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Message to Readers 2014

The Stars Are Warning Us, America

Some months prior to my taking my recent hiatus from the publishing of this blog (though during this time the research of stellar influence upon the USA itself remained uninterrupted) I had received some criticisms that my reports had become somewhat repetitious, that is, referring to my reporting, over and over again, that the USA was under significant threats of “conspiracy, espionage, sabotage, and theft of sensitive data,” as well as the potential for those in ‘sensitive’ positions to become compromised and the victims of blackmail and extortion. I had even mentioned, and perhaps more than just a time or two, that there was also the potential for criminal cabals organizing acts of violence, and even plots of assassination. Over the years, also I made several predictions warning for the potential for the American people to be deceived (via false flags, etc.) regarding relations with certain foreign nations, thus allowing for the US military to be used for commercial purposes – as in the role of a private mercenary force for a relatively small cabal of international financiers furthering their own financial interests in foreign lands – with the cost of these military actions, in terms of both bloodshed and Dollars, ultimately being paid for by the American public.

These types of predictions can be very difficult to vindicate, and along the way, and as I made my predictions public, there was an occasional ‘hit’ – something reported in the news that substantiated my predictions. But I call it as I see it. For the most part, during this work, I had to be humble, exercise patience, remain consistent in my methods, and report those things that I believed to be the truth.

And then along came Edward Snowden.

As an astrologer, my work is both artful, and statistical – the latter, “statistical,” being of a scientific quality. I believe that astrology can be accurately portrayed as one of the points in which art meets science. And while I check, and re-check, my calculations, when it comes to the synthesis and interpretation of this data, I am human, subject to making mistakes, and during those long periods of time between making a prediction and receiving confirmation, on occasion, suffer from a little self-doubt.

Thank you, Edward Snowden.

While obviously embarrassing to President Obama, he once being the presidential candidate who had promised America “transparency in government,” by Edward Snowden’s great act of patriotism, the whole world was made privy not only to the present, and preceding, presidential administrations’ shameful abuses of US Constitutional law and the Fourth Amendment rights of every American, but by way of the NSA’s unrestrained surveillance, also to the disgraceful “conspiracy” of rogue anti-American elements, irrefutably operating within positions of great power within the US government – a rogue element which thus far operates with absolute impunity.

Indeed, and as Edward Snowden revealed, America was under significant threats of acts of conspiracy, espionage, sabotage, and theft of sensitive data, just as I had predicted. The only difference being that the majority of the perpetrators of these crimes were not ‘foreign enemies’, but enemies from within the USA, and the victims of these crimes, instead of being the usual government agencies and defense contractors, were now the citizens of America.

Yes, I am taking the opportunity to state, “I told you so.” I believe that I have earned the right to put those words on this page. Enough said.

In light of these events, however, I will now present to the reader a situation that exists at this present time that I believe carries great weight (especially symbolically) in demonstrating that the Republic of the United States of America is in grave and immediate danger: Right now, a man, who by both his words and deeds has demonstrated what is at the least his having a ‘dislike’ for just about everything that America represents, presently holds the nation’s highest elected office, and does so as he basks in the lap of luxury, courtesy of the American people; meanwhile, a man who has demonstrated that he loves just about everything that America stands for, and who has demonstrated this by both his words and deeds – and who has done so through a great act of personal sacrifice – lives in exile from the USA, and does so while in a state of fearing for his life.

The Stars are warning us, America – warning us of wicked things already upon us, and many more wicked things soon to come.

Carpe Noctem,


*** ** ***

Obama Watch


Panjandrum: a pretentious and self-important individual, one often surrounded by unjustified fanfare.


Sometime prior to the 2008 US presidential election, with a blast of trumpets and angelic choir, the heavens opened, showering rays of streaming golden light upon the figure of a man, as the voice of a multitude thundered, “I give you the messiah of the underprivileged,” and thus delivered Barack Hussein Obama unto the world. Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole, but not far from what many Democrats would have had the world believe about the man whom many within their ranks had obviously hoped would become America’s second socialist dictator (FDR was the first). Looking back, it was not a great sales pitch. But after eight years of GW Bush, the Democrats did not have to try too hard to win. All that the old guard within the Republican National Committee could seem to agree upon in the way of a presidential candidate to oppose Obama, was a man who appeared to many people as just another angry, sociopathic war-profiteer: Senator John McCain. And demonstrating either hopeless stupidity, or the corruption of intentionally throwing an election, the RNC presented a rather similar figure in 2012, virtually handing the office of the presidency over to Obama for another four years.

