“The world wants to be deceived, and so it is.”  — Roman Proverb

So far, the battle leading up to the 2016 US Presidential Election has been driven entirely by a war between conflicting ideologies concerning the use and misuse of authority, and as it relates to the distribution and ownership of resources – in other words, this is a battle between the world’s producers and the world’s parasites. And it is not only the United States of America that is, at this time, gripped by this ideological war, but most of the world. Unfortunately, the potential for a positive outcome of this war is over-shadowed by a significant portion of the world’s population being confused, self-deluded and deceived by those presently in authority and who wish to remain in power.

I believe the entrance of Uranus into Aries in 2010 has had much to do with instigating this present ideological war, just as the Uranus ingress to Aries in 1927 was correlative to the clash of ideologies that swept the world from 1927 through 1934. We all know what big events all of that ultimately led to. (This 2010 Uranus-Aries ingress is also correlative to the new social-media technologies (and specific uses of them) that have led to the generation known as Millennials’ widespread indoctrination into socialist and fascist ideologies.) As Pluto relates to both the purpose of a generation, as well as the Collective Fate of humanity (in other words, what constitutes the Collective Fate could be considered a generational lesson), it is clear that during Pluto’s occupation of Cancer during the 1927-1934 transit of Uranus through Aries, the impetus for change was due to inequitable distribution of resources and was manifested in emotional extremes. Adding to this was Neptune’s occupation of Leo, correlative to excessive pride, egoism and desire for extravagance.

definition: Saturnine: of the qualities of the planet Saturn: restrictive, authoritarian, oppressive, tyrannical, cruel, draconian, cold, a consolidator of power, enslaving, stingy, usurer, deceptive, unyielding, selfish, et al.

While Uranus has returned to the same zodiacal degrees it held during 1927-1934, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn, opposing – or putting to the test – that which was set into motion in terms of the ideological clashes that followed WWI, as well as returning to the place where it was (Capricorn) during the events that led up to, and took place during, the American War of Independence, which was an ideological clash between capitulation to the self-proclaimed authority of tyrants versus the quest for individual liberty and the acknowledgement of the inalienable rights of the individual. Thus, the world revisits a global uprising instigated over the use and misuse (as the case may be) of authority by the Saturnine old guard as it relates to the distribution of resources. Unfortunately, however, these Plutonian and Uranian influences are now accompanied by Neptune’s occupation of a different sign, that being Pisces, and suggesting the world’s being swept with lofty and unrealistic ideals, as well as mass delusion – this delusion incurred both innocuously due to far too many deluded Utopian ideas circulating, as well as through intentional deception by those who control the press and waves of radio transmission (TV, radio, Internet). I find it interesting that Neptune’s previous ingress to Pisces was correlative to the very first uses of ether as an anesthetic. Can the sweet lies of socialist ideology be regarded as a sort of present-day ether for the masses?

So in summary, the 2016 US Presidential Election will take place under the shadow of a world-wide war of ideologies concerning the use and misuse of authority as it relates to the distribution, possession, use and ownership of resources, and takes place under a cloud of mass-deception, and mass-delusion in terms of unrealistic ideas and goals.

From the American Revolution, to the French Revolution, through the Napoleonic Wars, and into the end of World War One, the world was changing, and desperately attempting to shed itself of the parasites known as monarchy and aristocracy. As any parasite is desperate to remain connected to the blood-supply of its host, the monarchies and aristocracies found new and interesting ways to remain connected, mainly through the invention of such things as communism and socialism, as both of these systems were in fact a means of authority in the distribution of resources, with both of these systems still allowing for an aristocracy, though under different titles, such as administration, and more recently, corporate executive. Nonetheless, those living under either a communist or socialist system are as much slaves to the administrators of these systems, as was any man or woman who was a subject (i.e. human-property) under a monarch. Invoking every emotional hot-button possible, the administrators of the world-wide socialist system are giving their best sales pitches to the American public at this time. Will the greater body of the American people buy into their lies?

“The stars incline they do not compel.”  — Charles E. O. Carter

As seen through the eyes of astrology, one of the many afflictions America suffers from is the matter of the office of the presidency, and in this, the type of person the greater body of the nation generally regards as being fit for office. Sadly, it is in fact at least partially the appearance of a candidate that will often carry that individual to the nation’s highest office. According to the USA’s horoscope, what the greater body of the nation is looking for in a president is above average height, maturity, austerity, an air of parental authority and eloquence in speech. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, these five characteristics are frequently seen as having been qualifiers in the electing of America’s Presidents. Unfortunately, with the exception of maturity, those other characteristics have absolutely nothing at all to do with a person’s ability to serve the nation in an honest and honorable manner. How many silver-tongued devils have the American people elected to office? Sufficient a number that anyone who still uses something like ‘eloquence in speech’ as a qualifier should feel utterly ashamed. Ergo, these horoscopic influences subject the American people to being deceived by candidates for the presidency who misrepresent themselves and their intentions. Because of the stellar influences inclining the nation to gravitate towards a candidate who embodies that smooth-talking parental figure, those candidates who promise to somehow “lead” the nation (free men and women are not led, but instead, self-govern) or “take care of” the nation (as would a mother or a nurse, as opposed to empowering the people) or who promise to “socially engineer” the nation (as opposed to enforcing the laws of the Constitution) the very worst narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths who walk among us are fully capable of manipulating the greater body of the nation into electing them to the office of the president.

Is there anything good about the presidency in America’s horoscope? Indeed there is. Benjamin Franklin was a very good astrologer, and did an excellent job of selecting the day and hour of America’s birth. Based upon the time Franklin did choose, the horoscopic points relevant to the elected president correspond to an ideal of one who is just, egalitarian, diplomatic, mature and steadfast. George Washington, the nation’s first President, fulfilled this archetype. But when the nation’s horoscope is under stress (due to the daily motion of the planets, etc.), those same horoscopic influences can, and do, shift to their negative correspondents, in which case the elected president would be inclined towards injustice, inequity, disloyalty and engaging in stratagems.

America has had a long run of bad Presidents. In the past 100 years the White House has been home to monsters such as Woodrow Wilson (the Federal Reserve Act; the Seventeenth Amendment; WWI), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Gold Confiscation and US Dollar devaluation; Pearl Harbor; WWII, fire-bombing of civilian targets in Dresden, Germany), Harry S. Truman (the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan; the Truman Doctrine; the European Relief Program; the Marshall Plan; the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); the Korean War), Lyndon B. Johnson (the Kennedy Assassination; the Vietnam War), George H. W. Bush (the Gulf War; the unjustified attack on Panama; China’s receiving ‘most favored nation’ trade status; the introduction of NAFTA), William Jefferson Clinton (the signing of NAFTA fully into law; the unjustified attack on then-ally Serbia and the intentional targeting of civilians; tacit approval of Chinese theft of US nuclear defense technologies; the signing of WTO into law; widespread illegal immigration), George W. Bush (the failure to effectively defend the nation from the 9/11 attacks; the unjustified attack on, and occupation of, Iraq and Afghanistan; the Patriot Act; TARP I; widespread illegal immigration), and at present, Barrack Hussein Obama (TARP II; the renewal of the Bush Patriot Act; Fast and Furious; the instigation of nationwide racial tension, the Affordable Health Care Act; the formation of ISIS; widespread illegal immigration; acceptance of refugees from countries known to harbor hostilities towards the USA; a dubious position on the rule of law). At some point in time every man within this collection of narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, has been revered by at least slightly more than half the population of the country. In the minds of Americans, they all seemed to be good presidential material. What does that say about America’s judgment? Scary, huh? Eight of the last seventeen US Presidents have been monsters – not just poor performers in the White House – but monsters. At present, the US has now been subjected to four evil Presidents back-to-back. Clearly, the criteria that the American public has been using to select a president these past 28 years is flawed. In the case of George H. W. Bush’s being elected, the American public believed that a Bush Presidency meant the continuation of the prosperity and sense of nationalistic pride that the Reagan years had brought to a large portion of America. This proved to be incorrect. In the case of William Jefferson Clinton’s being elected, the American public believed that a Clinton Presidency meant the elimination of the corrupt old guard so prevalent during the Bush years, the sharing of wealth with the less fortunate, and a new era of peace and international brotherhood. This proved to be incorrect. In the case of George W. Bush’s being elected, the American public believed that a Bush Presidency would restore the rule of law, the national security, and the loss of industry incurred during the preceding Clinton Administration. This proved to be incorrect. In the case of Barrack Hussein Obama’s being elected, the American public believed that by electing a first-term Senator with a background in community activism, that all the evils of the world would be cured, and before his term ended, the whole world would be sitting around a giant campfire, holding hands and singing Kumbaya. This proved to be incorrect. But if you will remember, in each case, when the last three former Presidents, as well as the current President, were candidates for the office, America’s corporate media treated them to an absence of the deserved scandal and controversy that would have come from reporting on all the dirty little secrets (or not so little, as the case may be), the dirty deals, the dirty family members and friends, as well as the unacceptable political and business associations each of these men had previous to, or at the time of, their election to the office of the president. So what’s my point? That fundamentally, America’s corporate televised news, corporate print news, and now, corporate Internet news, cannot be trusted to report to the American people an accurate picture of a candidate for the office of the presidency. As a matter of fact, it would seem as though that America’s corporate news is actually going out of its way to censor unfavorable reports regarding the vilest of the candidates, so that the vilest of them all will be seen in a favorable light by the public, and subsequently obtain the presidency. (Just who is it that now populates America’s press and why do they harbor such hatred towards America?)

So if the qualifiers most Americans use in selecting a president are flawed, and the press cannot be trusted to fully reveal the background, activities and character of a presidential candidate, or at the least, cannot reveal these things without an intentional bias either in favor of, or against, a candidate, what is left for the American public to do? In the case of these last four colossal disappointments (and disgraces to the nation), that is, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama, the stars have warned of their each being wholly unfit for the office of the presidency. Obviously, it is not likely that the right man or woman for the job of the presidency will ever be elected based upon their being “astrologically-fit” for the office. But for those of us who give heed to the messages in the stars, we can, through this means, gain an uncommon perspective on the matter, and once illuminated, go fourth and confidently express our views on the suitability (or lack thereof) of a candidate within our spheres of contact, and thus give the best influence on the matter that we are capable of doing.

But in this same regard, we can – and should – augment what is learned from the stars with practical observations and assessments. In realizing that it is that evil, Saturnine ‘old guard’ that is currently in control of the nation’s corporate media (that includes most popular Internet-based news sources, too) as well as the lecture halls of college campuses, we can safely assume that, the chosen representative of the old guard is that candidate upon whose behalf they censor negative news stories, and for whose virtues they extol. And as America has been living under the yoke of a lawless, self-serving element occupying the greater part of the Legislative and Executive Branches of government since 1988, it can also be safely assumed that the political party currently in power will also be supportive of their representative, and particularly critical of the opposing force.

At the risk of presenting a judgment that edges on the dramatic, it is to be stated that the analysis of the mundane influences – that is, the stellar influences effecting the whole world – present on November 8, 2016 reveal an embittered battle between the forces of deceit, violence, slavery and tyranny, versus the forces of truth, peace, prosperity and liberty. And yes, it is likely that the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election is that important to the future of the whole world. The balance of astrological influences suggest that the world is divided on which way to go, that is, towards either tyranny or liberty, and also suggests that many people are incapable of telling the difference between the two. Specifically in regards to that force of deceit, violence, slavery and tyranny, the stars warn of the meddling of that ever-present aristocracy – that old diabolical Saturnine force, hiding in shadows. They are bankers, corporatists, aristocrats, establishment politicians, academics, social engineers and power-mad statists. And at the time of the writing of this report (August, 2016) they are already engaged in their dirty work, endeavoring to continue to shift the balance of US political power into the hands of those who willingly serve their interests, or whom they can control like puppets. Remember that this shadowy Saturnine force is as determined as it is murderous. Among the tactics used by this diabolical force to gain the support of the masses is by promising to take care of them. “Give them bread and circus,” was a phrase the corrupt Roman senators were known to have said often. It meant that, by continuing to pacify and feed the masses, they could continue to control the masses. I’m sure they broke many promises to deliver all sorts of other goodies from the treasury, too.


When analyzed, the psychotically-selfish Saturn-ruled figures (that is, the political ‘old guard’, or ‘establishment’, if you will) who have steered America’s economic policies and unduly influenced the nation’s legislative process to serve their own self-interests, are not only clearly seen in America’s horoscope, but are clearly seen as the central figures responsible for America’s loss of prosperity. (That’s right, the American dream was real – not a hoax – and did NOT die due to the failure of capitalism (for capitalism did never fail but was replaced by corporatism) but was in fact stolen by the very same people who have, for approximately 28 years, promised to take care of the nation.) In this regard, America’s horoscope also reflects the damages done to the economy by the steady implementation of socialist policies, as well as the damages done to the economy by the costs of war.

There is much to be said about the influences of Jupiter and Saturn in the event of a presidential election. In the case of the influences set into motion on the July 4, 2016 USA ‘solar return’ there is a much stronger influence exerted by Jupiter as compared to that of Saturn. By itself this would prove to be a good year with a benefic Jovial figure ultimately taking the helm from a malefic Saturnine figure. But it’s not all good. There are influences suggesting that, prior to a new administration taking office, there is likely to be many controversies, quarreling and wounds to the nation. Add to that, mass self-deception and losses due to conspiracies, the formation of cabals, secret activities and the potential for staged false-flag attacks, all related to deadly power-plays, and financial stratagems. Mercury will be hovering around the cusp of the Twelfth House indicating massive theft of US national security information, infiltration, acts of espionage, acts of intimidation, acts of extortion and blackmail, and maybe even an assassination plot or two (though whether any plot is carried out, or carried out effectively, is another issue). On top of this, the same Mercurial influence will bring with it an equally massive attempt by the party in power to deceive the American public at large. Thus, on the days leading up to, and on eve of, the 2016 US Presidential Election and through Election Day (as well as for several days afterwards) one may expect acts of violence, fanaticism, well organized false-flag attacks, as well as provocative and violent acts carried out in public by radical supporters of the established (Saturnine) authority, all of which will be reported by their own corporate media with a bias designed towards the benefit of those who currently hold political power over the nation. It is likely that acts of violence and rebellion abroad will coincide with US events, and it is most likely in any region where US policy directly effects a foreign nation’s finances. If not brought to swift justice, those involved in these potential acts of violence will be soon after plotting with serious intent for subsequent violent protests, as well as acts of rebellion and sabotage.

