I’m not star struck. I am, however, political, and due to the powerful influence that Hollywood has upon the nation, I do keep an eye on what’s going on there. Wow. What a bunch of freaks. Also, having long ago made an attempt to break into Hollywood myself as a screen and television writer, I am painfully aware of the widespread cheating and outright theft of creative material that exists within Hollywood’s production side. With some exceptions, the behind-the-scenes world of America’s motion picture and television industries is one big bucket of swap scum. And while I have no experience in dealing with it, my instincts tell me that the very same is true with America’s music industry. But what can we expect? These people comprise the entertainment arm of the very same corporate media collective (CMC) that delivers to America a daily dose of demagogic manipulation of fact regarding current events, and then unabashedly calls it journalism. We now call their product “fake news.”

This term, “fake news” was actually coined by former President Obama’s team during the 2016 US Election out of frustration when the presumed DNC successor to Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton was rejected by the majority in America who could legally vote. This obvious frustration of no longer being able to manipulate the vote by skewed polls being reported by fraud-journalists and broadcast in hypnotic repetition led the Obama team to attack the nation’s rising true journalism (such as Breitbart) with this term “fake news” but which was, and in such a delicious irony, then turned 180-degrees back towards them – the “real fake news,” or corporate media collective – and perhaps most notably, by President Trump himself.

While the extremes of Hollywood’s bizarre and shameful reaction to the Trump Presidential victory was a surprise to most conservatives, it was not a surprise to me, as I was expecting to see some variation of exactly what has played out since November 8, 2016. I was expecting this reaction for two reasons. The first being that, and as the much maligned former Senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy pointed out, Hollywood is filled with ardent communists, and to that I add, a whole lot of socialists, too. President Donald J. Trump is the antithesis of either a communist or a socialist, thus, the outcome of the election was the antithesis of their tender little hopes and dreams of a continued undermining of American sovereignty and furthering the cause of globalist-socialism. (These popular but self-destructive Utopian ideologies are an inclination that, and sadly so, exists in the overly-idealistic and unrealistic minds of so many creative and artistic people.) And what happens when members of this praise-hungry group’s every spoken word are not met with sycophantic exaltation or they do not get their way? A petulant frenzy.

But there is a second reason why I was expecting this sort of reaction from Hollywood, and it is also what I believe to be the root cause for the exacerbation of the condition brought about by the first reason, which, due to the almost inconceivably narcissistic nature of many screen and television actors and actresses, as well as musicians, should have burnt out on its own by now. This second reason is found in the motivations of the big money earners in Hollywood. Those for whom receiving a percentage of the profits of a single block-buster film equates to a king’s ransom.

I realize that while sometimes I take the long road in getting to my point, it usually pays off for the reader to follow me, so bear with me on this, please. And while this next point may seem a bit off topic, it is in fact relevant to the greater point, that being the suggestion that the CMC may harbor a propensity to manipulate, not only the outcome of American elections, but US trade relations and economic policy, as well.

It is amazing to me how self-glorifying and full of themselves are the various high-profile members of the CMC, especially those from Hollywood. Just think of all the televised awards programs. On and on they go about themselves. Amidst all their self-praise, on occasion, and usually in the process of some form of licking their own boots, their arrogance will lead them to inadvertently expose some unflattering aspect of themselves or their industry.

The airing of the CBS program 60 Minutes, coincidentally preceding the second Presidential Debate, on Sunday, October 9, 2016, was one of those occasions.

As a blogger analyzing and reporting on past, present and potential future US and world events, this program was a gold mine. Not that it was filled with the product of good journalism, but instead, valuable information in terms of the lengths the CMC was willing to go to in what could be regarded by some as an attempt to manipulate the outcome of a presidential election. This segment began with a story on the potential for America to one day face the prospect of nuclear war and America’s readiness, or lack thereof, to meet such a challenge, for which the summary conclusion was that the prospect was, “greater than one might think,” and that the nation’s readiness for war was intact. Now, either by pure coincidence or something more nefarious (and unless some CBS executive comes forward we will never know which it is) for weeks prior to the airing of this piece, the Clinton Campaign had been running television commercials carrying a message intended to instill a fear of the possibility of nuclear war, and that in the face of such a challenge, a Clinton presidency was the nation’s best choice. (Okay, now hold in your mind the image of Hillary, and in that infamous condescending tone, cackling, “Oh! Conspiracy theory!”)

But now to the purpose, it was the show’s later segment on the current relationship between China and the American movie industry that served to illuminate me on this matter of Hollywood’s hypocrisy and betrayal of America. This 60 Minutes segment revealed that, on average, and due to China’s vast population, the staggering profits that are made here in America on a block-buster movie are calculated by a multiplier of approximately 1.5 when the movie hits the box office in China. This CBS program also revealed that it has been only in recent years that Chinese sensors have been allowing Hollywood’s movies into the still strict communist nation, and that the reason the sensors have become lenient is due to the current trade deals that are making so many citizens of Communist China into millionaires. (Remember, every communist is a liar and a hypocrite!) I’ll reiterate: the wealth that would normally be circulating in the American economy, but, and due to self-injurious trade deals either promoted or supported by former Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, has found its way to China, has opened the door for Hollywood to slip its movies past Chinese sensors, and reap the big money earners in Hollywood a multiplier of approximately 1.5 on their motion picture productions.

This is the very same trade arrangement that since the middle 1990s so many pro-America economists warned would destroy the American working and middle-classes, and which President Donald J. Trump has threatened to renegotiate. If you’re still reading, then you’re most likely smart enough to comprehend by now what appears to be the real motivation behind Hollywood’s virulent anti-Trump movement.

Like former Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, who sequentially sold the American people down the Yangtze River for the benefit of the obviously America-hating manufacturing industry, so has now the obviously America-hating Hollywood big money earning sector sold the American people down the Yangtze River yet again, and now for the sake of greater profits upon their already immense movie profits. See? Every communist is a liar and a hypocrite.

And now, We the People suffer a daily barrage of condemnation and ridicule by the CMC, who in their vain efforts to shame those of us who support President Trump, are simultaneously working to inflame the passions of anti-American radicals (ANTIFA, etc.) living within the USA, and whether the CMC is intentionally trying to incite violent insurgency within the USA or not (which, I believe, if it were to be the case, would be a serious felony), it is at the least inadvertently accomplishing just that.

Just like the CMC’s demagogic propagandists, who while masquerading as journalists, push their “fake news” out to the American people every day in hopes of leading the USA towards continued self-injury, so has the CMC’s entertainment arm, Hollywood, proven its disloyalty to the American people through its willingness to rob the American working and middle classes of domestic industry all so that they can heap greater profits atop already immense profits.

Based upon these discoveries, one rational deduction would be to assume that Hollywood’s big money earners are doing all they can to both pressure and rally those beneath them, to keep the fires of division burning in America in hopes that the Trump Administration will be too otherwise encumbered to tackle the China trade arrangement. I’ve deduced this because, at this time, Hollywood’s smaller earners, in their having taken on the role of some sort of social goon squad, do in fact seem to be doing all they can to incite an atmosphere of obstruction towards the Trump Administration in the public’s eye. In reality, what they are obstructing is the return of good paying jobs – the kind that only come from thriving industry – back to their own parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, neighbors and countrymen. How selfish.

In my opinion, Senator Joe McCarthy was no liar, and Hollywood truly is a bucket of commie swamp scum, and collectively, an enemy of the American people. And I’ll say it yet one more time: every communist is a liar and a hypocrite.

I am going to do my part as an American citizen and boycott, to the best of my ability, the product of Hollywood. And while I will not cut out of my life those around me who do not follow me in this effort, I will constantly remind them that patronizing the product of Hollywood, is, in my opinion, the enrichment of people who either hate America, or who could not care less about the USA’s welfare, as well as being the enrichment of Communist China’s new oligarchy, the latter being an un-American act, and ultimately serving to add to the great injuries the American people are already suffering.

