Utopianism: the ideological fantasy of creating the perfect society through progressivism, modern liberalism, communism, socialism, fascism, or anarchism.

The great irony of Utopian ideology is that due to the selfishness, avarice, intolerance and violent lawless nature of those who naturally gravitate towards any of the Utopian ideologies, the Utopians are inherently incapable of maintaining, or existing within, such systems, and it is only those liberty-minded men and women who oppose Utopianism that could actually make it work. And as history demonstrates, often when the Utopians come to a position of absolute power, the first thing they do is intimidate, incarcerate, torture and murder all influential non-Utopians, leaving only violent, hate-filled, selfish Utopians left to administer the system, and thereby ensuring the failure of the system (Soviet Union, China, North Korea, etc.). The irony concludes with a paradox in that the only way to make any form of Utopian ideology work is to first exile to some remote corner of the Earth all of those men and women of a Utopian mind-set, leaving only those men and women with sufficiently good character to oppose any sort of Utopian system left to administer and participate in said system, which, of course, their collective good character would forbid them from participating.