Looking past the foot-stomping tantrums of the petulant little bullies currently catching the spotlight, the lies and tortured statistics belonging to the corporate media’s army of demagogic cons masquerading as journalists, as well as the daily dose of attempted emotional manipulation coming from the greater body of the nation’s Democrats, and it is found that there is in reality but two primary motivations behind the collective Left’s push for so-called gun-control- a term which, for them, is synonymous with eventual total gun confiscation.

The first of the two primary reasons that liberals, progressives, socialists, communists and fascists (all Utopians in their various forms) want to disarm the USA is that they are painfully aware of their own violent and hate-filled natures, and know that due to these ugly urges they themselves cannot be trusted with responsible firearms ownership. They then project their own hate-filled violent nature onto America’s conservatives, erroneously believing that since we disagree with them politically, we must also feel inclined to do the same to them that they wish to do to us- commit murder. But as conservatives, we don’t think that way. It is our reverence for the law and the belief in everyone’s right to liberty (even those with whom we disagree) that guides our actions. Thus, for a true conservative, the thought of taking violent action against someone with whom we disagree is inconceivable- especially with a firearm. Win or lose, we settle our differences at the ballot box. In this first instance, which boils down to the psychological phenomenon of projection, the Utopians are completely wrong.

The second of the two primary reasons that Utopians wish to disarm America is due to the inherent characteristics of the economic policies attached to all Utopian ideologies. In the cases of modern-liberalism, progressivism (the mirror-image of fascism), socialism and communism, implementation of these ideologies begins with theft of private property and the product of labor, and concludes with slavery, and far too often, is accompanied by periods of mass-murder in between. Ergo, even if the Utopians were to gain complete control of the USA’s military, implementing such horrors (which in their self-delusions they imagine to be paradise) would be a near-impossibility with almost half of the USA’s population armed. Thus, the second primary motivating reason for the Utopians’ advocating gun control is as sinister as the first – it is to render the nation’s citizenry defenseless and then steal the product of our labor, make slaves of us, and kill those of us they may feel are problematic to their cause. In the case of this second primary reason, the Utopians are correct, as it can be assured that conservatives will use firearms in a responsible manner- to defend the USA, the Constitution, the cause of liberty and to defend innocent lives against the violent hate-filled henchmen of the world’s wealthy would-be tyrants.

Carpe Noctem,