Now in its sixth year, the Obama administration’s legacy has so far been built upon the failure of a continuation of TARP, a failure to restore well-paying jobs to the working class, failed (and possibly illegal) clandestine operations at home and abroad, as well as the exposure of massive deception connected to a national health care plan, a plan which is so far proving to be a debacle in itself. By now it should be clear to all but the most mentally unreachable, that the already rotting presidency of the panjandrum Barack Hussein Obama, is beginning to stink like a decomposing animal carcass left on the side of the road – a road that runs past a sewage treatment facility.

Prior to Obama’s election to the presidency, however, the stars gave the USA fair warning of the eventual impact of his administration, just as the stars warned the USA of his several predecessors. The legacy of horrors left by the GW Bush administration, for example, serves as confirmation of the validity of the warnings given in the GW Bush/USA horoscopic ‘synastry’, the two charts in comparison demonstrating stellar formations between them that essentially assured self-serving, dictatorial and destructive actions on the part of Bush, and as a result, the USA’s sustaining significant injury, as well as inflicting significant, and unjustified, injury upon others. Likewise, the comparison of the horoscopes of the USA and Barack Obama also reveal the same self-serving, dictatorial and destructive actions on the part of Obama, as well as the USA sustaining significant injury, as a result. The difference with Obama being that a greater amount of destruction is directed inward, and at the American people, whereas Bush aimed most of his violence outwardly, and at crude-oil-bearing regions, specifically. In another similarity, both the Bush and Obama horoscopes, in comparison to the horoscope of the USA, indicate the potential for the carrying out of ‘financial crimes of great magnitude’.

Astrologically, and as measured by the transit of Pluto through America’s horoscope, the Barack Obama era has been nothing more, and nothing less, than a continuation of the lawlessness of the George W. Bush era. Both of these incredibly disappointing presidents have acted more as the lords of a feudal estate, rather than the elected officials of a free republic. Quoting the great astrologer, Sepharial, and in regards to this Plutonian influence, I find it justifiable that, “I am a law unto myself,” should be found written upon both Bush’s and Obama’s presidential seals, with, perhaps, “I’ve got mine,” added just beneath.

Comedian Chris Rock once said, “George Bush has (expletive) things up so bad, that he has actually made it possible for a black man to be elected president.” I would now add to that, “Barack Obama has (expletive) up so bad, that he has actually proven that presidential corruption has never had anything to do with race.” I believe that there has been a sole benefit so far to come from the Obama presidency, that benefit having come through the demonstrating that corruption at the top, that is, the abuses of the Executive branch of government, and its historic partnership with world’s most wealthy, has never been a matter of skin color or religion, but has always been a matter of class-warfare. And for over 100 years, this class-warfare has been waged between the world’s financial aristocracy (plutocracy) versus the rest of us. Or perhaps more appropriately stated, this has been a war waged between the world’s ‘parasites’ and America’s ‘producers’.

Thank you, Obama, for confirmation on this matter.

Astrologically, and if his revealed birth information is correct, throughout his life, Barack Hussein Obama has been the beneficiary of ‘good fortune’. But stellar influences indicate that ‘good fortune’ as now being subordinated to accountability and comeuppance. For those who believe that Mr. Obama has been doing a good job as President, then, astrologically, if that is in fact the case, by the end of 2014, his supporters will be proven correct. Likewise, in regards to criticisms of the actions of Mr. Obama as President, if there has in fact been malfeasance and wrongdoing, then by 2014’s end, those critics will be vindicated, and their accusations justified.


President Obama now has some rather unpleasant astrological influences hanging over his head, and they will be in effect from January 1 through December 31, 2014. The summary of these influences, and what President Obama can expect to experience, as well as what the American public can expect from him, during this time, is as follows:

‘Abuse of authority’, is the likely theme for 2014, and these abuses are likely rooted in President Obama’s tendency towards phantasmagoria, that being further influenced by over-ambition, and a stunning degree of arrogance. Restraining these inclinations will be nearly impossible for Mr. Obama, thus eventually leading him to licentiousness, and hasty, foolhardy actions. The arrogant and lawless manner in which President Obama will likely conduct himself will not only meet with significant resistance, but will also provoke his political opponents to plot revenge, leaving him to live in fear of these enmities. The enemies Mr. Obama has accumulated through the years as a result of his arrogance, vanity and over-ambition, will actively work against both him and his plans, and will do so with increasing vigor as the year progresses. Due to this, it is likely that, somewhere after the fourth quarter of 2014, the President will experience the collapse of some big plan of his, or sustain some other heavy loss, which will either lead to, or exacerbate, a professional crisis, or possibly, even a complete and irreversible fall from the top.

Through the year, and likely due to his harboring great anger, President Obama is likely to suffer from strange, or difficult-to-diagnose health ailments, and possibly, some measure of heart trouble.

