For those who did not purchase a copy (or receive a complimentary copy) of my 2017 annual predictions for US and world events (written in late 2016), here is the exact text from my predictions for the USA:

“October 1-18: Due to the negative angle cast by transiting Uranus to Pluto, radical and revolutionary-minded Utopian-types (communists, socialists, progressives, fascists, anarchists) may engage in provocative behavior or acts of violence.”

There were several other stellar influences in effect at the time of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, but the Uranus-Pluto influence was certainly the focal point, with faster planets serving as the trigger.

According to America’s horoscope, and much to the disappointment of the corporate media collective, the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, Steven Paddock was not a neo-Nazi, nor a white supremacist, nor even a conservative. According to the stars the profile for the perpetrator of this act of violence is a Utopian – a devotee to one of the various ideologies that fall under the umbrella of Utopian ideology such as a liberal, progressive, communist, socialist, etc.

Sadly, this stands as more evidence of the hateful and violent nature of the political Left.

The following is an exercise in forensic astrology in the analysis of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, born April 9, 1953.

Who Was Stephen Paddock?

If my rectification of his chart is close (I have set Paddock’s Ascending degree at 09Aries04) then a lot is explained by the delineation of his nativity. Firstly, and looking at the negative qualities alone, Paddock’s Aries Sun in opposition to both Saturn and Neptune, and in square to Uranus, indicate the primary expression of his personality as one with an aversion to, or perhaps even a hatred of, tradition and conservatism, as well as his being a person easily seduced and led astray by others. In other words, an embittered rebel ripe for exploitation. His Mercury in Pisces (in the Twelfth house, via rectification) reinforces the tendency towards being seduced and exploited by others, as well as his blurring the lines between what separates his own fantasies from reality. The negative angles cast from Mercury to both Saturn and Neptune also suggest the potential for mental instability.

Working with half sums, the delineation of Paddock’s nativity not only reveals the eventuality of his suffering a mental crisis, but reinforces the likelihood of his falling under the power of another person, and in this, his being exploited. But perhaps of greatest importance is the angle cast by Mars to the half-sum of Pluto and the Moon’s North Node, revealing a desire to publicly engage in acts of violence and brutality.

Synastry is what astrologers refer to when a grid is created for the purpose of determining how two charts – or the people whom they represent – will interact. The same works when the chart of an individual is compared to the chart of a nation.

Paddock in synastry to USA

The two most significant synastric relationships between the nativity of Paddock and the USA is Pluto in Paddock’s chart casting a square to the cusp of the Twelfth House in the USA chart, and Paddock’s Jupiter in opposition to the same point. The cusp of the USA’s Twelfth House (22-degrees and 34minutes Scorpio) is a point that my work has consistently revealed as being highly significant in all manner of acts of betrayal against the USA. Thus, Paddock’s Jupiter influence suggests his engaging in martyr-like actions against the USA, and the Pluto influence suggests the potential for those martyr-like actions to be carried out in some sort of an extreme fashion, and having a mass-effect.

Paddock ‘directed’ in synastry to USA

Paddock’s directed Sun conjunct the USA Mars in the Seventh House suggests an open act of warfare (and with his directed Sun in close to a 150-degree angle to America’s Twelfth House cusp, that this open act of war involved secret activities and conspiracy). Paddock’s directed Mars positioned just over the cusp of the USA’s Eighth House indicate the potential for the shedding of blood. Paddock’s directed Mercury, now at 25-degrees Taurus (and just a little past the USA’s Twelfth House cusp), suggest to me that, his act of betrayal may have been in the works as long as 3 ½ years ago.

Paddock ‘progressed’ in synastry to USA

Paddock’s progressed Moon, Mercury and Mars, all positioned in the USA’s Seventh House can be regarded as supportive for his forethought of engaging in open warfare, and his progressed Pluto, at the time of the shooting in a closer 90-angle to the cusp of the USA’s Twelfth House, an act of open warfare engaged in by sneak attack, as well as the increased suggestion of the presence of conspiracy.

Summary Judgement

In my opinion, Stephen Paddock was mentally ill, but fully responsible for his actions. He was a person holding deep resentments towards the traditional structures of the USA and those men and women who support such structures. I believe that Paddock was certainly the shooter involved in the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, and while I cannot tell if he had an active accomplice (such as another shooter) I am quite certain that his actions were the result of his being exploited by someone with a great deal of influence over his psyche. Whether this “someone” was a direct co-conspirator or more of a ‘handler’ is something I have not yet determined. Key to Paddock’s actions, however, is the quality within his personality that gave him the desire to publicly engage in acts of violence and brutality.

In the case that Paddock had a co-conspirator or ‘handler’ of sort, I have drawn up the following profile based upon the prevailing influences in Paddock’s chart, the horoscope for the USA, and a chart erected for the Las Vegas Massacre itself. 

This is a Caucasian female figure, mid-to-late 60s in age, a little taller than average and fair skinned. This woman will likely be best described as an irreverent authoritarian, of a revolutionary mindset, and more of a closet communist than a liberal. This woman is likely to work in the field of academia, or to be retired from this field, and may have had some dealings in the field of psychology. I believe that she would have been in Las Vegas at the time of the massacre, and at a nearby resort. 

I believe that at the time of the October 1, 2017 shooting, Paddock had essentially declared war upon the United States of America (or at least the conservative segment of the USA), and that this action, or the general forethought behind it, may have been in the works for a time of up to 3 ½ years prior to the Massacre.

More to come.

Carpe Noctem,

Robert W. Usher III


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