Throughout the day, Venus in the First House in Sagittarius will have many people voting based upon ideals, while Mars in the Second will have many people voting their pocket books. Of greatest significance, Jupiter in Libra in the Midheaven forming a conjunction to Saturn will be screaming for justice for the American people – a battle cry for what the Founders set into motion, and screaming for justice for the producer versus the empowerment of the parasite. Meanwhile, Saturn’s position in the nation’s Ascendant indicates the presence of that old guard and its followers, that is, those who desire the promised kinder gentler from of slavery as opposed to liberty. So strong is this Saturnine influence that many will cast their vote relative to the notion that the middle class should do all the work and pay all the taxes while the very rich and very poor enjoy the first fruits of the labors of the middle class. Those academics, those pundits, those minions of the bankers will be out there “rocking the vote” so as to turn back the tides of liberty, so that all may embrace the cruel and jagged yoke of their planned collectivist global hell. Meanwhile, Uranus will continue to create problems in the both the physical and social infrastructure of America. Neptune’s degrees indicate the continuation of a long-term effort by the corporate media to deceive the American public, as well as to instill self-injurious and fanciful Utopian beliefs. And then there is Pluto – having just retrograded from its first ingress into the US Second House, it has now returned to the Ascendant, once again indicating the presence of an “I am a law unto myself” mentality, and inclining the USA’s role in world affairs to be best described as a bat-wielding thug willing to do the dirty work of any London banker – and to do this work for no pay! There is good news in relation to the transit of Pluto. At the time of the election, Pluto will be separating from an opposition to the Sun and a square to Saturn, possibly indicating the old guard’s suffering a temporary loss of influence over the election process. But by the end of the night on Election Day, the Moon will have returned to her natal position, indicating a collective reckoning of a new era, with this influence lasting about 28 days. Thus, we will have to wait to see if the good fortune of Jupiter’s conjunction to Saturn in the Midheaven outweighs its squaring the Sun, and transiting Saturn’s separating sextile from natal Saturn. If Jupiter wins this battle, then a Jovial figure will take the presidency, and the USA wins a four-year reprieve from the enemies of liberty, peace and prosperity. But if Saturn wins, then it is four more years of consolidation of power, restriction, manipulation, deception, erosion of individual liberties, economic destruction, and a certainty that the yoke of wage and debt slavery will be secured just that much more securely around the necks of America.

We’re not finished, so don’t stop reading. Now we must look at the influences of the stars upon the candidates.


The three major candidates in the 2016 US Presidential Election are: Donald J. Trump, Republican; Hillary D. Rodham-Clinton, Democrat; Gary E. Johnson, Libertarian. In terms of the candidates relating to planetary influences, it is clear that Johnson is the archetypical Uranian – or Uranus-ruled – figure: revolutionary, irreverent, a desire to break down the old but lacking a clear vision for the future. Clinton is the archetypical Saturnine – or Saturn-ruled – figure: restrictive, stingy, returning to the tried-and-failed methods, secretive, vindictive, authoritarian and a consolidator of power, a law unto only herself, deceptive, manipulative; offering nothing in the way of freedom, but only the promise of a kinder, gentler form of slavery. Trump is the archetypical Jovial – or Jupiter-ruled – figure: growth and expansion-focused, pioneering, freedom-loving, fearless, bold, an advocate of justice and law-and-order, honest to a fault – at times a bit bombastic – but with a degree of generosity that more than compensates.

Thus, Trump is Jupiter, Clinton is Saturn and Johnson is Uranus. (Sanders, by the way, is Neptune.)


A quick overview of all that is going on in Clinton’s horoscope on Election Day reveals that, and most notably, transiting Jupiter will have moved out of Clinton’s Midheaven and into her Eleventh House, perhaps serving as an indication of the end of a cycle of her being in the public’s eye. But within Clinton’s horoscope at the time of the election are still some very good influences. Multiple trines are cast from transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, to Mars, Saturn and Pluto, respectively. This good fortune is offset, however, by some debilitation coming from Neptune’s opposition to her Midheaven, and Pluto’s casting unfavorable angles to radix Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Mercury and Saturn occupy the Ascendant. Mercury will give benefit through quick wit and speech (which she is likely to need) but Saturn reveals both ambition, and what is likely an overt desire to bear rule over others. Venus and Pluto in the Second House indicate an intense desire to gain personal fortune and luxury, while Mars in her Third House suggests a viciously critical tongue. Neptune will be in Clinton’s Fourth House at the time of the election, and as stated previously, in opposition to her Midheaven, something that does often coincide with great disappointments. Uranus in the Fifth House can coincide with behavior that ranges from bold to licentious. And finally, transiting Sun returns to its radix Twelfth House.

Overall, the transiting planets are more positive than negative in Ms. Clinton’s horoscope at the time of the election. However, when it comes to such monumental matters in one’s life as taking the office of the presidency, the “directed chart” must be taken into consideration. In this case, it is a rather negative figure forming for Clinton from some time before the writing of this report, to well after Election Day. Here we see solar-arc Sun, Ascendant and Pars Fortuna, all in negative aspect (squares) to other sensitive points in her chart. The most striking of all is the solar-arc Ascendant, in the Third House, casting a square to radix Sun in the Twelfth House, for which one interpretation would be, a continuation of Clinton’s past (email) communications coming back to haunt her, and in this, undermining her goals. Not equal to this influence, but certainly weighty nonetheless, is the effect of solar-arc Saturn in a close conjunction to the cusp of Clinton’s own Twelfth House, indicating the potential for the misdeeds of her past to catch up with her. Some would call this a time of “comeuppance,” others might call it “karma.” On its own, I do not believe that this Saturn influence is sufficient to block this wild-eyed, jolly-faced tyrant from reaching the presidency, but when added to the other negative influences, it does suggest that, come Election Day, the greater body of the nation may not be willing to trust her.


There are more stellar influences going on in Donald Trump’s horoscope than what can be reasonably addressed in this report, so what follows are some highlights. With transiting Jupiter in the first quadrant and forming a conjunction to his radix Jupiter, it is likely that Mr. Trump is about to step into a whole new 12-year life cycle based upon intellectual and philosophical growth. This Jupiter influence is usually beneficial and often correlates to one’s reaching their personal goals. Current stellar influences in Trump’s horoscope also correlate to his penchant for incendiary speech and subsequent ability to anger many people, and especially the rich, the powerful and the influential. But Venus will be in his Fifth House during the days leading up to Election Day, and that should soften his approach and polish his manners enough to make a good impression.

In addressing Trump’s directed (solar-arc) chart, a Uranus-to-Mars influence in his chart correlates to his willingness to fight to the very end to achieve his objectives and uphold his beliefs. Trump’s solar-arc Pluto conjunct his radix Jupiter in the Third House indicates his ability to be a great leader, and I interpret the trine cast from solar-arc Pluto to his radix Uranus as indicating his fighting against the injustices suffered by the working-class.


On Election Day, a significant number of difficult aspects will be cast from transiting Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to key points in Johnson’s natal chart. Other measurements of major life’s events do not suggest a major life turning moment such as securing the presidency, either. What is revealed is Johnson’s experiencing a great deal of tension leading up to, on, and after, Election Day. Though Johnson has managed to secure a significant amount of third-party support leading up to the 2016 Election, in terms of his growing his support, Johnson has had his time in the Sun. As dissatisfied as so many Americans are with their choices of either Clinton or Trump, it is not likely that many more will find what they are looking for in either the Libertarian platform, or candidate Johnson.


In terms of stellar influences upon each of their nativities, and between the two, I believe that come Election Day 2016, Donald Trump is not only slightly stronger, but does not have the comeuppance (or bad karma) due him that Hillary Clinton should be planning for. In this regard, Trump’s progressed chart in comparison to Clinton’s nativity suggests that, leading up to Election Day, he will engage in an unrelenting campaign to publicly expose the misdeeds and malfeasance of Clinton’s past. During the same time period, Clinton’s progressed chart in comparison to Trump’s nativity indicates her engaging in vicious verbal attacks on him, as well as the potential for her to conspire to harm his reputation through slander – and even cause him physical harm.


Okay, at long last, the words you have been waiting for. Although the USA is in a state of mental confusion, and despite the continued misrepresentation of the facts by the media, on Election Day, the greater body of the of the nation, represented by the occupation and strength of Jupiter in the Midheaven, will not yield to the slightly less powerful influences of Saturn. Moreover, I believe that between the candidates, the prevailing stellar influences indicate that Trump is stronger, and in the absence of widespread voter fraud or voter intimidation due to riots or other acts of violence, Donald J. Trump will be the next President of The United States of America. It will, however, be an incredibly close race.


In the following paragraphs, I will be analyzing the synastry between the horoscopes of Trump, Clinton and Johnson in relation to the horoscope of the USA.


If Trump wins, and as he and his win is a result of the influence of Jupiter, we can be assured that it is the energy of growth and expansion, of liberty and justice, as well as that of good times, that awaits our people. The same might not be said about the effects upon the world around us. The world around the USA is a parasite, and if Trump pulls the leaches off the body of America, there will be some angry and hungry parasites crawling around the world looking for their next free meal.

But most important of all, Trump’s radix Moon in the US Ascendant, his Sun in the US Seventh House, and his Jupiter in the US Midheaven, are all indicative of his having an overall beneficial effect on the United States of America.


I have made a study of the stellar relationships between the horoscopes of US political figures and the horoscope of the USA. I have seen a few good relationships, but far more bad relationships. I believe that this is due to the temptation for men and women of questionable character to gain access to the US public purse through holding an elected office. But in all the time that I have been doing this work, I have seldom seen as toxic a relationship between a presidential candidate’s horoscope in relation to the USA’s horoscope as I have seen between that of Hillary Clinton and the USA. Most notable is the presence of three of Clinton’s malefic planets (and no offsetting benefic planets) in the USA’s Eighth House (Mars, Saturn, Pluto), her Ascendant and Mercury in near-perfect conjunctions to the USA’s Twelfth House cusp, and her Saturn in a disturbingly close square (1-degree, 16-minutes applying ) to the same cusp. If these same stellar influences were to come up in my work in another context, say for instance, in the matter of counseling astrology clients prior to their being married, and the prospective husband was the USA, and the prospective wife was Hillary, I would warn the prospective husband that, if he were to marry this woman, it is a near certainty that he will one day awaken to find himself having been drugged, locked in the cellar, his bank accounts completely cleaned out, and with her having an end plan of terrorizing him, torturing him, murdering him and finally mutilating his body. “Run,” I would tell him. “Run for your life.” Hyperbole? Just a little. Now, I am NOT saying that Hillary Clinton was – or is – an agent of espionage or sabotage, or secretly working against the interests of the USA, or involved in anti-American conspiracies that exist within the US government, or even manipulating key figures in the House and Senate through blackmail and extortion – I repeat, I am NOT saying that. What I am saying, is that her horoscope in relation to that of the USA is in fact correlative – make that, HIGHLY correlative – to that of other similar stellar relationships involving America’s secret enemies and agents of espionage.

If Clinton wins, and as she and her win is the result of the influence of Saturn, we can expect from this authoritarian, restrictive, selfish, consolidator of power, a new administration led by a harsh and dictatorial punisher of descent, one which is invasive in the privacy of others, as well as maintaining a position that government and its adjuncts (corporate media serves as minister of propaganda, and academia as its thought-police) should rule with a heavy hand over the masses, limiting the amount of wealth circulating among the populace to a bear minimum (lest they become to powerful again due to their economic might) and supportive of policies that lead to the continued (and even accelerated) transference of America’s industrial base to foreign destinations.


In the unlikely event that a Uranian figure such a Johnson should win the presidency, and with his Pluto squaring the cusp of the USA’s Twelfth House, the nation may reasonably expect a continuation of the breaking down of the foundations that equate to American self-preservation. This stellar influence is likely to manifest as a failure to recognize, or properly defend the nation, from the world trends and influences of power-mad individuals, resulting in a continued trend towards internationalism and the lowering of America’s economic, legal and cultural standards to meet those of the rest of the world. The end result will be the American public being forced to compete with the third-world’s shanty-town inhabitants for their very survival.

During the five years that I have been publishing my astrological prognostications on political matters I have made some very accurate predictions (along with an occasional error). I believe that my work related to matters concerning America’s office of the presidency and national security has been exceptionally accurate. I am confident in the accuracy of the work that I have done on this matter. This in mind, it is my opinion that on the morning of November 9, 2016 America awakens to Donald J. Trump, President-elect, and with a reasonable expectation of at least four years of forthcoming prosperity and legitimate cause for nationalistic pride. Let us hope that this prediction is on target.


In light of Piers Morgan’s recent parting of ways with CNN, as well as his final blast of anti-American propaganda, I thought that a review of my past (2013) astrological judgment upon him was appropriate.  (Scroll down to the bold print!)


“So, is Piers Morgan bad for America?  In my astrological opinion, the answer is an absolute ‘yes’.  Morgan’s apparent self-righteous opposition regarding cultural matters within a nation to which he is a foreigner is no surprise when looking at the degree of his Jupiter, and that is because his own values are in almost perfect opposition to those of the USA.  Moreover, this can even suggest a situation wherein he is frequently caught up in his own b.s. and plays martyr to his own lies.  Considering Neptune’s frequent association with matters of fraud and deception, in my own astrological opinion, and when looking at the conjunction of Morgan’s Neptune to this evil point of roughly 22-degrees Scorpio in America’s horoscope, I see no possibility of his representing even any sort of ‘sincere-though-misplaced-ideal’, but instead, his simply being an agent of fraud and deception, and possibly even plots and conspiracies.  Mind you, I am not saying that this is the case, but with this sort of stellar relationship between his and the USA’s nativities, one could imagine that, Mr. Morgan might have ameliorated some of his legal problems in England by serving as an agent of espionage and sabotage against America in the service of the British Crown.  But while that might require quite a stretch of the imagination, these are among the types of stellar relationships I have found between the USA’s nativity and the horoscopes of those whom work against America’s best interests.  Again, on its own, this aspect is insufficient to say that Piers Morgan truly is an agent of espionage and sabotage in service to the British Crown, but, in my astrological opinion, I do believe that it is cause to warrant the State Department looking at Mr. Morgan and his presence and purpose here in the USA a bit more closely.

In any case, fear not, as the combined charts of the USA and Piers Morgan suggest that, while he will enjoy a period of favorable treatment by the public, he will eventually fall forever from favor in the American public’s eye, and likely find himself having worn out his welcome to remain in the USA as well.”

Carpe Noctem


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After extensive astrological analysis of the matter of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, it is my opinion that the aircraft’s disappearance is connected to foul play, and that this foul play was motivated by financial gains and some sort of power-play involving one, or more, powerful plutocratic individual, or individuals.  Additionally, the charts suggest the potential for Flight MH370’s demise to have been connected to some sort of clandestine operation involving either military, or mercenary-type, elements.  Finally, my work indicates that the aircraft did in fact deviate from its planned flight path, though to what degree I cannot say, and now rests on the ocean floor, and most likely in deep waters.

For more details, readers may listen to the first hour of the Saturday, March 29, 2014 edition of George Whitehurst Berry’s Sedona Dreams Broadcast ( during which I had the privilege of being interviewed, and shared my findings on MH370 in greater detail.

Carpe Noctem



Amongst many conservative and libertarian-minded Americans, Briton Piers Morgan of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight has recently crossed the line from famous to infamous for his anti-Second Amendment prattle, and overt abuse of his pro-Second Amendment interviewees.  Rightfully so, many conservative and libertarian-minded Americans regard an attack on the US Constitution’s Second Amendment as tantamount to an attack on America itself.  In analysis of the matter, one must first attempt to determine if Morgan’s hysterical anti-gun rhetoric is no more nefarious than that of a schlock journalist working to peddle his perverted product to an ignorant, emotionally driven audience, or if what motivates his actions is something still more sinister.  Indeed, in the case of the former, Morgan’s curriculum vitae includes his working as writer and editor for a number of muckraking British tabloids, for which he was rebuked in 2012 for his lack of concern for the law in the official report of the Leveson Inquiry (a British judicial inquiry formed due to the News International phone-hacking scandal).  In the case of the latter, and since I have no FBI super-computer, nor a web of CIA informants, I will resolve to use a process that is possibly more insightful than both:  astrological analysis.