By the year’s end, Mr. Obama will bear witness to at least a small sample of the harm done to the USA, resulting from his own, and his (presidential) predecessors’, actions. Subsequently, he will likely be required to dedicate significant energy and resources towards ‘damage control’ for the Democratic Party itself, as well as in defending his own reputation.


These influences will either exacerbate, or ameliorate, the year-long influences.

For President Obama the year will begin with continued exposure and accountability for misleading the American public, and it is likely that this same exposure will spill into his personal relationships. However, despite his receiving well-deserved dings to his credibility and reputation, the mass of America will somehow find a means to grant him forgiveness. This will likely be a period of frequent travel for Mr. Obama, as well as what the stars suggest is a time of heavy consumption of intoxicants. As the horoscope indicates money coming from personal contacts, it would be reasonable to assume that, during this period of time, President Obama will personally benefit from nepotism and cronyism. But before those of you of marginal character begin to get jealous, understand that, according to the stars, the women in President Obama’s life are most likely making him absolutely miserable – the kind of misery that far outweighs the profits of power. It is also possible that, should he not find a means by which to appease, there is likely at least one angry, jealous woman in his periphery, who may lash out at him by either slandering him, or exposing something he would much prefer the American public to never know.

While there is the potential for big upsets in the President’s plans during this time, the greater thrust of the related stellar influences comes later in the year. However, sometime around April 27 there is the potential for some sort of estrangement, or perhaps a flap of some sort, related to that estrangement. But for the most part, through to August 3, President Obama will likely continue to believe that he has good cause to maintain his now-trademark arrogant tone when speaking, as well as his signature strut and grin.


These influences will either exacerbate, or ameliorate, the year-long influences.

According to the stars, for President Obama, within the days ahead, and through to the end of the year, there may be a big upset of some sort awaiting him in the shadows. Somewhat more certain, however, is the likelihood for these days to be filled with a controversy or two… or three… or fifty! These controversies will likely be linked to one of Mr. Obama’s favorite endeavors: bamboozling the American public. And during this time, it is equally likely that, and as in the years prior, as he continues to mislead and deceive the American public, he will be exposed, and his reputation will suffer some degree of damage. But whereas prior to August 4, 2014, Mr. Obama, despite his apparent dislike for speaking the truth, somehow managed to remain favorably received by middle class men and women, the stars have now turned against him. Now his misdeeds will not likely be overlooked, nor be so easily forgiven, nor forgotten.

By-and-large, the USA will now see Barack Obama for his true self.

And with this new level of accountability, which I am certain will take the President some time to adjust to, is the likelihood of multiple legal problems.

To regain support, the President will have to look to the world of academia (the sad state that it is in at the present time will likely work in his favor) and perhaps by spreading the ‘love’ (cha-ching!) he can convince some army of professorial pinko-deviants, to sway the opinions of the young minds in their charge. But it is particularly within the world of think tanks, and among its self-declared geniuses, that Mr. Obama may still find the sycophantic exaltation that he so desperately seeks. Yet another social group into which President Obama is likely to still be warmly welcomed, is the world of war-profiteers. It is here, among the financiers of war, the manufactures of weapons of war, and the post-war re-constructers, where it is likely that the President will find alliance, and maybe even loving embrace.

But amongst America’s middle class, the love affair is over.

President Obama is not at all likely to accept this fall from favor with any sort of grace or dignity, and instead, he is most likely to respond with a sense of self-righteous indignation, which manifests in a desire to quarrel and criticize the American public. He may even harbor a desire for violence. (Obviously, it will be of a great benefit to the whole world if during this time the angry, war-mongering Senator John McCain is unable to get hold of President Obama’s ear!)

Mr. Obama’s problems are likely to spill over into his personal life, affecting both his marriage and his relationships with other women in his periphery, as well as his extended family. Due to his many worries, any illness he incurs is likely to be accompanied by a rather high fever, and some measure of heart trouble is also possible.

During the later half of 2014, it is likely that the typically arrogant tone heard in President Obama’s speaking, and his comical strutting and pompous smirk, will be stripped from him, laying bare an ill-tempered, fretful and tyrannical inner core.

October 30 through December 31, 2014:

This is a time during which the President may suffer from mental anguish, with sorrow, and even estrangement, in regards to his marriage, being possible. There is the potential for the President to have to fight against multiple difficulties, and sensitive matters concerning his past may be made public. During this time the President’s enemies may be those who are closest to him (they being resentful of his pride and arrogance) and work against him from behind his back, engaging in well-planned sneak attacks, which negatively effect his credibility and reputation.

November 1-15, 2014:

The President’s conduct may be best described as ‘provocative’, and he may entertain thoughts of violence and doing harm to others.

