions embarrassed to defend the CMC.

Another hypothetical example of how the energy and influence of the eclipse might play out could be related to the matter of now-self-proclaimed globalist, Senator Jeff Flake’s (AZ-R) attempt to immediately take up the torch of internationalism over Americanism upon one of the globalists’ greatest allies in US government, Senator John McCain’s (AZ-R), announcement of brain cancer. Immediately going into action upon the news of McCain’s likely demise, Flake essentially stood on the steps of the Capital donning a sandwich board advertising his office being open for business with internationalist interests and his willingness to betray the cause of conservatism by, “working with those across the aisle,” just like his un-esteemed colleague, McCain. Standing there waving a book he claims to have written (Soros), Flake is attempting to redefine conservatism as just another variation of socialism. Should the energy of the eclipse work to expose fraud and deception in America, it will become clear to all that no elected US official can participate in ‘globalism’ without first violating the oath they swore to upon taking the office to which they were elected, and that the duplicitous Senator Jeff Flake’s presence in Congress is a danger to the nation. (Go Dr. Kelli Ward, go! www.kelliward.com .) I believe it will serve the nation well if from this day forward any man or woman who calls themselves a conservative but then betrays the cause is now referred to as a “flake,” or a “flake conservative.” 🙂 And speaking of McCain, in astrological terms, I believe that his potentially fatal illness certainly could be interpreted as the end of the aforementioned “low point” of catastrophic corruption in the era of American influence.

A last hypothetical example of the potential influence of the eclipse upon the nation might follow Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ August 4, 2017 (a highly significant moment as Jupiter was in an exact 90-degree angle to Pluto) stern warning to men and women in the government who seek to undermine the Trump Administration by leaking sensitive or classified information. Should the effects of the eclipse be felt here, then the nation will certainly see the exposure of some individual or individuals engaged in such betrayals, as well as their swift prosecution.

But that is enough conjecture on the matter (wink).


North Korea

I have received some inquiries over the past months asking why I did not dedicate some commentaries in my 2017 annual predictive report on the matter of North Korea, and some asking if I just happened to miss it altogether. The answer is this: the stars did not – and at least for year 2017 – do not – indicate North Korea as an actual threat to the well being of the USA and American citizens. At least not at this time.

What I believe is happening with North Korea, and this is my personal opinion, not my professional astrological opinion, is that crazy Kim Jong Un is in actuality the chubby little puppet of China, and that every word he speaks, every action he takes, is scripted for him by the PRC for the purpose of putting pressure upon the Trump administration as part of the PRC’s greater effort to maintain the status quo of America’s trade relations with China. The current policies are something that President Trump has heavily criticized and blamed for as being one of the primary causes behind the destruction of America’s middle class, and thusly, he has threatened to alter these trade policies. Remembering that every communist (even Karl Marx himself) is a liar and a hypocrite, alterations to America’s trade policies with China threaten to reduce the nearly inconceivable transfers of wealth from the American middle class to the new class of Chinese aristocrats, or perhaps more aptly, oligarchs, and thus the Chinese have threatened to hit the USA with a stick called North Korea. (Privately the PRC is inciting Kim Jong Un while publicly condemning his actions.) “As long as we keep getting rich,” essentially says the PRC, “we will keep our chubby little puppet under control.” Thus, this is China engaging in saber rattling by proxy. Again, and at least through the end of the year, I do not see North Korea as a viable threat. Hopefully I am not wrong! China, on the other hand, is another story, and a story for yet another report!

Saudi Arabia

While I have not been able to work out to my satisfaction a specific prognostication on the matter, I do believe that relations with Saudi Arabia will become a point of focus as a result of the eclipse. In reading the stars my instincts are telling me that some form of manipulation and betrayal of the USA on behalf of the Saudis will come to light, and that this may result in a subsequent rift in, or redefining of, diplomatic and trade relations. In the worst case scenario, and it is not a likely one, that a wedge is placed between America and Saudi Arabia, the stars indicate America’s separating from the Saudis as positive and highly beneficial to our nation. Through the influence of this eclipse there is the potential for rising petroleum prices, but this is a condition that can be offset by tapping into America’s reserves.