Piers Morgan’s birth on March 30, 1965 puts his Sun at roughly nine degrees Aries, with a publicity-favoring conjunction with Venus applying at less than three degrees.  Morgan’s Mercury (coinciding with intellect) resides in Aries as well, giving him a good memory, and a quick verbal cut and thrust.  Meanwhile, and spurring a cantankerous, rabble-rousing temperament, a conjunction is formed in Virgo by his Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  Of great significance, Morgan’s Jupiter, while strong in the sign of Taurus (and certainly connected to his fame, fortune and to-date ability to remain unaccountable for his actions)  resides in the same degree as the evil star Algol, long associated with autocrats and those prone to unscrupulous behavior, and which is also connected to those who inspire mob violence.  Saturn in Pisces forms a near perfect opposition to Morgan’s Mars (highly destructive) another near-perfect opposition to Uranus (revolutionary) and a fairly close opposition to Pluto (bad temper, violence, and in the worst cases, connected to mass-murder).

Summary:  A cursory review of Piers Morgan’s nativity evinces the potential for a temperament and disposition best described as domineering, seditious and despicable.

But as there are many other contemptible a**holes who walk around America without posing a threat to the lives, limbs and liberties of the USA’s citizenry en masse, to determine whether or not the abhorrent Mr. Morgan is in fact a menace to American society we must look a bit deeper into the matter.  By comparing the degrees of the planets (and chart points) in Piers Morgan’s nativity (a.k.a. ‘horoscope’ or ‘birth-chart’) to those in the USA’s nativity, a very interesting picture begins to emerge.  This process is referred to as ‘synastry’.

A highly sensitive horoscopic chart point called the Ascendant in the nativity of either a person or a nation is related to the overall health of the ‘body’.  (In this case, the Ascendant relates to the well-being, or lack thereof, of the American people’s persona.)  Several of Piers Morgan’s planets cast malefic (evil) angles to the USA’s Ascendant:  1. Mars in square (disputes, quarrels and even violence);  2. Saturn in square (causing separation between people);  3. Uranus in square (causing unrest and upset);  4. Pluto in square (inciting violent disputes and the desire to rule over others by force).

Summary:  The chart initially suggests Piers Morgan’s having a tendency (if even inadvertent) to incite violent divisive disputes among US citizens, combined with a conscious desire to forcefully gain rule or influence over the American people.


Whether regarded as a planet or a ‘planetoid’ it does not matter, as in my work I have found the influence of Pluto to be of great significance in mundane events.  In this regard, the USA’s Pluto can be considered a horoscopic point related to America’s collective destiny or fate, and having some relation to the collective will of the people (though due to Pluto’s association with extremes, that will often being expressed through unstable emotions).  To the USA’s Pluto Piers Morgan’s planets make the following aspects:  1. Mercury in square (battle of wills, violent and abusive disputes);  2. Mars in sesqui-quadrate (potentially emotionally and physically abusive battles for supremacy);  3. Saturn semi-square (a resentment towards American values);  4. Uranus in sesqui-quadrate (also a conflict with US values);  5. Pluto in sesqui-quadrate (still another conflict with American values).

Summary:  It is most likely that Mr. Morgan looks down upon America and the American people and considers himself to be far superior.  Thus, it is likely that Piers Morgan is not here and working in the USA because he is in agreement with, and respectful towards, American values, but is, instead, likely to be in America specifically because he disagrees with American values.  Additionally, he is not likely to place moral limits upon how he goes about his effort to dominate the hearts and minds of the American public.

Other highly significant stellar relationships between Morgan and the USA includes his Sun being in malefic angle to the USA’s Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (square, square and opposition, respectively) all of which are aspects that relate to Morgan’s potential hostility towards matters of America’s system of authority (Constitution, courts, etc.) collective values and culture.  But most disturbing of all to me is Morgan’s nativity in relationship to that very sensitive point in the United States of America’s horoscope which I have determined to have so much presence in cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and sedition:  22-degrees, 34-minutes Scorpio.  Morgan’s Jupiter, at roughly 25-degrees Taurus separates from an opposition to this chart point, and his Neptune, at 19-degrees, 37-minutes Scorpio applies to a conjunction.

Summary:  So, is Piers Morgan bad for America?  In my astrological opinion, the answer is an absolute ‘yes’.  Morgan’s apparent self-righteous opposition regarding cultural matters within a nation to which he is a foreigner is no surprise when looking at the degree of his Jupiter, and that is because his own values are in almost perfect opposition to those of the USA.  Moreover, this can even suggest a situation wherein he is frequently caught up in his own b.s. and plays martyr to his own lies.  Considering Neptune’s frequent association with matters of fraud and deception, in my own astrological opinion, and when looking at the conjunction of Morgan’s Neptune to this evil point of roughly 22-degrees Scorpio in America’s horoscope, I see no possibility of his representing even any sort of ‘sincere-though-misplaced-ideal’, but instead, his simply being an agent of fraud and deception, and possibly even plots and conspiracies.  Mind you, I am not saying that this is the case, but with this sort of stellar relationship between his and the USA’s nativities, one could imagine that, Mr. Morgan might have ameliorated some of his legal problems in England by serving as an agent of espionage and sabotage against America in the service of the British Crown.  But while that might require quite a stretch of the imagination, these are among the types of stellar relationships I have found between the USA’s nativity and the horoscopes of those whom work against America’s best interests.  Again, on its own, this aspect is insufficient to say that Piers Morgan truly is an agent of espionage and sabotage in service to the British Crown, but, in my astrological opinion, I do believe that it is cause to warrant the State Department looking at Mr. Morgan and his presence and purpose here in the USA a bit more closely.

In any case, fear not, as the combined charts of the USA and Piers Morgan suggest that, while he will enjoy a period of favorable treatment by the public, he will eventually fall forever from favor in the American public’s eye, and likely find himself having worn out his welcome to remain in the USA as well.



The reader should understand that, in my horoscopic outlook for the mundane (that which effects the whole world) or specifically for the USA, what I am interpreting is what is made possible, or perhaps, potential, by the various stellar influences.  The great astrologer Charles E.O. Carter, was famous for having said, “The stars incline, they do not compel.”  Good astrologers live by this.  There are, however, certain stellar conditions by which what is ‘possible’ or even ‘potential’ is also made probable.  But not all influences are so clear or powerful.  So for the record, unless I specifically state that a particular event is ‘probable’, then the influence is to be considered ‘possible’ or ‘potential’.




While America’s  progressed and directed charts indicate a dire need for the reestablishment, nurturing and protection of domestic industry, both charts also indicate that this need is made subordinate to the personal material aims of members of Congress, and the financial interests of the world’s plutocrats whom they serve, through the maintaining of self-injurious trade agreements such as NAFTA and WTO, etc.  These charts indicate that, in the end of the matter, the pursuit of personal ambition by members of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the US government, results in severe and irreversible harm to the potential contributions by America’s most inventive and industrious citizens.

America’s  directed chart reveals that, throughout the year, the President is likely to be weak, argumentative, combative and very changeable, while, in a bid for reelection, trying to appease the electorate, and at the same time, attempting to fulfill promises made to the plutocrats responsible for putting him in office in the first place.

The directed chart also suggests that, it is through false foreign allies that the USA is led to commit dishonorable acts of violence (through use of military force) and that, through the influence of traitors and secret enemies, the American military is exploited, and US armed services personnel needlessly put into harm’s way.




Transiting Pluto’s degree indicates that throughout the month of January, 2012 there is an emphasis on matters concerning acts of treason, espionage and sabotage.  This influence suggests that there is a well-planned and deliberate attempt to steal vital and classified secret data from the US government and/or US government contractors.  This position of Pluto in the USA’s chart suggests also that agents of espionage have either infiltrated US agencies and/or contractors in possession of this data, or that these foreign agents are acting with the assistance of well-placed foreign operatives, or through the assistance of US citizens engaged in acts of treason.  Conversely, Mars’ position in the USA’s horoscope indicates that, provided the conspiracy does not go too deep, there is the opportunity for US federal law enforcement and security agencies to uncover and expose acts of espionage and treason, and apprehend the offenders.  The influence concerning the act of espionage peaks on the 7th of January and the potential for the offenders to be exposed and/or apprehended peaks on the 14th.

The degree of transiting Uranus indicates the continued potential for various homeland disasters.  This includes incidents related to weather extremes, earthquakes, natural disasters, accidents involving aircraft, and the potential for uranium-related incidents.  This same influence also coincides with on-going saber rattling (the situation with Iran is prominent) as well as the organization and revolutionary actions of domestic radicals such as the “Occupy” movement.  This influence is active throughout the month of January, 2012.

The Executive branch of the US government is likely to be at odds with the Legislative branch, as indicated by the position of transiting Saturn.  This influence is in effect throughout the entire month of January, 2012 and is also correlative to a time when the President may propose radical (as in socialistic) policies, or work in conjunction with others of a radical or socialistic mentality.




Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cantankerous meddling, and unscrupulous acts, by US diplomats, as well as losses or, at the least, uncomfortable situations, for the US in matters of foreign relations.  Financial injury comes to America due to actions by Congress and the President.  Hostilities in the political process.  The efficacy of treaties, trade pacts and agreements is questioned.  America’s credit-worthiness is questioned.  The American people are confused in regards to the country’s best interests.  An unhealthy coalition between government, academia, media, ecclesiastics and corporatists is formed. Accidents and injuries involving mass transit.


Monday, January 2, 2012

The American public is deceived regarding matters of monetary policy.  Many unrealistic ideas are all the chatter.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The present Administration is likely to engage in underhanded, and dishonorable activities, and the American public is deceived.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The present Administration is likely to engage in underhanded, and dishonorable activities.  Spending excess (or irresponsibility with the public purse) by the White House.  Anti-social activities and falsehoods (a female activist or revolutionary-type is prominent).  The national spirit, collectively, is one of inhibition, depression. Alliances are formed and plutocrats are actively involved in the political process.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Power plays, most likely carried out by the White House.  A prominent male figure may pass away.  The present Administration is likely to engage in underhanded, and dishonorable activities.  The President’s power is truncated and his reputation suffers.  Anti-social activities are prominent.  Reformers (possibly young) rebels; a revolutionary spirit.  An organized resistance turns violent.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Power plays, most likely carried out by the White House.  A prominent male figure may pass away.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Power plays, most likely carried out by the White House.  A prominent male figure may pass away.  Betrayal (feminine figures are prominent).  Congress may attempt to deceive the public by putting on an act.  Plutocrats, and those who represent plutocrats’ interests within the US government, are likely to succeed in a grand deception upon the American public.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mercury enters Capricorn.

Betrayal (feminine figures are prominent in this matter).  Public discourse on matters of declining standards of living.  Exaggeration, or lies, by the White House.  Foreign relations suffer.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Full Moon 18º Cancer 26’

Public discourse on matters of declining standards of living.  Acts of Congress are highlighted.  Dispute over monetary policy.  Passions may lead to acts of violence.  An increase in the rate of infection of colds and influenza.  A lack of logic in the US political process.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acts of Congress are highlighted.  Exaggeration, or lies, by the White House.  The days news may include stories pertaining to a high-profile murder, or perhaps the death of a prominent figure.  Radicals promote socialist ideologies.  Pessimism.  The American public is obtuse regarding monetary matters.  The potential for a significant incident (related to weather or accidental conditions) resulting in the loss of life and/or property.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dispute within, and extravagant acts by, Congress.  Rebels and revolutionaries are prominent.  Military actions.  The need to deal with accidental conditions.  The American public is swayed (or outright deceived) by highly manipulative individuals who make an appeal to the emotions.  Acts of violence.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Acts of espionage may be uncovered or thwarted.  Unlawful acts by government (most likely in regards to monetary policy).  Immoral acts by the White House (the American public is deceived).


Friday, January 13, 2012

Acts of espionage may be uncovered or thwarted.  The President is subjected to enforced modesty.  America’s infection with the common cold and influenza increases.  Criticism.  Fast traveling news.  The President himself may feel inhibited or depressed, or may make an effort to address those who are feeling that way.  Speculation (the equity markets may see great gains).  Any political debate is likely to be colored by heavy personal attacks.  A highly polished orator may attempt to deceive the public.  Severely damaging acts of betrayal.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Venus enters Pisces.

Acts of espionage may be uncovered or thwarted.  Prominent is: ineffectual  negotiations in foreign matters;  contradictions in monetary policy (with subsequent hasty actions taken);   rebels and revolutionaries;  military actions;  the need to deal with accidental conditions;  fanatics;  disabled veterans.  Public discourse is likely to pertain to matters of death and violence.  Through the political process the USA may very well take another step in the wrong direction, resulting in long-term damaging effects.  The public may be holding onto unrealistic notions, or the government may make promises to the public that it is incapable of fulfilling.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

There are no additional stellar influences of significance for the USA on this date.


Monday, January 16, 2012

A highly polished orator (quite possibly the President) may attempt to deceive the American public (the nation is confused and easily deceived).  Liberties taken by the White House damage the potential prosperity of the nation.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The President’s health suffers.  The public lacks confidence in the President and may even believe him to be a liar.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sun enters Aquarius.

Public discourse on matters of budget, debt and taxes.  Exaggeration, or lies, by the White House.  Plutocrats press their plans and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government cave in to the pressure.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Executive branch is likely to be at odds with the Legislative branch of government.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Executive branch is likely to be at odds with the Legislative branch of government.  A highly polished orator (quite possibly the President) may attempt to deceive the American public.  The potential for large-scale accidents resulting in injury, loss of life and property.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Executive branch is likely to be at odds with the Legislative branch of government.

Unlawful acts by government (most likely in regards to monetary policy). A highly polished orator (quite possibly the President) may attempt to deceive the American public.  The financial interests of plutocrats are served over the best interests of America.  Public discourse regarding radicals, revolutionary-types, or regarding the actions of same.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

America suffers due to unhealthy relationships with foreign financiers.  Exposure of acts of treason (a traitor may be apprehended) and/or plots of sabotage.  Dispute over monetary policy.  The President is willing to ruthlessly impose his will upon America, and the country is exploited and harmed.  An additional influence suggests that America is likely to be swindled by prominent figure (most likely governmental – perhaps also representing the President) with excellent powers of persuasion (like an expert public speaker).


Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon 02º Aquarius 42’

Mars retrograde.

Exposure of acts of treason (a traitor may be apprehended) and/or plots of sabotage.  America’s image in the world community suffers.  Exaggeration, or lies, from the White House.  Accidents and injuries involving mass transit.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Due to immoral acts by the White House, America’s image in the world community suffers.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

America’s image in the world community suffers.  Damaging monetary policy may be put into effect.  An outraged male figure may engage in acts of violence.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

At best, the US Congress is ineffective, and at worst, responsible for exacerbating America’s problems.  Abuse of the public purse.  Unlawful acts (most likely in regards to monetary policy).  The President is subjected to enforced modesty.  The American public is deceived by a highly-polished or charismatic orator.  Foreign relations suffer. The US government serves the financial interests of plutocrats over the best interests of the American people.  The nation’s sense of identity is challenged.


