This Is No April Fools’ Day Joke

Situation: A threat of military action or terrorism against the USA.

Dates of active influence: March 29, 2018 – April 5, 2018

There are at present a number of negative stellar influences working against the USA for which the synthesis indicates the potential for America to be drawn into either military conflict, or the need to defend the nation against guerrilla acts on home soil. Additional planetary positions suggest the nation’s CEO as receiving incorrect- or intentionally misleading -information from advisers (this influence active March 20-27). Equally disturbing are geocosmic conditions that can lead to stunning levels of betrayal by rogue members of America’s federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies and/or the offices of foreign services (these individuals are primarily characterized as standing against the current duly-elected Presidential Administration and as having pronounced globalist-socialist political leanings). I find three potential manifestations of the primary stellar influences involved in this geocosmic forecast that can lead the USA into a state of military conflict or domestic crisis.

In the first potential manifestation, there is the prospect of open and declared nation-versus-nation war in which a foreign belligerent has begun the conflict with a surprise or preemptive strike against the USA or its interests abroad. Loss of life, perhaps even a significant number of casualties, is a possibility in this first potential manifestation. In this scenario, however, a positive angular relationship between the planets Jupiter and Pluto (combined with their respective positions in the USA horoscope) ameliorate the ‘mass-experience’ effect and suggest to me that the influence is more localized and less formal, and thus, a greater potential for this energy to manifest in a second potential manner, this being the actions of guerrillas, and focused instead on a specific place.

Thus, in the second potential manifestation, there is the prospect of a well-planned act of guerrilla warfare on American soil, motivated by some ideology (religious-extremism, environmental-extremism, opposition to the current administration). Should this influence manifest in this way, then I am expecting the attack to take place in a major center of commerce or place of political activity, and through the use of an explosive device/s placed in some form of subterranean structure. An example of this potential manifestation is the placement of a bomb in the (south-facing side) underground structure of a government building (look for fine mason work and perhaps even pillars). An attack by explosive device in the subway system of one of America’s cities would be another example of a correlative manifestation of this form of potential subterranean terrorist attack, especially in the areas of the subway leading into a center of commerce. In this second scenario, I am particularly concerned for the safety of the people of Atlanta, Georgia.

(Up until the early 1970s, in America the term ‘terrorism’ was defined as ‘actions taken by a government to intimidate the citizenry’. At some point in time it became politically advantageous to replace the term ‘guerrilla’ with the term ‘terrorist’. I consider the term ‘terrorist’ to be vague and too widely encompassing. I’m not going to bend on this anymore, so where you read ‘guerrilla’ understand that what I am referring to is what most of you think of as ‘terrorist’. Besides, it’s a goofy term. While there are now an embarrassing number of spineless chicken-sh**s living in America, those of us who did not have our backbones removed during the Clinton-Bush-Obama era have not been ‘terrorized’ by these religiously-motivated guerrillas, but instead have been made to want to turn them, and their camels and goats, into ashes.)

The third potential manifestation of this stellar influence is a sort of variation of the first and second combined, this being a scenario in which a false flag attack is staged by the aforementioned rogue elements and for the purpose of public manipulation with an end goal of drawing the USA into unnecessary and unjustified military action against another nation, the motivation behind this being war-profiteering.

I began this report by stating that there is an accompanying geocosmic influence that suggests a potentially stunning level of betrayal by rogue elements within federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies (or perhaps the offices of foreign services). I’ll state again that stellar influences suggest these rogue elements as being characterized as standing in opposition to the current Administration. My work suggests that the activity by these rogue elements is passive, in other words, their actions are carried out through in-action (think: Oklahoma City, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.). In this case, the motivation for such intentional dereliction of duty is relative to the way that the primary influence manifests. In the first and third potential manifestations, that is, open war, these rogue elements may be motivated by war-profiteering, and whereas a preemptive strike might otherwise be thwarted through proactive actions, it is allowed to ‘slip through’ so as to justify a greater military reaction by the USA. In the second potential manifestation, that is, an act of guerrilla warfare on US soil, the treasonous action through intentional in-action by rogue federal elements could serve to produce an environment of distraction for not only the forthcoming anti-Trump abuse-of-power investigations by the Justice Department, but also for the American corporate media (such as it is) and thus the attention of the American people, thereby reducing the potential for accountability in previous cases of malfeasance or even criminal activity by those same rogue elements. My interpretation of this stellar influence suggests to me that some of these rogue members of the federal government are desperate, and could go so far as to put the lives of their colleagues in harms way in an effort to destroy evidence that would otherwise hold them accountable.

Criminal-enemy Profiles:

In any of the three potential manifestations, all primary figures are men. In terms of complexion, all will be either Caucasian, or African-Americans or middle-Easterners of light complexion. There will be two age groups, those being 34-45, and 57-70. They will be characterized by two primary ideologies, the first being globalist-socialist (inherently anti-American) and the second being religious-extremist (also inherently anti-American). A third and less likely potential motivating ideology is environmental-extremism.

The active dates for my interpretation of this stellar influence are March 29, 2018 through April 5, 2018, with the strongest point of influence being the early morning hours (EST) of April 4. If in fact rogue elements of the US government are involved, then by stellar influence, their plans were put into action at some point between March 20-27.

Additionally, and while not qualifying as either a center of commerce or political activity, but due to its subterranean correlation, were I responsible for the security of any of the nation’s coal mines, I would be paying great attention to my affairs on these days, as well as all potential safety hazards due to accidental conditions. I believe that during these dates, anyone responsible for public safety involving any form of subterranean structures or paths of conveyance should be on high-alert for not only the actions of criminal enemies, but also for structural issues and all other potential hazards, as accidental events can lead to catastrophes under this same stellar influence.

I am hoping that America’s abundance of good fortune (as seen in the USA’s horoscope) will carry the nation through these stellar influences unscathed. In the meantime, be careful, pay attention, and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Carpe Noctem,



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  1. pay attention, and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the
    AUTHORITIES ????????????

    Only Problem with that is THEY’VE been at the center of ALL these events. More 12th house stuff?……….

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