Charlottesville, VA

Through the zodiacal degrees held by transiting Sun, Moon and Uranus (the latter correspondent to radical communist/socialist elements), as well as Mercury’s stationary motion, the unfortunate events in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, August 12, 2017 are revealed as, and at the very least, manipulated (if not completely manufactured) by higher ups and fraud-journalists in opposition to the current party in power, with those fraud-journalists of the CMC playing the part of a sort of ‘shock troop’ in the process. I believe that the energy of the eclipse will reveal shocking truths on this divisive and shameful event.


My loyalty to my country and my President, as well as my commitment to the USA’s national security, limits my commentaries on matters concerning the Great Number Forty-five – President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. I do, however, state with confidence that after the eclipse, those who have made themselves the enemies of America (and President Trump) may consider getting their passports in order as well as getting their bags packed. Not that it is likely to help them, but it will give the rest of us a laugh as they nail them at the airport and drag their asses off to Guantanamo Bay. 🙂

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

I have given this matter consideration from the perspective of both the American horoscope and the eclipse, as well as the coming influences upon HRC’s own nativity. I believe that, and due to the tireless efforts of Judicial Watch (www.judicialwatch.org), an investigation concerning Hillary Clinton’s role as Secretary of State and her use of an unauthorized server will be re-opened. In HRC’s nativity I see her sustaining significant injury as a result of the betrayal of a female friend and subordinate. Hello Huma! (Look for the key date of September 3, 2017.) Beyond this is speculation, but looking at the stars I can see how Anthony Weiner’s deviant actions, which led to the exposure of Huma’s carelessness, which in turn lead to evidence of HRC’s corruption, will force prosecutors to re-open the investigation, and once the pressure is upon Huma, her cracking and betraying her mistress, HRC. Initially, HRC will sail through these obstacles (transiting Saturn is trine to her natal Saturn). After this, however, the key date to watch for is January 24, 2018 when transiting Saturn is in a hard angle to HRC’s natal Saturn, which for her, is interpreted as the beginning of a time of comeuppance. All those associated with Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, as well as former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, may have some very stressful years ahead of them, stressful times that may begin very soon.

The Corporate Media Collective

When I refer to the corporate media collective, or CMC, I am referring to those corporate entities in the business of entertainment (music, motion picture and television) as well as print and broadcast news. The latest additions to be included under this umbrella are the Internet-only-based news and that news which comes through social media. A CMC entity is often characterized by its subordination to other, perhaps larger, corporate entities, and a consistent adherence to a blatant slant in their reporting reflective of Utopian ideology. Perhaps the reader may have noticed I did not use the term ‘journalistic slant’? That’s because I do not believe these entities are journalists, but are instead, and in most cases, the propaganda arm of larger corporations. If I refer to the soldiers of these entities as ‘journalists’ it is always preceded by the word ‘fraud’. As in ‘fraud-journalists’. As in ‘fraud-journalists’ engaged in ‘fraud-journalism’ and manufacturing ‘fake news’.

I believe the 2017 American eclipse has some unpleasant surprises in store for the CMC.

Breitbart News

If I have read the American horoscope correctly, and accurately identified the influences associated with the remaining remnant of truth in American journalism, then America will see Steve Bannon drive Andrew Breitbart’s legacy to the status of household name (www.breitbart.com). Other independent news agencies dedicated to objectivity and truth will likely benefit during this time as well.

The Forces of Freedom versus the Forces of Tyranny

While it will not be a smooth ride in its entirety, I do believe that America’s local and federal law enforcement agencies will have great success in identifying radical, anti-American entities and violent religious extremists, as well as those powerful financiers who hide in the shadows in support of these traitors, thugs-for-hire and guerillas. This influence will be a long-term effect, and more underlying than dramatic.