Friday, January 27, 2012

At best, the US Congress is ineffective, and at worst, responsible for exacerbating America’s problems.  Accidents and injuries involving mass transit.  Radicals, rebels, and revolutionary-types are prominent (or perhaps media attention towards the actions of the same).  A sense of optimism has a positive effect on the financial markets.  The US government makes promises it is incapable of keeping to the American people.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

At best, the US Congress is ineffective, and at worst, responsible for exacerbating America’s problems.  Negative conditions or events (most likely economic in nature) affect a large mass of the US public.  America is swindled by prominent figure (most likely governmental) with excellent powers of persuasion (an expert public speaker). The American public is effectively deceived and exploited by the malicious scheming of plutocrats.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exaggeration, or lies, by the White House.  Realization that the standard of living for most Americans has again been lowered.  The American public is cheated by government’s representing the interests of plutocrats over the best interests of the nation (treason, betrayal and great deceptions).


Monday, January 30, 2012

There are no additional stellar influences of significance for the USA on this date.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Confusion reigns.  Dispute among the parties over monetary policy.  Unlawful acts by Congress (most likely in regards to monetary policy).  Foreign relations suffer.  The US government makes promises it is incapable of keeping to the American people.  Utopian-types hide behind a facade of benevolence as they plead their case to the American people.  Those in authority (one, or a combination of the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branches of government) may conspire, put on an act, and deceive the public.  A spirit of optimism has a positive effect on the financial markets.




In previous issues of Judicium Astrologica I have stated that Jupiter – the planet of monetary/economic expansion – when in direct motion in the sign of money – Taurus – will correlate to a time of significant monetary inflation, globally.  (Jupiter went direct in Taurus on December 25, 2011.)  While inflation has been already steadily growing, up until now, there has been some measure of restraint due to Saturn’s position in the sign of Libra, demanding a balancing of the books.  Saturn (a.k.a. the Great Collector) will turn retrograde in Libra on February 8, essentially taking the stern authority’s attention away from such matters as monetary policy, and through June 25, allow that period of global monetary inflation to flood the world’s economic system.  Then, at approximately 22º Libra, Saturn’s direction motion in the sign of the scales will exacerbate Jupiter’s being in a sign of its detriment (Gemini) which it passes into on June 12.

To summarize:  After December 25, 2011 the economy should show some signs of improvement (though this ‘improvement’ will be nothing but a flash in the pan) and, the process of global monetary inflation can be considered as having begun, albeit slowly.  From February 8 through June 11 the process of global monetary inflation should get well underway, and temporarily flood the Western world’s economies with liquidity.  But Jupiter’s June 12 ingress to Gemini will coincide with an erosion of optimism and expansion, which will be made worse still when Saturn goes direct on June 26, again demanding a balancing of the books.  (Saturn turns knee-busting debt collector on October 5, 2012 when it passes into the sign of Scorpio).

To summarize the summary:  From January 1 through June 11, use the anticipated boost in equity market averages to unload equities that require the participation of a purchasing party somewhat more optimistic.  Until recently, cash was king.  Defend yourself against inflation (I believe these stellar influences, and the resultant economic conditions will ultimately prove to have rekindled the future rallies in both gold and silver).  Thus, acquire both gold and silver on the dips.  Remember that residential and commercial real estate will not stabilize until Uranus passes into Taurus (and that is years away) and mini booms and busts in real estate will occur regionally, and according to employment opportunities, or lack thereof.  Understand that banks are not our friends (here in America they prove that to us frequently) so deposit your assets with them at your own risk.  Lastly, keep in mind that tangible assets such as fine art, classic automobiles, numismatics, etc.,  are presently in a seller’s market.


Allow yourself to imagine a humanoid figure standing before you.  This figure is devoid of sex, race or religion, but it represents a productive, law-abiding, civilized individual with respect for its neighbors’ inherent rights, product of labor and property.  This figure symbolizes “middle” America.

To the right of this humanoid figure is giant fist.  The fist to the figure’s right is also devoid of sex, race or religion, but it has a consciousness, and it represents corporatism, institutionalized usury, authoritarianism, as well as collectivism and globalism.  The giant fist to the right of the figure despises capitalism, and it loathes free enterprise, preferring instead to have all men and women employed by one of its corporate subsidiaries, believing that wage and debt slavery is for the masses, and profits only for the elite.  The fist recognizes the figure for its aforementioned qualities, and has reasoned that it can be of great use, so the fist now pummels the figure with the intention of beating it into submission so that it might make it its slave.

To the left of the humanoid figure is another giant fist, and it too, is devoid of sex, race or religion, and it also recognizes the value in the humanoid figure’s aforementioned qualities.  But the giant fist to the left of the figure represents government in the form of socialism, communism and totalitarianism, as well as representing idealism, environmental extremism, and social engineering.  Strangely enough, it, like the giant fist on the right, also represents collectivism and globalism.  The giant fist on the left also despises capitalism, and loathes the very thought of free enterprise, preferring instead to have all men and women employed by government, unless of course, employment just isn’t their thing.  In the mind of this fist, wage and tax slavery is for the masses, and wealth and privilege is to be withheld for only the elite.  Like the giant fist on the right, the giant fist on the left would like to make use of the humanoid figure, and though it finds the word “slavery” very distasteful, it is indeed a slave that the fist on the left wants to make of the figure.  So it too, pummels the figure, with the intention being to beat it into submission.


I have previously written that, among its many attributes, the planet Uranus represents rebellion, and most often, mindless rebellion – that is, rebellion for the sake of rebellion alone – as well as destruction for the sake of destruction alone.  A Uranian-type [of personality] is easily identified, as they cannot hide their rebellious nature, and while their rebellion will be justified by them with all sorts of idealistic and humanitarian platitudes, that rebellion will have behind it very little logic or rationale thought, that is, if it has any of those qualities at all.  The Uranian-type’s rebellion is based entirely upon the notion of breaking down what is regarded as ‘the old’ and replacing it with what is regarded as ‘the new’, even if parts, or all, of what is regarded as ‘the old’ are vital to their own survival, and parts, or all, of what is regarded as ‘the new’ has nothing ‘new’ about it at all.  Thus, the frivolity of the Uranian-type’s rebellion is easily led (or manipulated) by the latest trend or fashion.  Due to the Uranian-types’ willingness to destroy, this results in the Uranian form of change being quite effective, but most often, of no real value.  And in many cases, Uranian forms of change are quite costly to humanity, and can take decades, or even centuries, to recover from.

Most astrologers regard the planet Uranus as a malefic planet, id est: a planet with an evil influence.  This is because the effects that Uranus has, through its daily motions, on the Earth and the minds of men and women, is usually unexpected, mostly unpleasant, often deadly, occasionally cataclysmic, and frequently involving large masses of people.  In its effects upon society, Uranus is the key planet associated with socialism, and socialist movements.  (Actual communism is associated with both Uranus, and the fraud and deception of Neptune, the latter associated also with communal living.)  Uranus is also the planet associated with technology – the generation and harnessing of electricity, the telephone, powered-aviation, radio communications, nuclear fission, rocketry, the computer, the Internet, et al.  And while being a positive addition to the lives of men and women in so many ways, many of these radical Uranian technologies have been quite deadly.  I cite the electric chair, aerial bombardment, the atomic bomb, etc.  Perhaps the latest and best example of the potential deadly nature of Uranian technology is found in the phenomenon of what has been termed “flash mobs.”  Using the Internet’s (Uranian) social-networking (Uranian) resources, a group of people mass in one spot for the sole purpose of engaging in unprovoked acts of violence against victims chosen at random.  (For years, a constant source of aggravation for me has been the government and media’s  (as well as those who parrot such) frequently mistaking what actually constitutes guerilla action as “terrorism”.  The fact that these “flash mob” participants, no matter their ages, have not been classified as “domestic terrorists” – classified as domestic enemy combatants engaged in treasonous acts of war against the USA (and summarily executed) – leads me to believe that, either government and media do not understand how to define “terrorism”, or they are intentionally misusing the term.)  More widespread use of this Uranian social networking technology is found behind what has been termed “The Arab Spring” – named after the nineteenth century European uprising against monarchies and aristocracies (correlative to an earlier transit of Uranus through the sign of Aries!) and which, in the end, proved to be mostly ineffectual.  I believe the same will be found true of this Arab trend towards rebellion, too, as the region’s old oppressive and corrupt plutocracies and oligarchies will simply be replaced with new ones.

Most astrologers associate the planet Uranus with playing a large role in the experience of social change.  Here in America, we tend to look back upon our culture in terms of decades, but what I am seeing is that most of those things we might call trends or fads seem to run in 7-year cycles, which is correlative to the approximate transit of Uranus through one of the signs of the zodiac.  As history demonstrates, social change can be positive or negative.  The last time Uranus transited the sign of Aries was about 85 years ago.  Then the forms of social change brought to the unsuspecting world by emboldened Uranian-types was the rise of communism and nationalist socialism.  And while it is impossible to convince FDR-worshippers with any amount of facts on the matter, America’s socialist “New Deal” was certainly of a Uranian nature, and in the long-term, a highly destructive change for the USA.  The Uranian-types that rose to prominence during the previous transit of Uranus through the sign of Aries included Chang Kai-Shek, Benito Mussolini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Adolph Hitler.

Is it possible that, 85 years ago, if Earth’s mass of humanity had exercised restraint, separated themselves from ego and emotion, and thoroughly analyzed the long-term effects of communism, nationalist socialism, and America’s “New Deal”, there would have been a rejection of these destructive forms of social change?  In other words, had ‘cooler heads’ prevailed, and different directions been taken, could, in the years that followed, those events that led to World War II, have been avoided?  I believe the answer to the question is “yes,” but also recognize that, under the circumstances of that day, during that critical point when the incendiary effect of the Uranus transit of Aries was stoking the fires of rebellion in the hearts of all but the most Saturnal men and women, ‘cool heads’ – clear and rational thought, and the taking of time for careful analysis – was made nearly an impossibility.  In those days, from Europe to Asia, millions of men and women had already been subjected to centuries of brutality and oppression by monarchy (and its hereditary right) as well as the parasitism of institutionalized usury, and in many instances, hard lives consisting of little more than fruitless labor.

In that day, a significant portion of humanity fell under the influence of Uranus in Aries, and people were essentially saying, “anything other than the way it has been.”

And the moment men and women succumb to Uranian influences, the most radical Uranian-types [of personalities] descend to nurture any signs of rebellion, exploit any discontent, envy or resentment, and to lead the disgruntled to wreak havoc upon the social substratum about them, even if it brings them greater injury or loss.  To clarify, even non-Uranian-types can fall under the influence of Uranus and become, at least temporarily, a quasi-Uranian-type.  Those people who are highly subject to fads and fashion are most vulnerable.  And they are often the same people with the mindset in which, in the face of every tragedy, uncomfortable societal change or mass incident, demand for some radical measure to be taken by government, even if the measure is of no effect or consequence to the matter at hand, worthless, or even more destructive.

But what may be most critical of all is that, the most important thing the Uranian-type fails to take into consideration is, in the process of creating this Uranian pandemonium, those whose personality reflects the attributes of the planet Saturn, those who we call the Saturnal-types, stand by, observing, often hiding in the shadows, waiting to seize opportunity for the control over society that the Uranians inevitably hand over to them.  True Saturnal-types do in fact comprise a portion of the ‘cooler heads’ that stand by during an Uranian ‘episode.’  They are recognizable as the mature, stern, austere advocates of tradition (but tradition for the sake of tradition alone – whether the tradition is a good one or a bad one) they are often the very religious (as opposed to the spiritual).  But most of all they are the authorities – the authoritarian, force of stabilization that steps in and seizes control when the Uranians have either exhausted or destroyed themselves in the process of creating havoc.  And this is a perfect situation for them, because Saturnal-types are inherently power-mad – but not power-mad in the same way as a Plutonian-type, that is, one who wins the loyalties of his or her followers by commanding, or appealing to, the emotions of his or her followers.  Nor are they [Saturnal-types] like a Neptunian-type, that is, one who seizes power through fraud, deception and mesmerization (and which these types do much to their own joy and/or self-righteous self-delusion) – as a leader of a cult, or similar.  Nor does Saturnal authority have anything to do with what is referred to as being Jovial – that is, taking on the benevolent qualities of Jupiter.  Instead, Saturnal-types justify their power-madness through misuse and intentional misinterpretation of law and regulation.  They are an authoritarian aristocracy, and epitomize the maxim ‘any excuse will serve a tyrant’, because they are tyrants, or at the least, aspire to be tyrants.  They are ardent supporters of slavery – not chattel slavery, at least not in this present day – but advocates of wage, debt and tax slavery.  Saturnal-types are users, and through usury, and usury schemes, thrive on placing the yoke of debt-slavery upon all whom they can.  Saturnal-types are found as leaders of both the political Right, and the political Left. In this present day, on the Right, there is no more clearly defined example of the Saturnal archetype found than among the world’s corporatists, and on the Left, that same archetype is embodied by government’s tax-and-spend liberals/progressives, bent on engaging in various forms of social engineering.

Saturnal-types see Uranian-types as nothing more than mindless fools, or as children, perhaps, engaged in one petulant frenzy or another, and regard every Uranian episode as an opportunity to later swoop in and gain even greater power and control than they possessed over the masses beforehand.  “Buy when there is blood in the streets,” is the famous quote regarding the opportunistic attitude of quintessential Saturnal-type, and corporatist, 18th century English banker Anschel Mayer Rothschilde.  And in this contest of rebellion versus opportunism, while the Uranian-types will have spared no act of violence in an attempt to break down the old order, the Saturnal-types spare no act of cruelty or oppression to restore that old order.  A “peace protest” turned violent is a perfect example of an Uranian episode.  This is why hippies (Uranian-types) for instance, while festooned in ‘peace signs’ and ‘love beads,’ will engage in behavior so provocative that they frequently find themselves being clubbed over the head – and often justifiably so – by the authorities (Saturnal-types).  Ultimately, in the struggle for dominance, the Uranian-types exhaust their energies (at least temporarily) and the Saturnal-types gain ground, or prevail outright.

The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon is, and unquestionably so, an Uranian episode.

An obvious affront to conscious corporatists, as well as those whom erroneously believe themselves to be capitalists, but whom are, in fact, corporatists, I am regarding the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon as the West’s correlation to what has been regarded as the “Arab Spring”.  The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon is also correlative to the highly disruptive influence observed upon the USA when Uranus transits 0º – 3º Aries.

I define Occupy Wall Street as an Uranian episode, due, and firstly, to the participants’ lack of understanding of that which they are protesting.  Foremost in this regard, Occupy Wall Street expresses an overt, overall anti-capitalist, anti-free-enterprise position, hidden behind slogans that make reference to the evils of corporate greed.  Occupy Wall Street is, at least in some large part, comprised of individuals who do not know the difference between corporatism and capitalism, and in a typically Uranian manner, they have directed their rebellion at whatever target has become fashionable or trendy to attack.  And in this case, it has become both a trend and fashionable to target capitalism.

I attribute Occupy Wall Street as an Uranian episode, due secondly, to the fact that among their ranks is a powerful presence of ardent socialists, as well as an overt and overall sentiment in support of socialism.  This is a highly Uranian attribute.  The Occupy Wall Street participants’ growing reputation as an “unwashed mass” unwilling to clean up after itself at its points of gathering is very typical of the socialist mindset.  Also, the support of certain Hollywood and other liberal and (sic) progressive celebrities – those who love the idea of altruism but still retain their own massive fortunes – is another indicator of the presence of the socialist mindset.