Carpe Noctem,




Through the millennia, and in all four quarters of the globe, men and women have faced the challenge of living under one form of tyranny or another. This state of the human condition originates in the matter of the human conscience, or lack thereof. Those men and women with a conscience seek fair and equitable relations with others, while those without a conscience see those who strive towards such things as being weak and ripe for exploitation. Thus, the human condition is such that those without conscience will always strive to subjugate those whose conscience bars them from subjugating others. That this condition places those with a conscience at a great disadvantage is incontrovertible. Ergo, from the time of ancient Sumer, men and women of conscience have been striving towards building law-based government of society for the purpose of balancing the inequity between men and women of conscience, and those without conscience, the latter whom we refer to now in this modern age as sociopaths. History teaches that none have been one-hundred-percent successful in building the perfect society. I believe that, and due to the nature of mankind, Utopia is an impossibility. But what was started in the American colonies in 1776, and what it has evolved into since that time, is, as far as my research has yielded, the best that humanity is capable of in making a civilized society.

Free your mind from the sociopaths’ deception by allowing yourself to meditate for just a moment on this notion: Based upon what we have been taught about history, give consideration to the varying states of the world over the past 5,000 years. Consider that the age of the USA (241 years) spans less than five-percent of that 5,000 year block of time, and yet, within this small fraction of humanity’s civilized experience, this nation has legally established the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by all men and women regardless of color or religion – legally established rights that the nation’s courts uphold for everyone year after year. Consider that what has happened within America’s borders in this relatively short period of time has not only made an impression upon the whole world, but changed a large potion of the world for the better, as well as not only having exposed the forces of tyranny, but having put those tyrannical forces on the defensive. If the preceding words do not lead one to understand the importance of the USA’s constitutional form of government, in its unadulterated and undiluted form, as it relates to the positive evolution of the whole world, then I believe one is utterly unreachable. Moreover, if in regards to the nation’s courts recognizing equality among all men and women, one cites the rocky road from America’s first days to the achievements of this present day as proof of a flaw in America or the Constitution, then one is either an idiot or a liar, because society’s developing in this manner is the way of humanity.

Under a law-based system wherein the inalienable rights of the individual are both recognized and protected by government, the sociopath is given no advantage. However, under any other form of government, be it monarchy, dictatorship, communism, socialism, fascism, tribalism, etc., the sociopath is given a definite advantage. The sociopath thrives in an environment of tyranny, and thus the sociopath is always working towards, or supporting, the establishment of tyranny. And while the condition of tyranny is formally defined as oppressive rule by government, fundamentally, I regard it as being just another form of slavery, but in this case, the ‘slave owner’ is comprised of the administrators of the state. Slavery is amongst the most vile things that men and women devoid of conscience have forced upon the world, and it manifests in various forms. The oldest form of slavery is chattel slavery, and next to it, monarchy’s division by class renders the peasant a slave to the aristocracy. The vassalage of the old world, and debt-slavery created by usury, were later forms. In modernity, communism, socialism and fascism not only make slaves of the masses to the administrators of each of these systems, but strive towards even the regulation of the individual’s thoughts. In the case of any man or woman who has their right to follow a path of their own choosing to their desired life’s destination, countermanded by the tyranny of fascism, socialism, communism, etc., by this they are made just as much a slave as was any man or woman who lived in human bondage in ancient Egypt, in ancient Greece or Rome, in Arabia, under the British monarchy, or as a chattel slave or indentured servant in early America.

In every successful used car salesman there must exist some measure of sociopathy. It’s a job requirement. That is why so many men who are disliked for other reasons connected to anti-social or dishonest behavior are associated with used car salesmen. No one can sell as well as a sociopath because the sociopath’s advantage is both the ability to deceive and a lack of conscience. By adulthood, the sociopath has developed the skill of telling people what they want hear in order to achieve his or her own personal goals. Thus, the sociopaths have instilled in the minds of many women and men that systems of government such as communism, socialism and fascism are ‘kinder, gentler forms of slavery’ – forms of slavery that can be trusted. This pitch zeroes in on a frailty in the human character which gives some men and women the inclination towards, and preference for, being ruled over in exchange for being taken care of (the tranquility of servitude) versus bravely living lives of liberty and self-determination. However, there must also be some measure of sociopathy within all who acquiesce to, and support, communistic, socialistic and fascistic movements, due to the selfishness required to willingly support the state’s confiscation and redistribution of one’s neighbors property and assets (theft) as well as the selfishness required to willingly cast one’s neighbor into a state of subservience to the state (slavery). Indeed it takes a special variety of either deviate or dummy (or both) to willingly make slaves of their own family and friends, as well as their neighbors and countrymen. This last statement takes on a greater significance in regards to this present day, as there exists tomes of historical records to demonstrate beyond any doubt the heinous brutality and mass murder the sociopathic administrators of communism, socialism and fascism will engage in once in power. I find it inconceivable that anyone mentally capable of tying a pair of shoes cannot see the danger in handing over such power to those men and women with a desire to rule over others, as well as the inability to grasp the fact that under any of the Utopian systems, ultimately, the parasites will outnumber the producers, and at that time, the money will stop flowing, the food and medicine will run short, the boilers will go cold and the lights will go out.

Outrageous is the hypocrisy of the Democrats, the liberals and the progressives (as well as those actual communists, socialists, fascists, etc., operating within America) to constantly, and from one side of their mouths, denounce the obvious evils of chattel slavery in early America (something the Democratic party supported at that time) but then from the other side of their mouths, to tout the so-called benefits of the ‘kinder gentler forms of slavery’ found in communism, fascism and socialism. And beyond their hypocrisy, they lie outright. The last 100 years have proven that ‘kinder and gentler they are not, and that communism, socialism and fascism are in fact among the most brutal forms of slavery. While a large portion of those who just this past year were ‘with her’ or ‘feeling the Bern’ will prove to be unreachable (sociopaths cannot be reasoned with based upon ‘right or wrong’, but do understand the concept of consequences) it is now up to America’s conservatives to remind as many of them as is possible that slavery in any form is wrong.

Carpe Noctem,





So, what is America’s Legislative Branch of government up to today? How about the USA’s Judicial Branch? Or, and especially so, America’s Executive Branch? In terms of America’s horoscope for Friday, August 29, 2014, and based upon the degrees of the zodiac occupied by both Saturn and Neptune, whatever actions ANY of these entities engages in, or may be contemplating engaging in, it is nearly assured that at some future date it will prove to be damaging to the USA, and will ultimately be recognized as a deception upon the American people.

Keywords for this stellar influence: Lies, frauds, mass deceptions, corporate media, calumny, the bearing of false witness for political gains, conspiracy, betrayals, the act of treason, false flags, plots of assassination, chemical weapons attacks.

This influence is not to be taken lightly, and the reader should keep in mind that, and due to the deception and secret activity associated with it, the manifestations of this influence may not be readily visible. However, a careful eye upon the activities of America’s elected officeholders today should be very revealing in terms of offering clues to what lies below the line of visibility.

Carpe Noctem,




This may come as a stretch of the imagination to some, but for those who have the ability to see through the illusion, and who have also been paying attention to American and world affairs, the reason for the wild popularity of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead may be due not only to the series’ nail-biting storyline and powerful character development, but in a large part to the phenomenon of fiction follows life.  I’ll clarify:  It is very clear that the world’s financial elite, in its conspiracy with rogue factions within the government of the USA (as well as the governments of most every western European nation, the most industrially prolific Asian nations, as well as the governments of the most militarily predominant nations in the Middle East) have all become heavily involved in the devouring of those who are not part of their own self-appointed aristocracy.  When viewed from a spiritual perspective, the allegory is clear: these aforementioned entities are essentially animated cadavers (soulless beings) driven by the most primitive of urges, manifested in an irresistible drive to devour the ‘flesh’ of the living.  And, we – the living – are obligated to defend ourselves from them, as well as obligated to avoid allowing ourselves to become infected by them with their incurable virus, lest we become exactly like them, that is, spiritually dead, and thus losing ourselves to those same primitive urges, and turning to devour those around us.

Thus, in my opinion, and looking at the matter through the eyes of this allegory, elected officeholders such as John Boehner and Harry Reid, for example, are, and without question in my mind, among the ‘walking dead’ – a couple of spiritually-dead cannibals.  Just like the zombies in the Walking Dead, the zombies that have long-comprised our government, are infected with a disease, the primary symptom of which is parasitism (a sort of social cannibalism) which in turn manifests as avarice, usury, graft, and defrauding the citizenry.  They hold no patriotism to the USA, nor do they have any concern for the well-being of the American people, and like any zombie, are driven by the most primitive of urges: seize the warm flesh of a living being and bite, chew and swallow.