There is, however, some ugliness associated with this influence. Historically, racial tensions can be exacerbated after an eclipse, as can tensions between economic classes. And although I believe that ultimately the truth will prevail, white Utopians (progressives, liberals, Democrats, socialists, communists, anarchists, fascists), identified by the cantankerous influence of Uranus in America’s Fourth horoscopic house, will continue to exploit minorities in this ideological civil war, and continue to incite racial tensions between minorities and white conservatives, as well as minority conservatives.

As this eclipse takes place in America’s Ninth horoscopic house, the burdens of illegal immigration and the large scope of illegal aliens illegally voting in American elections is likely to be made known during this time, and there will likely be a violent reaction by groups advocating the presence of illegal aliens in America. (Those men and women who are working against the prosperity of the American people – actual citizens, that is – will continue to push for amnesty for illegal aliens already in the US, as well as increases in the flow of legal immigration so as to continue to lower the prevailing value of labor across the board and further annihilate the American middle-class.) Increasingly strict measures for defending America’s geographical borders are likely. If the American eclipse of 1918 serves as a benchmark for potential forthcoming events, then it can be reasonably presumed that, during the time when the influence of the eclipse is in effect, there exists the potential for significant deportations of those people with anti-America sentiments (over 10,000 members of America’s Socialist and Communist parties were deported in year 1919 following the 1918 eclipse). I believe that America’s world of academia has proven to be a pit of anti-Americanism, and as higher education is correspondent to the USA’s Ninth horoscopic house, it would make sense that a cleansing of such sedition might reach into this area. Also related to the Ninth house is the nation’s courts, including the Supreme Court. I believe it to be a reasonable interpretation of the effects of this eclipse to suggest the potential for an additional conservative jurist to be appointed to the Supreme Court prior to this energy waning. Likewise, I will expect the office of Secretary of the State to come under scrutiny, as well as one particular former Secretary of State, and the status quo of US foreign policy, to go under review.

Equally, and also based upon previous cycles, it would not be a true eclipse without some tensions involving organized labor, a few weather extremes, and a catastrophe or two. Again, and for now, the dates to look towards for significant events are September 3, 2017, November 13, 2017, and January 24, 2018.

Remember, the world’s evil parasitic forces have feasted on America for over one hundred years. They are not going to give up without a fight, and they will continue to push towards global empire, and in this, they will continue to employ their well-placed saboteurs in government (I define these saboteurs as those who subordinate the well being of the American people to any cause – and by now most of us are figuring out who they are ). As at this present time America is in a state of ideological civil war, with one side being comprised of Utopian idealists seeking the dilution or annihilation of America in favor of the implementation of a fantasy global government based upon a presumed egalitarian socially engineered world without borders, and on the other side, those of us who seek to preserve the United States of America and our Constitutional way of life, we can be assured that those same evil parasitic forces will also continue to support, finance and incite America’s Utopian idiots. While it is my belief that the effects of the eclipse will be on the side of those of us who seek to preserve America, these radical, hate-filled and violent Utopians will continue to push, and will remain a noisy and destructive opposition to both liberty and the sovereignty of America. This ideological civil war is likely to rage through year 2024 until the influences of America’s Pluto return have waned.

Carpe Noctem,




…and obviously, some measure of proficiency in the art, too. I’m referring to my August 12, 2016 prognostication of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election, to which I correctly predicted a Donald J. Trump victory. This was a prediction that I made in opposition to my peers’ adamant and unanimous prognostication of a Trump defeat. ( Here’s a link to the ANS story:  http://astrologynewsservice.com/news/astrologers-align-against-trump/ ).

Why did I get it right and they did not? Were we not all looking at the same Heavenly bodies?  The answer to that question is: objectivity.  And for that objectivity, I can thank my cynicism.  Mind you, I didn’t begin life as a cynic.  My cynicism is the product of years of disappointment.  And in no other area of life have I been so profoundly disappointed as I have been by what we here in America refer to as our “two party system,” comprised of the Democratic and the Republican parties – something that many of us have come to regard as, “the one-party fraud.” And when I say that the two political parties have disappointed me it is because, in my opinion, from the day that British warships made their final departure from American shores, the greatest injuries done to the USA have been done by US citizens – those members of the Democratic and Republican parties who, once elected to office, have broken their sworn oaths and succumbed to the bribes of foreign interests and to the graft of domestic corruption.

