For the past seven years I have written about America’s looming Pluto-return – the point in time when this small and distant stellar body will return to the same zodiacal degree it occupied when the USA was founded. As Pluto takes a long time to complete a full rotation of the zodiac, this coming return will be the very first time since the birth of the nation that this has occurred. I have predicted that the influences of this Pluto-return will determine the Fate of the USA for the next approximately 240 years – or less. While I do not have a previous Pluto-return to rely upon for a benchmark, I have been so far doing very well in establishing Pluto’s role in past and current conditions, as well as my prediction for how the nation would be influenced by Pluto’s future motion through the zodiac. Recent events have led me towards even greater confidence in the accuracy of my prediction regarding this Pluto-return as being pivotal in establishing not only whether or not the USA will continue to exist, but also the condition it will maintain should the nation’s future be extended.
So far, my work has proved that, in the horoscope of a nation, the role of Pluto is akin to its role in the horoscope of a person. Think of it this way: in a person’s horoscope, the planet Saturn has much to do with the individual’s personal Fate, whereas Pluto will give insights as to that same person’s role within the Fate of the collective, or in other words, that individual’s role and experiences during the times in which he or she lives. Pluto will also reveal the areas in that person’s life where he or she will experience extremes in their life’s conditions, or perhaps extremes in emotional responses, or extremes in their personal views. Specifically for the USA, Pluto’s position in the second horoscopic house ties America’s Fate to the nation’s collective values and attitudes towards monetary policy. Correlative to Pluto’s influencing an atmosphere of extremes, America has become a nation with extreme and widely divergent views on both the matters of shared values, as well as monetary policy! It could also be stated that, Pluto’s occupation of America’s second house clearly reveals America’s role in the world community, that is, the setting of social standards for the whole world, as well as America’s role in the finances of nearly every nation on Earth, and in these things, the uncomfortable nature of Plutonian extremes is again seen. (Antebellum America’s divergent views on the matter of slavery would be one good example, as would present day America’s divergent views on socialized health care and DACA be two more.) It should be noted that, and if my predictions prove accurate, as Pluto continues to move towards its return, these extreme and divergent life’s philosophies will intensify, and the hostilities held by emotionally-driven people towards the intellectually-driven segments of the population will grow.

Pluto’s current dance around the USA’s second house cusp and current events are no coincidence. On April 21, 2017 Pluto turned retrograde, having reached 19-degrees and 24-minutes of Capricorn prior to changing directions, putting its influences fairly deep into America’s second house. Retrograde motion took Pluto back to near the cusp of the house (a point of sensitivity) and subsequent direct motion on September 29, 2017 served as the trigger point (no pun intended) for future events. While not the primary stellar influence (I consider it as secondary) connected to the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, within two days of Pluto’s direct motion the nation suffered significant loss of life at the hands of an emotionally-driven and hateful left-wing extremist, suggesting the mass-murderer’s motivation as being a challenge to the nation’s current collective values. (The primary influence was the 90-degree angle (a square) cast from transiting Uranus (in retrograde motion) to the USA’s horoscopic Pluto, warning of violent acts of fanaticism connected to Utopian (communist, socialist, fascist, liberal, progressive) ideologies.


In this on-going ideological civil war that has gripped the nation, one of the most significant challenges America is facing at this time is that slightly less than half the warring population is motivated entirely by ego and emotion (the liberals), and the other group, currently a hair’s breadth greater in numbers (the conservatives), is motivated by intellect.

Unfortunately, this creates a no-win situation.

The reason that it is ‘no-win’ is because when people are bound to frenzied emotions and violent ego-driven rage the intellect is, at least temporarily, disengaged. Bound to ego and emotion, they are not only blind to their own folly, but blind to their irrational socioeconomic positions, as well as blind to their unreasonable treatment of their fellow citizens. Debates between conservatives and liberals are rarely fruitful due to the conservative’s drawing upon reason to establish his or her position, versus the liberal’s position being established upon his or her feelings or ego-driven motives. Thus, much like a parent dealing with an overly-tired cranky child throwing a tantrum, there is no reasoning with the liberals, but only the enforcing of rules under the threat of “time out.” The main difference between these liberals and an over-tired tantrum-throwing child is, however, the fact that the liberals are steadily metastasizing into a violent communistic revolutionary force bent on overthrowing the legal government of the USA.