In the analysis of the horoscope of the USA, the degrees of the zodiac occupied by several planets from April 19 through April 21, 2014, suggest America as being subject to a time of theft and misappropriation of the nation’s public and private resources, as well as a time of quiet governmental abuse of authority, all of which is wrapped in a veil of deception.  Additionally, America’s horoscope indicates the day of the nineteenth, specifically, as one on which the nation’s CEO is inclined to ‘force himself’ upon the nation – some sort of political maneuver, perhaps, that is akin to the act of rape.

It is all very much in the same vein as the ‘walking dead’ devouring the living, is it not?

Carpe Noctem,


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*This post is in reference to my April 10, 2014 prediction (scroll down).

From David Horowitz’s Freedom Center’s Front Page Magazine, April 11, 2014:


Also, here’s an excerpt from my year 2014, ‘MONTH-BY-MONTH ANALYSIS’, and from my predictions specifically for the month of April:

“There is the potential for the USA to face legal problems in multiple areas, the first of which can involve the illegal use of military force against a foreign nation, the second legal issue can involve domestic matters pertaining to actions taken by the Executive branch which are in conflict with US Constitutional law.



Espionage, sabotage, theft of sensitive data, and acts of treason, are all figured prominently in the USA’s horoscope today and tomorrow.  Given the current goings on, one might reasonably ask, are the potential victims of these criminal acts government agencies and/or defense contractors, or are the potential victims the American people?  Stellar influences indicate that potential perpetrators are not only foreign operatives, but rogue elements within the US government, the latter certainly being classified as, “acts of treason.”  Ergo, the answer is ‘both’.  Unfortunately, this same stellar influence is also correlative to plots of violence and assassination both by the US government, as well as against the US government.

Additional stellar influences indicate the larger part of the American people as subject to being easily influenced, and even effectively swindled, especially by political fanatics from both the radical Left, and the radical Right.

At this same time, the nation’s CEO is indicated as being inclined towards a fanatical, and ruthless, striving for power, and may be observed criticizing the opposing party, and forming alliances in preparation for a political counter attack.  Sadly, the stars do suggest the nation’s chief executive as having some degree of luck in emotionally manipulating a large portion of the public, while only the more objective and observant citizens will recognize his arrogance and disingenuousness.

Carpe Noctem,


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Here comes the bamboozle, America!

Two figures are prominent in the USA horoscope today, indicated as potentially emerging from either the government, and/or corporate media.  The first is a man of fair complexion, and perhaps connected to the military or law enforcement, and the other, a man of dark complexion and likely possessing either a degree in law, or perhaps connected to the clergy in some way.  Both men are liars, and seek to emotionally manipulate the people of the USA.  Both men will likely speak of political ‘reform’.

I apologize that I cannot offer more information in the form of exactly what the objective of these swindlers might be.

It will prove interesting to me if either of these figures address the mass-stabbing at the school in PA, which occurred today, April 9, as this sort of cultural meltdown is the very product of the policies that have been imposed upon America by men of their same ilk.  It is likely that, any sort of solution these two demagogic swindlers will offer to the public in regards to this matter, will prove to be of the very same mechanism that exacerbates just such an issue. (Remember, China is still one of the most oppressive regimes on Earth, and even under such extreme controls, mass-stabbings are a fairly common occurrence there.)

The primary cause of violence in the USA is rooted in a diminishing respect towards one’s neighbors’ right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness – and the cause of this diminishing respect is due directly to the horrifying example being set by America’s elected officeholders’ by their disrespect for the American peoples’ right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Yes, I believe that the root-cause for America’s cultural problems is the example being set by America’s politicians, and their disrespect for the rights and wellbeing of the American people, as well as our foreign neighbors.

Until the day comes when the American people, en mass (and that means full participation by even the idiots and fanatics from both team Red and team Blue) hold the USA’s elected representatives to the highest standards, then all the knee-jerk legislation that can possibly be dreamt of, will not make a bit of difference in curbing mass violence.

My apologies for stating the obvious, but America’s horoscope suggests the potential for public discourse on the matter of violence, and for additional acts of violence to be committed on this day.

Carpe Noctem,



Analysis of America’s horoscope for Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8-9, 2014, reveals the likelihood of the nation’s CEO, or someone else within the Executive branch, to either conceive of, or perhaps, reveal to the public, some sort of ‘idea’ by which to change America in some way.  Readers may note that I did not state ‘change America for the better’, but simply ‘change’, because there is absolutely nothing that I can see in America’s horoscope to support the notion that any sort of idea conceived of, or revealed to the American public, by which to change America, is positive, constructive, or beneficial.  In fact, it would appear as though that the implementation of such an idea as which may be revealed at this time, is most likely to have the opposite effect, that is, it will result in doing some sort of injury to America.  Thus, it should be kept in mind that, usually, ideas such as this are accompanied by politicians’ promises of results that are the exact opposite of the likely (or secretly-desired) outcome.

Sort of like the whole idea about providing “affordable” socialized health care for everyone in America!

But there is hope!  It would appear as though, that at this same time, the political enemies of the current Administration will seize the opportunity to publicly criticize any sort of proposed alterations or additions to US policy or law, and whether or not the true motives of these critics are pure does not matter, as they will likely provide some sort of defense for the whole of the American people against self-serving stratagems wrapped in veils of magnanimity.

So, got any more bright ideas, Mr. President?

Stellar influences upon America’s horoscope for today and tomorrow also suggest that the nation’s CEO may face some sort of comeuppance by the very people whose toes he has trampled upon in the past, and this may manifest in the form of some information being released in the hopes of creating a scandal.

Yes, for those of us who still hope to lead the world to Liberty by example (as opposed to simply leading the world, and this being accomplished through military occupation) the behavior of the USA’s elected office holders from both the Republican and Democratic parties is as disappointing as it is embarrassing.  But chins up, America!  There is likely still some small portion of the world that realizes that while these Republican and Democratic reprobates do in fact represent We the People in Washington, DC, they do not yet serve as an accurate representation of the true characters of all the American people!

Thus, I will again pose the question: Are free men and women ‘led’?

Carpe Noctem,



Beware the con-artist!

Today’s stellar influences upon America’s horoscope warn of the potential for a large mass of the American public to be effectively mislead or swindled by a highly polished orator and/or an effective demagogue.  This stellar influence suggests the involvement of the corporate media, as well as the potential for some sort of government report, or spokesperson on behalf of the government.  Clues as to the identity of this con-artist, or con-artists: a strong socialist bent in political leanings; talk of Utopian scenarios.

Good luck, America!

Carpe Noctem



In light of Piers Morgan’s recent parting of ways with CNN, as well as his final blast of anti-American propaganda, I thought that a review of my past (2013) astrological judgment upon him was appropriate.  (Scroll down to the bold print!)


“So, is Piers Morgan bad for America?  In my astrological opinion, the answer is an absolute ‘yes’.  Morgan’s apparent self-righteous opposition regarding cultural matters within a nation to which he is a foreigner is no surprise when looking at the degree of his Jupiter, and that is because his own values are in almost perfect opposition to those of the USA.  Moreover, this can even suggest a situation wherein he is frequently caught up in his own b.s. and plays martyr to his own lies.  Considering Neptune’s frequent association with matters of fraud and deception, in my own astrological opinion, and when looking at the conjunction of Morgan’s Neptune to this evil point of roughly 22-degrees Scorpio in America’s horoscope, I see no possibility of his representing even any sort of ‘sincere-though-misplaced-ideal’, but instead, his simply being an agent of fraud and deception, and possibly even plots and conspiracies.  Mind you, I am not saying that this is the case, but with this sort of stellar relationship between his and the USA’s nativities, one could imagine that, Mr. Morgan might have ameliorated some of his legal problems in England by serving as an agent of espionage and sabotage against America in the service of the British Crown.  But while that might require quite a stretch of the imagination, these are among the types of stellar relationships I have found between the USA’s nativity and the horoscopes of those whom work against America’s best interests.  Again, on its own, this aspect is insufficient to say that Piers Morgan truly is an agent of espionage and sabotage in service to the British Crown, but, in my astrological opinion, I do believe that it is cause to warrant the State Department looking at Mr. Morgan and his presence and purpose here in the USA a bit more closely.