December 1-15 2014:

During this time, Mr. Obama is likely to experience greater difficulties in both his marriage, and his legal matters. His mind is likely plagued with many worries, and he is at risk for making matters worse through his speech and/or official writings.

December 15-31, 2014:

Under this influence, the lines between fantasy and reality can become blurred, and the President may be inclined to bend the truth as a means of avoiding criticism.

*** ** ***

World Astrological Trends 2014


The combined stellar influences of Jupiter and Pluto are what contribute significantly to the phenomenon of plutocrats and plutocracy. In opposition, this relationship is toxic. By signs, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, we see demonstrated, respectively, the plutocrats’ fears of not having ‘enough’ (but even ‘all’ would never be ‘enough’ for them) and the aims of the plutocracy to exercise absolute tyranny over the world’s population.

This is a time of physical and psychological battle between the old structures (Saturn) the desire for change (Uranus) and the ‘fate’ of the whole world (Pluto). A Grand Trine involving these three planets (with Pluto in Capricorn, and the two malefics in the other earth signs) appeared in the heavens in 1774, correlating with events and subsequent ideological movements that ultimately led to the American Revolution. This is not a Grand Trine, and neither will the ideological influence of this planetary pattern be so positive upon the minds of men, nor its resulting influence be so noble as was the American Revolution. But it will likely result in change. While some will call this progress, the sign occupied by Pluto (as well as the aforementioned opposition between Jupiter and Pluto) ensures that this period of change is not at all positive, but instead, wholly destructive, and will, in the end, serve only to further the interests of the tiny plutocratic element that now quickly gains absolute control over the world. Change? Yes! Change to global tyranny!

Regarding the dates given below, let the reader understand that, these dates indicate when a particular stellar influence has reached its greatest strength. The related events, however, may occur some number of days prior to, or after, the dates given. Thus, 3 days prior to, and 2 days after, the given dates, is generally a fair time span for the influence.

January 1 – December 31, 2014:

An influence actually lasting through mid-December 2018, will ensure that this will be a time when all world powers will likely become warlike, and spoiling for a fight.

January 30, 2014:

This is a time when the self-interests of the world’s plutocracy directly opposes that which is most conducive to maximizing the quality of life for all humanity.

February 25, 2014:

Great tensions connected with a sort of ‘collective’ reconsideration of changing world circumstances.

Astrologically, not all change is good. It is likely that when such socioeconomic and geopolitical changes are accompanied by significant stresses, that the pain being experienced is akin to placing one’s hand on a hot stove – it causes pain because it is burning the flesh – something not beneficial to the human body. It is reasonable to consider that the pain being accompanied by these present sociological changes ‘hurts’ due to the fact that it is not of benefit to the elevation of the quality of human existence.

April 19-30, 2014:

Multiple malefic stellar influences: Indicates the potential during this time for some major accident, calamity, or large-scale act of violence.

April 19, 2014:

Great tensions connected with the prospect of changing world circumstances, and subsequent actions taken in haste for the purposes of ending the tensions (whether the choices made are healthy or not).

Remember: Astrologically, not all change is good. It is likely that when such socioeconomic and geopolitical changes are accompanied by significant stresses, that the pain being experienced is akin to placing one’s hand on a hot stove – it causes pain because it is burning the flesh and that is therefore not beneficial to the human body. It is reasonable to consider that the pain being accompanied by these changes hurts due to the fact that it is not of benefit to the elevation of the human existence.

April 20, 2014:

This is a time when the world’s plutocracy takes action in pressing its own self-interests, and in doing so, directly opposes that which is most conducive to maximizing the quality of life for all humanity.

April 21, 2014:

Look for devastating weather disturbances, and great political tensions resulting in significant acts of violence.

April 22, 2014:

Undue (and perhaps heavy handed) influence of government upon the lives of men and women.

April 23, 2014:

Rebellion, revolution. Violence. Human reactions to the encroachment of government upon human rights.

April 23, 2014:

Violence, brutality, excessive and unjustified force by government upon civilians.

April 29, 2014 (EST):

Solar Annual Eclipse, 8-degrees Taurus, 51-minutes

May 24, 2014:

An examination by the courts as to whether or not governmental actions are within jurisdiction, legal or justified.

June 14, 2014:

Violence, brutality, excessive and unjustified force by government upon civilians.

June 25, 2014:

Rebellion, revolution. Violence. Human reactions to the encroachment of government upon the rights of men and women.

July 16 – December 31, 2014:

Confidence, optimism, speculation.