Is the Occupy Wall Street crowd all wrong?  I do not believe so.  But they are certainly severely  misguided, and as a result, their activity serves only to cause additional damage to America. Though, I must confess that I am amused at the thought of scumbag anti-capitalist corporatists being harassed at their homes by angry mobs, and in this regard, I would say that the Occupy Wall Street crowd has certainly targeted at least some of the correct individuals responsible for America’s economic woes!  But to challenge these corporatists with public protest, while classifying them as capitalists – as the Occupy Wall Street crowd does – is akin to demanding a guilty murderer be brought to justice while incessantly referring to the murderer by his victim’s name.  I doubt that among the ranks of those participating in the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon there are many individuals who know the difference between corporatism and capitalism (actually, there may none at all!).  And this misguidedness is why the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon will absolutely fail in having any positive effect whatsoever upon America’s social conditions.  And that same collective lack of understanding which they suffer from will most assuredly be exploited by the very individuals whose abuse of authority and monetary policy has resulted in the conditions they protest.

Until the Occupy Wall Street crowd has developed a clear understanding of the differences between corporatism and capitalism, and the participants overtly disavow the inherently anti-American nature of socialism, they would do America a much greater service simply by staying home.



On occasion, I have been guilty of mistaking what is rightly regarded as ‘activity’, that is, a state wherein things are happening or being done, for ‘productivity’, the latter being the quality of actually producing something tangible, or actually accomplishing something of value.  Recognition of the difference between the two qualities has proven to be invaluable to me, and my own cognizance on this matter is owed to a friend who was renown for frequently, and not often gently, pointing out the difference of the two qualities whenever he saw them being confused.  In observation of the present conditions of America, it is clear to me that I am not the only person in the USA who has been subject to making this same mistake.  Thus, through the aforesaid, I have returned to my compatriots the favor that was once done for me.  Alas, my concern is that I may be doing this too late, as this mistaking of ‘activity’ for ‘productivity’ is now made so frequently by the USA’s elected officeholders, I am beginning to believe that the very concept of ‘productivity’ has evaporated from the minds of anyone who presently holds any office in the American government.  Moreover, the absence of any challenge by the electorate to the government’s failure to recognize the difference between ‘activity’ and ‘productivity’ – or the importance of the latter – serves as an indicator to the likelihood that the nation itself has largely lost an understanding of the quality of ‘productivity,’ as well.

Nonetheless, the matter of America’s mistaking ‘activity’ for productivity must be addressed, particularly in light of President Obama’s much resisted plans for “creating jobs.”  Firstly, it must be said that, while government is in fact capable of “creating jobs,” government is in incapable of creating jobs without creating an equal amount of debt – debt upon which there is usury, and which will ultimately be repaid in a sum much greater than the original debt.  Is there still anyone among us that does not see the damage done to the USA through the country’s current levels of debt?  (Let alone the addition of another half-trillion-dollars to the principal of what is already owed!)  In the absence of reasonable tariffs and duties on imported goods, as well as excise on certain exported goods (especially technology) no form of public works employment, or infrastructure rebuilding jobs, can be funded without acquiring new and credit-destroying, dollar-diluting levels of debt, or through counterproductive increased taxation on whatever domestic productivity is left in the nation at present.

Secondly, what Congress and President Obama seem to regard as “jobs” is that which is defined as ‘activity’ and which has nothing to do with productivity.  Because it furthers the socialist cause to have people only occupied with some worthless pursuit to justify their being handed a check, there is no challenge at all coming from the political Left on this matter.  Because it furthers the corporatist cause to strangle free enterprise, any challenge coming from the political Right has been superficial, and focused only on Obama’s plan for spending his way into job creation.

To summarize:  The solution to America’s unemployment problem is not found in the government “creating jobs,” but in government’s ceasing to destroy domestic productivity.

Yeah, you read correctly, my position is that government has destroyed America’s productivity, and subsequent to destroying American productivity, government destroyed America’s prosperity.  My position on the matter is upheld by the following chronology, in which there is found statistical evidence:

Towards the end of World War II, and shortly after its conclusion, America’s elected officials volunteered the American people to sacrifice a great deal of domestic productivity to aid in the rebuilding of Europe and Japan.  This was accomplished through membership in the General Agreement for Tariffs and Trade (GATT).  American productivity declined.  In the 1960s, American membership in the United Nations led to participation in the UNCTA trade agreement, which forced greater sacrifice upon the American people, for the ostensible purpose of elevating poor countries through their increased domestic productivity.  Again, American productivity declined.  Later, in the 1970s, and through the Council on Foreign Relations’ offshoot, the Trilateralist Commission, further attacks on American productivity were accomplished through memberships in the IMF and World Bank, while the Trilateralist Commission enlisted members in government, law, academia and business, to begin an attack on capitalism, American small business and entrepreneurs.  This began a massive conversion of the American economy from capitalism to corporatism.  And yet one more time, American productivity declined, this time, sharply.  Along the way in the process of conversion from capitalism to corporatism, there was one false ideology after another spoon fed to the American public, and here is where the Trilateralist Commission’s members in media came into play.  So powerful a hypnotic effect did the endless drumbeat of their rhetoric contain, that soon, anyone who questioned the so-called good intentions of the Trilateralist Commission, or who was too smart to buy into their lies, would be labeled something akin to a kook, or worse, a “conspiracy theorist.” And all the while, American productivity continued to decline, and now rapidly so.  Years later, America was further sabotaged through the General System of Preferences (GSP) a program which allows over 120 countries to import their goods into America while paying no duties.  Does it comes as a surprise that, once again, American productivity declined?  Following the GSP was NAFTA.  And though NAFTA was predicted by those with a properly functioning brain that many American jobs would be lost, key figures in government and media assured the American public that the end result would be beneficial to America.  In the end, the Mexican aristocracy, and the whole country of Canada benefitted greatly.  And, in what was now true to form, American productivity again sharply declined.  The USA’s membership in the World Trade Organization (a frightening corporatist global octopus which fundamentally supersedes GATT) essentially subverted American sovereignty, destroyed any last capitalist stronghold, and left the American people to face a life of wage, tax and debt slavery, while no longer serving to even ostensibly develop the economies of poor, emerging nations, while firmly establishing a world dominated by a corporatist economic system, and rule by plutocracy.  Need I mention that, once again, American productivity has again declined?

Now late in year 2011, when American household income has plummeted, the cost to survive (and never mind thrive) in America has skyrocketed, and even the creditworthiness of the nation is in question, the US is forming new self-injurious trade agreements with foreign nations, while renewing old self-injurious trade agreements with foreign nations.  Is there anyone at this point that does not yet see the connection between prosperity and productivity?  Is there anyone still, who does not understand that, a nation of service providers, id est: slaves, will reap only the bounty of a slave?  Is there anyone who does not understand that, a nation of paper-pushers will ultimately be left with only that – a mountain of worthless paper to push?

The matter is really quite elementary.  What created 18th century England’s fantastic wealth was domestic productivity.  What caused England’s fantastic wealth to diminish was a loss of domestic productivity.  What was responsible for post-World War II Germany and Japan’s rebounds from devastation to world economic powers was domestic productivity.  What had created America’s theretofore unimaginable wealth was domestic productivity.  What has caused America’s theretofore unimaginable wealth to diminish has been a lack of domestic productivity!

Resolving the confusion lies in several critical points, the first being the understanding of the difference between ‘activity’ and ‘productivity’, and the inextricable relationship between the latter and prosperity.


The tidal wave of irrational fears regarding the environment that has swamped America through the ensuing environmental activism, should be regarded as an ingenious component within the overall strategy of attack on America’s capitalist economy.  A persistent rumor has circulated that some of the most rabid environmental activists have had their activities financed through the family trusts of the very corporatists who have been the biggest environmental abusers, and who have had the most to gain by using environmentalism as a means to attack American domestic industry so as to nurture the growth of their foreign investments.  The dubious science behind the ‘green movement’, and the need to rely upon the use of fear and guilt to manipulate America, should serve as sufficient evidence that the voluntary part of America’s relinquishing its industrial might came due to a massive – but highly effective – con job.  Entire generations now fully believe the standard ‘climate change’ hoax to be reality.  So far, the loss of America’s industrial might has been of no measurable benefit to the environment that I am aware of, and benefitted only those embittered, envious, anti-American opportunists hiding in the shadows, along with the army of con artists whom they employ.

Lastly, consider that America has now been subjected to years of psychological warfare on yet another front.  And while so far quite effective in misleading the people of the USA, it is essential to remember that it is not the American peoples’ job to fix or coddle the world, no matter how much guilt and fear is hurled at America by the collectivist-globalists’ henchmen employed in media.  America is not the kindergarten cop to the world.  It is not the American peoples’ obligation to lose their own jobs and homes so that people in a foreign land can have jobs and homes.  But there are those among us – weak-willed idealists whom have obligated the rest of us without our permission to taking part in their madness – those bent on “saving the world” and whom have fallen into the corporatist trap of sacrificing America’s domestic productivity for building up the productivity of the outer world.  And they have done, and will continue to do, their damnedest to drag us all into their conscience-easing madness with them.  Ironically, while these idealistic boobs are feeling as though they have made some great gesture of self-sacrifice to the world, the corporatist plutocrats have been laughing at America’s apathy towards self-injury, and have found great opportunity in the idiocy of it all.


There is but one way, and one way only, to fix America’s economy, and that is through increased domestic productivity.  Increased domestic productivity can be achieved only through policies that encourage, reestablish, nurture and protect domestic productivity.  Pure capitalism, that is, free enterprise, is the most effective means to achieve and maintain thriving domestic productivity, and its subsequent prosperity.  American can only achieve a purely capitalistic economy, and a state of free enterprise, by returning to the economic structure that created these things in the first place.  Thus I reiterate from the previous issue of Judicium Astrologica, the Four Restorative Measures:

1. Tariffs on imported goods must be raised so as to compensate for foreign government subsidies to their own exports, to compete with foreign slave-labor and slave-labor wages, and to reestablish, nurture and protect American industry.

2. The Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of the US government must cease in their giving advantage and preference to multi-national corporations over individual American citizens.  This is effected through an immediate withdrawal of the USA from GSP, NAFTA and WTO, IMF, and World Bank (as well as any other self-injurious trade agreement).

3. Congress must cancel the un-Constitutional-in-nature (and thus, illegal) charter with the privately owned, self-serving Federal Reserve Bank, and reestablish a national bank as sole creator of currency, sole setter of interest rates, and commercial lender of last resort.

4. Government spending must be eliminated for anything not directly related to the nation’s defense, or to the investment in infrastructure and technology.





Yes, you read correctly, that beady-eyed sniveler, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has pulled a boner.  On September 7, 2011 the House of Representatives passed the extension of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, which grants government preference to foreign manufacturers in over 100 countries through reduced duties.  If passed by the Senate (and it is likely to be passed) the program will continue to injure American industry, as well as injure the American worker, through July 31, 2013.  Boehner pulled the boner when, in response to the vote, he stated, “By making American manufacturers more competitive with their overseas rivals, this bill removes another obstacle to private-sector job growth and can provide a much needed boost for our economy.  I hope the Senate will take it up and pass it promptly.”

That protective tariffs are the salvation of a failing economy, and the key to prosperity is a matter supported by history.  Inarguable proof is found in the overwhelmingly successful use of protective tariffs in the foundation of the early-American economy (thank Founder, Alexander Hamilton) as well as the protective tariffs established by President William McKinley (1897-1901).  Use of protective tariffs coincide with the USA’s greatest periods of economic growth.  Likewise, recent history demonstrates, and incontrovertibly so, that the absence of protective tariffs, while a boon to foreign financiers, foreign manufacturers, and those Americans invested in foreign manufacturing, is wholly destructive to domestic productivity, a genocide of the middle-class, and the utter enslavement of labor.

Funny, huh?  Funny, that is, for the Speaker of the House to make a statement regarding the effect of the GSP that is 100-percent the opposite of reality, right?  That the exact opposite of a protective tariff would somehow protect domestic productivity?  After all, that is the definition of a ‘boner’ – a humorous mistake.  And we are all laughing, correct?  Or perhaps this was no ‘boner’ at all.  But if Speaker Boehner was not pulling a boner when he said this, then what was he doing?  Was he simply repeating the wide-eyed-Utopian rhetoric of collectivist-globalist idiots?  Or has Boehner become the unwitting dupe of the world’s predatory financial elite, and inadvertently parroted their duplicitous, anti-American, deindustrialization pitch?  Obviously, Boehner must have simply pulled a boner, because, as Speaker of the House, if he does not truly understand the real effects of the GSP on the American people, then that makes him an idiot, and conversely, if he does truly understand the true effects of the GSP on the American people, then that makes him a bald-faced liar.  So a boner it is!

And is it not heartwarming to know that, as the USA is in a rapid state of economic and social decline, our elected officials are so sincerely concerned with raising the standards of living for foreigners, that they are extending self-injurious trade programs such as the GSP?  By the way, this is the cue for all the self-loathing, collectivist-globalist, wide-eyed-Utopian-dummies to smile and nod their heads “yes”.


History has demonstrated that, for over 100 years, the Republicans and Democrats have made nothing but the very worst decisions on economic matters and, that the American people, while suffering injury due to these bad governmental decisions, continue to support the government in making yet more (inevitably) bad decisions.

I cite the stock market crash of 1929, the following period that became known as The Great Depression, and the government’s response to these conditions as supportive of my position.  In the end, it was widely recognized that the crash, and economic depression, occurred due to the schemes of merchant and investment bankers (they stole nearly all the nation’s wealth) to which the US government took measures to regulate the financial markets, ostensibly to protect the public, which, ironically, actually worked to give even more power to merchant and investment bankers to steal from the public, and to do so with less fear of accountability.  (The institution of the FDIC, for example, gave banks the latitude to behave even more irresponsibly than previously, while ultimately passing on any losses to the US public purse.)  The point is this:  As the public suffered through those miserable economic conditions, they chose the fantasy of salvation through government as a means to ease their wounds, and government – which never fails to fail us – applied a bandage while actually deepening the wound beneath.

Now, in our present day, history has repeated, which is something that really smart people frequently tell us that history will do.

The present economic condition of America includes (but is not limited to) an abundance of debt, an absence of sufficient money in circulation, strangled productivity and high-unemployment, all of which are characteristics of a post-boom depression.  I have been referring to this condition as The Second Great American Depression, and firmly believe it, like the previous depression, to be the product of the schemes of merchant and investment bankers – schemes for which success would not have been possible without a functioning partnership with the present and past three presidential administrations, and their accompanying congresses.  But unlike the previous cycle, this time the US government has actually rushed to the aid of those responsible for the damage, and done so by opening the public purse (TARP 1 & 2) to the offending merchant and investment bankers, allowing them to balance their books (and avoid bankruptcies, as well as to evade what I’m sure would be appropriate in many instances – prosecution).  Worse still, and unlike action taken in the 1930s, the balance of regulatory power over the financial industry has now been handed over to a private banking institution, and not just any private banking institution, but the private banking institution, which, through its policies, is directly responsible for the previous speculative bubbles in both stocks and real estate, and which has sucked more of the life-blood from the USA than any other entity in history – the Federal Reserve!