In any case, fear not, as the combined charts of the USA and Piers Morgan suggest that, while he will enjoy a period of favorable treatment by the public, he will eventually fall forever from favor in the American public’s eye, and likely find himself having worn out his welcome to remain in the USA as well.”

Carpe Noctem


P.S. Readers may wish to view the original post in its entirety (once there, scroll down towards the bottom): http://robertwilliamusher.com/judiciumastrologica/2013/02


Saturday – Today we are reminded that corruption never sleeps.  Despite this being a Saturday, it is likely that some number of those who have been entrusted with the power of public office are actively engaged in the betraying of the country to the personal aspirations of some number of wealthy financiers.  Connected to this, and in the works, is a delusive trick of some sort.  Figured most prominently in America’s horoscope as the source of this cunning is the Senate, and to a lesser degree, members of the Executive Branch.  Somehow connected to this trickery is the planned exploitation of the USA’s armed forces.  There is also the suggestion that advanced technology is somehow involved in the matter.

Speaking of the White House, the degrees of Mars hint at an extravagant and irresponsible use of public resources – an issue that has apparently caught the attention of political watchdogs in the past.  If in fact the case, this sort of profligate spending would be corresponding to what I have interpreted as the President’s undue pride and overconfidence – a condition that is likely becoming glaring to those closest to him.  Perhaps an ostentatious political dog and pony show is in the works for today!  And not to be forgotten, there is also still the possibility of the President’s political stooge ‘show’ – a sort of satirization (hyperbole) of much of what is the cause of what is wrong in America as depicted by the actions and interactions of sociologists, civil servants, statisticians, academics, jurists, media hacks and pundits.

Through today, the USA may experience the passing of a notable female figure (one likely to have engaged in philanthropy) as well as some risk of significant losses due to fire, as well as the potential for significant losses due to theft.


May 31, 2013

Friday – Today and lasting through Saturday night, were President Obama to be judged with total objectivity by those closest to him, they might regard him as being dangerously full of pride, and shamefully overconfident.  That is what I have interpreted as the message carried in the stars.  What I have also interpreted in the message found in the stars, but which may not be apparent to those in close company to Mr. Obama, is an executive officeholder full of cunning and dirty tricks, as well as a propensity for violence.  This in mind, it is likely that, sometime either today or over the weekend, the President will unholster his political-stooge six-gun consisting of sociologists, statisticians, academics, jurists, media hacks and pundits, and aim it at the American public.

Today the White House and the diplomatic services may be under unusual scrutiny regarding Benghazi, or new and damning information may come to light on this matter.  Also, beginning today and lasting throughout the weekend, America’s horoscope reveals the potential for significant losses due to fire, as well as the potential for significant losses due to theft.

A beloved Lady Bountiful may pass during this time.  She will have been a woman of light complexion and perhaps of humble or proletarian origins, as well as one renown for having lived a life with a philanthropic bent.


May 30, 2013

Thursday – The degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars indicates the presence of a man in civil service who’s on a mission to gain great authority and influence over the American public.  This man is most likely of dark complexion, aggressive and underhanded, and his intentions are quite sinister.  To achieve his aims, this dangerous individual is in alliance with forces that secretly work to undermine the economic stability, political autonomy, and military security of the United States of America.

Today’s stellar influences also indicate the potential for a triad to be formed between members of the House of Representatives, the armed services, and what I believe to be a foreign influence, the latter being one which can lead the USA into significant trouble.  (Under this influence the use of false intelligence originating from a foreign source is quite likely.)  Thus, any alliance formed with a foreign power today is likely to become disharmonious (to say the least) at some later date.

Saturn’s degree indicates a state of depression and pessimism will continue to be common among the working classes.  Conversely, fast moving Mercury suggests a day of optimism and progress in the world of business and industry.  The combined degrees of Saturn and Uranus indicate that narcissism and ambition among America’s leadership – joined by narrow-mindedness on behalf of the public – will likely be a significant problem for the USA through mid-June.

Today, and in relation to some sort of significant lawsuit or legal matter, someone from an influential governmental office may be putting on an act, or perhaps even committing perjury (or be discovered as having perjured themselves at an earlier date).  The matter may pertain to jointly held assets, public funds or tax issues.


May 29, 2013

Wednesday – Whether one was in support of the Iraq war, or in opposition to it, no one can honestly deny that this war, the most costly in US history, has yielded unprecedented profits to military contractors.  Obviously, this great expense was financed, and for those who collect the usury on this debt, the Iraq war has been the mother of all cash cows.  Thus, for those who seek to make their fortunes through warfare (a very old and quite traditional business, actually) the profits found in the Iraqi and Afghani adventures have likely left the amateur with a taste for more, and the professionals celebrating a great run and looking to maintain business as usual.  (Were they still alive, men like Max and Paul Warburg would be green with envy, and Sam and Prescott Bush so very proud of their progeny!)  For numerous reasons the Mid-East is currently the most fortunate ground upon which to build the business of war, and perhaps at the top of the list of reasons is the fact that, at the end of a conflict, the victor – or the cabal of shadowy international financiers behind the victor – gains control of the petroleum beneath the conquered real estate.  Second, perhaps, is America’s predisposition to fear the natives of the region – fears which government and media have exploited and manipulated to serve their own aims.  The point in this is that it would take quite a ninny to believe that those who have acquired so much wealth by way of the recent crusades in Iraq and Afghanistan would not be doing all they can to see to it that the United States of America becomes entangled in yet another costly Mid-East campaign.  I qualify this opinion based upon my observation of combined Western powers assisting in the deposing of secular, democratically elected leaders in the Mid-East region through the support – either with arms, or funding, or both – of the radically religious militants who oppose them.  As odd – or impossible – as this may seem to the layperson, this fundamental partnership with those who are supposed to be the enemies of America is likely to be part of an intentional destabilizing of the region, which will then serve, ostensibly, as justification for a greater American military presence in the region at some later date.  I have expressed my opinion on this matter in this post because I am of the belief that, were Western powers to faithfully support democratically elected secularist leaders in the Mid-East, the result would be a continued diminishing of the threat of violence to Westerners from Middle-Eastern religious fanatics.  But, and to reiterate so as to leave no room for confusion, that is not what is happening.  All this in mind, I am very distrustful of Senator John McCain’s recent trip to Syria.  Why would Senator McCain – who I have come to regard as essentially the minister of America’s ‘war party’ – be on a diplomatic mission to Syria involving his meeting with rebels opposing Assad’s secular government?  And are these rebels religious extremists?

In effect today and Thursday, the degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars exerts an evil influence upon the USA, indicating the presence of a male figure bent on obtaining great power for the purpose of controlling the masses for some yet unknown objective.  This person is a civil servant, male, of a dark complexion, aggressive and underhanded, and works with those who undermine America from below the line of visibility.  A conspiracy of some sort?  Highly probable!

Meanwhile, and loitering in America’s horoscopic house of warfare, is a gathering of wealthy investors and businessmen.  They are in league with someone with significant influence over matters involving the use of America’s armed services.  Watch for the teller of tall tales depicting Utopian-type scenarios regarding alterations to America’s foreign policy as well as the use of military action, as this person is most certainly a crook and a swindler.

Astrologically, America is prone to errors in judgement, and to allowing dishonest people to significantly influence the nation’s beliefs, making this is one of those unfortunate times in which the USA has the ability to more thoroughly solidify internationally an unflattering reputation for sanctimoniousness, duplicity, and heavy handedness.


May 28, 2013

Tuesday – Good news should be abundant in print and broadcast media today.  What could be bad about good news?  That America is under an influence today that leaves the nation, collectively, in a state wherein emotion will override intellect, and, thus, particularly vulnerable to making irrational decisions regarding matters pertaining to foreign relations and immigration.  (A tense and wary populace is more likely to keep government accountable.)  Also in politics: beware the young reformer!  Her motives are not pure, and her ideology quixotic.