July 25 – December 31, 2014:

A ruthless ambition on the part of government, world-wide. This is likely to be accompanied by a preferred means by those in power to engage in violence and acts of intimidation as a means to achieve or maintain power and authority.

August 25, 2014:

Harmful activities engaged in by government, world-wide. At the hand of government: harm to the working classes through economic policies, or harm to the working classes through acts of violence. Overall, a highly destructive energy upon the world.

September 25, 2014:

“Unbridled enthusiasm” combined with “irrational exuberance” among the working, middle, and upper-middle, classes – all of which will not go unnoticed by the world’s financial aristocracy, and later exploited and taken advantage

November 27, 2014:

Famously quoted from George Orwell’s book, 1984, is the statement, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” This stellar influence is likely to give the world a brief reminder that the future is already upon us. Violence at the hands of tyrants is the likely predominant manifestation of this highly destructive energy.

December 3, 2014:

The potential for significant acts of violence accompanies this stellar influence.

December 14, 2014:

The destruction or rejection of socioeconomic or geopolitical foundations, whether for the better or the worse. For better or for worse, the battle of ‘old’ versus the ‘new’. Violence.

December 23-31, 2014:

A strong, and world-wide, sense of, and desire for, justice. (Unfortunately for the USA, and due to the position of Saturn in America’s horoscope, this influence is likely to result in an increase in self-righteous arrogance, which in turn, is thoroughly exploited and taken advantage of by the world’s plutocratic elite.)

*** ** ***

USA Astrological Trends January through June 2014

JANUARY 1, 2014 THROUGH JULY 4, 2014


It was the year 1984, and Ronald Reagan occupied the White House, while down the street, a man who, and by many accounts, hated Reagan’s guts, George Herbert Walker Bush, occupied the office of the vice president. During the same time of this hostile president/vice-president political mismatch, and of equal significance, the ‘old devil’ himself, Paul Volcker, chaired the Federal Reserve, and the CIA was earning overtime meddling in Middle Eastern affairs.

Coincidentally, this was also the time when the planet Saturn – the “author of all mischief” – began its influence upon the twelfth house in the horoscope of the United States of America – the house representing the nation’s misfortune, undoing, cabals and conspiracies, as well as ‘secret enemies’, and maintained this influence through early-December 1986.

The USA begins year 2014 with the same quietly undermining, and highly destructive, stellar influence as was experienced in 1984: the transit of planet Saturn through the horoscopic twelfth house. Actually, the undermining effects of this influence were already in effect as of December 6, 2013, as Saturn neared the twelfth-house cusp.

In astrological terms, this is the time during which America’s secret enemies – enemies who are defined as being those who feign allegiance, or alliance, to the USA, but whom secretly work towards America’s fleecing and/or destruction – will be prevalent, empowered, trusted, emboldened, as well as, and sadly so, very effective in their inflicting of harm upon the American public. The USA will live under this influence until November 2016.

Moreover, this is not only the point in time that I have interpreted to be a sort of zenith in a series of highly destructive influences that began in 1992, but also the ‘return’ to the mischief and sabotage for which the foundations were laid during 1984-86.

As this astrological influence relates to America’s being threatened by ‘secret enemies’, we can reasonably expect that the actions taken against America by these individuals and conspiracies will also be covert, the effects of their sabotage and treason going unrealized until a time when it is then too late to take preventative measures.

To our great benefit, astrology gives insight towards identifying these secret enemies, as well as insight in determining their motives, end-designs, and modus operandi. To our great misfortune, this astrological insight will be mostly wasted due to skepticism of the art itself – these doubts usually being rooted in ignorance of the subject.

Nonetheless, I will present herein what I know of these ‘secret enemies’.

No matter the race, age or gender of these secret enemies, the physical appearance will be austere, and the eyes will demonstrate little or no mercy. (Soul-less, as some might say.) The agents of these secret enemies are likely to likely to be tall, frequently of a ruddy complexion (if Caucasian), and will hide their true devious and dishonest natures with a veil of cheerful confidence. Whether a Democrat or a Republican, these figures’ rhetoric will be consistently reflective of liberal ideology, frequently indulging socialist Utopianisms, and at times, condescending – even parental. They will promise to take care of the American public, just as one would care for the oxen that plow their field, but any mention they may make of the rights of the individual to Liberty and self-determination will be nothing more than platitudinization. Their promises, once properly interpreted and then translated, will guarantee a sort of ‘kinder, gentler form of human bondage’. But even this is a lie! Among these ‘secret enemies’ will be a large contingent of bankers and lawyers. They are bankers, as it is the theft of America’s wealth that is their primary motivation, the eternal debt-slavery of the American people that is their end-design, and the mechanisms of usury that is their modus operandi. They are lawyers, as it will be through the manipulation and undermining of America’s legal system, that the will of the aforementioned bankers will be enforced.