Is there still not sufficient pain being experienced by enough of America so that the nation, en masse, might look past the fantasy of finding financial salvation through government?  And past the fantasy of finding economic security (and never mind prosperity) through and amidst collectivist-globalism?  Is the anesthesia of bread and circus still so effective that it can numb the throbbing of eternal debt-slavery, the aching of the shattering of the American Dream, and the searing pain of exponentially increasing household shortages?  Based upon the American people’s historical response to the nation’s previous economic depression, as well as the American people’s recent response to this early stage of the present economic depression, I am concerned that, in the end, the nation’s response to this growing disaster will be to look for direction, protection, sustenance and security in the arms of the very same monsters responsible for the injuries done to America.  And mark my words – at a terrible price, those very same monsters, once petitioned by the American public through our elected lawmakers, will in fact, ultimately, return some measure of the direction, protection, sustenance and security that the American public begs them for – after all, the debt-slaves must eat, too!

But this present economic crisis does not have to end with the greater enrichment of America’s enemies, nor with the American people being cast even farther into debt-slavery, nor with further loss of American sovereignty, nor with increased collateralizing of American lands and resources.  There is a remarkably simple – and absolutely foolproof – solution to America’s economic crisis, and it requires no greater government spending, and thus no incurring of additional debt.  However (and this is the hard part) the implementation of this simple solution requires three prerequisites: the first prerequisite is the American people’s willingness to finally reject a collection of lies regarding economics and monetary policy – lies that have become institutions in themselves – and which have been repeated over and over again, some for the last 100 years;  the second prerequisite is for the American people to remember that they are just that – American people – that the nation has property lines and that this is a good thing – and We the People are not some sort of weak-willed lackey, or nursemaid, for the rest of the world;  the third prerequisite is for the American people to rise above the limitations of ego and emotion, and abandon the polarization correlative to the one-party-fraud perpetrated by the confederacy of the Republican and Democrat parties.

In the words to follow, I will do my best to address this very complicated matter (a matter which is solved by the simplest solution) with an explanation containing as little complexity as is possible.  I believe readers will be pleasantly surprised by the end-product.  But first, and for the establishment of proper perspective, I believe it must be stated that, those historical figures who are referred to as America’s Founders (or Founding Fathers) to this very day stand intellectually unchallenged by any man or woman to come after them, or presently alive at this time.  I am quite sure that there is a bevy of popular present day figures, as well as famous figures from the past 100 years or so – a collection of media, academia, business and government figures, who hail from both the Left and the Right – who (and along with their sycophants) in their preposterous self-righteousness would certainly disagree with me on this matter!  But the proof of this statement lies in the fact that, since the Founders, none who have claimed to have an idea about how to make the USA stronger economically, and have put that idea into effect, have ever succeeded, and have, in fact, usually done some significant, long-term damage to the country instead.  Thus I ask the reader to keep this in mind as I strive to reveal the simple solution to America’s economic crisis.


Not that long ago, America enjoyed the most powerful economy on planet Earth, and did so for reasons remarkably simple:  1.) The government of the United States of America had not yet become an adversary to We the People of the United States of America.  2.) The creation of the nation’s currency was entirely a governmental function.  3.) Tariffs were structured to support, and encourage, domestic productivity.  4.) Producers were uninhibited by government in their production.  5.) Producers were not subject to the theft of the greater share of the profit of their productivity.  6.) There were no schemes or stratagems withholding America’s public lands and resources for use by only a multi-national corporate elite.  7.) Investment capital was not monopolized by a privately owned, self-serving, anti-capitalist central bank.  8.) Labor reaped the benefit of the aforementioned and recycled money back into the economy;  9.) Due to  abundance (id est: savings) labor often participated in the financing of new business ventures.

Indefatigable in its capacity for expansion, resilient and undaunted within the natural business cycle, America’s formerly successful capitalist economic system was due in its greatest part to the practical genius of Founder, Alexander Hamilton, with his plan based somewhat in mercantilism, and partially on the English system of the day.  It is not my intention to insult Alexander Hamilton’s capitalist genius with an over-simplified definition of his plan, but for brevity I will reiterate the three foundations of his formula for early-America’s economic success:

1. Tariffs appropriate for the nurturing and protection of American industry.

2. A national bank, to create currency, set interest rates, and serve as a commercial lender of last resort.  (Hamilton’s national Bank of the United  States was ultimately subverted and replaced by the privately owned, and utterly self-serving Federal Reserve Bank.  A true national bank adjusts interest rates to support commerce, whereas a self-serving entity such as the Federal Reserve manipulates interests rates to create boom and bust cycles to its own profit.)

3. Government investment in infrastructure and technology.

Early-America’s economic system, which nearly 100 years later became known as the American School of Economics (or sometimes referred to as the National System) is the model for a successful capitalistic economy, capable of providing a nation with all that it needs, and these three foundations stood as linchpin to America’s economic prosperity.  And in the consideration of the efficacy of any economic plan to come after it, remember that history has now clearly demonstrated that any deviation from the early American system of economics is rooted in either the wide-eyed Utopian fantasies of the idiot, or in the lies of the collectivist-globalist agents of the world’s predatory financial elite.  Doubt this?  Then look at the nation’s indebtedness since the establishment of the 1913 charter with the Federal Reserve, and FDR’s New Deal.  Review the quashed productivity and declining household income since U.S. membership in GATT, NAFTA and the WTO.  Observe the increased economic depression, and greater damage done to America’s credit, correlative to TARP 1 & 2 (courtesy of consecutive executive boobs, Bush and Obama).

In light of the incontrovertible failure of all economic plans since Hamilton’s, it is obvious that the solution to America’s current economic crisis is solvable only through a return to the very Hamiltonian foundations that built the American economy in the first place!  Thus, the American economy is saved, and rebuilt, through four restorative measures:

1. Tariffs on imported goods must be raised so as to compensate for foreign government subsidies to their own exports, to compete with foreign slave-labor and slave-labor wages, and to reestablish, and nurture, American industry.

2. The Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of the US government must cease in their giving advantage and preference to multi-national corporations over individual American citizens.  This is effected through an immediate withdrawal of the USA from GATT, NAFTA and WTO (and any other self-injurious trade agreement).

3. Congress must cancel the un-Constitutional-in-nature (and thus, illegal) charter with the privately owned, self-serving Federal Reserve Bank, and reestablish a national bank as sole creator of currency, sole setter of interest rates, and commercial lender of last resort.

4. Government spending must be eliminated for anything not directly related to the nation’s defense, or to the investment in infrastructure and technology.

Four steps.  Pretty simple, huh?  America has been blessed with the most amazing instruction manual for running a free and prosperous nation, and it is commonly referred to as The Constitution of the United States of America, and supplemental to it, The Federalist Papers.  All that We the People must do to restore America is reread these documents, and then demand that our elected government officeholders follow the instructions (i.e.: the law) to the letter.


It is inevitable that both the idiot and the liar will deny the failure of their beloved post-American School economics.  The most vehement opposition is likely to come from New Deal social-Democrats (socialists) and the anti-capitalist Keynesians.  In their employing the all-too-familiar deceptive speech of the enemy, they are likely to call to memory the historical accord of peaks and valleys in the early American economy.  And this is true – there were ups and downs in the early-American economy – and I will remind the reader that it has been said that even the Devil can quote the Bible’s scripture!

Periods of economic expansion and contraction are as natural in the business cycle as are the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter in the agricultural cycle!  In agriculture, the seeds are sown, the crops grow, the crops are harvested, and the bounty is enjoyed – and depleted – and the process begins again.  It is the position of idiots and liars that the very same is not part of the natural business cycle.  It has been the position of idiots and liars that the natural business cycle can be “assisted” through central banking schemes, and governmental intervention, so as to ease, or eliminate, the contraction portion of the natural cycle of expansion and contraction in business.  The end result of this meddling has in fact both prolonged the periods of contraction, and inhibited what would have been the point of natural expansion, and done so to the immense financial profit of those behind the meddling!  And to that last statement, I will add that, in my opinion, without exception, behind every seemingly magnanimous plan involving governmental intervention in the economy for the purpose of easing one or another economic adversity has been a hidden corporatist stratagem than has not only done greater damage, but used the so-called cure as a means to steal from America’s public purse, and/or to give greater business advantage to corporate entities over private entities, and/or to deprive the working class the full benefits of their labor.


Should the Four Restorative Measures ever be employed, remember that the American people will incur the wrath of the enemy!  And this is no ordinary enemy that the USA has been facing, but the most dangerous, murderous, diabolical and manipulative force the world has ever known.  America’s is an enemy that has successfully hidden itself in the shadows for generations, while employing an army of well-dressed henchman strategically placed in top positions in law, government, media, business and academia.  And these henchman of the enemy have the power to summon America’s unwashed mass of bottom-feeding parasites to terrorize We the People, as well as the power to summon America’s well-dressed top-feeding parasites to confuse and constrict the nation.  When threatened with the loss of their cash cow, America’s enemies will gather their armies – a mass of handout recipients – merchant and investment bankers, corporatists – the ultra-rich parasites, and the very-poor parasites – to attack those who fight for freedom and prosperity, and they will use guilt, fear, and even violence to wage their war.  And likely to become one of the greatest adversaries to the implementation of the Four Restorative Measures is the newest class of the enemy’s henchmen – those Americans presently invested in foreign industry.  Yes, the greatest opposition to the only measures which can save the American economy is likely to come from those Americans who have invested in the deindustrialization of America, that is, invested in foreign corporations which are successful due only to their receiving preferment by the US government over US citizens.  And should the Four Restorative Measures be employed, there will be a noise unlike the world has every heard before – a great protest by all the world’s major financial institutions – because it is they that, due to America’s present self-injurious economic and monetary policies, make a fabulous fortune annually on the backs of the American people.

As it would result in cutting off the life blood to the world’s most powerful parasitic element, the implementation of the Four Restorative Measures will not occur without a battle of epic proportions – a battle that in comparison could make the American Revolution look like a minor skirmish.

But a return to a true capitalist economy – as designed in large part by Founder, Alexander Hamilton – will restore the American economy, rebuild America’s middle class, and, should history be repeated, leave the American people with such great abundance that once again, America may earn the envy, respect and gratitude of the whole world, and do so without a budget crisis, without injury to the American people, and without incurring debt.




For all the anti-capitalists on the Left, it should come as heartwarming news to them to know that, America has now near-fully abandoned capitalism – an abandonment which began about 30 years ago, and which has slowly but surely delivered the USA to its present economic state.  For all those on the Right whom have not noticed this abandonment – those whom claim to be capitalists, but whom do not behave like capitalists in deed, but only in word, may I be the first to scream in your ear:  “Look! The emperor has no clothes!”  (These faux capitalists are a mix of those whom intentionally deceive, and those whom, in their ignorance, merely parrot the words of those whom they have been deceived by.)

For those of us who truly understand what capitalism is, it has become a point of extreme frustration to know that, with great and ever-increasing frequency, an economic system that is actually defined as corporatism, is being erroneously referred to as capitalism, and vice versa.  This frequent confusion between the meanings (and implications ) of the two terms, ‘capitalism’ and ‘corporatism’, is the by-product of the past 30 years corporatizing of American academia, and in that same time frame, the corporatizing of American print and broadcast news, the corporatizing of American labor, the corporatizing of American financial institutions (example: The Federal Reserve – which was incorporated nearly 100 years ago, but which laid the foundation for the USA’s present ‘corporatist’ predicament) the corporatizing of medicine, as well as – and I do not believe that this is at all a stretch – the corporatizing of American government.


A 1968 edition of Funk & Wagnall’s Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary, defines ‘capitalism’ first as, “An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are mostly privately owned and operated for private profit,” and second, as, “The possession of private capital and its resulting power.”  To put the American economic mindset of this era into proper perspective, this same pre-1980s dictionary does not even contain the word ‘corporatism’!  To demonstrate how times have radically changed (and clearly not for the better) my Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary (copyright 1989 and published 1992 by Barnes & Noble Books) defines ‘capitalism’ as, “an economic system in which investments in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations.”  At least one of the points to be recognized in this change in – or addition to – the definition of ‘capitalism’ (which is both understated and landmark) is that, in the pre-1980 era, it was not yet part of the mainstream American mindset that corporate entities were in fact controlling the American economy (and thus the nation itself) nor that anyone in their right mind would hand over to them the means to do so – means which required corporate entities being granted rights greater than that of private entities.  Laying bare America’s present-day, de facto economic system, the same Webster’s dictionary defines ‘corporatism’ as, “the principals, doctrine, or system of corporative organization of a political unit, as a city or state,” and the word ‘corporative’ as, “of or pertaining to a political system under which the principal economic functions, as banking, industry, labor, etc., are organized as corporate entities.”

Post-1980 definitions aside, there should be no confusing capitalism with corporatism, as pure capitalism has absolutely nothing to do with corporatism, and corporatism has absolutely nothing to do with capitalism.  Stated in more simplistic terms, a capitalist economy is run by everyone whom engages in free enterprise – with no government granted advantage or preference granted to any entity.  A corporatist economy is entirely dependent upon governmental granting of advantage and preference to corporate entities over private entities, and is eventually run by something akin to the dictates, designs and self-interests of a handful of aristocratic feudalistic lords.  (Which of the two scenarios matches more closely the current state of American affairs?)  In reality, I believe it can be safely stated that corporatism is the archenemy of capitalism (and vice versa) as well as safely stated that corporatism is directly responsible for nearly every economic problem suffered by America at this present time.


A tacit extension of the Council on Foreign Relations, and founded in July, 1973, David Rockefellar’s Trilateralist Commission served as spearhead for the corporatist attack on American capitalism.  Thus far a highly effective globalist-collectivist stratagem, the trilateralist mechanism operates by subverting individual national sovereignties through agreements, pacts and treaties that subject parties to commercial law (id est: the jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code) as an authority over their own courts and constitutions.

By 1980, the Trilateralist Commission’s power and influence over America had become monstrous and was infecting nearly every area of American life.  Perhaps the Trilateralists’ greatest advantage in this attack on America was their patience and discipline, as both were required in order to exercise their plans through such careful gradualism.  It’s been said that one never cooks a frog by dropping it into boiling water, as it will naturally jump from the pot.  Instead, one places the frog in cool water and turns the heat up slowly, and before the frog knows it, it is cooked.  And that is exactly how the corporatists approached their war on America and the successful robbing the country of its capitalist economic system – by effecting change so gradually and so insidiously (like turning the heat under the frog up slowly) that one day America simply awakened to find itself having become a society existing under corporatism, and yet, ironically, still believing itself to be a nation of capitalists.

Strangely enough, this critical turning point in America’s destiny occurred during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, one of America’s great capitalist icons.  It would seem impossible that such a transition in economic systems could take place right under the nose of such a noted guardian of capitalism, but history demonstrates that this is exactly what happened.  It is my personal opinion that, there is no mystery in this, but that the unfortunate transition was due to Ronald Reagan’s eight-year presidency being saddled with the eight-year vice-presidency of pseudo-conservative George Herbert Walker Bush.  Particularly in the area of economic policy, former Vice-President Bush worked continuously, and effectively, to undermine Reagan’s administration.  Bush’s hatred for Reagan and his economic policy was no secret, and he frequently referred to Reagan’s pure capitalist plan as, “voodoo economics.”  The glaring contrast between the political and economic philosophies of Ronald Reagan and G.H.W. Bush is found within their dramatically differing public statements, as well as the bills and policies they supported, introduced, signed into law, and vetoed.  Through word and deed, Ronald Reagan defined himself as a true capitalist, while George Herbert Walker Bush defined himself as the epitome of a corporatist. In my review of G.H.W. Bush’s extraordinary influence on American economic policy, I believe that, since Woodrow Wilson, no other individual who has served in American public office has done as much damage to capitalism as did George Herbert Walker Bush, or done as much to benefit corporatism.  America’s experiences with G.H.W. Bush should serve as a warning that, because it is natural to trust them, it is those who purport to be capitalists – but who are in fact agents of corporatism operating while under cover – who are capable of doing the greatest damage to capitalism.

