Excepting the members of her cult of boot-licking sycophantic followers, is there anyone left in America who does not think that every time Hillary Clinton says something there is a good chance that what issues forth from her yap is going to be a big pile of Bolshevik? Of course, there has been almost zero public accountability for Ms. Clinton’s many Bolshevik stories, this due to the American corporate media being primarily comprised of either Clinton’s friends, allies sharing the same political objectives, or the aforementioned members of her cult of boot-licking sycophantic followers. But facts are facts. A quick review: Clinton’s claims of Russian hacking and the 2016 Election? Well, recent revelations suggest Ms. Clinton as being full of Bolshevik. (Were Seth Rich alive I’m sure he’d agree!) Ms. Clinton’s down-play of the Russian Uranium One deal (involving her so-called charity)? Apparently, and in light of recent revelations, her statements that this issue has already been, “debunked,” may also prove to be pure Bolshevik. Taking a step back to before the 2016 Election, what about Hillary Clinton’s explanations regarding her alleged violations of the law in the infamous email scandal? According to tomes of data conflicting with her story (thank you, Judicial Watch), it looks like another big pile of HRC’s Bolshevik! Even her claims as to why she believes she lost the 2016 Presidential Election, detailed in her recent book, seem to suggest that, and once again, Ms. Clinton is totally full of Bolshevik!

The verdict? Hillary Rodham-Clinton is a total Bolshevik-artist!

Carpe Noctem



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