Other potent astrological influences indicate that this is likely to be a time during which the USA’s political goings on are heavily influenced by, or perhaps centered around, foreign relations, immigration and matters involving the courts (determining if something is legal, or if it is not). The influence, however, is not a fortunate one. America’s credit, creditability and reputation are likely to suffer harm due to the exposure of lies and calumny on the part of the Legislative and Executive branches of government. Thus, within the world community, the USA will frequently be suspect where any matter of intrigue is involved, and subsequently, either subjected to extra scrutiny, or simply not believed. Whether it is in the realm of America’s foreign relations, or in the relationship between the United States’ government and the people of America, the primary trend in both the Legislative and Executive branches of government will be the aforementioned lying and calumny. As a matter of fact, the trend towards lying and calumny is likely to be so bold and overt, that both the Democrats and the Republicans are each left with only a small gathering of fools and fanatics sufficiently stupid to believe anything that either party presents for public consumption. And while all this failed bluffing and exposure may serve the American public well in identifying those elected officials for whom it is near-impossible to tell the truth, the unfortunate end result is that it makes all Americans look foolish in the eyes of the world around us, that is, among the very people whom Founders such as Thomas Jefferson had hoped that, leading by example, We the People would succeed in a continued lighting of the, “brush fires of liberty.”

There are, however, multiple lessons to be found in the conditions that America is currently experiencing, and it is truly unfortunate that these lessons will go unlearnt by most everyone. Two of the lessons to which I refer, pertain to the matter of power, and the matter of lawlessness. In regards to power, the lessons upon America at this time involve the consequences for the use and abuse of power, as well as the consequences for the apathy of a nation’s populace towards its elected officials’ abuse of power. In regards to the matter of lawlessness, the lessons are similar. Perhaps those Americans who, at the news of the American government’s illegal and unjustified military action against foreign nations, are inclined to fist-pump and ‘high-five’ one another, feel differently about the American government’s illegal activities now being directed at American citizens? Is it possible that, among those who place red or blue blindfolds over their eyes when their preferred political party is in power, their tendency towards blind allegiance has been challenged? Those questions are rhetorical, and I believe that, and due primarily to the current trend for ego and emotion to outweigh intellect, the answer to both questions is ‘no’. The additional current trend for the proffering of irrationally positive platitudes in the sphere of organized religion, as well as metaphysically-inclined groups, and remnants of pop-psychology, seals the deal. Ergo, history, in terms of humanity’s adhering to the ways and means of arriving at an unfortunate state of human existence – a condition which has been frequently repeated – is presently being repeated, and will, at some later date, likely be repeated again, and again, ad nauseam.

Further analysis of America’s horoscope also suggests that the management of emotional stress will be an issue for many Americans during this time. The stars suggest that this stress is likely rooted in the many changes upon American culture, the majority of these changes being wholly destructive to the American way of life. Again, these changes are not for the better. That’s why it hurts. If the changes were all good, it would not hurt the way it does. But for the most part, and barring other points of debilitation from transiting (shorter-term) stellar influences, the American collective should enjoy a period of relatively good health and rising birth rates.

In terms of trade, both domestic and with neighboring countries (Canada and Mexico), commerce should be relatively brisk, with a few scattered reversals here and there. The reversals will likely be due to the fluctuations in household income for the American working class, these fluctuations due to the damage being done to the household incomes of the American working class by the aforementioned “brisk” foreign trade! Go figure!


During the month of April:

There is the potential for the USA to face legal problems in multiple areas, the first of which can involve the illegal use of military force against a foreign nation, the second legal issue can involve domestic matters pertaining to actions taken by the Executive branch which are in conflict with US Constitutional law.

At this same time, and relative to the aforementioned illegal use of military force, is the potential for activation of armed services regulars, as well as a call-up for reservists. Hopefully, this amounts to nothing more than saber rattling, or perhaps another one of Senator John McCain’s crazy half-baked plans for global empire.

In any event, wealthy plutocratic figures are seen as being connected to the USA’s potentially engaging in illegal and unjustified military action against a foreign country – an astrological influence so common in these matters that it only comes as a surprise now when it is not present. (Remember: war is the only the second most profitable business on the planet; the financing of war is the first most profitable.)