May 27, 2013

Monday – Happy Memorial Day.  As stated in yesterday’s interpretation, today is one in which the idealistic meets with the unrealistic.  This especially applies to matters of foreign relations and immigration.


May 26, 2013

Sunday – Stellar influences suggest that President Obama will be spending the day aligning his alliances for a power-play tomorrow, however, he is not likely to find long-term success through these associations.  Connected to this planned power-play appears to be idealistic, but totally unrealistic, far-reaching plans reformist in nature.

In the private sector this should prove to be a fruitful day for planning and networking in matters of commerce and industry.  Anything involving recent scientific discoveries or advancements in technology should prove to be particularly fortunate.


The Dangerous Days of May

The degrees of the zodiac occupied by Mars from Thursday, May 16, 2013 through Saturday, May 25, 2013 indicate a nine-day period in which America is threatened from within and without.  This influence peaks on Monday, May 20, 2013.  During this time there is the highest probability of acts of subversion against America’s foundations – the US Constitution, the rule of law and America’s system of justice.  The houses occupied by transiting Uranus and Pluto and the square (an injurious 90-degree angle) they form suggest strongly that this subversion originates from within the USA – a conspiracy of traitors.  In an effort to achieve their aims – or cover their tracks – this conspiracy of traitors will go to any length, and this includes inconceivable acts of violence against the people of America.  Thus, the acts of intimidation, extortion, blackmail and assassination that are also associated with this stellar influence are well within the realm of possibility.  For those who fight to defend America from enemies from within, these will be troubling days, as well as days when their lives are quite possibly in harm’s way.  It would be safe to assume, also, that during this time, there will be pay-offs, bribes, computer hard drives gone missing or wiped clean, and paper shredders grinding through the nights in every quadrant of the Swamp.  The aforementioned Uranus-Pluto square makes false flag acts of violence a much higher possibility, and nothing gets America’s collective mind off of the nefarious activities of outlaw politicos like the perceived need to deal swiftly with a foreign country erroneously believed to be responsible for causing injury to American citizens.  Remember: false flags are a very old trick, but one that is still an effective means to manipulation even in this century!  (Alas, apparently human nature – and gullibility – remains the same throughout the ages.)  There is, however, more bad news.  This same transit of Mars also indicates that on these same days there is a very high level of probability of acts of espionage and sabotage from forces outside the USA.  Still more bad news, there is the worst-case-scenario, in which the subversive forces operating from within the USA manipulate the sabotaging forces operating from outside the USA and steer their actions to serve their own designs!

During these same days (May 16-24) the degrees of the zodiac occupied by Jupiter indicate that much will take place during this time that ensures another great shift of wealth from America’s producers to the world’s fat-cat parasites later this year.


May 25, 2013

Saturday – “Question officialdom,” appears to be the message in the stars for America today.  I am interpreting this ‘officialdom’ as the activities engaged in by elected and appointed government officials which reaches beyond their Constitutionally mandated authorities, as well as the undue influence upon America currently enjoyed by America’s new aristocracy: the Corporatists.  The USA’s horoscope further reveals the potential for Americans to engage in the exchange of ideas and information which reintroduces the American public to the concepts of liberty, peace and prosperity, as well as assists in the defense of those same principals.  Remember though that the enemy is forever present, and today, those who stand against liberty, peace and prosperity are represented by the degree of the zodiac occupied by Mercury.  They are, archetypically, consummate politicians (party-line game-players, deal-makers and compromisers) and very good speakers – the type that know exactly what people want to hear, as well as how to effectively deliver it so as to invoke an emotional response within the listener.


May 24, 2013

Friday –  Anyone who knows anything about how government works knows that a plan made by an administration for some particular thing can be in the works for quite some time before it becomes public knowledge.  Theoretically, as an astrologer, and one particularly focused on the nativity of the USA and the political goings on within the country, I should be able to have some insight as to governmental activity independent of that information which an administration choses to release to the public.  This sort of astrology done correctly can leave the astrologer in a predicament due to the fact that reporting upon what is relevant at some given time may not become apparent to the reader until some time later – perhaps with even enough time passing for the reader to have forgotten the astrologer’s prognostication!  (The ancient Greeks referred to this condition as the curse of Cassandra – she being a prophetess cursed with being ignored or disbelieved.)

In terms of US national security I have recently warned of the potential for false intelligence to be used as a means to manipulate US foreign policy.  I have also warned of a recent influence over our government by very wealthy and influential people (plutocrats) and that their ambitions present a danger to the country.  Likewise, I have advised of flaws in the basic perspective from which America’s foreign policy is presently being formed.  Yesterday, in my interpretation for America’s horoscope, I described a stellar formation which I believe indicates a point in time during which America’s collective destiny (that which effects all who dwell in the USA) could be negatively altered.  This influences remains in effect throughout today.

Today I am going to offer readers a summary of what I believe is happening in and to America at this time based upon my astrological work cross-referenced with my observations of what has been published regarding US and world events through broadcast and print media.  I will also state that much of what has been happening in regards to events that can potentially and tragically alter America’s collective destiny remains below the line of visibility.

Through the centuries and up to this present day, the profits of war have created some of the greatest fortunes on Earth.  The heirs to great fortunes built on wars past, and those who’ve been building fortunes on wars present (or recently past) wish to increase these fortunes through the most financially profitable endeavor on Earth – war.  In this present day, war-profits are made through the manufacture and sale of war supplies (from aircraft carriers, to missiles, to rifles, to uniforms, to food for the troops, etc).  War profits are also made by selling petroleum to governments needing to fuel tanks, aircraft and naval destroyers, etc.  However, more profitable than selling either the machinery of war, or than selling the petroleum to fuel the war, is the collecting of the usury on the financing of the war.  And, generally, an added bonus for those who finance the war is the being first in line for the spoils of war, generally recognized through the seizing of the loser’s liquid tangible assets and natural resources, such as petroleum.  (One day, someone will likely write a book exposing exactly who profited, and by how much, through the adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And, I am quite certain that those who coined the phrase, “the world’s policeman” in reference to the USA were, as the words rolled off their tongue, already salivating at the thought of the profits to be yielded by placing America in this outrageous, immoral, unnatural and self-injurious role.)  Thus, with the prizes being unimaginable fortunes, as well as the power and influence that accompanies such wealth, every means will be exhausted to find America a war which it can fight to the financial benefit, and long-term strategic aims, of a conspiracy of financiers.  And as there is a desire among some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people for the US to establish still-greater military presence in the Mid-East, the American people will be emotionally manipulated to facilitate the exploitation of the American armed services for yet another foreign military adventure.  This emotional manipulation that I mention likely will come in the form of propaganda filled with tales of horror of an oppressive regime, and then carefully calculated reminders of America’s role as ‘the world’s policeman’.  The use of false intelligence is nothing new.  I am old enough to remember former president George Herbert Walker Bush’s adventure in Iraq, a campaign that was launched almost exclusively upon claims that invading Iraqi soldiers had removed Kuwaiti babies from incubators so as to use the incubators for Iraqi babies.  The claims turned out to be wholly false – absolute fabrications.  Yet, an incredibly expensive military campaign was launched upon this emotional manipulation, and America’s collective destiny was altered.  George Walker Bush gained support for the second incredibly expensive adventure in Iraq based upon insubstantial stories of Saddam Hussein using chemical agents against Kurds, and false intelligence reports that Iraq was attempting to purchase uranium.  The ridiculous campaign in Afghanistan was launched on equally ridiculous reports that Osama ben Laden – a man reported to be in need of daily kidney dialysis – was hiding in Afghani caves.  Billions of dollars (and untold gallons of shed American blood) later, ben Laden was supposedly found living in a luxury home in Pakistan.  I say that when a foreign nation has justifiably earned the terrible wrath of America it requires no con-job.  If some country out there honestly deserves to get the snot kicked out of it by America, no good American will fail to support the cause.  But if the American public has to be repeated sold on the idea that a foreign land deserves a dose of “shock and awe” – I believe that, historically, there is sufficient evidence to state that said foreign land has likely done nothing to injure the USA, but has been targeted by a cabal of international financiers capable of using the United States of America’s armed services as their private mercenary force – a force which they not only use at their leisure, but for which the American people have been paying the bill.