Though the war against American capitalism began many years prior, I believe it was in the vicinity of 1980 that the turning point in America’s collective erroneous perception of capitalism occurred.  This was the point in time in which the Left (media and academia, et al) was emboldened to make public statements and criticisms that up to that time would have been considered far too dangerously un-American for print or broadcast, while the fiscal gluttony and sanctimoniousness of a big bunch of bad apples and posers within the collective Right, supplied the Left with a virtual bottomless well of charges against their character, the ancillary effects serving to defame and vilify capitalism in the minds of uninformed through guilt by association alone.  Thus, those responsible for damaging the reputation of capitalism are primarily the narrow-minded Democrat mimics (those types to whom Russia’s Vladimir Lenin referred to as, “useful idiots”) who marched lockstep with the party-line Marxist rhetoric, as well as those individuals whom, without a clear understanding or command of the English language, unintentionally bashed capitalism, when it was the evils of corporatism that they were intending to decry.  But it was pseudo-conservative Republicans – those who purported to be capitalists while they instead conducted themselves as corporatists (the aforementioned sanctimonious fiscal gluttons) who are primarily responsible for the physical damage done to capitalism.



While this particular work is not intended to serve as any sort of an apologetic for capitalism, it is appropriate to state that, as any non-parasitic human being with a properly functioning brain knows, capitalism’s bad-rap is wholly unjustified.  History and facts – not hopes, opinions, classroom models or theories – but facts that demonstrate the eventual failure of non-capitalist economies – have brought the relevance of debating the matter to a conclusion.  Ergo, those who persist in deriding capitalism can be confidently separated into one of two categories, one being that of the liars, and the other being that of the idiots.  And while the workings of the mind of an idiot are generally irrelevant and of no value, it is very important to understand the true motivations behind the liar.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) one must not scratch too deep the surface of the liars’ facade to derive their inducement for sabotaging America’s once sound economic system for the perversity of corporatism:  It is about unlimited power, and thus the unlimited control of wealth – levels of power and control which cannot ever be achieved by any one person – or even any small group of people – under a pure capitalist system.

As I stated earlier in this piece, far too often, when I hear someone from the Right defending capitalism, what they are most often defending is not capitalism at all, but is in fact corporatism (and in this regard, a certain bloated and bombastic radio host frequently comes to mind).  Likewise, far too often, when I hear someone from the Left attacking capitalism, what they are most often decrying the evils of is corporatism, but for which they unjustly lay the blame upon capitalism (a certain smug and whiny hack-comedian-turned-politico comes to mind).  In response to this misunderstanding I say to the Right, “Find some self-respect.”  To the left I say, and specifically to the anti-capitalists, the communists and the socialists among us, “You should know that your collectivist dreams and utopian phantasmagorias will never be actualized because, either knowingly or not, in your working to destroy capitalism, you first supported and empowered corporatism, and corporatism will never yield to communism or socialism, but only to totalitarianism.  And by the way, thanks for ruining the world.”


Is there an astrological connection to this horrific debasement of American sovereignty and economic security? Damned right there is.  The stellar conditions under which the USA abandoned capitalism for corporatism coincide with the USA’s previous and present, Saturn returns.  Now the value in that decision is being put to the test.  But will anyone recognize this?

Since November, 2010 I have written a lot about Saturn and this is because this particular transit of Saturn is so very important.  Saturn represents lessons – not only the hardest lessons, but the most valuable lessons, we learn in life!  Saturn also represents debt, as well as the kneecap-busting debt-collector.  And America is in the process of being taught lessons by Saturn, particularly in regards to matters of debt.  The question is whether or not we are learning what Saturn is trying to teach us.  I think not.

At approximately 7pm, EST on October 21, 1981 transiting Saturn made a return to its natal position in the horoscope of the USA.  This ‘return’ is correlative to many issues of that day that could be regarded as rewards for good work done (NASA’s space shuttle program, as an example) as well as comeuppance for misdeeds (the OPEC oil crisis, as an example).  But relative to this work, I find that this 1981 Saturn return was correlative to America’s sudden shift in economic systems, that is the abandonment of capitalism, and the embracing of corporatism.

After all, transiting Jupiter’s applying sextile to transiting Neptune, and applying conjunction to transiting Pluto, certainly were supportive of the balance of the world’s power shifting towards plutocracy, that is, provided that the world’s most economically influential nation could be convinced to play a role in the shift, if only even unwittingly.  The stellar influences of that day clearly indicate that the USA was ripe for exploitation.  With transiting Neptune (in Sagittarius) in the USA’s First house, there was clearly an issue with unrealistic ideals and a faltering sense of national identity – confusion, in the most part – and Pluto’s long-occupation of the nation’s Tenth house (in Libra) indicates that the nation was dealing with an enormous shift of power.  Lastly, transiting Uranus (in Scorpio) passing through America’s Twelfth house (the house of secret enemies) suggests that radical, collectivist-globalist-types were bent on destroying the USA as it had been, and reshaping it according to their own designs, and to an end of serving their own self-interests and desire for power.

Modernly, Neptune is an excellent mundane representation for large, multi-national corporations, as they tend to be faceless entities, with increasingly difficult to find primary centers of operation, and so often guilty of acts of fraud and deception.  The legal definition of a corporation being ‘an entity that is separate from its owners’ is akin to that of a pseudonym – which is very much Neptunian. And there is Neptune, in the USA’s First house of national identity – defrauding, deceiving, and effectively mesmerizing the public into accepting the self-injurious corporatism over the self-empowering capitalism.  (The long-term, generational influences of Neptune cannot be underestimated, as at the time of the Trilateralist Commission’s first plenary meeting during May, 1976 in Kyoto, Japan (which was attended by former president Jimmy Carter) transiting Neptune was retrograde and, in near-exact conjunction to the USA’s Ascendant (that’s huge in astrological lingo).  In a person’s horoscope, if supported by other aspects, that conjunction could suggest the physical well-being of the person as being in jeopardy.

The USA’s radix Mercury received three close, and highly toxic aspects at the time of the Saturn return, those being a square from Jupiter, a quindecile from Neptune, and a square from Pluto, interpreted as, private business (corporate) interests being placed ahead of national interests, outright fraud and deception (by financiers), and the misrepresentations in speech and writing of highly polished orators (political figures), respectively.  Additionally, and representing the Fate of the American collective, as well as the ever-present forces of destruction working against America’s monetary policy, radix Pluto receives a close (albeit separating) square from Sun, and an applying square from Jupiter, the former revealing Congressional power-plays, and the latter signaling the reinforcement of the momentum behind both corporatism, and the coming plutocracy.

The summary of these astrological influences upon the USA is that, beginning at about 1976, the American collective mindset was slowly falling under a very confusing influence (Neptune) and when transiting Saturn returned to its radix position and, subsequent to that, the nation was under extreme pressure, the evil influence of Neptune, the evil influence of Uranus and the evil influence of Pluto, all made possible a dramatic shift in power towards plutocracy.

Thus, through this stellar interpretation, astrology teaches us that, at least in part, the means by which the nation can return to the universal benefits of capitalism (universal that is, for all but the parasite) is through the reclaiming of the pre-1980 American sense of identity.

This reclaiming of national identity must begin at a grass-roots level – that means you and me – and by first effectively assisting our neighbors in understanding the differences between capitalism and corporatism.




You have been betrayed.  If you are among the majority of Americans – among neither the very wealthy, nor the very poor – you have been betrayed by your elected government officeholders – those whom have been trusted with stewardship over the USA’s assets and resources, as well as by those whom have been trusted to regulate America’s monetary policy.  And unless you have been very fortunate, then under the current economic conditions within the USA, to one degree or another, you have been damaged by this betrayal.  Inflation – the product of unsound money creation,  and realized through the loss of the purchasing power of one’s income or savings, is among the damages to which I refer.

Conversely, if you are among either the very rich, or among the very poor, then it is likely that, at the expense of the nation’s producers, you have most likely benefitted greatly by this betrayal, and matters such as inflation are probably of small concern.

As was the case during the (First) Great American Depression, during this present time – a time to which I refer to as the Second Great American Depression – not everyone has had the misfortune to be injured to a life-changing degree.  Indeed, during the (First) Great American Depression, many fortunes were made, and many other people were able to maintain their lifestyles, and it is likely that some will make their fortunes during these otherwise difficult times.  However, if you are a producer – a man or woman within the range of lower, middle or upper-middle-class America – and quite likely even the lower end of upper-class – then you most likely have not been celebrating your good fortune as of late.

As in the (First) Great American Depression, this current Second Great American Depression is characterized by a shortage of cash in circulation within the general economy.

Where has all the money gone?  After all, money doesn’t evaporate!  Every dollar that is currently missing from the USA’s economy is somewhere – and in someone’s coffers.  I am not alone in the opinion that the money that would normally be recycling through the American economy now has been removed through an ingenious and diabolical stratagem that, were it not sanctioned by Congress, would otherwise be classified as racketeering and money laundering.  (Remember that those whom sit at the top of the world’s financial food-chain have thus far proven themselves fundamentally above the law – Dominique Strauss-Kahn not withstanding!)

Yes, you have been betrayed.  Through their conspiracy with Congress, the world’s fat-cat financiers played a brutal, deadly game that the American public was unaware that they were involved in, and then as they have done in times past, suddenly cashed out, taking nearly all the money off the table, and leaving just a small pool of dollars circulating in the economy for the rest of the country to function on.  This is a repeat of exactly what “insiders” did prior to the (First) Great American Depression.  Why?  Because in the early 1930s, after the cabal of Wall Street insiders created a shortage of cash in circulation in the economy, the value of ‘things’ – national resources and objects of tangible wealth – plummeted in value.  Then, while the majority of the American public held stocks that had either dropped greatly in value (or had become completely worthless) or were now broke from selling shares for pennies on the dollar paid,  those fat-cat financiers were now holding nearly all the cash.  (This was the sort of time when the phrase “cash is king” became relevant.)  The next step was to buy up the resources, the objects of tangible wealth, and the equities that had plummeted to so greatly in value – and buy these things for pennies – or for fractions of a penny – on the dollar.  This is an old trick – nothing new – and is periodically used by one generation after another to fleece the Western world, and in particular, America.  If history is to repeat itself, and I do believe it is already in the process of repetition, then the same thing is beginning to happen now, or will happen very soon.  Due to the ingenuity of this parasitic criminal cabal, their actions are generally not apparent until well after their damage has been done (and then the enormity and convoluted nature of their fraud and monopolizing makes legal action against them an impossibility).  And in the end, it is America’s producers who suffer injury and loss.  Worse still, through this betrayal, the people in the world who hate the USA – such as a certain nexus of radical Islam and, a certain Asiatic militaristic nexus of communist ideology – have been economically and technologically enriched – and therefore militarily empowered – all at the expense of the American people.

Once entirely effective, America’s Constitutional system of checks and balances regarding monetary policy became irrelevant when Congress broke the rule of law and the American public sanctioned Congress’s lawlessness through reelecting the law-breakers back to their public offices.  Ostensibly, this sort of self-injury would make America appear to be a nation of idiots, but that is certainly not the case.  (Though in America we do seem to have at least our share of the world’s idiots living among us.)   Through a study of the stars, it is revealed as to exactly why these confusing, and sometimes contradictory, conditions regarding the stewardship of our nation’s resources and monetary policy prevail, and why the American public, en masse, reacts as it does to these challenging conditions.


In the nativity of an individual, it is primarily the planet Mercury – the house and sign in which Mercury is posited – as well as the Third house, it’s ruling planet, any planets posited within the Third, and any angular relationships made by them to other planets or chart points, that reveal the nature of the individual’s intellect, intelligence and communication skills and style.  In this study, the stars reveal each of our unique capabilities, and limitations.  In mundane astrology, and in this case, the study of the chart of a nation, it is also the planet Mercury and the Third house (and related planets, angles and points) that reveal the collective mindset and intellectual capabilities of the nation as a whole.  While this mundane influence in no way negates the uniqueness of each individual living within the nation, this area of an interpretation is the starting point for understanding such things as movements or trends in the mass-psychology of the nation.

In the chart of the USA, the planet Mercury is greatly weakened in the highly emotional sign of Cancer, posited in the evil Eighth house, and further debilitated by being retrograde.  Mercury applies to a very close semi-square to Uranus and a close sextile to Neptune, and separates from an opposition to Pluto.  Were this the condition of Mercury in the nativity of an individual, I would say then that this was an individual with a lot of problems.

But there is more to the story, some of it actually being good news.

The sign on the cusp of the USA’s Third house is the inventive and technologically-adept Aquarius, which is ruled by a very well dignified Saturn (and thus very powerful) and well-placed in the Midheaven (though an unfortunate square is cast to it by the Sun).  Associated with the sign of Aquarius is Uranus, which is the planet connected to developments in modern technology, and which is in the intellectual, and communicative sign of Gemini.  (It’s no accident that the computer-age began in America!)  USA’s Moon is in Aquarius, and posited in the Third, casting a sesqui-quadrate to the Sun, trines to both Venus and Mars (as well as a trine of very wide arc to Jupiter) and a semi-sextile to Pluto.  Lastly, the sign of Pisces is intercepted within the Third house (the ruling planet of that sign being Jupiter, and posited in the sign of Cancer).

In brief, what this all means is that, America is in no way a nation of idiots.  In fact, America is filled with ingenuity and brilliant people with inherent understanding of modern technologies.  But what America is also, is a nation that has great difficulty separating intellectual matters from emotion, and is absolutely, positively, and unquestionably thoroughly confused on matters pertaining to money, money creation, taxation, usury and debt – and in this confusion, easily deceived and particularly so by any invoking of the emotion of guilt, irrational or otherwise.  And with equal positivity of this perpetual confusion, is the presence of a persistent, ruthless, envious and embittered conspiracy working against America in all matters pertaining to income, assets, resources and monetary policy, as revealed by the highly toxic influence within the USA’s Second House.


With Capricorn on the cusp of the Second house, and Saturn, the ruling planet, in the Midheaven, the USA became known for possessing great wealth based upon massive natural resources.  These resources stood behind the value of the US Dollar, and America’s formidable military might stood ready to defend those resources.  The USA’s reputation as a responsible neighbor in the world community is found through naturally-diplomatic sign of Libra on the Midheaven.  America’s being seen at one time as a fair, even-handed and just entity, made the USA one of the preferred depositories for even the wealth of other countries, not to mention private citizens from around the world.  These factors contributed to the USA quickly becoming one of the world’s preeminent financial centers (rivaled, if at all, only by England).  But with this, America also became the world’s preeminent haven for financial tricksters, and all too often, a tool of international financial tricksters’ schemes.  Worse still, American itself has become the world’s preeminent victim of financial trickery, too.  What this amounts to is abuse of power, and there we find posited in the USA’s Second house (income, assets, monetary policy) the planet of abuse of power itself – Pluto.  Retrograde and situated at 27º 33’ Capricorn, Pluto is semi-square to the USA’s Ascendant (00º Applying, 12’) and is in opposition to the USA’s Mercury (03º Separating, 21’) creating a highly toxic Second-to-Eighth-house axis, with a focus on money, monetary policy (id est: the creation of money, et al) the money of other people, public money, usury, taxes, the assets of the deceased, and the aforementioned abuse of power and especially as it relates to all the aforementioned correspondents.  The Mercury-Pluto opposition assures America’s being subjected to continued fraud, deception and abuses by policy makers – and especially so by polished orators with a powerful public image.  On its own, Mercury’s presence in the Eighth house assures continuous swings from one extreme to another in economic conditions, while Pluto on its own guarantees such currency-destroying practices as the institution of a privately owned central bank and fractional reserve banking, as well as conspiracies involving trade regulations, trade agreements and tariffs (with the latter three correspondents also under some influences from the Seventh and Ninth houses).  Pluto is also directly associated with acts of betrayal, and the opposition to Mercury identifies these acts of betrayal as often originating in, or being in association with, the persuasive speech of highly polished orators (apparently, America has a love for the silver-tongued devils).