Empirical research and analysis for the years 1912 through 2017 as it relates to the correlation of stellar influence and the rise of Utopian ideologies, as well as the threat these ideologies pose to the sovereignty of the USA and the freedom of her people, stand on my side as overwhelming evidence that the “Red Menace” – once rightfully feared to be operating within and against the USA – never did somehow simply fade away, but instead persisted in quiet, and now presents itself as an emboldened insurgency. Based upon the message in the stars, the preservation of the USA and the cause of freedom requires that conservatives not only stop erroneously referring to themselves as “right wingers,” but correctly refer to the bigoted, violent and hate-filled liberals and progressives by their true names, those being “communist” and “traitor,” and deal with them exactly as any sane nation deals with domestic enemies.


The Outer Planets Are Evil

Because the influences of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) is far more harmful than helpful, they are regarded by astrologers as malefics, meaning their influences are evil. Currently, the outer planets occupy the zodiac in this manner, and exert their influences upon the whole world: Uranus, posited in Aries, relates to rebellion for the sake of rebellion, with those of weak or poor character influenced more profoundly. Neptune, posited in Pisces, relates to the harboring of overly-idealistic life’s philosophies and unrealistic plans for the present and future, with those of weak or poor character more greatly influenced. Pluto, posited in Capricorn, relates to extremes in emotions towards structures of authority and tradition, with those of weak or poor character driven to irrational and unreasonable behavior, as well as acts of violence.

Those people within the USA right now whose emotions are wildly inflamed due to current political and sociological conditions (characterized by frenzied states of mind, paranoia, engaging in threats of violence or engaging in acts of violence) are accurately identified as being under the influence of Pluto, and in that, their having an evil influence upon the nation. In other words, according to the stars, these emotionally-driven hate-filled communist-types are, and without question, enemies of America.

I’ll explain.

While the planet Neptune represents both communist and socialist ideologies, it is now without question the influences of the planet Uranus that incites the more emotionally-driven segments of society to break down traditional structures, allowing for the fraud and deception of Neptune’s overly idealistic Utopianism to gain ground.

Mind you, some change is good, but the brand brought by the influences of Uranus is almost never beneficial to mankind. And while the influences of Neptune do in fact lead men and women to dream of what could be, this value is always negated by Neptune’s propensity towards fraud and deception. Additionally, though the influences of Pluto do coincide with the gaining of deeper understanding of the human psyche (especially as it relates to matters concerning power and influence), the mass-emotional extremes triggered by Pluto scar humanity in ways far greater than does the field of psychology benefit. (Pluto does seem to take delight in mankind’s wickedness, watching from afar as mankind engages in its most horrific inhumanity and atrocities.) What is most alarming is the fact that the emotionally-driven segment of society is proving to be very easily influenced by the motions of Pluto. 

Pluto’s transiting a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) at the time Uranus is transiting the sign of Aries does seem to correlate to the sowing of the seeds of civil division, which is then followed by large-scale mass murder. The events of this current day are a repetition of the events by which the forces of communism, socialism and fascism began their murderous rise to power roughly one hundred years ago. Keep in mind that if history, and stellar influence upon mass psychology, repeats, then as Uranus enters into the sign of Taurus, clear lines of opposition will be drawn. Nations will be divided internally, as well as stand against one another. Like those supposed egalitarian-minded partcipants in the infamous Red Terror and Great Purge of Russia, the segment of American society who frequently use terms such as “peace and love,” ad nauseam, will likely be the first to run to the opportunity to commit heinous acts of torture and murder upon any and all who do not agree with their Utopian ideologies. These people do in fact constitute the most dangerous part of American society and, for the sake of the Republic, must be monitored and, when appropriate, apprehended, prosecuted and incarcerated.

Carpe Noctem

Robert W. Usher III


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