I believe that Syria is the present target of some cabal of financiers.  Ergo, expect a continued propaganda campaign.  Expect emotional manipulation.  Expect the citing of false intelligence from foreign sources.  Expect to be lied to.  Expect the major print and broadcast media sources to play lapdog to the liars.  Expect to observe the will of We The People ignored, and the ambitions and self-interests of outlaw politicians fulfilled no matter the damage done to America.

America’s horoscope for today reveals a very alarming influence coming from Mars and negatively affecting all ninth-house matters.  This includes foreign relations as well as immigration issues.  In matters of foreign relations this indicates the potential for rash action on the part of the US (spoiling for a fight) as well as the potential to arrogantly insist that other foreign neighbors adopt the US point-of-view no matter how preposterous.  While under this damaging foreign-relations influence, figured prominently is a professional political con-artist representing a special interest group, or political action committee.  This con-artist may be connected to the attempt to rally the war effort, but is more likely to be connected to matters regarding immigration.  Look for a feminine figure of fair complexion.  She will hold far-left/reformist political views, appear to be just, but either knowingly, or unwittingly, do the bidding of an ultra-wealthy parasitic element draining the life blood from America.

Also likely to be found in the public eye today is some sort of junta comprised of academics, jurists and government officials – a band of political stooges desperately trying to convince the American public of some falsehood.  This is also a ninth house influence, so this falsehood will revolve around the issues of foreign relations and immigration.  Legislation enacted into law under this influence, especially if in regards to immigration matters, will prove to be damaging, and particularly so to the working class.


May 23, 2013

Thursday – Special interest groups will be particularly active today.  Look for a woman of fair complexion attempting to inflame political passions from a far-left/reformist position – she is either the unwitting dupe of globalist elite, or she intentionally means the USA harm.  She is likely to be connected to some lofty Utopian-type plan which is nothing other than a con-job.

The planets I have been using in association with the two predominant (and utterly disappointing) political parties have been revealing some interesting things as of late, and I will be reporting my findings in the days/weeks to come.  In relation to this work, and substantially influenced by the degree of the zodiac occupied by transiting Jupiter, the Republican Party, in its relationship to the USA, is revealed as would be a marriage swindler in the nativity of an individual.  And as would any crooked fortune-hunter feign love, devotion and loyalty for the purpose of disarming the individual to acts of treason and embezzlement,  so do these same stellar influences illuminate the current relationship between America and the GOP.  Today is one of those days (and there will be many more of them) when America, at least from the perspective of revering liberty and protecting the well-being of American citizens, can expect to be supremely disappointed by the GOP.  Think of this party today as one would a lying, cheating spouse intent on taking one for all they have.

Today, the aims and objectives of plutocrats (those shadowy figures often operating below the line of visibility) take precedence over the best interests of America – a precedence granted to them by the best politicians money can buy.  The angular relationships between Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the Moon’s North Node, and the degrees of the zodiac which they occupy, indicate the potential for a negative turning point in America’s collective destiny.  This is serious stuff!  Thus, any legislation introduced today will be potentially harmful to the USA, and any legislation enacted into law today will likely result in a tragic alteration to America’s remaining economic resilience, and ability to maintain what little is left of the country’s autonomy.

While of low-probability, a threat of violence persists today, with members of America’s armed services the likely target.


May 22, 2013

Wednesday – At least some of those shadowy figures who now rule the world by virtue of their vast wealth and subsequent influence will be playing a major role in American politics today, as the stars indicate their crossing paths with government employees capable of persuading the nation to support their aims.  In relation to this, and in regards to civil servants, figured most prominently is a woman of fair complexion, and one who is possibly either formerly, or presently, connected to the diplomatic services.

Overall, the American political arena will be typical of any other day, with self-serving members of both predominant political parties scheming, pandering to special interests, and competing for primacy in the enacting of one-sided, anti-American legislation.

There is a low-to-moderate potential for significant acts of violence to occur today.  Seen in connection to this is another woman of fair complexion who perhaps ‘knows too much’ in regards to official memos, or letters, email, reports, etc.  She is a civil servant and a person of good character (yes, a rarity in that field) and whatever it is that she knows, it has put her in harm’s way.


May 21, 2013

Tuesday – All of the warnings for Monday carry through this evening, though in ever-diminishing effect.

Added astrological pressures for today suggest the likelihood of an increase in the effort to convince America of a military threat which does not exist, this being done in an attempt to rally support for war, or plans for a war in the making.  To reiterate: an official exaggeration of some sort of a military threat is likely.  This once again increases the potential for false flag attacks on US soil, and should such an event occur, it is likely through the manipulation and steering of an unwitting fanatic of some sort.  Jupiter’s degree in the US horoscope infers the possibility of Naval activities.

Whether connected to the aforementioned or not, the stars suggest licentiousness, as well as unrestrained desire for luxuries, in connection with the executive branch of the government.

In matters of foreign affairs, it is likely that the USA will be accused of exploitation, and a distorted sense of justice.

In matters pertaining to the public purse, there is a moderately-strong potential for some sort of misappropriation, and an even stronger potential for monetary policy adopted or modified on this day to prove to be significantly injurious at some later date.

Unrelated to any sort of cloak-and-dagger/conspiratorial activity and of low probability, there is some potential for a significant act of violence today.  Should this occur, the perpetrator is likely mentally deranged (or perhaps saturated with prescription psychotropics) and the situation likely to be motivated by these stressful economic and political times.

America will be well served today if those men and women who are familiar with Dr. Ron Paul’s message of, “Liberty, peace and prosperity,” would share it with all who will listen.


May 20, 2013

Monday – As explained in The Dangerous Days of May, evil Mars influences are at their peak today, and, thus, what is described therein is at its highest level of probability.  Today, however, as Mars is joined by other planets bearing a negative weight, all those things described in The Dangerous Days of May have added to them the presence of special interest groups or societies (the latter potentially of the ‘secret’ variety) specifically seeking to exploit not only the American working class, but members of America’s armed services.  This can manifest as using the USA’s military (as if it were a privately owned army of mercenaries for-hire) to force the personal interests of international financiers upon a foreign country, and then, through inflation and taxation, sticking the American working class with the bill for the adventure.  Connected to this is an influence indicating the USA being subjected to continued propaganda in the forms of misrepresentation/twisting of facts, and the citing of false intelligence from foreign sources for the purpose of legitimizing a fraudulent position.

On the subject of the working classes, according to stellar influences, in a collective sense, the poorest of this class is likely to be experiencing a sense of hopelessness throughout the day.  Thus, some sort of violent incident wherein someone is lashing out is certainly within the realm of possibility.  Conversely, there is likely to be great optimism in the business world today, and retailers of luxury items should see this reflected in the days receipts.  Caveat: large business deals are likely to be delayed or made difficult due to federal meddling.

Matters of foreign relations will continue to be difficult today.  With the exception of those foreign countries (a.k.a.: our so-called “allies”) whose lobbyists effectively pull the strings of America’s elected officials so as to make the USA jump to where and when they see fit, the rest of the world is likely to be looking at the United States of America as being sanctimonious, duplicitous, and potentially heavy-handed.


May 19, 2013

Sunday – In his ongoing pursuit for greater power and reach over the Constitutional bounds of his office, President Obama is likely to be spending the day keeping company with those who can help him achieve his aims: the rich, the famous and the highly influential.  And while the President is likely to believe that his strutting and stridency are a sure way to impress, those with whom he keeps company are most likely to view him as vain and conceited, and regard his insatiable appetite for self-glorification as a weakness ripe for exploitation.  Way to go, Mr. President!


May 18, 2013

Saturday – Beginning today and lasting through June 27, 2013 the degree of the zodiac occupied by Neptune indicates a period of time during which America can expect relationships with foreign operatives and informants, as well as with intelligence sources, to either fail or strive to intentionally mislead US authorities.  Other contributing astrological pressures indicate that these cloak-and-dagger matters are particularly prominent today, and that which is set into motion today – especially if it involves the employment of violent, reactionary-types – is almost destined for failure.  (This same stellar influence can also coincide with unstable conditions surrounding public funds, though this is a matter that will not become instantly apparent.)