During this month, the stars point negatively towards the nation’s chief executive officer, who at this present time happens to be Barack Hussein Obama. The stars suggest the nation’s CEO as potentially being guilty of arrogance in the extreme, and thus leading the USA into behavior seen as arrogant by the rest of the world, and which leads the USA into conflicts with the laws of the world around the USA, as well as with the laws within the USA. (Sadly, this state of arrogance is likely to trickle down to lower levels of government and eventually to Democratic party fanatics, and then be capitalized upon by rogue elements within the USA’s intelligence agencies.) This astrologically-identified extreme arrogance potentially embraced by the nation’s CEO, is likely to impact the citizens of the USA, as it is under just such an influence that the officeholder might forget that he or she holds an ‘elected’ position, and is a representative of the will of the citizens – and is not a king or a dictator – and that the USA is a republic – and is not a dictatorship. In the case that the nation’s CEO does forget this, then it is reasonable to expect that this CEO will engage in ego-driven behavior that is in conflict with the rights of the citizenry and thus the law, and will be requiring of significant counsel, as well as be compelled to much politicking in the process of ‘damage control’, subsequently leading to indecision and failure. And while those whom place ‘red and blue blindfolds’ over their eyes while their preferred political party occupies the White House might not agree, when the arrogant dictatorial actions taken by a president are thwarted, no matter which of the two primary political-perversions from which the president hails, it is always to the benefit of the American people.

Key Dates: April 15, 17, 18, 29

During the month of May:

At this time, wealthy and powerful figures press hard to impose their will upon the American public, and to impose policies that run contrary to the best interests of the USA. The likely result of this is the imposition of arrogant and ruthless foreign policy, potentially enforced by military action. Subsequently, the seeds are sown for rebellion against the policies of the present administration, and with this, there is the potential for acts of violence to be carried out both at home, and against US interests abroad. Also during this time, the current administration is likely to take considerable criticism regarding actions looked upon by the American public as ‘a misuse of public funds’.

Key Dates: May 14, 15 17

During the month of June:

Business, industry, and commerce in general, should benefit significantly from the prevailing stellar influences. Commercial and political projects, as well as business partnerships, initiated on the New Moon of Jun 27, should enjoy a solid foothold.

Key Dates: June 18, 19, 27-30

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USA Astrological Trends July through December 2014

JULY 5, 2014 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2014


Just as was the case during the first half of 2014, this is likely to be a time during which the USA’s political environment is heavily influenced, or even centered around, matters of foreign relations, immigration and matters involving the courts (again, in an attempt to determine if something is legal, or if it is not). The influence, however, is not a fortunate one. America’s credit, creditability and reputation are likely to suffer harm due to the exposure of lies and calumny on the part of the Legislative and Executive branches of government. Thus, within the world community, the USA will frequently be suspect where any matter of intrigue is involved, and subjected to extra scrutiny.

And also like the earlier part of 2014, and for the most part, as well as barring other points of stress from transiting stellar influences, the American collective should enjoy a period of relatively good health and rising birth rates. The exception to this is that, during this cycle, there is an equal likelihood of rising numbers in sexually transmitted diseases, and this will likely prove to be so due to a collective tendency towards irresponsible (and often adulterous) sexual adventures. This collective promiscuity is likely the by-product of an increased national sense of well-being.

American academia, that is, higher education, should do well this year, with US college offerings gaining preferment in the world market; this should prove helpful to both those employed in the field of education, as well as those who invest in the business of education. Other potentially lucrative areas of both employment, and investment, are likely to connect to America’s technology-based industries, and the manufacturing of weapons of war. Domestic automobile manufacturing should also be the beneficiary of this fortunate influence.

Public policies and legislation pushed for by the Executive branch will potentially result in tax increases brutally oppressive to the working class, and will coincide with significant growth in America’s debt burden. The subsequent effects are long-term, and manifest in a lackluster Dollar, and its potential for a few short-term reversals. The economic harm originating in the Executive branch’s policies will also result in continued downward pressure on both commercial and residential real estate, and a stunted performance in the broad equity markets, while the equity averages themselves rise, but bear decreasing relevance to the reality of the broad market.

Muscle-flexing by large financial institutions will continue, and this overt demonstration of political influence over the current administration will coincide with a continuation of bankers’ malfeasance, this now carried out with a certain ‘arrogant belligerence’. The result: questionable solvency and the sowing of seeds for the next crisis-initiated bailout.

Long-term Prediction: Before the end of year 2016, once again the American public will be asking its government where all the money in the banks went, why the American public is replacing it, and why not one banker is going to prison for his or her crimes.

In broad terms, the greater part of the insurance industry is likely to engage in activities injurious to the American public – activities that can almost be classified as extortion. While continuously feigning victim-hood due to changes in public policy and government regulations, it will be likely that the lobbying efforts of large insurers are directly responsible for those same policies and regulations. Thus, this ploy at improved relations with the American public through a state of ‘plausible denial’, if successful, will thereby allow the nation’s large insurers to inflict even greater injury upon the public.