To reiterate, in the matter of my correctly predicting the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election, it was this cynical objectivity combined with proficiency in the art that allowed me to recognize that during the 2016 solar cycle the USA’s CEO would change from a Saturnine figure to a Jovial figure, and it was this same cynical objectivity that allowed me to differentiate among the several candidates exactly who was truly the Jovial figure.

This of course, and quite reasonably so, raises this question: how is it that I alone am in possession of such a great measure of objectivity and my peers so greatly deprived of objectivity?  I do have an answer for this, and this answer is certain to leave me with even fewer friends within the world community of astrologers than at present.

I’ll explain…

As anyone who has read my newsletters or blogs will understand, my political and sociological views are a combination of America-first nationalism, unity among all patriotic Americans no matter their race or religion, the belief in limited government and maximum personal liberty, an ardent resistance towards any of the unrealistic Utopian economic systems, and an equally ardent resistance towards collectivism and globalism.  It was over a decade ago that I realized that, within the world of astrology, people who shared my political and sociological views were in the great minority – as in almost a zero.  I came to the realization that my peers within the community of astrologers were, and nearly to a number, a combination of hard-core party-line Democrats, many of whom regard the only reliable sources of truth in world events as being the big corporate media entities (print and broadcast) and, a significant number of people embracing the very same unrealistic (and ultimately self-injurious) Utopian economic systems and desires to surrender to collectivism and globalism that I disdain.  (In the old days, we called these people “pinkos.”) During this time I listened as the portion of the community of astrologers with whom I came into contact with discussed their delineation of the nativities of people like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and gave zero criticism, and only high praise.  I realized at that time, that my peers were hopelessly blinded by their zeal for the realization of their Utopian ideologies, and were incapable of objective analysis in the matter of US political events.

So there you have it.  And as the recent post-election events have revealed to the whole world the irrefutable truth that it is the ‘political left’ that is actually populated with the world’s violent ‘haters’, I say, “let the hate mail and all the standard accompanying threats of violence begin!”


For the next 13 days, the BS is likely to be flying about the nation in massive quantity. According to the USA’s horoscope, the nation’s CEO, a position that is presently occupied by Barrack Hussein Obama, may engage in an unprecedented act of deception upon the populace. “Malicious scheming,” is what is seen in the USA’s nativity as being engaged in by a CEO who is not above reproach. Coincidentally, “malicious scheming,” is also correlative to what is going on in Mr. Obama’s own horoscope at the same time. Coincidence? I think not! Mr. Obama’s horoscope reveals his being inclined towards engaging in calumny, demagogic propaganda campaigns and exercising the art of the swindle, with peak dates effective September 1-2, 2016. At this same time, we also see in Ms. Clinton’s horoscope the same inclination to engage in calumny, deceptive propaganda campaigns, as well as exercising the art of the swindle, with peak dates effective August 31 through September 2. (Both Obama and Clinton’s horoscopes reveal negative angles involving Venus – Mercury + Pluto.)

These negative influences pertain to monetary policy, foreign policy, international trade, immigration and matters of national security, as well as competition for power and influence. (A political campaign would qualify as being correlative to the latter.) Based upon Neptune’s position in America’s horoscope, I believe that, in what ever way these negative influences manifest, the corporate media will be complicit in this big bamboozle.

I find it interesting that during this same time, presidential candidate Donald Trump’s horoscope reveals the potential for his being the victim of calumny, which of course is what is indicated in the horoscopes of his opponents as engaging in. While overall Trump is strong, this attack would occur under a New Moon posited in his Ascendant and in opposition to transiting Neptune in his Seventh House, revealing the possibility that, the effects of calumny and a well-organized demagogic propaganda campaign could result in his suffering a temporary set back in the public’s eye, effective by September 3-4, 2016. However, the stars do also indicate that during this same time he has in his possession great organizing skills, the ability to inspire others, and the ability to quickly bounce back from any damage, with his public image once again strong by month’s end.

Clearly, this is a time for concerned Americans to exercise discernment.