The motions of Mercury suggest that today there will be a continuation of a multifaceted propaganda campaign, and that today’s most prominent player in this is a male figure, most likely of fair complexion, and one who is desperately striving for power.  This person is indeed a very skilled and convincing speaker but also one with a penchant for misrepresenting the facts either through his speeches or the written word.  In his desire to do the bidding of those from whom he seeks reward, and in his aim to convince America of something that is not true, he is a bold and unrestrained swindler.

For those who have sensed that, as of late, America’s national spirit has been marred by a sort of collective mourning and depression, I say that it can be attributed to the transits of Saturn, and that today this saddening Saturn influence will be quite potent.  While Saturn’s gloom will wax and wane upon America through the summer, remember that it is only temporary.  Chins up!


May 17, 2013

Friday –  Already in effect and lasting through early June, the difficult angle being made by transiting Jupiter to the position of Neptune in America’s horoscope indicates that the American people are highly vulnerable to deception in matters of politics at home and equally in matters of foreign relations.  This is mostly due to unrealistic, or misplaced, ideals.  In the coming months there will be increased pressure upon the Obama administration for answers and action in relation to the Benghazi, IRS and Associated Press scandals.  Thus, this influence is particularly unfortunate as this state of gullibility will be in effect during the time in which it is most likely that powerful self-serving political alliances comprised of players from both sides of the aisle will be formed.  These are alliances that will be best described as strange bedfellows and are likely to confuse the public.  These strange bedfellows, however, will make complete sense to a corrupt political administration desperate to survive, and the corrupt opposing party allies looking to serve their own self-interests.  But it will come with a price.  Stellar influences indicate significant strides will be made by those who would not be considered fans of the President.  Be neither surprised nor deceived if there is a sudden rally in support of President Obama coming from Hollywood or the music industry.  As a matter of fact, the stars indicate that if there is a rally on behalf of the President carried out by celebrity-types, it is due to an evil influence, and one that is connected to the further manipulation and deception of the American public.  Adding to all of these unfortunate conditions is an additional Mars influence active today and Saturday suggesting that there is at least one influential figure – a political stooge – who, through his or her big mouth, is capable of singlehandedly exposing the country to sufficient danger so as to result in injury.  I wish I could offer more insight on the identity of this idiot.


May 16, 2013

Thursday – Plutocrats – those who now rule the world by virtue of their vast wealth and subsequent influence – are figured very prominently in America’s horoscope today.  In their aims to exploit the mass of the American people a major propaganda campaign is likely to be launched today – possibly tomorrow.  At this time I have not yet been able to identify the exact angle from which this con will be coming, but I am working on it.  I can, however, confidently advise that any sort of eulogy – especially one directed towards the White House and/or its policies, by a female politico of fair complexion – will serve to identify at least one of the highly polished political con artists working on behalf of those working against America.

When taking into consideration the longer term influences America is under through May 25, 2013, there is an elevated potential for significant acts of violence upon US soil today, and this influence does carry through until early Saturday morning.

Other interesting influences coming by way of the stars includes news of the murder or death of a prominent figure, or a revelation of new details pertaining to a previous murder or death of a prominent figure, as well as an unusual level of cooperation between the White House and the office of the Secretary of State…


May 15, 2013

Wednesday –  A small potential for an act of violence against the US military and/or a significant act of violence at home persists throughout the day, the motivating cause most likely connected to religious fanaticism.  This influence is weak, and thus, I am giving this a very low level of probability.

Of a very high probability, however, is the meddling of self-serving wealthy individuals, corporations and special interest groups, in matters of American foreign affairs and diplomatic relations.  What I am seeing in America’s horoscope I am interpreting as the purposeful destruction of diplomatic relations with a foreign country for the purpose of enriching corporate interests (a.k.a.: reave and plunder).

Once again, the issue of false intelligence arises, and it is again originating from foreign sources.  This is the type of falsehood that can be handed over to a group of political stooges (academia, government and media) for supposed verification, and from there, to a professional political con-artist for demagogic presentation to the American public.  Thus, expect a very highly polished propaganda campaign to begin sometime soon.

In this all, expect only the quest for power from the White House, continued duplicity from the majority of the Senate, and that special blend of selfishness and spinelessness we have come to know from the House.

Things get much worse beginning tomorrow.


May 14, 2013

Tuesday – Today and through Wednesday there is the possibility of an act of violence against the USA though I am not giving it a high probability.  There is the potential for this influence to manifest as action taken against US armed services personnel with some casualties the likely outcome.  Of lower probability, a significant act of violence can occur at home, also resulting in casualties.  In either case, religious fanaticism is likely to be the motivation.


May 13, 2013

Monday – Sunday’s interpretation applies throughout today.  Added to that is the threat of an act of treason – or at the least, an American citizen’s being seduced by a foreign power.  Look for a male figure, under 25 years of age, dark complexion and either an active, or former, member of the US armed services.  This figure may also specialize in one or more foreign languages.

In politics, the Swamp should be very active and engaged in all its usual politicking, pandering to special interests and undermining of liberty, peace and prosperity.  According to the stars, President Obama is likely to be taking his Presidential authority very seriously today – perhaps even too seriously – and may entertain ideas of ways to exercise his authority in new and interesting ways – as well as pursue a strategy leading to his obtaining even greater authority.

In business matters, anticipate negotiations to go well, and for big deals to come together – contracts are likely to be signed today.  This is all good for America provided that any deals finalized today do not involve public funds, as today the USA is at high risk for becoming a victim of fraud.


May 12, 2013

Sunday – At the risk of writing something that would seem more likely to appear in the pages of a spy novel, I now present to readers my interpretation of the influence of the stars upon the USA.  (Yikes.)  First, if the reader will review the interpretation for Saturday, May 11, 2013 it will assist them in understanding the underlying force of malevolence working against the USA at this time.  When that influence is combined with other destructive influences such as those present today and Monday, May 13, 2013, it often increases the potential for the more calamitous effects of a particular stellar aspect.  This is the case for today and tomorrow.  By the degrees of the zodiac occupied by the planets, and the sensitive points to which they connect within the USA’s horoscope, I am giving a very high probability for a sophisticated and collaborative espionage strike against the USA, with multiple targets pursued in chronologically close proximity.  This is, of course, one of those predictions for which I hope that I am totally off-base, but I am quite certain that the risk for these acts against the USA is high.  (Naturally, the problem with making a prediction such as this is that it can take weeks, months, or even years, to be corroborated.)  Figured most prominently are female agents of espionage, and most likely of fair complexion.  At least one is indicated as being a ‘sleeper agent’ – one who has been planted very deeply, and who has remained very patient.  This spy will likely be taking advantage of a moment of negligence on the part of someone entrusted with securing vital data.  A second figure (a woman, and likely of fair complexion) is indicated as holding strongly socialistic/communistic political views, as well as being easily influenced.  This person has also exercised great patience in their plans to disempower and injure America.  There are two potential primary targets: physics laboratories (obviously those conducting the most ground-breaking, defense-related projects are highest on the risk list) and top-secret, defense-related aviation projects.  Readers who work in any such facility should remain on high alert through Monday and report any suspicious activity and remember that the agents of espionage indicated in America’s horoscope will be of the type that have likely worked for years to earn their trust!

There is some indication that the matter of false intelligence will play a role in today and tomorrow’s national security affairs.  I can speculate, and say on one hand that there is a case to be made for the aforementioned agents of espionage to plant false intelligence during the commission of their crimes, obviously, so as to throw off authorities in their investigation, as well as to incriminate someone (or some country) that the agent’s of espionage wish to injure.  But on the other hand, as the USA is dealing with ongoing difficult circumstances in matters of foreign relations, it could be said that the USA is the likely recipient of false intelligence – perhaps by a supposed ally – for the purpose of leading the USA into a diplomatic position preferred by the source of the false intelligence.  (Some say that this scenario has happened before – even frequently so.)  This second scenario becomes more interesting to me still when I take into consideration the presence of speculators and opportunists in America’s horoscope, and their connection to any potential spoils of war.