Government spending is likely to be quite heavy during this time. Those falsely magnanimous entities associated with providing care in regards to the needs of women and children, specifically, are likely to benefit greatly during this time, though the American public will find little value in the delivered product. Government spending will also benefit those corporate entities with close ties to the Legislative and Executive branches of government, as they will become the beneficiaries of funds earmarked for public works projects.


During these stellar influences, America’s greatest injuries will originate in the actions of certain members of the government’s Legislative and Executive branches being engaged in disgraceful clandestine operations designed to bolster sales of weapons of war, and criminal conspiracies engaged in the misappropriation of public funds. Whether the White House is cognizant of these activities or not, these clandestine operations, and misappropriations, are likely to be a source of on-going legal problems for the President. Frequent saber rattling will continue to injure the USA’s credibility in the world community, and new, or renewed, foreign trade treaties, will result in America’s working class’ continued injury.


From late-summer to early-fall, 2014:

This is the time of the Liar. This is the time when one man’s avarice and hatred of America – a man gifted by the American public with the power of public office – will motivate him to turn on the nation, and engage in a grand deception centered on alterations to the law – alterations to the law which seriously undermine the spirit of the Republic. This ‘grand deception’ is likely to focus upon matters of immigration, and the potential for the ‘national cataloging’ of American citizens. (I state this because, astrologically speaking, a Soviet Cheka, or Nazi Gestapo-like ‘secret police’ element is prominent.) This stellar influence upon America, and the subsequent actions of the Liar, may also involve either a new foreign trade deal, or the renewal of an old one, which, in either case, the planetary influences nearly assure injury upon America’s working class. Lastly, under this influence, there may also be an attempt by the Liar to access the American public purse for the purposes of some sort of a foreign economic ‘bailout’ (possibly European) and any such act carried out under these stellar influences will most certainly constitute an act of fraud – a swindle – a con – a theft.

October 20, 2014:

America’s secret enemies do their dirty work behind the scenes. Until a thorough investigation proves otherwise, any governmental or legislative action taken today, any alterations to monetary policy, any official government report issued today, as well as any government official’s account of some matter, should be regarded as nefarious, or false, as the case may be.


During the month of July:

Immediately upon the conclusion of the Independence Day celebrations, the world’s plutocrats immediately resume their pressing their anti-American will upon the people the USA, resulting in changes (or, at the least, to proposed changes) to the American way of life. This results in considerable stress upon the national spirit. This is a time of stress because the changes, or proposed changes, are toxic to America. That’s why it hurts. If the changes were good for America, then they would not cause hurt to the majority of the American people.

Key Dates: July 5, 8

During the month of August:

Beginning mid-month, the nation suffers due to misplaced alliances and false allies, while with ease, the rich and powerful have their way with the country.

Key Dates: August 10, 14, 18, 19

During the month of September:

While during this time the self-serving natures of both the Legislative and Executive branches, becomes clear to all but the idiot, strangely, the will of a significant portion of the American public is likely to bend decisively towards blatant socialist ideologies, thereby sabotaging any hope for accountability.

Key Dates: September 1, 7

During the month of October:

It is very likely that October 2014 will be looked back upon as the point in time in which the credibility of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is beyond possibility of repair. During this time, the behavior and actions of the Obama administration will be regarded as being utterly dishonorable, leading to controversies regarding the legality of most of the administration’s actions.

Despite this all, and creating quite the paradox, a national sense of stability prevails, but makes the American people ripe for exploitation, and the stars indicate that the nation’s well-educated and well-dressed con-men and con-women, are ready to take advantage.

From the middle of the month to its end, and coincidental to the October 23 Solar Partial Eclipse at roughly zero-degrees, twenty-four-minutes Scorpio, President Obama’s already severely damaged credibility is likely to suffer a bit more.

Key Dates: October 1, 5, 6, 8, 14, 20, 23, 25

During the month of November:

Sometime during the first week of the month there is likely to be some chatter regarding actions taken by the current administration, which, ethically, are of a highly questionable nature. Big surprise, huh? This political upset may be rooted in unrest regarding military matters (and a potential for military call-up).

From mid-month to month’s end, it is likely to be a time when the national spirit is beset by gloom and significant tension. During this time it is likely that the American people will pay some sort of price for the prior malfeasance of the Legislative and Executive branches of government.

Key Dates: November 5, 8, 12, 20, 28

During the month of December:

The month begins with the national spirit in a state of depression and nervous tension, and through the first week of the month, a collective lethargy.

Matters of unethical behavior on the part of government are likely to be a popular topic among thinking-Americans and the non-corporate media, with some small token acknowledgments by corporate media.

Key Dates: December 1, 8, 21, 28

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