Pluto (use/abuse of power, avarice, secrets, betrayal and conspiracy)  +  Capricorn (use/misuse of authority and the law)  + 2nd House (money, assets, resources, treasuries, banks)  = Abuse of power, authority and the law in regards to issues of money and resources, and betrayal in regards to those same matters.




I believe that it was no accident that around the time of the 2008 elections, Pluto (again, representing collective fate) was dancing all around 00º Capricorn – the fated degree of the zodiac named the Galactic Center, and a point frequently connected to significant events taking place in the Western world.  Neither the “Tea Party’s” less-government movement taking hold on the right, nor Obama’s promise of socialist “Change” taking hold on the left, were merely coincidental.  But more importantly, and no coincidence either, was Congressman Ron Paul’s message about the nefarious presence of the Federal Reserve (the need to at least audit it, and the hope of doing away with it) becoming more mainstream under this same stellar influence.  I have interpreted these influences as establishing a fated time in the Western world, a time during which humanity is trying to decide the direction (and under what circumstances) it will travel for a considerably long time (a period of at least 200 years).

As I have written about previously, the stellar influences in the USA’s chart under which the Federal Reserve Act was passed are akin to those that signify that a nation is under attack in an open act of war.  I believe that, in the day, there were many good people in Congress who knew that the Federal Reserve Act was indeed an attack, and that is why Woodrow Wilson’s cabal pushed through the act during the start of the Christmas holiday.  The astrological significance is heady.  Four malefics (planets of evil influence) were retrograde (Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) and dispersed in America’s Seventh and Eighth houses (open enemies, acts of war, and usury, debt, taxes, respectively).  A fifth malefic influence, Uranus, was up to no good within the USA’s Second house at this same time, and certainly opened the door for a radical change in the USA’s monetary policies.  But of greatest significance, are the angles cast by those transiting planets on that day.  As I have covered this previously, I am only going to focus on Pluto, because its position at the time of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act was in square to the USA’s Midheaven (00ºS58’) indicating a direct challenge to US authority (and I would say sovereignty, also).  Meanwhile, radix Pluto, representing those malefic forces which continually work against America through monetary policy, received a semi-square from Mercury (persuasive oratory) a conjunction from Jupiter (plutocracy) a sesqui-quadrate from Saturn (cruelty and subjugation to hard labor) and an opposition from Neptune (chimeras, fraud and delusive tricks).  With these influences in mind, I find the evil influence of Pluto in the USA’s nativity and the presence of the Federal Reserve inextricably intertwined.


Sadly, these astrological conditions which I have just detailed are what the USA is stuck with forever.  Due to transits, progressions and directions (these are means of interpreting past, present and forthcoming influences) there will be times when these influences are softened or aggravated.  But this “Abuse of power, authority and the law in regards to issues of money and resources” will always be part of America.  However, if there was not a way to ameliorate this evil influence, then astrological understanding of the matter would be of no value, and fortunately, astrology does certainly provide us with the knowledge of how to not only identify the problem, but manage the affliction as well.  (Unfortunately the will to effect change is not interwoven with the knowledge of the problem.)

Within the astrological community, Pluto is largely regarded as relating to the Fate of the collective.  The great cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin also connected Pluto to familial illnesses, hereditary traits and conditions, as well as common experiences within groups, or common experiences among a large mass of population (within a country, for instance).  My own work is supportive of this, and I do not believe that it is a stretch to associate Pluto’s presence in the USA’s Second house with the hereditary nature of the cabals and financial oligarchies that continue to wage economic warfare against America.  Certainly, the undue influence of England’s [sic] “royal” family over US monetary matters, banking and industry, could be regarded as the presence of a hereditary oligarchy, just as the Rothschild family’s shadowy banking empire could be regarded as a hereditary cabal for the very same reasons.  All exercising a persistent and far-reaching, multi-generational influence, citing America’s own Rockefellar, Harriman and Bush families certainly provides additional support towards the notion that Pluto’s presence in the Second house indicates the presence of familial, hereditary, or multi-generational, activities classified as an abuse of power as it relates to monetary matters in America.

By now, readers may be asking themselves where I am going with this, or perhaps why I believe this information is of any significance.  The reason I believe it to be pertinent is that, if this is an accurate interpretation of Pluto’s presence in the USA’s Second house (and I believe it to be so) then it tells us that, what is happening economically to American now is part of an ongoing, multi-generational strategy for taking control of the nation’s wealth – and is directly connected to what has happened to American in the past – and will prove to be directly connected to what will happen to American in the future.  It tells us that one of the great dangers America faces is the influence of family financial dynasties, and in that, allows us to readily identify the points of origin of those forces which injure America.

In managing America’s financial stellar afflictions, it is clear that, in our first line of defense, we must be on guard against family political or financial dynasties and, if in review there has been a trend for them to gravitate towards positions and offices that influence monetary policy, then through the vote, forbid them any official position of power or influence.  Additionally, the American public must regard anyone who has held, currently holds, or strives to hold, an official position of influence over US monetary policy as a liar and a thief (because it is nearly assured, astrologically, that it is nothing but crooks who will ascend to those positions of power and influence).  A cursory review of American economic history will prove that this is not cynicism, nor alarmism, but pragmatism!  The American people must develop a mindset wherein every cent the government asks to spend is regarded as a possible theft, fraud or embezzlement until proven otherwise, because we can be assured that any autonomy given to elected officeholders will be seized as an opportunity to defraud the American public.  Under this stellar influence, any government oversight or internal “watchdog” agency will either be so overpowered as to be wholly ineffectual, or will itself be corrupted, leaving the only means for defense an attentive and active role by We the People.  As has been said by many before me, the Federal Reserve is neither federal, nor a reserve – but a privately-owned, incorporated entity that operates at a profit, and entirely for its own self-interests. While there is a quasi-governmental (though more honorary) vote on governorship, the US government has no actual authority in terms of setting Federal Reserve policy.  Landmark changes in financial regulations recently enacted by the Obama administration have increased the amount of authority given to the Federal Reserve over US monetary policy, and in that act, simultaneously reduced the amount of government oversight in regards to this shadowy institution’s dealings (as ineffectual as any oversight was, previously).  This is the equivalent of the fox watching the henhouse while the farmer goes on vacation forever!  (Is it just simple stupidity on the part of men such as Obama that leads to decisions such as this, or is it “something else”?)  This is an example of the hopelessness of the the Second-to-Eighth-house axis in which the USA has the opposition between retrograde Mercury and Pluto.  In my opinion, this singular outrageous act stands as incontrovertible evidence that there is absolutely nothing that government can do to make the nation’s monetary situation any better – only worse – and that in the presence of this stellar influence, the small parasitic element of society will almost always succeed in depriving society’s larger segment of producers their well-deserved rewards, as long as they have the ability to enlist the US government into the role of their unwitting henchman.  (Yes, I am saying that the US government cannot help itself but screw over its citizens!)  And bear in mind that all of these afflictive conditions are exacerbated by collectivist centralization, as the shadowy and convoluted nature of international banks and foreign trade organizations is more difficult for the American people to police, and the figureheads out of reach of the power of the American public’s vote.


From late 1991 to early 2010, the USA’s natal afflictions were aggravated by the transit of deceptive Neptune through the Second house. At present, a malefic angle being cast by Neptune to a sensitive point within the USA’s Second house (and lasting through the next two years, off and on, with alternating direct and retrograde motion) continues to make murky the reality of America’s economic situation, and what constitutes right action for the USA.  With these stellar influences, it is no wonder to me that the forces of evil are succeeding against America.  While We the People have much cause to be in fear at this time, the greatest threat to our lives does not originate in Islamic religious-radicals with exploding underwear, or by the prospect of growing tangerines near the North Pole, but through an ingenious parasitic money system executed by a cabal of international financiers that hide in the shadows behind the seemingly unstoppable wave of collectivist-globalism, and whom have mesmerized our own government into their own club-wielding thug.  Remembering that Pluto + Capricorn + Second house = abuse of power over monetary matters, it is clear to me that, as this cabal has so far been successful in manipulating the US economy so as to run the nation into deeper and deeper debt – which has then required refinancing – which then also required collateralizing, and , ipso facto, the contracting away of the nation’s sovereignty – their end goal of ultimately gaining ownership of every natural resource within the USA – including the land beneath our feet – is certainly in sight.  From that point when they fully achieve this goal, it is most likely that, under the Uniform Commercial Code, the USA will be run as a corporation, with the entire population enslaved in debt from cradle to grave.

Does this sound a bit far-fetched?  Look around.  Open your eyes.  The stars will not forgive us for our indolence, so we must now consider ourselves as having been warned.

Because Pluto is involved in this matter, it is an indicator that the only thing that America’s enemies understand is “might makes right”.  Ergo, one partial solution to the USA’s being perpetually undermined economically would be to establish more clearly defined parameters for what constitutes legal action by government in regards to monetary matters, classify the crime of violating those parameters as aggravated treason, and attach a mandatory death-sentence to being found guilty of the crime.  This same set of rules could apply to American citizens engaged in lobbying efforts that influence monetary policy, and to those whom become members of foreign banks or international trade organizations that violate those laws, as well as apply to any foreign nationals living or working within the USA and engaged in the same activities.




Sunday, May 1, 2011 (appx. 7:48 pm AZT) – An interruption in normally scheduled network television programming brought news that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  About a quarter hour after the breaking of the news, President Barack Obama addressed the American people, giving an account of a directive he said he gave to then-CIA director Leon Panetta in early 2009 regarding the dispatch of Osama bin Laden as being his number one priority as President.  The Commander in Chief’s following words painted a picture wherein American intelligence agencies coordinated with our valorous military for an audacious mission in which the Western world’s most wanted man was brought to justice at the business end of an American rifle.  Upon initial receipt of the news, I was nearly inclined to celebrate that the son-of-a-bitch Osama bin Laden was dead.  But having been immersed in my work for the predictive part of this very newsletter on that same evening, I was acutely aware of the evil stellar influences under which the USA was then the news broke (as well as for several days preceding, and after) and thus, was immediately skeptical.  And when it was said that Osama bin Laden’s body was buried at sea, I became thoroughly unconvinced as to the legitimacy of the Obama Administration’s assertion.

My initial thought on the matter was the oddity that, in an environment where a considerable portion of the American people are still doubtful of the naturalized birth of President Obama – and thus have so little trust in him – that in a matter of such great importance as this, Obama himself would not have insisted on a state-side autopsy of Osama bin Laden’s remains.  I also questioned that, at a time when the President’s approval rating had fallen so low, would not clever Democratic advisors and strategists have convinced the President to make some sort of the display of the trophy, if even accidentally.  Which then led me to further contemplate President Obama’s dismal approval rating, and the now-unsettling timing of this event (as well as a series of other events leading up to this point).  These thoughts, in turn, led me to remind myself of my analysis of President Obama’s nativity in relation to that of the USA, and the double-whammy of his Mercury in opposition to the USA’s Pluto – and his Pluto in semi-square to the USA’s Mercury – suggesting that he would have a strong tendency to deceive America through his speech and writings.

The following analysis is for the stellar influences under which the USA was while receiving the news regarding the execution of Osama bin Laden: Mars’ position at approximately 22-degrees Aries was hitting key points in the USA’s nativity (twelfth house) suggesting an active engagement of plots, conspiracies, espionage and – assassination. Pluto’s position at approximately 7-degrees Capricorn casts an angle to the same twelfth house point in the USA’s chart, which indicates the presence of treason against the USA, and greatly fortifies the aforementioned influences of transiting Mars, while adding to the matter the activity of those powerful individuals who hide in the shadows (one might even call this “the actions of the conspiracy behind the conspiracy,” and, this same Pluto influence will last throughout the entire month of May, 2011).  Hitting certain points in the eighth house of the USA’s chart, Mercury’s transit near 16-degrees Aries indicates a propaganda campaign, but also, and quite germane to the matter, communications with spies and/or underworld figures, talk of death, execution and executioners.  But the most disturbing element associated with with this influence is the withholding of a monumental secret from the [American] public.  (This influence would also indicate that there was much discussion related to losses to be sustained in matters of foreign relations, which became apparent in the days to follow with transiting Venus also reaching 16-degrees Aries.)  Beginning on May 5 as Venus advanced through Aries, it became apparent that the USA suffered a loss in world standing due to activities that were clearly in the best interests of the USA – but also in violation of international law. On May 6, as the Sun transited approximately 16-degrees Taurus (also casting an angle to a key eighth house point) the President’s craving for rulership overrode the public’s  demand for photographs of Osama ben Laden’s corpse, and there is considerable discussion regarding Islamic martyrdom.

Summary: Having now worked on this matter for weeks, I can find nothing in the USA’s chart to support the event of the apprehension or dispatch of a notorious fugitive – only that of a high-profile assassination.  My astrological assessment of the matter of the death of Osama bin Laden is that, whatever it was that actually happened on that day (and I do believe that someone was assassinated) it was interwoven with details that would either indict the US government in having taken part in some previous grand-deception upon the American public, or was, in itself, nothing more than fabricated tale of heroism – a fairy tale designed to bolster a failing President’s public approval rating.  Either way, if we are to believe that the executed was in Osama bin Laden, as there was no autopsy performed on the corpse, and as the remains were disposed of at sea, the truth – the whole truth – is likely to remain a monumental secret withheld from the American public.

There is a final consideration to be made regarding the alleged execution of Osama bin Laden within the Pakistani borders.  Readers will recall that I have spent a considerable amount of time relating the importance of the current transit of Saturn through the sign of Libra, and thus, through the USA’s tenth house.  This marks a period of time during which the USA’s credit, credibility and reputation are put to the test, and also correlates as the point of extreme testing – and conclusion – for any undertaking which began when Saturn was in the same sign about 30 years ago.  This can mark a time of reward for good work done, but also a time of comeuppance for misdeed of the past.  (This comeuppance can come in the form of a sullied reputation or damaged world-standing.)  When Saturn is retrograde the past is even more of an issue.  Mind you, while my own emotional response towards the execution of Osama bin Laden behind the borders of a sovereign nation is supportive of the Obama Administration’s actions, my intellect reminds me that the action taken was very likely in violation of numerous international laws.  As an astrologer, this I know: to have engaged in such an undertaking while under this particular influence of Saturn will ensure that, whatever in it that was done without the most pure, unadulterated and pristine motivation, is absolutely, positively going to come back to haunt the United States of America – as well as President Obama – for the next 30 years.