May 11, 2013

Saturday – Due to the zodiacal degree occupied by Neptune, beginning today and lasting through July 4, 2013, the USA falls under yet another evil influence.  Through July 4, and when other malefic stellar influences combine with it, this Neptune-effect may accompany the prominence in society of figures such as political or religious fanatics, violent reactionaries and martyrs.  Worse still, this influence coincides with the potential for the USA to be subjected to dangerous conspiracies with far-reaching effects – conspiracies formed for the purpose of committing acts of sabotage motivated by an urge to bring harm and injury to the USA and the American people.  These potential conspiracies can include those formed by US citizens for nefarious schemes such as false-flag operations, as well as those formed by resident-aliens for the purpose of rebelling against US foreign policy.  (In the case of the latter, who keeps giving visas to people from countries known to be hostile to the USA?)  As this influence begins to bear its effects on the country today it is accompanied by a two-day period (today and Sunday) during which a professional political con artist is likely to be plying his or her craft, that is, the art of conning the American public.  This weekend believe nothing!

Today through May 31, 2013 the degrees transited by Jupiter will coincide with grievous errors made by the USA in matters of foreign relations, and all due to arrogance, sanctimoniousness, and contradictory behavior.


May 10, 2013

Friday – Under today’s stellar influences Uranian-type reformists are figured prominently.    Thus, there is the potential for attempts at societal transformation by attacking traditional foundations with the aim of replacing them with ‘new’ (a.k.a. socialistic) foundations no matter how destructive or self-injurious these proposed changes in public policy may be.  The actions of  these figured Uranian-type reformists will most likely be limited to nothing more than the expressing of their ignorance in the public forum, but should I have underestimated the potency of this influence, then this energy could be expressed in the form of rowdy public assemblage/protest, or through something involving technology, such as cyber-attack.  Be aware that, even if these Uranian-type reformers happen to get something right by Libertarian standards, it is only by accident that they did so because their motivation is nothing more or less than mindless rebellion – a sociopathic drive to break down foundations simply for the breaking down of foundations without care or concern for the resulting damage.

However, the petulant frenzies of Uranian-types will not be the only thorn in America’s collective buttocks today, as the stars indicate a strong presence of plutocrats – those whose staggering wealth and vast corporate empires now rule the world as a self-appointed monarchy.  As there is a connection also to America’s armed services, I am interpreting this influence as the potential for plutocrats’ to aim to make use of America’s armed services as their private mercenary force (for which the American public will foot the bill) in order to reave and plunder a foreign neighbor.  Ergo, the spoils of war for plutocrats, and more war-debt for the American public.


May 9, 2013

Thursday – Wednesday’s full interpretation applies throughout today but with an emphasis on the formation of self-injurious alliances, as well as the potential for irresponsible action in diplomatic matters.  Added to this, today’s Solar Eclipse suggests not only a prolonged tendency towards anti-social behavior in matters of foreign relations, but also a forthcoming day of reckoning in the financial markets.  Speculators beware!


May 8, 2013

Wednesday – Today’s stellar influences upon the United States of America warn of the potential to get into trouble through others and, specifically, through an aggressive foreign power that purports to be an ally of the USA, but who, in reality, works to manipulate and sabotage America at every opportunity.  Today, this false-ally will be actively working to embroil the USA in its own violent, covetous and self-serving scheme, while working to convince the American public that this foreign entanglement is somehow mutually beneficial.  This is a lie.  Whatever this plan may be, it will ultimately result in needlessly exposing members of America’s armed services to harm, and further damage the American economy through the expense of military action – a debt upon which there will certainly be interest to pay as well!  Watch for a concerted effort on the part of US political stooges – government, academia and media – to pitch America on a pack of lies leading the country towards a self-injurious foreign policy neatly packaged as a means to greater national security and world peace.  (As seen all too often in the USA’s nativity these days, a cadre of opportunists and speculators are figured prominently, and likely already salivating at the thought of plunder and the spoils of war.)  Is there some small hope for a positive end to this all?  America’s horoscope suggests that the White House carries sufficient weight to thwart this stratagem prior to its becoming public policy.  Thus, the outcome of this matter resides in the character and common-sense of America’s Executive Branch of government, as well as its willingness to put the interests of the American people above all else.

Some small threat of violence – the actions of rebellious, revolutionary-types – persists throughout the day.  Considering the primary stellar influences upon the USA today, should an act of violence occur, it would be prudent to at least take into consideration the possibility of a ‘false flag’ operation prior to accepting any official report on the matter as being the gospel truth.


May 7, 2013

Tuesday – Apologies for the repetition, but – a swindler is once again present.  This swindler is one well-versed in the expert application of the dialogue of the financial con.  Stellar influences suggest the use of false promises of Utopian-type scenarios in connection with this sham.  The stars offer some clues by which to identify this menace.  Look for a woman of light complexion with either a military background, connections to military contractors, or perhaps some authority involving armed services appropriations.  This woman is not likely to have ever won a beauty pageant, and will work closely with at least one party leader.  (This profile can also represent a man if he is of an effeminate nature, with all the other characteristics still applying.)  Sadly, America’s horoscope reveals the nation’s vulnerability to financial cons, thus, this aforementioned figure, and the cabal which ‘she’ represents, stand a good chance of succeeding in their crooked aims.

Another warning from the heavens cautions the nation to beware of any public discourse brought about by celebrity figures as their collective point of view will be based upon destroyed hopes related to a crusade that was originally the product of a wrong course of action.

Some small threat of violence persists throughout the day.


May 6, 2013

Monday – There may be a legitimate need for the USA to take military action today, but this influence is accompanied by others suggesting over zealous action by the military and a desire to do undue harm to others.  In matters of foreign relations President Obama is likely to be quite imperious and represent the USA poorly.


May 5, 2013

Sunday – Member’s of America’s diplomatic services are likely to be challenged throughout the day as matters of foreign relations continue to remain under pressure.

The degree of the zodiac occupied by Mars suggests the potential for acts of violence with rebellion as motivation.  This influence is most likely to affect the US through means of open warfare rather than in the form of unexpected guerilla action at home (a.k.a. acts of terrorism).  However, as this is not supported by other stellar influences, I am giving this a low level of probability.  But there is still at least one individual working against America from below the line of visibility.  A male figure, and matching the profile given for the potential traitor in Friday’s interpretation, is still lurking about America’s horoscope, perhaps passing stolen data on to his coconspirators.  Today’s stellar influences indicate this person as being fully aware of the damage being done to America, and either he – or his coconspirators – as finding pleasure in inflicting injury upon the USA.


May 4, 2013

Saturday – Today there exists the potential for the USA to encounter difficulties in matters of foreign relations.  In the most extreme scenario, this stellar aspect could coincide with the severing of diplomatic relations with a foreign country, but that is of very low probability.

In matters pertaining to internal affairs, the degrees of the zodiac occupied by Mercury suggest underhanded action by members of the House of Representatives, in which – and I am sure this will come as a huge surprise to readers – a cabal of members of the House set out to represent the interests of a corporation over the best interests of the American people.


May 3, 2013

Friday –  What has become the ridiculously complicated and ever-increasingly difficult circumstances of living in this present day America is likely to permeate the national consciousness today.  Hey!  Republicans and Democrats!  Thanks for nothing!

In matters of national security there is the potential for an act of treason and espionage to be committed by a US citizen.  Planets aspecting sensitive points in America’s horoscope suggest this individual to be male, of a light complexion, and vulnerable to corruption due to a depressed emotional state and/or disillusionment.  This is also a person wielding some form of authority, perhaps a member of the US armed services or federal law enforcement.  The likely objective of this act of treason is the theft of defense technologies.


May 2, 2013

Thursday – Wednesday’s astrological influences for the USA carry through today though now even stronger in effect.


May 1, 2013

Wednesday – Today and Thursday are peak days under an Uranian influence that has menaced the USA with threats of violence since April 13, 2013.  Violent acts of rebellion with subsequent damage to buildings and loss of human life is within the realm of possibility.  Also figured prominently is the usual cabal of socialist defrauders peddling empty promises of egalitarian reform and Utopian fantasy.  (Theirs’ are plans without the slightest possibility of ever being realized.)  A political party leader is likely to be willing to go to any length – no matter how damaging to the country – to achieve success.  This scene is likely to be quite Machiavellian as this party leader will potentially surround his or her self with professional political swindlers and will possibly engage in an elaborate sham.  Today: beware the con-job from D.C.